Megan Ch. 09Megan Ch. 09


Chapter 9 — THE GYM

It was barely noon on the first day of the weekend, and I was already scarcely standing on my feet thanks to the intensive lovemaking sessions with my new girlfriend.

I was currently sitting on a couch watching her pull on her training clothes. Although too tired to move I couldn’t help responding to the sight of Megan’s 8’4″ amazonian body; skimpy clothes desperately trying to contain the 760 pounds of muscle, breast and ass. Well, skimpy on her. While I was holding the stretchy pants for her I noticed they were almost as tall as me, and wide enough that I could fit in one legging, without any stretching. It made sense; those leggings had to host Megan’s massive thighs, which could grow to 50″ when fully expanded.

The pants fit her snugly, and she used a very thick and resilient sports bra to contain her over 40-pound breasts, and press them firmly against her torso. Even so compressed, they were still intimidating in their size. On top of all that she wore a massive white t-shirt, which fit snugly around her enormous arms.

She swayed her heavy hips towards me, snapping me out of my daze by lifting me up and planting a big long wet kiss on my lips.

Rrrriiippp… Her t-shirt gave way as her arm bunched into a muscle bigger than my head.

“Ohhh Joey, I just love how my muscles grow for you. It’s like they just want to swallow you up. I better take some spare clothes; who knows what might happen to this little outfit. I’m afraid my body might just burst out of it for my man.” Her nipples were now straining the sports bra, large and thick defying the material.

“Megan, maybe you should let me stay at home and rest,” I said thinking how this little display of dominance aroused her and afraid of what a visit to the gym might do.

“But Joey, you’re my boyfriend and I want to show off in front of everyone for you. I never went to a public gym before; you know I was too ashamed. But if you’re there with me I know I can do it, if you are not ashamed of me.”

“No Megan, I could never be ashamed of you, it’s just that…” I tried.

“Perfect then. Just gimme a sec; one more detail for my big man,” she interrupted me, and disappeared into the hall, returning wearing her 6″ heeled training shoes.

“Wouldn’t want to look too small for my big man, now would I?” she said, leaning on my shoulder with one hand to put on her shoes, lifting her navel to my eye level, and moving her face further away.

“That’s what I love about you Joey, I never feel too big next to you. A few more inches and I will be tall enough to walk over you. What a rush that would be. I can only imagine the sight I must be from your viewpoint, knowing that I could do anything I want with you,” she says lifting me in the air.

“Knowing that my muscles could break every bone in your body with a simple hug if I wasn’t careful, not to mention what my thighs could do to your whole body in the heat of passion.” She was rubbing my — at this point — quite massive erection. She ripped it out of my pants, placing it on top of her immense cleavage.

“Look at the size of that thing. It’s like it was made especially for me, and is growing with me. Even before you could barely find a woman who could take it, and now that it has grown for me, I am the only one who can take it in,” she said, pushing it between her massive breasts hiding the impossibly large thing with only the head peeking at the top. She was right; it was now up to my chin and thicker than a beer can.

“And even though I’m being really careful not to hurt you, you can barely walk after less than 24 hours with me. I love that little body of yours so much that I want to pounce on you and ride you until you cannot move.” Her fingers were working her pussy furiously, the tip of her long tongue going over my penis tip, my hips started moving almost on their own, rubbing against her massive breasts, watching the two 20-pound balloons jiggle in response.

“I almost crushed you to death just by falling asleep on top of you; imagine what I will be able to do to you when I grow bigger, stronger, more powerful. Even only one of my legs is now almost as heavy as you, and sooo much stronger. With every kiss I can feel your tiny body trying to resist, I could easily choke you with my 12-inch tongue; even suck all the air out of your tiny lungs if I take a sharp breath.”

“I can do anything I want with your sexy little body, and with each inch I grow I feel more and more like a goddess little one… And I want to grow more for you, I want to be the biggest thing you have ever seen…” her eyes were half closed now…

“You already are, my… goddess,” I stammered, each hand on one giant breast, starting to cum. Her plump fat lips closed on my member, her tongue wrapping around the shaft milking it. She sucked on the large knob, sucking every last drop out of me almost painfully while shaking in orgasm herself. Her body tensing, her breasts crushing me against the wall as she was lost in waves of pleasure.

Back şişli escort on the floor I was now a few inches away from her massive womanhood. It was drenched and pulsed with heat. I couldn’t control myself and gave her a kiss on the large lips, she cooed happily, her hand closing around my skull like a vice. The smell of her arousal was permeating and overpowering, and incredibly it made me hard again! She felt my tool hit her leg on the way up. She smiled down to me between her breasts and kneeled the few inches needed to guide my knob into her.

“Oh Tiny, you’re hard for me again, I love the way you take care of me. I could never find anyone else good enough for me,” she said crouching down, her pussy swallowing my erection until her crotch came to the right level for me, my erection completely inside of her. She bent her upper body kissing me slowly gently, her powerful vaginal muscles working my tool until I shot a second load, and my knees buckled from the effort. Megan looked down into my face with a happy gentle smile and shuddered in orgasm as I was spurting inside of her.

“Ohhhh…Joey, I love you, you little man. I love your little body so much It takes all of my willpower not to jump you and fuck you silly, but I know you need a break, so let’s go to the gym before I tear you apart.”

Interestingly enough, when Megan’s large pussy was again in front of my face, as she got up, I could feel the stirring in my groin again. I quickly turned around before she noticed, afraid she might reconsider. This was the fastest recovery ever, and with its current size, that was incredible. What was this girl’s body doing to me, I wondered.


“Yes, well I normally always train in my private gym. I was always too afraid of how people might laugh at me in a public gym. Just like I was always hiding my body. Wearing long skirts to hide my meaty thighs,” Megan was telling me on the way to the gym.

“But your legs are beautiful,” I interjected

“No, well please don’t interrupt I want to tell you this. I have met guys before who liked my big strong body, and would look at my muscles in lust. But they were always too afraid when they saw my body grow and what it can do to them. But you were the first one who taught me how to love my body, and even though I could break you like a twig you are not afraid of me. So when I am with you, I can be proud of my body; proud of how strong I am for you; to show it off in public for my boyfriend, so everyone can see that we belong to each other. I just hope I can make you proud.”

“I couldn’t be more proud.”

“Well the only thing is if we go to the public gym, I won’t be able to show you my private place. The place I spend hours and hours, all of my equipment, and the machines my body crushed while thinking of that cute little body of yours. To show you just how much you make me hot. Should we maybe go there, I don’t know.”

Thinking of spending several hours with this lustful teenage amazon sex goddess, alone in her inner sanctum would normally sound very alluring, but I was worried. This was a place she normally went to control her outbursts of power and lust, her safe heaven, a place where she could let go. I was afraid she wouldn’t be able to control herself there, and things might really get bad for me. So I said:

“No, no Megan, There’s plenty of time later. We can go to the nearest place now.”

“OK then, god I hope they are well equipped. I really want to show off for you. By the way I noticed a gym around the corner with a sign offering free training to anyone who can beat the local champion. A local champion must be very strong; he also has some medals I guess. I always wondered how strong I am compared to these guys, I hope I can be stronger than them so I don’t embarrass my big man.”

It occurred to me as I was watching her hulking 8’10” frame trying to enter the gym doors, bending and twisting, what a shock she must be to other people. I was still stupefied seeing the 760-pound muscle amazon. The first time I saw her, I was literally dumbfounded, and when she showed me her 50″ inch thighs in high heels, I fell on my ass in shock. And now she was even bigger and not shy any-more but proud of her body, exuding an aura of sexual might, she was like a lion amongst rabbits. Maybe we should have gone to the private gym, but too late now. I just hope there are no senior citizens in the gym.


Several posters on the entrance hall wall showed a large dark-skinned man holding a trophy, with the poster title: “World’s Strongman Championship”.

“Be right with you,” a deep voice came from behind the desk. We moved closer to see a giant man kneeling, looking for something his back turned to us.

“Hi, there” Megan greeted, “You must be Mr. Cleet. We’re here about the free training offer.”

“Well”, he said, “I am John Cleet, the local champion so you have to beat me.” Mr.Cleet was a massive mountain of a man about 6’6″ tall with wide powerful shoulders and massive arms.

“OK, sivas escort when can you start, I’m already dressed” Megan said in her sweetest voice. And Cleet, standing up, turned around preparing to look down, his gaze meeting Megan’s cleavage. Then his eyes travelled up, up to Megan’s sweet face. Seeing her features some of the shock left him as his confidence returned and then his eyes travelled down again. Seeing Megan’s massive shoulders some two heads wider than his own, arms with massive muscle slabs protruding from sleeves torn by muscle over-expansion, and further down to her legs. All the colour drained from his face.


“Ummm.. hellooo, mister, are you OK”

“eemm.. ahm..yes… yes. Hello”

“Hello, so. Can we use your gym or not? I would like to show my boyfriend how strong I am and I promise I will be very, very careful not to break any of your equipment, Mister. My name’s Megan.”

He didn’t seem to notice Megan’s line about hurting his equipment, when he replied.

“Y..yeh, OK,” he stammered, and he managed to get his bearings and continued.

“Yes, yes, let’s do this. Not often a pretty girl like you is in my gym. So I’ll show you around and then we can have some fun. OK then, let’s do this!” he continued with renewed confidence.

Megan strolled into the gym, with Cleet following after her.

“I must have me a piece of that fine giant ass,” he mumbled to himself casually pushing me out of the way, without even looking away from Megan. Already barely able to stand, I lost balance and fell down on the floor.

“God damn kid, you’re pathetic,” Cleet said turning to look at me. “I don’t know and don’t care what you have done to find such a piece of ass, but after she sees this in action she won’t throw a second look at your skinny ass,” he said tensing his muscles, his massive form overshadowing my thin form on the floor. He really was a monster of a human, massive muscled huge body, the type you run away from when he want to give a friendly hug. He sneered and turned to follow Megan.


A massively hulking 8’4″ amazon with the face of an angel, wide hips swaying seductively on top of impossibly huge thighs. Her arms were almost as wide as an average person, and her breasts swaying defiantly over other people’s heads in a heavy authoritative way, thumb sized nipples distorting the fabric incapable of containing them. John’s own head was level with the bottom of those heavy breasts, his normally imposing 6’6″ figure dwarfed in height and width by this amazon. And then even smaller, my own tiny frame, looking from the side no one would be able to judge me an average height person next to these two. John’s shoulders were almost twice my own, his arms the size of my leg, but Megan’s arm was two inches shy of my entire waist, and her fully flexed thighs were probably wider than John’s large torso. Both of us had to do a slight jog to keep up with Megan’s legs when she rushed.

We were not a sight one could easily ignore, and the handful of people in the room didn’t even try to hide their staring. They were shocked; one of the attendants actually fell from the treadmill unable to tear his attention away. Even the girls fixed their attention to the sight. Megan’s exposed body was like driving a tank into city traffic, there was no way not to look at her, either in fear or admiration of the power she exuded.

John took us to a separate room with free-weights. The sound of weights dropping to the floor could be heard as some of the patrons lost concentration at the sight before them.

“There we are, we can use my own pre-built weights. We can start with arm curls,” John said ignoring the other men in the room.

“This is a 180-pound weight,” John said with a smile. “This is what you have to clear to compete with me, not many people in the world can lift this,” he continued smiling confidently, certain of his victory.

He curled the heavy thing about five times, with quite a bit effort on the last two, red in the face, beads of sweat breaking out. By the time he was done there was already 6 new people in the room trying to see what was going on. I was impressed; I would probably have trouble benching that.

“That weight is just a bit heavier than my Tiny, this will be just like lifting you, Joey,” Megan whispered and positioned herself near the weight. She fixed me with a seductive gaze and, with a deep sexy “ooohh,” brought the massive thing to her breast, very obviously faking effort. Repeating the process three more times breathing ever sexier and longer.

“Oh my this seems quite heavy, John. I don’t know if I can make it one more time,” she said, her index finger on her full plump lips, and her breasts squeezed between her massive arms. The sexual tension in the air could almost be cut with a knife. Everybody was awestruck at the power in the young amazon. A few more people came in, the ones already their hiding their crotches so as not to show their excitement.

She proceeded to lift the weight looking sıhhiye escort like a movie actor lifting a foam rock, feigning effort. Once finally done, she extended the weight holding it straight in the air at arm’s length for John to take it.

“Here you go, Mister,” she said to the stupefied owner. He just barely lifted that weight five times and she was holding it with her outstretched arm.

“Let’s go to the bench then; no more playing.” John strode off angrily clearly embarrassed by being so overpowered by Megan.

Megan leaned over and planted a large wet kiss on me, one massive hand closing around my head. She was now already so big that she unintentionally lifted me a few inches of the floor every time she kissed me like that; my weight seemed almost unnoticeable to her. And she also gave the onlookers a stunning sight as she had to lean almost 90 degrees to kiss me, displaying 4 feet of leg perfection and a massive perfectly rounded ass.

“I’m starting to get very horny little man, better not try to run away when I’m not looking,” she whispered sending a shiver and goosebumps along the expanse of her skin.

Meanwhile John assembled the weight, putting 250 pounds on each side of the bar.

“John,” Megan said after looking at the weight, “are you sure you aren’t going easy on me because I am a girl. I know a big manlike yourself can lift much more than that.” Her tone was deep and seductive. “How about we put on some more plates…”she said holding two 50- pound plates out to him. He looked at her in shock.

“OK… sure… yeah. Why the fuck not.” He shot me a poisonous look and positioned himself under the weight. Megan positioned herself to assist him. She had to get down on her knees to reach the bar properly.

John’s effort was truly heroic; he managed to lift the 600-pound weight once, then Megan had to help him.

“Oohhh, such a shame. I hope I don’t get hurt trying to lift that massive, heavy weight. I don’t even know if I have any chance to lift that compared to such a big man like yourself,” she teased John, squeezing his arm to emphasize the muscle. He winced in pain.

The bench disappeared completely under Megan’s immense body, and she barely fit under the weight. For a second I thought it might actually be a problem for her. But her arms shot the weight into the air with ease, and then as if she forgot that it was heavy, she continued faking. She was like an actor with a foam rock, but her foam rock weighed 600 pounds.

The sexy moans continued with more intensity. On the second repeat she let the bar sink into her heavy breasts and shot a sexy look at me. Licking her lips she let the bar slide over her now very erect nipples moaning loudly. I could see some of the bystanders running off to the bathroom, and the others rubbing at their sexual organs completely lost in lust at this young amazon.

“Oooohh… this bar is very large and heavy,” she said. “I cannot… mmpphh… oohh,” she moaned biting her lower lip, “lift it. Can you help me John?” John rushed to help her, his face turning red from the effort. Megan let him pull a few seconds in mock efforts to lift, and then pushed up forcefully pushing the poor man onto his back.

“Oh, you really are too strong,” Megan said racking the weight. “You have been going easy on me. How about we still try the squat, but this time I build the weight so you don’t go easy on me.”

As Megan kept piling plate after plate of weight onto a bar, John and all the others were watching in silent awe. There was now a small crowd around us. With 700 pounds on each side of the bar, Megan had exhausted the available weights.

“Don’t you have any more plates… well OK, guess we’ll have to do with what we have.” Nobody could reply; even John was stupefied.

“Should I start or do you want to go first, John. Maybe I can be first and then if I fail, we will know you can win because there is just no way a big strong man like yourself cannot lift this.”

Positioning her large shoulders under the weight, she had to start in a crouch because she was way to tall for the standard supports. She lifted the thing a few inches and then stopped. Her mighty thighs bunching up, massive muscles outlining themselves in the barrels sized leg. The weight bar reached the top of the support but that wasn’t stopping Megan. Her face turned red, thighs grew to their massive 50″ size, tearing sounds could be heard from her pants. Megan let out a loud roar and bent the weight bar, her pants shredding to give way, and tearing the weight support from the floor lifting the entire mass and not stopping until she reached her full height.

With another deafening growl she raised the weight extending her arms upwards, her bra tore apart releasing her breasts. The white t-shirt was surprisingly still holding out, although stretched to near transparency, and her nipples were now proudly standing out in their full size. The sight of the 8’10” sex goddess with torn clothes holding over half a ton of steel above her head caused a silent shudder to run through the crowd as all the men and women watching had a simultaneous orgasm at the sight before them. Most of the onlookers fell unconscious from the overload. Every pulse of her massive body caused a shudder in the audience; she was like an ancient goddess amongst puny commoners.

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