Medical Trials into Arousal Ch. 01Medical Trials into Arousal Ch. 01


“The medical trials you have signed up for start in two weeks time. When they start you will be given stimulants, which we are trialing to help females who have trouble having orgasms. Today we want to do two things. Firstly, we want to test your base levels. How easily do you get excited, how easy do you reach orgasm and how many orgasms can you experience if continually stimulated for a long period. You can pull out of the trial at any time, but will not be paid if you do not see it through. Are you ready to start?”

Anne had been shocked when she had met the researcher. He was so young, some 7 years younger than her. She knew because she had taught Frank at school 5 years ago. She remembered fondly catching him trying to look up her skirt.

“Yes I am ready, but have one question. How will I be, eh, stimulated?”

“Oh sorry I am just about to explain that. Don’t worry I will only touch your body to apply the equipment which will arouse you and the equipment which will monitor your levels of sexual excitement. Stimulation will be applied to your breasts, nipples, clitoris, labia, g spot, anus and deep in you bowels. The monitoring equipment enables us to see what simulation you most enjoy and tailor it to get best results.”

“That sounds very scientific, but I could tell you what will work and what will not.”

“You would be amazed at how many of our volunteers are shocked by what they learn about themselves during these trials. Let me ask you about how easily you are aroused, how easily you orgasm and whether you have experienced multiple orgasms.”

“I get aroused quite easily but fail to orgasm about half of the times I have sex with a partner. I am not multi-orgasmic as I get very sensitive after an orgasm, but lose my actual arousal.”

“Thank you, that is all fine. I am now going to set all the equipment up. I will put a screen across so that you cannot see what I am doing. The equipment does nothing to created a relaxed or stimulating environment. I will apply loads of lubricant to the equipment that penetrates your vagina and your anus but do say if I cause any pain.”

During the next ten minutes Anne felt Frank attach things and insert things onto and into every part of her body. Nothing was painful and some things were mildly arousing.

“This session will last 75 minutes and you are likely to orgasm a number of times. We are mainly gaining information about your sexual stimulation preferences but I will be particularly interested in how long it takes to bring you to your first orgasm and how many we manage to bring you to.”

Anne was very aware of some of the subtle use of words in what he just said. It seemed that Frank was making this a personal as well as a scientific trial. She dismissed this thought but for some reason wanted to take a little control back from Frank.

“I can tell you some of the answers before you turn any of your equipment on. It will take a long time before any machine brings me to orgasm and it is vey unlikely to make me cum a second time. Anyway shall we get on with it?’

“Yes Miss Broadbent, oh sorry Anne we can start now. Just lay back it should be enjoyable if you let it.”

For the first ten minutes stimulation was applied to each area that Frank Ankara escort had detailed, one at a time. Anne was fascinated to feel each distinct area stimulated. Each was a completely type of stimulation. Nothing surprised her until it felt like her anus was being licked repeatedly. This was more relaxing than it was stimulating.

As the first penetration started she felt very little until the probe that had entered her bottom reached deep into her bowels. Something was switched on at this stage. It felt like her vibrator had just been stuck a foot up her arse. She did not, so much, hold her breath at this simulation as have it sucked from her lungs. Nothing had been up there, more than a finger or thumbs depth before but it shook her to the core. Anne realized she was holding her breath and had gone very quickly from relaxed to in danger of having an orgasm. For some reason she fought it with everything she had. She was delighted at beating it quickly. It was almost personal for her to not orgasm until she was ready.

The second penetration seemed to explore an area inside her vagina until it concentrated on a small specific area. It felt to Anne as if a finger was applying pressure and stroking it. While this was very stimulating it relaxed Anne until she felt almost sleepy.

“There, that has just tested your reaction to very low levels of each stimulation. Let’s just see the results. Nipples good particularly to the sensation of sucking. Their volume increased by an impressive two hundred percent.”

For some reason Anne felt a wave of pride wash over her before coughing slightly as if this action would dismiss the thought.

“Minimal change in the labia but nice progress with the clitoris. It has grown nicely but the hood looks very tight and will prevent direct stimulation to the clit. Do your partners usually ensure that the hood is fully retracted to give maximum pleasure?”

This hit Anne as much more personal than it needed to be. Was Frank being fully professional? Anne decided to ignore her suspicions as he carried on.

“They do just fine thank you.”

“Good vaginal response particularly to the g spot rubbing. How lovely, your anal reaction is off the scale. Fortunately, the system could sense your reaction and stop any unwanted accident. I will recalibrate things so that we can move on to combining the stimulation to bring you to your first orgasm.”

Frank smiled down at Anne. Anne felt it was in a knowing and sympathetic manner, or was it just excited? She was relieved when he busied himself around the room tidying up and writing some notes. The atmosphere had become intrusive which was unsettling when accompanied by her body being in a highly aroused state.

Her state of arousal was very soon to become greatly heightened. This time the stimulations were applied sometimes two sometimes three at the same time. She could not help but think that her lovers only occasionally managed to find two of her erogenous at any one time. She quickly cleared her head of any thought of her boyfriend. The stimulation was getting more urgent by the minute.

She didn’t understand why she was fighting having an orgasm, as that was an important part of the research. She was hanging Abidinpaşa escort in with an element of pride. Sod them she was going to fight all the way; this thought was interrupted as her g spot was hit for the first time in combination with her anus feeling an insistent licking action.

No she could do this. Think of something else, anything else. No not my boyfriend with a nine-inch cock. Not only would that not help stave off orgasm but his cock is less than six inches. Oh fuck, I am losing the battle. Thank god for that the only stimulation is now the licking of my bottom. I can manage that. Oh the nipples are back, that is bliss. No danger of orgasm now just teasing of two, no three very sensitive areas.

“There, how are you doing? We are nearly ready for the next stage.”

“I told you I would not orgasm easily didn’t I? Now you may believe I understand my own body.”

“Miss Broadbent you were not meant to orgasm yet. The fact is the programme nearly failed when your dramatic reaction surprised even the equipment. You really are anally receptive; I suspect a big cock up your bum does it for you every time.”

“How dare you. You are meant to be running a trial not speculating, wrongly, about my sex life.”

Frank didn’t answer, but realized he had let his feelings, for his ex-teacher, cloud his judgment. He acted quickly restarting the stimulation in an attempt to distract Anne from her attack. It worked a dream and she was soon incapable of any thought other than the turmoil her body was in. Only the bowel massage had got anywhere close to this. The various stimuli were now much stronger and used in tandem with the others.

“At this stage we normally ask our volunteers to refrain from orgasm for the next ten minutes while we turn up the stimulation. I think that would be pointless in your case, as I doubt you could manage two minutes. I will stay and observe as one of our volunteers found this stage too much and requested we stop immediately. You of course have this option Miss Broadbent.”

He seemed to move right over the struggling teacher as he studied her agonized face.

“You are fighting it so hard, I do hope you get the intense pleasure that most of our volunteers receive. Many have been so appreciative that they could not stop thanking me. I do love my work.”

It had not been 30 seconds since the resumption of the stimulation. Anne had no idea what stimulation was being applied. She was past any rational thought. She was beginning to wonder what will she had left when her bowels felt the vibration and she had no will left. She thought she had experienced whole body orgasms. This was different she did not feel it throughout her body it exploded in every corner of her existence. On and on it went pumping violently time and time again. She was begging for it to stop but desperate for the buzz that was more powerful than any drug she had tried. She was just getting a little feeling of getting composure back when she heard.

“That is good, your clit has really escaped the hood at last and we can give it the attention it deserves.”

She was now focused on only one thing. Her clit was being sucked and licked with an expertise no lover Akay escort of hers had ever displayed. This part of her orgasm, or was it the new orgasm, felt like wave after wave or pure pleasure. She understood this faze of arousal and rode it out as she had many times before.

“We will count that as one orgasm. Wouldn’t want to suggest you are multi-orgasmic would we?”

His cynical comment brought her sharply back to some form or reality. She was so embarrassed that her ex pupil had just witnessed her lose all control, all dignity. The humiliation had been total, she just wanted the ground to open and swallow her.

“Hope that orgasm was everything you have ever hoped for. I have never enjoyed watching one so much. We must however get on with the next stage.’

This had not occurred to Anne who could not imagine doing anything other than sleeping. She would not be able enjoy any sexual stimulation for days, would she? The answer was not long in coming as the stimulation started all over again.

“You are kidding me? Turn that equipment off now Frank Simmons before —“

“Before what Miss Broadbent, you are not in school now. I am in charge now. I suggest you give me the respect I deserve when you are here.”

It was half an hour later that Frank turned the equipment down.

“We have another 15 minutes left and I am meant to keep the session going until then. I am not sure how much more you can take. The system says you had nine more orgasms after the first dramatic one. I nearly had to stop things when the fifth nearly caused you to lose conscienceless. For your information you are one short of the record. Let’s get you out of all this equipment. We have all the data for the trials in two weeks time. Sorry I have to ask you to avoid orgasms before the trial starts.”

“I am one short of the record and I have another ten minutes. I want to try and beat the record without any of that equipment.”

At this she lay on her back at the edge of the bed. Her legs were wide apart and pulled back towards her chest. She played only with her erect and very swollen clit. It was unrecognizable to her being over an inch long and standing well clear of the hood. She treated it more like a small penis wanking it between finger and thumb. She had always been super competitive and was beginning to think she would fail miserably. This would be the final straw. Laying here in front of her ex pupil trying and failing to bring herself to orgasm.

“Did you learn nothing Frank Simmons? Make yourself useful. Get your dick out and fuck me as deep up the arse as you can reach.”

She didn’t even take any notice of his dick until it pushed hard into her. While the simulation she had received early was deep nothing large had been in her bum. This was different. As relaxed as she was, she was being stretched. He was never going to get as deep as the probe was he? It was well before his balls met her arse that the head was right where the probe had been. It dawned on Anne he must be huge.

“Now ask me very politely, Miss Broadbent, to fuck your arse until we both have an orgasm”

“Please Frank Simmons, please fuck your teacher up her bum.”

These words had the effect on both of them that was required. Frank Simmons fucked hard and Miss Broadbent masturbated her clit as if there was no tomorrow. It was over in less than two minutes with both exploding into their orgasms. She had at least broken the record.

“Will it be you who does the research with me in two weeks time? I would like that, please, Frank Simmons.”

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