Memorial Day MemoriesMemorial Day Memories


Memorial Day Memories School had just ended for me and my sister. Separated by just over a year (me at 21, her just turning 20), we were in separate colleges and returning home at about the same time. During the drive I could think of nothing but the pure bliss that would be relaxation after the intense studying of finals. I pulled into the driveway and there was my sister. A sight for sore eyes indeed. Standing at barely five feet tall she stood with a hand on her hips and a playful scowl on her face. Even contorted in mock rage, she was still gorgeous. Her golden blonde hair hung down to her ass, glimmering in the afternoon sun. My sister was a knockout, and she knew it. Sporting a pair of perky C-cup breasts slightly too large for her frame and a toned stomach and ass, she knew she was hot shit. But to me, she was still my innocent little sister, both in my perception of her, and how she acted around me. I guess I spoiled her, but hey, that’s what big brothers do, right? I pulled up and got out of the car, my sister walked right up to me, staring at me in the same scowl which I returned. Her scowl started to fade, the corner of her mouth twitching into a smirk. This had long been a game of ours. Who could hold out longer. I almost always won. Before long she started to giggle and hugged me. Standing at a hair under six feet made the hug interesting, her head coming up to my chest, my arms attempting to circle her body, but instead grasping at air. I lifted her light body easily and hugger her properly. “That better Joc?” Jocelyn smiled at me. “Much better!” I held her in the air not letting her down despite her squirming. “Austin Jay Lewis! Let me down!” She started giggling, and finally I acquiesced, letting her tiny body back down. “It’s good to see you Austin. I really missed you at school.” “I missed you too Joc, now help me unpack!” Finally, we got all my stuff into the house, settling it in my room or downstairs in the basement. As per usual, I didn’t start on my laundry, and didn’t plan on doing so until I absolutely had to. I think that might be the male college student credo. My room was exactly as I had left istanbul travesti it, an organized mess, and I planned on keeping it that way. Jocelyn was the complete opposite. A neat-freak. Her room was spotless, everything had it’s place. Oddly enough, she had no idea where anything was in her room, but I could find anything I wanted in my room within a few minutes. As I planned, I took the time off from school and before work to just relax. I caught up on several TV series that I had missed out on at school, read a few books, and mainly relaxed by the pool with my iPod. Few things are more relaxing than playing music as the sun beats down on your body. Now, I’m not going to pretend that the reason I lay out by the pool so often was just the rays. No, that wasn’t it. Jocelyn and her friend Ash hung out there day in and day out. Ash, and just Ash. Legally named Ashley, very few people called her that, and fewer lived to say that they did. She freaked out on you if you called her Ashley. It just wasn’t her name. I must say, Ash fit her quite well; she was smoldering (yes, I chose that name exclusively for that joke). She had jet-black hair that hung to her shoulders, ending in slight curls. A gorgeous face and a body that rivaled my sisters. Although at about 5’6”, there was just more of it to admire. While my sister’s best attribute was her tits, Ash’s was definitely her ass, and that’s not saying that everything else was bad. She also had C-cup breasts, but they were more in proportion to her frame. Her ass was not. The thing was the perfect definition of a bubble but. It appeared to just be carved on there by the most generous of all gods. While not an ass man, hers certainly got my attention. The three of us spent many an afternoon in the pool, talking, relaxing. Ash and I flirted quite a bit. We would rub up against each other, but under my sister’s watchful eye, I didn’t dare try anything with her best friend. But day after day, I would leave the pool, shower and lay on my bed, dreaming about that tight ass, and although I am ashamed to say it, my sister’s tits sometimes made a guest istanbul travestileri appearance in my increasingly impure thoughts. Every day I would go out there, and there they were. Not that I was complaining, in fact, just the opposite. But it wasn’t without mystery. I would walk out, seeing that they were talking, full into an animated conversation. As soon as I would step foot outside, they fell silent, then broke into a fit of giggles. I learned to ignore it. They wouldn’t tell me, so no sense in pressing. Then Memorial Day came around. Every year there is a blowout just down the block. Parents are not invited. The entire neighborhood knows it’s an excuse for the teenagers and young 20 somethings to get together and drink. But this was a “good” neighborhood, and the parents were pretty slack. My parents knew Jocelyn and I were going, and were going to drink. It was only a block away though, they were confident we wouldn’t overdo it, or drive afterwards. In all the years this party had gone on, there was never one casualty. Still, my parents had to be responsible about it and talk to us. And my that, I mean my mom. She spoke, while dad stood next to her nodding seriously. “Be careful, have fun. Don’t drink too much. Know your limit and above all DO NOT DRIVE.” Having heard this all before, my sister and I managed semi-disinterested nods of agreement, if only to placate them. Jocelyn and I got ready, then walked over together, meeting Ash on the lawn before we went in and to the backyard of the house. Music was blaring and there were throngs of people dancing and in various stages of courtship. They ranged from simple making out to heavy petting and downright fucking. The party was in full swing and I soon left the girls alone in search of a drink and hot chick. Sure, if I had my choice it would have been Ash (or maybe even Joc), but at this point I just didn’t want another night in bed with my hand. The drink was easy enough to find, and the girls were everywhere, dancing up a storm. Darkness soon set in, along with a nice buzz. I roamed the yard, hoping the next girl I danced with travesti istanbul would be that magical combination of hot and easy. Unsure of either characteristic, I placed on hand on a mystery girl’s shoulder and after a quick nod of consent, we started dancing. After a few songs, my hands were roaming her body, her hands up around my neck and running through my hair. I turned her around and looked into her face. She spoke. “Hmm, I was hoping I would run into you after we split up earlier.” The sexy whisper in her voice did not go unnoticed. “Really? And why is that?” “Do I have to spell it out?” “I would rather you show me.” Without another word, she leaned up to me and kissed me, her lips planted on mine, her tongue pushing into my mouth. Gladly I accepted it, our tongues dancing together, my hands roaming her back and landing on her incredible bubble but. “How about we go inspect what we each couldn’t see in the pool?” “My thoughts exactly Ash.” “Not here though, back at your place, in the pool.” Agreeing, I led her on the quick one block walk back to my house, and into the back yard. Together we stripped naked and she dove into the lighted pool. Finally I was able to see what her bikini hid for these past few weeks. Enjoying the view I began to get hard. “Well, are you just going to stare, or get your ass in here?” Not hesitating another minute, I dove in. We waded, making out way towards each other, meeting for a passionate kiss. As our tongues dueled, our hands roamed the other’s body. Her ran sexily down my chest and to my crotch, feeling my hard cock, then going lower, massaging my balls. My hands ran down her back cupping her incredible ass once again. This time, her bare flesh. As our kiss deepened, she began to slowly pump my cock in her fist, as my hand moved to her pussy, rubbing her lips softly, then pushing a finger inside her. She moaned into my mouth, and I knew she was ready. I pulled my finger out of her pussy and turned her around, guiding her to the wall of our pool. She leaned over, both hands gripping the outside walls and I stared down at her enticing ass. I rubbed my cock head over her slit, getting it wet with her juices and the pool water. Slowly, inch by inch I fed my cock into her burning snatch. Both hands on her waist, I began to thrust through the water, fucking her slowly, my frustration abating as my pleasure rose. In and out I kept sawing into her, staring at her greatest attribute.

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