Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas


Merry Christmas- Ho ho ho!

My girlfriend’s mother insisted that we spend Christmas at her house this year having celebrated the previous few at my house. I didn’t get along with my girlfriend’s mother, then again neither did any of her own family for that matter. She was loud, interfering and never stopped meddling in the lives of her children. I had just arrived at the house after finishing a 12 hour shift, far from an ideal way to spend Christmas Eve but I guess that’s what you get working in the retail industry, and already I had a feeling that this was going to be an unbearable few days. The silver lining came when my girlfriend told me that her and her parents were going to head to the pub for a few hours. I excused myself saying that I was too tired and wanted to take a nap. True, I was exhausted but I had no interested in sleeping, just getting a few hours peace. My girlfriend kissed me on the cheek and hurried out the door behind her parents.

I grabbed a six pack of beer from the fridge and began to flick through the stations on the TV, but as usual it was a mixture of cheesy Christmas themed movies and re-runs of old favourites. After a while I flicked on to the more erotic channels and got myself comfortable on the couch. I had no intention of masturbating right there on their couch but I did begin to fondle my now growing erection through my pants and soon enough I began to get very hard. The porn was only a soft-core movie but my cock grew harder as I imagined acting out what I was watching with a co-worker named Karla. I was halfway through the six beers and giving serious consideration to a little fun time on my own when I heard someone trying to put a key in the door. I changed the channel, sat up and made my pants as baggy as possible to hide my cock, disappointed and surprised that they were already home after only half an hour. It seemed to take an age for the key to find the keyhole and when it did the door swung open clattering off the wall. It was slammed shut again and to my surprise a lone pair of heels came clunking down the hall. The living room door opened and it was my girlfriend’s sister Sarah, looking a little worse for wear.

“Oh, hey Eoin, Merry Christmas!” She giggled as she moved towards me to give me a hug. I got up and reached out tenderly hoping for a quick embrace. Sarah, however moved in close, and I could feel my still semi erect cock press against her stomach. I could also smell the alcohol off her breath; she had been at a party at a friend’s house since pretty early in the day enjoying her first half year of drinking having turned 18 in August. She backed off awkwardly, a combination of the drink and the heels but there were no tell-tale signs of her having noticed my cock.

“So where is everyone?” She said, leaving the room to hang up her jacket.

“Oh, there at the pub, they left about 30 minutes ago,” I replied sitting back down, glad my erection was subsiding.

“Ah, some peace and quiet at least huh?” She quipped coming back in and sitting on the couch next to me and picking up one of the beers.

“Until you came thundering in the door anyway,” I joked.

My cock, having just got soft from my little fantasy nearly sprung back to life as I watched her take a swig out of her beer. Sarah was easily the most attractive girl in the family, taller and more filled out than my very petite girlfriend, with a nice set of boobs and voluptuous ass for her 18 years. She had dark blonde hair down to her shoulder, big brown eyes, pronounced cheekbones and a moody but sexy demeanour. I didn’t spend much time in this house and therefore didn’t see much of her, only occasionally in pyjamas and slippers or sweats. Yet seeing her now in a sleek black dress up above her knees, dark stockings and a pair of heels as well as with her face made up brought it home to me how attractive she was.

Are you sure you need another drink?” I laughed, just wanting to say something to interrupt my own thoughts.

“Oh come on Eoin, who are you my parents? Besides, it’s Christmas!” she reasoned.

“I can’t believe you’re watching this Eoin, such a big softy!” She laughed.

I had put on the Santa Clause 3 with Tim Allen apparently when changing the channel. With that she reached across my body to grab the remote on the other side. If her eyes followed the path of her hand it would have been impossible for her not to notice that I was far from a ‘big softy’ right then. She made an awkward throat clearing noise and suddenly seemed rather uncomfortable. I didn’t know whether I should say something or just keep quiet, get through Alsancak Escort the next few days and hope she forgot all about it. I grabbed another beer and tried to focus on the TV. After about 20 minutes, Sarah said that she was tired and was heading to bed. It was only 9.30, but I was glad she was bringing an end to the tension.

“Goodnight, Merry Christmas” she said and hurried out of the room.

I polished off the last beer and was in desperate need of a pee. I didn’t want to disturb Sarah any more tonight so I crept quietly up the stairs without turning the light at the top on. The bathroom was at the very bottom so I walked on my toes down towards it. I heard a voice in Sarah’s room and presumed she was on the phone. I was about to turn the light on now that I didn’t need to be quiet but as I reached for the switch I heard that Sarah’s conversation wasn’t exactly with another person.

“Did I give you that big bulge in your pants Eoin? Did I do that to you baby? Ya, I bet you want to see what it’s like to be with a real woman, you know my sister is too small to fuck properly don’t you?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! It sounded as if Sarah was masturbating to the thought of me fucking her. I had no doubt that she was attracting plenty of interest from guys her own age and even though I’m only 4 years older I had never really thought about her that way before tonight. She was only 15 when I started dating her sister. But now here she was a gorgeous 18 year old wanting to be with me.

“Ya, give it to me baby, oh that feels so good. Ya, right there!” She carried on.

I tried to creep closer but stepped on the wrong part of the floor and made a creaking noise. Suddenly Sarah stopped. Silence. I crept back the way I came, quietly but quickly, I stepped around the corner as I heard her door open. I quickly moved down the stairs and back to the living room. My heart was pounding. It all seemed like a dream. I sat there quietly, listening. Nothing. I waited 5 minutes. Nothing. I was still bursting for a pee so I crept to the back door at the opposite side of the house to the stairs. I stepped outside and relieved myself into the darkness. It seemed to go on forever. I stepped back inside and quietly shut the door and moved back towards the living room. I noticed the light was off but I didn’t remember turning it off. I stepped into the doorway and my heart skipped a beat. Sarah was lying on the couch, with one leg up on it and her arms wrapped around it. She was in the same clothes as earlier. Without the light I could see the top of her stockings but between was a dark void.

“I couldn’t sleep,” she said, her voice trembling and a look of nervous excitement across her face.

My brain refused to accept that this was really happening but insisted I go check it out. My legs weren’t as obliging and I stayed rooted to the spot. Eventually I moved awkwardly across the room and sat where I had done earlier alongside Sarah. She turned, now lying lengthways on the couch as I stared straight ahead at the TV, unsure what else to do. I noticed her head turn that way too and then she turned on the movie I had started to watch when she arrived home. Again I was processing the information and having difficulty believing it. My cock strained against my pants and I prayed for Sarah to scream ‘fuck me’ or give me some other obvious sign… And then she did.

She reached her foot across toward my now raging erection and touched it. It was a tentative touch, an unsure touch, but a touch. I turned my head. She bit her lip and stared into my eyes. She withdrew her legs under her and pushed herself onto her knees. I was frozen in place. She leaned in and our lips met. A brief kiss. I knew it was now or never to stop it. I pulled back wanting to be mature and stop it, but desperately wanting not to at the same time. It didn’t matter; she grabbed my head and locked her lips onto mine. This time our tongues met. They explored each other for the first time, mine savouring her cherry lip gloss. She dropped her other hand into my lap, squeezing my cock. I nearly came there and then but didn’t dare. I wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close, wanting to get my tongue as deep into her throat as possible. She moaned as we kissed frantically and sloppily. I pulled her head close and went to work on her neck. I licked and nibbled it and she loved it as much as her sister, digging her nails into my back. I left a trail of saliva all the way from her shoulder up to her ear and began to nibble on her lobe. Sarah squeezed my cock hard Ayrancılar Escort through my pants and ran the other through my hair. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my face close to hers. Her beautiful brown eyes burned with lust and her breathing was shallow and laboured.

In a moment of maturity I asked, “are you sure you wanna do this?”

I regretted giving her an out immediately, but she just smiled and said, “I’ve wanted this a looong time. I just didn’t know you did. Maybe we should, eh, take this upstairs.”

She got off the couch and walked elegantly to the door. She turned, licked her lips, and disappeared around the corner. I sprung from my seat and followed. I took the stairs in a trance, mesmerised by her ass as it swayed. I walked in the door and Sarah moved close, leaning up on her toes to reach my mouth. I wrapped an arm around her and started to kiss her again. I was a little more comfortable with my boner pressing against her this time. I pushed her back on the bed and climbed on top of her.

“Christmas has come early it seems”, I joked.

Sarah moaned in approval and then replied seductively, “maybe it has, but you better not!”

Our mouths met again, our hands exploring each other’s body, everything so new and exciting. Sarah grabbed my ass, pulling me close. My left hand came to a rest on her breast. I gently ran her hardening nipple between my thumb and forefinger, feeling her perky boob heaving under my hand. My right hand went further south. I ran it down her side, over her hip and carried on down her leg. Then I doubled back up and under her dress. She paused and held me tight. I looked to slide her panties down but realised she wasn’t wearing any. I moved my trembling hand to her pussy. I touched. She moaned. She was soaking. I ran my finger around her lips and locked my mouth back on hers. She sucked my tongue into her mouth as my finger found her clit. I began rubbing across it quickly. I moved my hand away and sat up. I saw the disappointment in her inquisitive face. I smiled and backed off the bed. I grabbed her ankles and pulled her to the edge.

“You want me to eat it baby?” I asked, staring into her eyes.

“God yes”, was all she could manage as she began to massage her boobs.

I slid the dress up above her hips, exposing her smooth pussy. I inhaled the sweet smell of it and tentatively licked her lips. She groaned loudly. I quickly licked again. She groaned again.

“Please Eoin, please baby!” She pleaded.

I wanted to tease her more but I was as desperate to taste her as she was for me to eat her. I spread her lips with my fingers and dove straight in to her clit. I licked feverishly at it and she began to moan more loudly now. My tongue darted all around her clit as she thrashed around under me. I moved my hands to her ass pulling her pussy as close as I could. Suddenly she started thrashing even more.

“Yes, oh yes Eoin don’t stop. Lick it, lick it, LICK IT!!”

Her back arched and I held her pussy close as she came. I was surprised she had come already; she was even hornier than I thought. When her breathing returned to normal I moved my tongue lower, licking at the entrance to her beautiful pussy. I could taste her juices as they seeped out onto my tongue. I pushed my tongue in as far as I could, my nose rubbing against her clit. I pulled it out, stood up and crawled alongside her on the bed. I kissed her again, making her taste her own juices.

“Mmmm, now it’s my turn! She purred. “Would you like that?”

I smiled and nodded my head.

“Good, I’ve thought about that cock enough times, it’s about time I got it in my mouth.”

She was really turning me on with her dirty talk and seemed a lot more confident now. She pushed me onto my back and slowly unzipped me. She pulled my pants and boxers off together and my cock sprung out.

“Hmmm, well hello there”, she said taking it in her hand and massaging the full length. My cock was a pretty normal six and a half inches but seemed an inch or two longer right then. Sarah’s eyes were fixed on it as she continued to run her hand up and down the shaft, her lips inching closer to the head. I could feel her breath on it and she slowly stuck her tongue out and licked my head.

“I guess it’s my turn to tease now huh?” She mused. “You want me to suck it honey? Tell me you want me to suck it.”

I was surprised at how she was taking control but enjoyed it. I lifted my hips off the bed moving it closer to her mouth and said “I need you to suck me Sarah; I need you to take me in your mouth”.

With Balçova Escort that she lowered her mouth over the head, still stroking the shaft. She took the first couple of inches in her mouth and sucked loudly. She took it back out with a plop and grinned. I thought she was going to tease me again but instead she started to lick the head. Her tongue moved all around and then she started at the base and licked the length, before taking it back in her mouth. She continued sucking and jacking and it wasn’t long before I felt my balls tightening.

“Shit, I’m close Sarah.” I warned.

She took the hint and stopped sucking. I stood up and pulled her dress off, she moved to roll down her stockings but I told her to leave them on. I bent down and took a nipple in my mouth as I rolled the other between my fingers.

“Eoin baby, I need you to fuck me.” Sarah pleaded.

I tossed her on the bed and crawled between her legs. I lined my cock up with her pussy and rubbed it against the entrance. I wanted to enter her so bad, but wanted to retake control too.

“You want it baby? You want me to stick my cock in your tight little pussy?”

“Yes Eoin, yes. Put it in baby, I need you to fuck me!”

Her pussy was somehow after getting even wetter and I knew I wouldn’t need any extra lubrication. I took a deep breath and pushed my cock into her. Her pussy was really tight, but it was so wet that my cock slid all the way in, taking us both by surprise.

“Oh shit! I came again!” Sarah shouted.

I began to slide my cock in and out of her slowly, savouring every stroke. Her pussy was like a glove on my cock, milking it for all it was worth. I reached up and grabbed a breast, maintaining the slow pace, enjoying the incredible sensation. Sarah wrapped her legs around my back, pulling me in tight, and started encouraging me.

“Mmmm, your cock is so big in my pussy. Ya, fills me up real nice.”

“Oh, you’re so fucking tight. It feels amazing.”

“I’m not tiny like my sister, you can fuck me properly. You want that baby? You wanna fuck me good?

I didn’t answer; instead I grabbed her ankles and put her legs over my shoulders. I pushed up on the balls of my feet above her, using her legs as leverage. I bent my knees to get lower and began to pound my cock into her. My balls slapped off her ass as I fucked her faster and faster.

“Oh shit, oh fuck Eoin!” Sarah screamed pulling my head close. “That feels so fucking good, harder, harder, HARDER!!”

Hearing her screaming into my ear drove me crazy and I fucked her with all I had. She put her hands on my chest, her nails digging into me. I felt no pain as all my focus was on my cock as it slammed into her sweet pussy over and over and over again.

“Oh, oh, ooohhh, so close baby, so close!” She yelled, her hands moving to my ass to pull me in.

I felt close myself but didn’t want it to end. I slammed my prick all the way into her as she screamed, writhing in ecstasy.

“CUMMING, I’m…cumming…making me cum so good…SO GOOD.” She moaned as her eyes rolled back in her head.

I pulled out as her orgasm subsided. Her eyes were glazed and she didn’t seem to be aware of where she was. I was overcome with passion and rolled her over. I pulled her back by the waist and jammed my cock right back inside her. She grunted in a cocktail of surprise and pleasure. I began to fuck her with long strokes, my cock filling her pussy perfectly. She eventually began to regain her senses and started to push back against me, matching me stroke for stroke. Having made her cum three times I intended to just pound her until I came. That all changed with one little sentence.

“I wanna ride that cock sweetie”, she moaned.

I nearly came right then but instead I pulled out and lay back. She spun around quickly and positioned her dripping wet pussy over my cock. She lowered herself onto my meat slowly, a big O formed on her mouth. She locked her hands behind my head and I placed mine on her sexy ass. She rocked back and forth on my cock.

“You like that baby? You like me riding your cock?”

“Oh ya, oh fuck ya Sarah. Fuck me!”

“OH! Ohhh yessss! You wanna cum Eoin? You want me to make you cum?”

“God yes! I wanna cum all over you!” I screamed.

Sarah picked up the pace, bouncing up and down on my cock. I could sense that she was getting close again and I wasn’t far behind her. Then she said the magic words to make it a perfect night.

“I’m on the pill baby! Cum in me! Fill me up with your cum!”

“Oh fuck Sarah!! Oh shit, Sarah I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum!!!”

“Me too babe…me too. Cum for me…cum…for…me. Yes…yes…OH GOD YES!”

With that she impaled herself on my cock one last time and I shot my load deep inside her. She collapsed on my chest, both of us spent. Eventually she sat up and looked into my eyes and said “Merry Christmas baby!”

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