Meeting Lily Ch. 02Meeting Lily Ch. 02

Charlotte Vale

Let me give you a quick introduction. I am Peggy, a 41 year old, no kids, single (widow for 8 years), and a very active bi sexual female. I am petite at 5’1″ and 104 pounds. I have long black hair, brown eyes, physically fit and appealing body, tanned and shaved. I am blessed with good genes and the resources to have the best dermatologist and plastic surgeon. I am constantly mistaken for someone in there mid 20’s and I love it. I love getting asked for ID when I buy alcohol and the clerk always ends up doing a double take.

A few more things to fill-in my background before I tell you about yesterday. I am very outgoing, flirt constantly and have had many wonderful lovers and some that were very generous. I have held mostly professional positions since a rough beginning but that is a story for another time. For the last 7 years I have been a drug rep for a major pharmaceutical company. I love it and I am very, very successful. – ok enough about my background.


This is the sequel to “Meeting Lily”.


My newest friend Lily, a petite Asian 30something hottie that I met while shopping at Sam’s in the first story – “Meeting Lily.” Well, Lily is coming over at 7 pm to hopefully continue from where we left off. I straighten up the house some, push some boxes into the corners and take a quick shower. Wrapped in a towel, I partly dry my hair and touch up my make-up.

I stand in front of the mirror and remove my towel. Not bad for 41, hell not bad for 25 I think as I apply moisturizer from head to toe. As I run my hands over my body I fantasize that my hands are Lily’s hands. I hope she caresses me like I am now. I play sensually at first but then I get rougher, mashing my breasts and pulling on my nipples. All this heightens my arousal. I lie back on my bed and begin to masturbate not to orgasm but just enough to bring me to the edge. I repeat this process two or three times. Each time I am flirting with a full blown moaning and shaking orgasm but I stop. Finally, I rise from the bed, look one more time at the mirror and then dab some perfume.

It is just minutes until Lily arrives. I walk through my home, turning on the CD player and my favorite jazz CD fills the quiet. I pour a little bit wine into my crystal wine glass and take a short sip. Very nice, I am sure Lily will like it. I walked through out my home lighting every candle, almost 30 alone in my bedroom.

Now at my home, I am usually nude or wearing a silk robe and always in heels. I have a big time case of the taller high heel fetish. All my heels are 4″ and higher and I wear them everyday. To this end, when I first looked at buying this house I knew I would have to make the same changes to it as I did to my last home. So I arranged for a carpenter to come the day after I moved in and create a new doorway from my walk in closet into the bedroom next to the master.

After he finished with that, he placed the custom oak shelving units I moved from my other home. He asked some questions but when I showed him all the boxes of shoes and clothing he just chuckled. I spent the majority of Sunday and part of Monday putting everything in its proper location.

I had already decided what to wear, hoping I wasn’t overstepping any boundaries. I slipped into a pretty pink pair of platform mules with a 5″ stiletto heel. I admired how I looked in the 3 floor length mirrors. Next I picked out a short pink silk robe with embroidered tiny red roses on all the borders. I love how silk feels on me. The door bell rings – she’s here!

I hurried to the door and checked to make sure it is her. I threw open the door and greeted her with a friendly “glad you could make it, come in!” She rocked back on her heels. I looked down and realized she was staring at my şirinevler escort open robe. It covered my breasts but in my hurry to greet her I forgot to tie the front. The pussy she was probing just hours ago was naked before her. We giggled and I made no attempt to cover up.

She looked stunning. She wore a very tight red leather mini skirt, open black silk blouse, and 6″ black patent leather pumps. I was very impressed and told her so. Lily brushed against me as she entered and we fell into a steamy embrace as I managed to kick the door closed.

Hands were everywhere, hers to my breasts and pussy, mine to her bullet hard nipples. It was my house but she took the lead. We moved to the couch, Lily gently pushed my shoulders down and I immediately went to my knees. She told me how much I pleased her and how she had been dreaming of my tongue on her lips. I eagerly unzipped her skirt and it fell to the floor. Not surprising, she was not wearing any panties. I quickly began to lick her as she stood before me. Her hands were gently running through my hair as I feverishly sucked and licked her pussy.

She tried in vain to get me to slow down but as I could hear her breathing get more erratic I couldn’t be stopped. Soon she was moaning and began to have one of the most powerful climaxes that buckled her knees and flooded my face with juices. Lily collapsed backwards onto the couch. I sat back on my heels momentarily. Lily’s breathing started to become more normal. I smiled and then once again buried my face in her pussy.

This time I concentrated on sucking her lovely lips and teasing her clit. At first she begged me to stop but quickly her words changed from “no stop” to “don’t stop.” I also noticed another changes in the words she used. Lily began calling me her pet or her slut and used mistress when referring to herself. “Oh my pet you lick and suck your mistresses pussy so well.” This hit a hot button of mine and the more she called me her pet or her slut. I was frantic in attempt to further please her. My tongue darting in and out, up and down as I felt her hand on the back of my head as to push me deeper into her. I was relentless with my mouth and tongue and Lily was talking more and more about how good her pet was and how much she needed a hot slut like me to satisfy her. I felt her legs clamp down on each side of my head as she began bucking up and down and then wailed in throes of a long orgasm that I thought all my neighbors would hear.

Once again, I sat back on my heels, now awaiting my mistress’ next command. It didn’t take long before she was taking to me again. Her kind words made me glow with pride. She asked me to bring over the open bottle of wine and the two crystal glasses. Lily poured some wine in each glass and then handed me one. She toasted to our new relationship and then after a sip, commanded me to remove my robe and stand before her.

With a shrug of my shoulders, my robe fell to the ground. Lily then ordered me to turn around slowly and to walk around the room. I was honored to display my body for her and tried to hide my excitement. After allowing me another sip of wine, she had me stand before her and begin to masturbate – but I was not allowed to climax or there would be a harsh penalty.

I stood as instructed, my legs spread widely apart. I ran my fingers over my lips and toyed with my clit. As I was doing all this, my mistress was making lewd comments about my body and what a slut I must be to allow her to control me so easily. I could only nod and came frightfully close to going over the edge. My fingers were busy in my pussy heightening my arousal. Of course, Lily could not only see my fingers but she could her them as my wetness increased.

All of a sudden, I was commanded to stop. There I stood escort istanbul before her, a 41 year old successful business executive, naked and totally aroused. Lily made a number of observations about my tits and how only a slut would turn 34b’s into 34DD’s. I told her that her slut had earned the right to have these tits and the size was chosen but a former master and mistress. I also told my eventual new mistress that I was extremely pleased with their choice and would do it again in a heartbeat.

“Oh you would,” Lily said with a mischievous grin.

“Yes mistress I would,” I replied.

“Kneel slut!” shot out from Lily and my knees hit the carpet.

“If you love those tits so much, let me see you play with them slut,” she instructed and did I ever. I started slowly cupping them and caressing them but I was moving much to slow for Lily, she told me not to make love to them but to get nasty like the slut you know you are. I launched into aggressively pinching and pulling on my extended nipples. As I did this I noticed Lily slowly caressing her own breasts with one hand as her other hand found her moist pussy.

I was getting hotter and hotter with all the rough treatment to my nipples and watching Lily’s reactions. I made sure she was looking directly at me and I simultaneously lowered my head and lifted my right cupped breast to my mouth and began to suck loudly. Lily’s eyes got larger and larger as she watched. Quickly as her arousal reached that familiar orgasmic state, her eyes narrowed but never left my breasts as I changed from one to another, smothering them with kisses and tugging on my nipples. Once again she got louder and louder and then crashed through a long wave of orgasmic pleasure.

I watched her silently as she lay back and tried to recover. After a few minutes she looked at me and said, “What?”

I asked if I might ask a question and she quickly said yes. I asked, “Was hubby excited when you told him about our shopping adventure today?”

Lily replies, “YES he was! So much so that I after he saw what I was going to wear, he ushered me from the kitchen to our bedroom and I think he might have raped me if I hadn’t hiked up my skirt and spread my legs as I laid down. He took me so hard and fast, it was our quickest quickie of all time.”

“Why do you ask?”

“Well, Mistress, I noticed there was something extra as I first started to suck and lick you.”

“I thought I cleaned up thoroughly but I guess not,” she laughed. I laughed with her.

Lily stood and held out her hand for me. I stood next to her and we embraced. While her desires may have been initially satiated, my body was still in a very aroused state and feeling her naked body against mine just fueled my passion.

With refilled wine glasses, I led Lily on a quick tour of my home. When we reached the bedroom and she saw the master bedroom with my king size 4 poster bed and all the burning candles. She commented on my flair for decorating and how wonderful this room looked. Again, I glowed from her comments.

As we moved closer to the bed, Lily had me lay face up on bed. Then she asked me where my toys were. I pointed to the bottom drawer of a large dresser. With most people, I would never let them see my collection until we were much further in a relationship. Mistress opened the drawer and gasped.

“My, my you are a kinky hot bitch, aren’t you?” as she sat on the bed. I knelt at the side and placed her legs over my shoulders. I could feel her heels on my back as I moved forward to take my turn at pleasuring her. As I began to lick her with long slow movements, I stopped and she asked if anything was wrong.

I smile and without answering I return to giving her a long slow licking. I hear her breath a sigh of relief. I teased her so, as quick as she halkalı escort was with me and her hubby with her, I was just he opposite. Occasionally I flicked my tongue across her clit as she purred. Soon she was begging me to stop teasing and start pleasing. I continued to tease her and threatened to tie her up. At that she moaned loudly and grabbed my head and forcefully held it so my face was buried in her pussy. My tongue darted in and out and all around and within minutes she was mumbling and then I felt her thighs clamping around my head. I continued sucking and licking her body was ripped with a rapid series of orgasms. I felt her squirting as she came and I continued to suck all her juices.

When I finished, I laid down next to her and we stared up at the ceiling fan. Lily was the first to speak as she squeezed my hand, “This day has been amazing.” I returned her squeeze and told her I couldn’t agree more.

After a few minutes I asked if she would like to see my house and have some wine. I offered her a robe, but she declined. I loved that she was as comfortable being nude as I was. When she saw I was still wearing my heels, she slipped hers on too.

I gave her the tour, I talked about ideas I had for decorating each room and Lily offered some very valuable insight on where to find some of the materials I needed. We talked like old school friends.

Finally we were outside by my pool. Both of us very naked and the sun was about to set. We finished the wine in our glasses as we sat at the edge of the pool enjoying the sunset.

I turned to say something about how happy I was to have met her but before I could; she kissed me. It was a very long soft kiss the curled my toes. The passion between us was more than just the heat of a new partner. Possibly this was going to be more, hopefully much more.

After more kissing and fondling, I turned on the lights in the pool and we swam and played together. Lilly and I seem to connect on so many levels. We giggled, splashed, hugged, kissed and fondled each other over and over again.

We finally got out and made our way to my bathroom. There we showered together and as we soaped each others bodies the excitement between us built even higher, Twice, Lily brought me to the edge of orgasm only to back off. My body was tingling with excitement.

We toweled off and moved the bed. Lily opened my toy drawer and immediately reached in a pulled out a strap on with a large black cock attached to it. She began to be forceful again and told me I must be a very bad girl to have such a toy. I could only agree as she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it up against the fake cock.

I heard her say, “Suck it slut!”

Like a crazed whore, I licked it and sucked and sucked, taking more and more with each attempt. I could see Lily’s eyes widen as I displayed my deep throat abilities. With the cock slick from my sucking, Lily pushed me back and told me to lie down. Then she knelt between my legs and teasingly brushed the end of the penis up and down my lips. Slowly at first she entered me, I felt that familiar stretching feeling and then all of a sudden she thrust the entire length into me. I screamed with shock and a vicious orgasm ripped through me.

My body was spasming as she fucked me harder and harder. All the time she was telling me about how she owned me from now on. I was her slut to be used as she so desired. It was all I could do was say, “YES, YES, YES” as wave after wave of orgasms tore through me.

The next thing I recalled was opening my eyes and seeing Lily wearing her red mini and black blouse. She kissed me lovingly on my lips and said that I had her worried for a few minutes. She told me I passed out and it was about 10 minutes until my body finally relaxed. I couldn’t speak. I tried to form words but it seemed impossible. I wanted to thank her for the best sex of my life but there were no words, just tears, tears of joy.

Lily kissed me once again and said she would call me in the morning. She got up, turned off the lights and left. Within moments, I drifted off into a deep and restful sleep.

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