Meet Your HeroesMeet Your Heroes


This was best day of her life. Graduating high school? Pitiful. That Christmas when her parents got a puppy? Total crap by comparison. When she eventually had own children wouldn’t compare, after all, very few people got to flash their ID, go past the totally stacked bouncers and into the green room for literal goddesses made flesh. Kairi gulped as she knocked and the door opened in a slow, dramatic reveal of all that she ever wanted.

Sat around the room at their personal stations were wrestlers. Many were newer to the scene, not much older than her, but some had been in the public eye for most of her puberty. Naturally, her eye landed on the reflection of pure beauty, Yumi Takahashi. She transferred from Japan’s wrestling scene and made a big splash for her femininity, easily the most spectacular of the six that took the wrestling scene by storm. No matter how captivating a sight she was, the others warranted just as much attention.

But Kairi couldn’t tear her eyes away as Yumi stood and faced her. This wasn’t the first time she saw her, having cheered from the crowd and at home dozens of times, however just seeing her in person stole Kairi’s voice. All she could do was gawk as the wrestler sauntered over.

“You must be Kairi,” Yumi said and extended her hand. Not a complete fool, Kairi shook it with too much vigour.

“Y-yes! Ma’am! Uh, hi…”

Yumi chuckled, “Relax, you’re in good company. Familiar ones by the looks of it.” She glanced pointedly at Kairi’s crotch, which shared a far less impactful bulge compared to the rest. Pretty much everyone there was busty, however in a futanari society, crotch bulges took precedence. And everyone but Kairi was packing heat. Even one of the smallest wrestlers, Ami, who just waved at her through the mirror, looked as big as her erection. While flaccid.

“Hey there,” Oboro appeared beside Yumi and extended a hand, “I saw you in the crowd.”

“You did?” Kairi panicked for a second as her legs shook. While Yumi was the most famous, she wasn’t exactly her type. Oboro, however, was perfect. Green hair, cropped short and spiky, and stunning muscles all across her frame, especially her thighs, which framed a gorgeous bulge in her shorts. All the wrestlers were in their gear, having just finished a match, and left little to Kairi’s imagination.

“Oh, is that the winner?” Lavandra asked from the other side. Of all six, she was second only to Yumi, though her Western style gathered plenty of fans. She flipped her extravagant, lavender hair and smiled down at the lucky VIP. Her and Yumi stood far above the rest, enough that Kairi had to tilt her head back to look them in the eye.

“Yeah, I can’t believe I did. So, uh, we’ve got the day together, right?” Kairi struggled to keep her voice steady, but she thought it was a decent job. At least she didn’t stutter. Beside, her cock was behaving itself.

“We do indeed. Ladies,” Yumi said, garnering the attention of the other three. Those were Ami, Green Viper and Flash. While not nearly as popular as the trio directly before her, Kairi would’ve been more than happy if she only got the day with them, “We are Kairi’s special escort for the next twenty-four hours. Make sure she has a good time, got it, Viper?”

Viper, which was her genuine last name, snarled, but nodded. In the ring, she was ferocious and often let out a guttural roar when she performed a move. While lessened, she still gave off a dangerous air, like an actual viper, even in the calmer setting. She went to look at Flash, only to find her seat empty. Before she could look around, someone tapped her shoulder from behind. When she checked, there was no one there. Frowning, she turned back around only to have the shortest of the bunch smirking up at her.

“Name’s Flash, nice to meet ya.”

“Wow, you’re just as fast as in the ring,” Kairi marvelled.

“Gotta use my height somehow,” Flash said. She wore a modified runner’s uniform, with much tighter shorts to show off her package. For someone of her size, it was incredible. These people really were in a different plane to Kairi. A shudder ran up her spine as she realised that she would be spending the day with them.

“So, where first?” Yumi asked once they were dressed for the public, though some didn’t really change much, “Want to look around the arena?”

“Uh, no, sorry. I’ve gotten plenty of tours before. How about the theme park, they just got this killer new ride I wanna try out,” Kairi said.

“It’s ready?” Oboro strode to the front, “I’ve been wanting to try it for ages. Let’s fucking do this!”

Going out with six ridiculously hot wrestlers was bound to attract attention. People stopped and turned, even people that didn’t know why the group was famous gawked, mostly for the muscles Oboro and Lavandra displayed. The others were less conspicuous, except Yumi, whose otherwise simple blouse became something extraordinary on her physique. Fans swarmed them after a while, but they were turned away. This almanbahis adres was Kairi’s day after all.

As a warm up for the new roller coaster, they crowded onto a pretty tame one. Flash couldn’t ride due to her height, but cheered them on all the same. To Kairi’s surprise, Lavandra and Yumi were all but spent afterwards, legs shaking and forced to use one another for support.

“Was that your first coaster?” Kairi asked after getting them some churros in case they went into shock.

“Yes, and my last,” Lavandra groaned.

“I can do another,” Yumi said, though her legs still quivered.

“Don’t worry about it,” Kairi said, “Last thing I want is you guys throwing up. We can do something else.”

“No! This is your day and we are going on the roller coasters like you want,” Yumi decreed and marched toward the Behemoth, operational as of two days ago. It wasn’t for the faint of heart, with enough twists and turns, pauses and drops to test even an astronaut.

“This is gonna end well,” Oboro snickered as they followed.

“Oh dear god no,” Yumi intoned upon seeing the ride up close. Beside her, Lavandra kept quiet, however her legs quivered harder with every step forward in the line. Screams dominated the area, louder even than the surrounding rides. People got off and staggered about, some face planted into the ground, and others snatched brown bags from a nearby stand.

“Maybe we should try something else…” Kairi offered as they approached the front, but was pushed forward.

“Come on, come on. Let’s do this thing,” Viper said, grinning cruelly at the frightened pair, “Don’t be a pussy.” Lavandra huffed and steeled her legs, though her face turned white as she entered the compartment. Yumi was close behind, no less ghostly. The others climbed in without theatrics, though Flash just giggled the entire time and snapped pics of the most beautiful pair’s faces. Kairi and Oboro were side by side.

It was comforting. Kairi had plenty of experience with coasters, but this was a true monster, one that seasoned veterans rode with caution. Feeling the powerful futa beside her, muscles firm yet supple to the touch, kept her own knees from quaking. The bars locked in and they ascended, dozens of feet, then tilted over to look down at the ant-like people strolling around. She looked behind her at Lavandra and Yumi, who embraced each other and seemed to whisper prayers. Kairi chuckled, then screamed as they dropped.

“Never again!” Yumi declared, “I’m sorry, but fuck roller coasters.”

“Thought my heart was going to shoot out my ass,” Lavandra agreed.

“Aw, come on, wasn’t so bad,” Flash said, “From where I stood anyway.”

“That was great!” Oboro said and clapped a hand on Kairi’s shoulder, “You’ve got good taste kid.”


Of course, there were many more rides to enjoy. A genuine haunted house forced Kairi to cling to Oboro, who strode through without hesitation, ever confident in her strength. The others were similarly unfazed, except Ami, who hid behind the much taller Yumi throughout. Games were available too, where Kairi noticed Viper eyeing a massive, fluffy monkey. Why, she could not fathom, but this was supposed to be fun. Rolling her proverbial sleeves, Kairi stepped up. It was a simple point and shoot.

She had plenty of experience with that. Years of practice in her bedroom came in handy as she took down each target in turn, then ruined her moment by trying a gun twirl. The plastic weapon tumbled from her grasp and almost took her with it as she fumbled to catch. Oboro was there, of course, and supported her footing. She still won and handed the coveted monkey to Green Viper. For perhaps the second time since meeting her, the wrestler smiled.

Daylight soon burned away to an warm glow across the sky. Stomachs growled, demanding sustenance, though the athletes’ were far louder than Kairi’s. She had just the place in mind.

Half an hour’s drive from the park was a wonderful ramen bar. They made the perfect meal for her company, filling and nourishing in equal measures, with a good helping of decadence noticeable at first whiff. Kairi made the orders and invited the others to join her. All seven sat at the bar, slurping noodles with voracious appetites, and cooing at the delectable flavours.

“That was great,” Yumi sighed after gulping down the leftover stock, “Never thought I’d find good ramen overseas.”

“How’d you know what we liked?” Oboro asked.

“I might be just a tad obsessed,” Kairi said, which didn’t satisfy any wrestler, “I watched every interview you guys had, like ten times yesterday.”

“You’re crazy,” Lavandra said.

“Admirable, more like,” Yumi countered.

“Did you even sleep?” Oboro inquired, studying her closely, not even bothered with finishing the last of her bowl.

“I mean, yeah, only two hours, but it counts.”

Oboro tutted at her, “No good. You gotta sleep properly. That’s why you’re so small.”

“I’m almanbahis adresi taller than, ooh… Is that the secret to a big dick?” Kairi asked.

“Maybe. There’s probably other factors too, like a good diet, exercises, so on.”

“Yeah, right. My dad’s not exactly big either. I’ll probably get another inch and that’s it,” Kairi sighed, then yawned. The sun had finished setting, lanterns the only light at the bar, while street lights sparked to life along the road, “Guess I should probably let you guys get some sleep then. In case any of you shrink because of me.”

“Hold on,” Oboro grabbed her forearm, fingers large enough to make it seem frail. Kairi wasn’t built like the wrestlers, though she still took care of herself and worked out frequently, even did wrestling in high school, but she really was puny in the face of these women. Her cock twitched against her leg. What she wouldn’t give to have a night with any of them, “You wanna see how we relax after a big match?”

“I mean, you shower and go home, right?”

All six athletes smirked and said, “Not exactly.”

They crowded into the car provided for just that day and drove off. In the interim, Kairi guessed at every possibility, though no one gave her a concrete response, only telling her to ‘wait and see’. For that reason, she was anxious when they pulled into the otherwise empty parking lot of a gym.

“So, you guys just workout? Cool, I guess.”

“It’s a special kind,” Yumi said.

“Okay, I feel like I’m missing something obvious.”

“You’ll get it, eventually,” Oboro said and led her to the building, swiped a card to let them in, then they ascended a couple flights of stairs to enter a surprising room. Not a single piece of workout equipment was in sight. Instead, she saw only a pair of deluxe couches that would’ve cost more than her rent, with a chest of drawers between them. Another door was ajar and led into what looked like a bathroom.

“This is where you guys relax?” Kairi asked, still unsure.

“What do you want to do for a living?” Yumi inquired, guiding her to a couch. The others remained on feet and stretched profusely, often pushing their crotches out and pronouncing their respective bulges. Oboro was biggest, of course, but she couldn’t refuse the allure of everyone else’s.

“Holy shit, are you guys gonna train me or something?!” Kairi jumped to her feet and kept bouncing in place, “Because, like, that’d be awesome. I wanna wrestle too, but my school’s not exactly big on it. Or my parents really. So I just look things up and learn what I can. Fuck, this is so cool. Wait ’til Jess hears about this, she’ll go fucking ape shit.”

“You could call it that,” Oboro said and finished her warm up. Though it looked simple, she and the others all had a slight sheen of sweat, granted the room was warm. Oboro pulled at her shirt, revealing her abs inch by inch, “Tell me, Kairi; are you a virgin?”

It finally clicked. The avid wrestling fan gulped as Oboro cupped her chin and forced her back onto the couch, then straddled her. She looked around and saw the others slowly remove their clothes, but her gaze was yanked back to the spiky-haired athlete on her lap. Soft a moment ago, her prick surged to erection in her pants and pressed into Oboro.

“To tell you the truth, I was planning to just fuck whoever won. That’s what we all expected they’d want, just to say they had the experience. Didn’t think you’d take us all on a date and buy us dinner. So,” she leaned in until her breath was on Kairi’s lips, “How about it? A once in a lifetime gangbang all for you?”

“Yes! But, uh, I’m… I mean, I’ve had sex, but only with one person, so…”

“Don’t worry. I know you’ll get the hang of it quickly. First, we need to prepare and get you properly worked up,” Oboro mashed their lips together, tongue barging in without hesitation, “We’re in control here, but if it’s ever too much, just yell ‘check’ and we’ll slow down, got it?”

“Uh huh,” Kairi nodded. Just one kiss and her lips felt numb, like they refused to fell anything after that. But they soon would, as she was pulled from the couch and made to kneel. Oboro stripped off as the others all gathered around, cocks semi-hard and staring Kairi in the face. Scents gathered and saturated her sinuses, mixtures of body wash, sweat and the naturally heady musk of big dicks.

“Who first?” Kairi asked, not sure where to begin with such a banquet. Instantly, her face was turned and she was met with Lavandra’s foot-long dick.

“You know how to suck cock?” Lavandra asked.

“Yes,” Kairi breathed and did as was expected of her. She cradled the huge member, too fat for her fingers to wrap around, and went for the base. It laid against her face as she pushed her tongue out, and extended well beyond her forehead. She flattened her wet muscle and dragged it up the underbelly, savouring that slight salty flavour of a cock.

“Not like that,” Yumi said, then a different pair of almanbahis adresi hands were on her head, “This is just the foreplay, dear. If you take your time with us all, then we’ll be here until morning. Besides,” the hands tightened, “We like a rougher approach.”

With that, Kairi’s open mouth was speared on several inches of the fattest cock she’d sucked. It shoved against the opening of her throat, but was denied, that didn’t stop Lavandra moaning her approval, or Kairi from retching. Saliva dribbled from her lips and clung onto the shaft as she pulled back.

“Again,” Lavandra groaned and took hold of her head, this time thrusting into her. Kairi sucked in a sharp breath just before and gagged again, but she was better prepared this time and moved her tongue. The wrestler slid back and forth, coating her prick in spit, then fed it into her. Slower this time, offering Kairi a chance to relax. She did. It was important to know how, and she’d long since mastered it.

Even so, her training only went so far. As eight inches disappeared down her gullet, she choked. Lavandra pulled all the way out, fat, sloppy ropes of her drool connected them, then handed her off to another. It was Flash, mercifully smaller than her co-worker. Kairi actively sucked on it, bobbing her head on little over half the cock, however that wasn’t enough for the petite wrestler. A grunt was all her warning as nine-inches invaded her throat. Thanks to Flash’s thinner girth, she took it all, though it still tested her self-control. Not that it was over.

Flash, like her name and brand implied, was quick. She jerked back until just her head was inside, then jammed it all back in, repeating just as swiftly until she well and truly fucked Kairi’s face. All she could do was kneel and take it, while making obscene noises throughout. It only last a few minutes, before she was handed off.

It was Ami’s turn. She was gentler than the rest and merely urged Kairi to speed up as she sucked on her ten-inch mast. The leftover spittle from Flash helped to cover the shaft from base to tip. Amy smiled a thank you, then moved her along to Viper. On either side of the butch futa was Yumi and Oboro.

“Stroke ’em,” Viper said. Kairi nodded and grabbed the side members. Even if they weren’t stunning in every other sense, just their cocks alone would be reason enough for their success. Oboro’s especially had her mouth watering as she touched every fat vein and explored fourteen whole inches of pussy-breaking meat. Shorter, but wider, Yumi had a similar effect. She couldn’t believe she’d get fucked by these celebrity cocks.

Only if she finished getting everyone ready that is. A blunt, spongy object shoved into her cheek, causing her to look dead ahead at Viper, who slammed her down. Only a few inches entered at first.

“Where you looking, slut? I’m not nearly as nice as the others, so you better take a breath while you can.”

Kairi sucked in what air she could around the cock throbbing on her tongue. Once she did, Viper let loose. That animal ferocity she showed in the ring came out in force, her face twisted into her trademark glare/sneer combo, while her crotch ingrained its scent into Kairi as she choked and slobbered and sucked on each thrust. Her hands forgot to stroke at times, but Yumi and Oboro were quick to remind her. Before long, she was a gagging mess and still stroking all the time.

“Tag out!” Viper snapped, then yanked her glossy dick away, only for it to be replaced by Yumi’s a second later. Her empty hand was filled with the slime-covered shaft she just serviced. Using the lube she provided, Kairi’s hand glided along it as she struggled with a shorter, but fatter prick. Yumi was gentler, like Ami, but insistent. When Kairi gagged on her, she still pushed, until the spit was directly on her balls. Wanting to prove herself to possibly the most famous futa in the room, Kairi forced her tongue out and lapped at the balls resting against her chin.

The responding moans were all the praise she needed to work harder. Even as Yumi pressed their bodies together, held her cock in place such that Kairi couldn’t breathe, she maintained her devotion. That is, until Yumi pulled out and let her cough up the backed up spit. Oboro took her place.

“Take it all, prove to me what a cock slut you are,” Oboro ordered. Not intending anything else, Kairi opened wide and took the head in. Of the six cocks she just throated, this was the most challenging. While she wasn’t the tallest of the stars, Oboro more than compensated down below. Thicker even than Yumi and longer than Viper, she was the greatest challenge of the night.

Kairi steeled her resolve and took a deep breath with it poised at her gullet. She, then, shoved down. It entered her throat, stretched her so tight she could feel it bulging through her neck, and pressed downward into her oesophagus. Unlike the others, this cock had a dangerous taste to it. Not poisonous, but addictive. Maybe it was her adoration of Oboro, however Kairi didn’t have time to ponder it further as she pushed beyond the halfway mark. At just eleven inches in, she met her limit.

With an obscenely lewd gag, she retreated. Oboro held her cock, just below Kairi’s record, and shook her head.

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