Men will explore by the CampfireMen will explore by the Campfire


Trent was excited for the camping trip. He had recently become engaged to his girlfriend of four years, Sara. This meant they wanted their families to become closer too. And part of this commitment was Trent becoming closer to Sara’s younger brother, Mark. Trent thought Mark was cool enough but seeing as how Trent was 31 and Mark was 18, the two did not seem to have much in common. The one thing Trent loved that Mark seemed to enjoy though, was camping. When Sara was unable to get the time off from work for the trip, Trent asked Sara if she thought Mark would be interested. A quick text message between Sara and Mark confirmed he was interested and would be happy to go. And so, it was set for the following weekend.

The following weekend on Saturday morning, Mark parked his Honda Civic on the street, outside of Trent’s house and stepped out of the car. Mark had just turned 18 a few weeks ago, right around the same time he graduated high school. Looking at Mark and Sara together you could tell they were siblings. Mark was average size, about 5’8 tall and 155 pounds with black hair and blue eyes, just like his sister. He was always clean-shaven, and Trent joked to Sara that Mark could not grow facial hair if his life depended on it. Mark had an athletic build due to his constant playing of tennis and swimming.

Trent opened the front door and walked outside to greet Mark. The two were opposites and you could see it clear as day when they stood next to each other. Compared to Mark’s average build and boyish good looks, Trent had a large frame and had that rugged look that drove Sara wild. Trent was 6’2 with a solid build and had a trimmed goatee. Trent had camped and worked on farms his whole life and looked the part. He was ruggedly handsome.

This was to be a male-bonding and family-building adventure. Sara recently told Trent that Mark had “come out” to her as gay. This surprised Trent as Mark never displayed any stereotypical signs of what Trent believed would indicate someone was gay. Mark was Sara’s brother though and it did not bother Trent either way who Mark found himself interested in.

Mark quickly hopped into Trent’s truck which Trent had prepped the night before with everything they would need and the two drove away towards the mountains. Two hours was all it took to get deep in the heart of the wilderness up there and Trent had the perfect spot picked out to set up camp. It was a beautiful spot: a nice flat clearing to set up two tents, large trees all around for shade and protection from the wind and rain if there happened to be any, and a gentle flowing river just minutes away. The two exited Trent’s truck and got to work. Trent had to show Mark how to set up the tents and after that task was done the two did some fishing.

The two discussed life matters, what Mark wanted to do after high school, what schools he was planning on applying to and other matters. “So, Sara mentioned you are into dudes?” Trent asked Mark in his typical nonchalant and confident demeanor. “Yea, I don’t know man, it is something that I have known for a while but have just been too scared to bring up to my family” stated Mark. And with these two short statements, the two talked about it in detail for the next hour. This is what Mark loved about Trent, he was a man’s man and looked like he could deal with any trouble that came his way, but he was also caring and always treated Mark fairly and with respect.

As the night wound down the two built a large roaring campfire which they sat near and chatted around well into the night. During this conversation, as the two were very relaxed and warm around the fire and enjoying the view of the stars, was when Trent began letting his mind wander. He had not gotten sex from Sara for almost a week because it was “her time of the month” and Trent was sexually frustrated. He was a man to the fullest and needed sex at least a couple times a week. Trent had never been with a guy before except for that one time in high school where he and his buddy were watching porn and jerking off. His buddy leaned over and for the next few minutes used his hand to stroke Trent’s cock up and down. Trent remembered this clearly and it always turned him on thinking about how his friend was in awe at the size and thickness of Trent’s cock. These thoughts flooded Trent’s mind right now in front of the campfire chatting with Avrupalı porno Mark, and at that moment Trent’s cock grew thick under his pants.

At the same time, Mark too was having his own thoughts. The first time he realized he was interested in guys was when his friend from high school showed him a cell phone video the friend took of him having sex with a school cheerleader. Mark remembered watching the video and being turned on by the whole thing, but one thing in particular, got his blood flowing. In the video, Mark could hear his buddy telling the girl he was about to cum and the low muffled grunts of his friend getting closer and closer before hearing his friend let out a large groan as he covered the cheerleader’s stomach with his semen made Mark more erect than he had ever been in his life. After his friend left that day, Mark immediately went to his bedroom and thought of nothing other than his friend’s dick and the sounds of him having an orgasm, and this made Mark get off.

Mark thought he could see a large bulge in Trent’s pants, but he also thought it could just be the fire and shadows playing tricks on his mind. The two discussed Trent and Sara’s upcoming wedding and that led to the discussion of sex on wedding day. Trent then made a comment that changed everything: “Fuck man, I’m horny right now” as Trent sort of smirked, “Your sister has been on her period and we haven’t had sex in a while.” Mark picked up on this and asked Trent more questions which led to a more detailed discussion. Trent looked over at Mark and thought he looked good right now. Nice athletic build, good looking younger guy. And the thing that appealed to Trent the most was the fact that Mark was Sara’s younger brother. Trent knew that Mark had just as much incentive to not tell anyone about this as Trent had. He figured it was a safe bet.

Trent reclined a bit more in his chair, opened his thighs wider, stretched his legs out and let out a loud sigh as he took a drink of his beer. Trent could see Mark staring at him from across the fire and saw Mark’s eyes travel down to Trent’s crotch. Trent knew it would happen at this point. Trent took another drink from his beer and placed it on the ground, then reached down and unbuttoned his pants. He looked back at Mark and saw him still staring and he knew Mark wanted it. “Come over here man” Trent said, and without missing a beat Mark picked up his chair and moved it next to Trent.

Mark was so turned on. He had fantasized about this before while masturbating, the thought of his older sister’s fiancé doing things to him. Picking him up and manhandling him turned Mark on to no end. It was an ultimate taboo that Mark had always thought of but never seriously considered. But now he was here with Trent, just the two of them, alone in the wilderness and he knew a sign when he saw one, and Trent was giving him a sign right now.

Mark figured it was now or never to see if he was right about the sign. Mark reached out and put his hand on Trent’s upper thigh which, to Mark’s excitement, was greeted by Trent with a smile. It was happening. Mark began to rub Trent’s thigh, and this quickly led to Mark placing his hand on top of Trent’s crotch. It felt huge. Mark wanted it now. Trent leaned back in his chair even more “there you go man.” Mark quickly got off his chair and onto his knees beside Trent. Trent lifted his butt off the chair and simultaneously he and Mark pulled Trent’s pants down around his shins. Trent was wearing briefs underneath and they were wrapped around his cock for dear life, barely holding on. Mark quickly pulled the briefs down and got his first glimpse at the cock his sister had been pleasured with the last few years.

It was large, probably 8 inches, very thick and veiny and looked beautiful. Huge, squishy mushroom tip, straight shaft with just a hint of a curve towards the top and a large set of full tight balls. A nice large bush of dark brown pubic hair that was neatly trimmed at the top. This was the perfect package and fit Trent’s appearance as a rugged man. All Mark had before then were dicks from boys his age, nothing to compare to this.

Trent saw Mark admiring the sight, “what do you think?” Mark could only say “I like it, fuck it looks perfect.” Mark couldn’t contain himself any longer as he reached his hand out and wrapped it around Video porno the warm thick cock in front of him. It was nice and hard already. Mark slowly let his hand slide up and down on Trent’s cock. At the same time, Mark’s free hand went immediately to Trent’s balls which were begging to be played with. “Mmmmm, hell yes dude, go for it” Trent said as he picked up his beer and took a big chug. Mark couldn’t believe this was happening. He removed his pants too and wrestled them off his ankles and threw them aside. Then removed his boxers after that. Trent could see Mark’s dick sticking straight up as Mark continued stroking Trent up and down his shaft.

Mark then got himself closer and pointed Trent’s cock towards Mark as Mark lowered his head, opened his mouth, and took Trent’s mushroom head into Mark’s warm wet begging mouth. Trent let out a manly groan as Mark wrapped his lips around the tip and sucked on it. “Fuck yes” Trent said, as Mark got the tip nice and wet and then began bobbing his head on Mark’s cock, taking more of it in his mouth. Mark pressed his lips against the shaft and sucked up and down as far as he could take it. He felt Trent’s large hand rest on the back of Mark’s head and slightly squeeze it and apply downwards pressure, forcing Mark to take even more of Trent’s veiny cock into his throat. Trent began thrusting his hips to the pattern of Mark’s bobbing head and they found a rhythm which they kept at for several minutes off and on.

Trent could not help but let out another groan, Mark could really suck a dick. This felt amazing and Trent could feel his cock throbbing. “Suck that fucking dick dude” Trent said, as Mark continued sucking. Mark then let the cock flop out of his mouth and took a few seconds to catch his breath, before moving down to Trent’s balls and taking each one in his mouth, one at a time. Sucking them gently but firmly, twirling his tongue around them. Trent was stroking his own cock as Mark worked Trent’s heavy and full balls. Trent then pushed Mark’s head away and grabbed him forcefully, standing him up on his feet. Trent bent Mark over easily and smacked his ass cheeks with both hands. Mark let out a loud yelp and this turned Trent on more than anything.

Trent leaned Mark over at the waist and wrapped his hands around Mark’s thighs and pulled him back closer to Trent. Mark instinctively spread his cheeks apart, giving Trent a view of what Mark had to offer. It wasn’t a pussy in the traditional sense, but it may as well have been at that moment. It was young, tight and Mark already knew it could get the job done and make someone get off.

Mark could feel Trent’s bristly goatee against his balls and then felt Trent’s firm warm tongue press against Mark’s asshole. “Ohhhhh” Mark moaned softly as Trent flicked the tip of his tongue all over Mark’s ass. Mark reached out down between his legs and stroked Trent’s cock some more as he felt Trent’s tongue slip into the tight hole Mark had to offer. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. His sister’s soon to be husband was tonguing his asshole and Mark knew he was about to get fucked.

Trent spun Mark around and picked him up with ease. Mark was now sitting on Trent’s thighs, the two facing each other. Mark picked himself up and sat even closer to Trent and wrapped his arms around Trent’s neck and back. Trent spit on his hand and rubbed his thick squishy mushroom tip. Trent then lifted Mark up and with the other hand positioned Trent’s cock and slowly began lowering Mark. Mark felt it immediately, Trent’s cock head was pressed up against Mark’s asshole and was now ever so slowly spreading it apart as Mark felt his ass open up and become submissive to Trent’s dominance. Mark heard Trent “Fuuuuck dude” and knew he was pleasing Trent. Mark loved this feeling, he wanted more of it. Mark allowed himself to be lowered even more and felt every bit of Trent’s absolute thickness, filling Mark up.

So, this is what it felt like to get fucked by a man. Mark needed it and wanted it bad. The two spent the next few minutes, Mark arching his back and slowly bouncing up and down on Trent’s thighs and Trent thrusting his hips up and down and slowly letting every inch of his cock enter the depths of Mark’s asshole. Mark tried to contain his moans through a closed mouth but Trent could hear Mark moaning quietly in Trent’s ear.

Trent then picked Mark up like nothing and carried him to Trent’s tent which was already open and set up for bed. Trent laid Mark down on his back, but Mark pushed himself up into a seated position and began kissing and sucking on Trent’s neck and shoulders. Mark was like a dog in heat and wanted it so bad he couldn’t help himself. Trent reached around and played with Mark’s ass as he felt Mark’s tongue exploring his neck, shoulders and chest. Mark could hear Trent “Tell me you want this fat cock in you” and Mark replied almost immediately “I want your fat cock in me, please” almost begging at that point. Trent smiled and turned Mark around and positioned him onto his hands and knees. Mark could feel Trent’s thick frame behind him and knew what was about to happen.

Mark remained on his knees but leaned forward and placed his chest and face on the ground and reached back and wrapped his hands around his thighs. He was ass up and ready. Trent didn’t miss a second and slipped his cock deep inside Mark’s waiting ass. Mark moaned and was out of breath, god it felt huge inside him. Trent forcefully wrapped both of his large hands around Mark’s hips and began fucking Mark with force. Trent was dominant as hell and loved Mark’s submissive nature. Trent felt like a man, fucking the shit out of the much smaller and younger Mark, and he knew he was doing his job right. Mark was moaning like crazy now, almost sounding like Sara when she was taking Trent’s dick inside her. The two fell into a rhythm again, Trent pounding Mark as hard as he could, listening to the sound of Mark’s firm ass cheeks pressing against Trent’s lower stomach. Mark could hear Trent groaning and breathing heavily, sounding like a Bull that he was. Mark could do nothing more but remain on his knees and hang on for dear life as he was getting fucked harder and deeper than he had ever come close to before.

Mark then felt Trent’s massive cock head slip out of him with a wet plop as it exited. Mark found himself now on his back, Trent forcing Mark into whatever position he wanted him in. Trent looked huge. Big shoulders, massive chest, and sweating with sexual excitement; Mark could tell Trent was horned up.

Trent got on top of Mark and positioned Mark’s legs on top of Trent’s shoulders. Mark reached out and lubed Trent’s cock up with some of Mark’s own saliva, then guided it into Mark’s waiting asshole. Trent moaned and groaned “mmmmm fuck yea man, take that fucking dick” as Trent pounded Mark’s ass. Trent was breathing heavily now and so was Mark. Mark could feel it, Trent was getting close. Trent reached out and began stroking Mark’s cock as Trent continued fucking Mark nice and deep. Mark began moaning softly, “I’m gonna cum Trent” he said. Trent heard this and responded with his own “You are going to make me fucking cum any second Mark”.

Trent began groaning louder and louder and Mark knew it was about to happen. Trent was still stroking Mark’s dick and Mark couldn’t hold out any longer. The semen spurted out of Mark’s tip like a water gun, shooting back and hitting Mark on his neck and chest. “Ooohhhhhh myyyy, fuck!” Mark said through a loud continuous moan as he heard in unison, Trent’s moaning get more abrupt. Mark then felt Trent’s massive body tense up tightly, let out a loud groan and “Uuuhhhhhhhhhh” as Trent pressed deeply inside Mark, Mark could feel the warm sticky semen spurt out of Trent’s cock, deep inside Mark’s ass. With every release of semen, Trent tensed up and groaned loud, Mark could feel his ass filling up with Trent’s sperm. Trent then collapsed on top of Mark and the two lay there for a few minutes, both huffing and puffing. Trent’s sweat dripping down on Mark. Mark was still panting and told Trent “That felt amazing, oh my god.” Trent smiled and said to Mark “Yea, you really know how to work it man. You got me off better than Sara.” This made Mark smile deeply.

After Trent caught his breath, he propped himself up onto his hands and pulled back. Trent looked down and saw his thick semi-flaccid cock flop out of Mark’s ass, and almost immediately a huge glob of Trent’s white cum began seeping out of Mark’s tight little asshole. Mark knew Trent must have released a massive cum shot inside him because Mark could feel the warm sticky mess dripping out of him. The two laid there together for a while before falling asleep in the same tent.

The next morning, they woke up, had some coffee, broke down camp and loaded Trent’s truck. Trent and Mark then got inside the vehicle and began the two-hour drive home, both feeling very happy and content.

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