Me, Myself, and Two GuysMe, Myself, and Two Guys


Sam and Ryan were both music majors at my university. We were all seniors and I had seen them at parties and they were friends with my roommates. I have a thing for musicians and we clicked right away. Sam and Ryan weren’t that close of friends with each other, mostly just classmates. I got to know each of them separately and they became my good friends. Sam was first to ask me to hang out. I was thrilled that he wanted to see me outside of the usual party scene and we made plans to spend time alone together in his dorm room.I was attracted to Sam because he was creative and intelligent. I liked Ryan because of his charm and free spirit. I told my roommate about my plan of trying to hook up with Sam and we giggled together imagining what may happen. She told me that the word around our friend group was that Sam had a huge cock. It wouldn’t be the first penis I’d ever seen, but I was intrigued by his rumored size.I hadn’t hooked up with anyone all semester and was getting antsy. My horny mindset may have clouded some judgement as I ended up with two guys that night. Little did I know then that these two experiences would be polar opposites.On the night of my “date”, my roommate helped me pick out the perfect sexy outfit. I wore my best black and nude lacy push-up bra, not that I needed any extra padding, my breasts were already a 32DD. I wore matching black sheer panties, a low-cut purple sweater and tight navy jeans that hugged my ass and showcased my curves. I felt confident, but gulped a glass of wine just for insurance, in case my nerves served as a cock block. Some liquid courage helped me feel prepared.We both lived on campus and it was a quick walk to his dorm. Once I got there, Sam opened the door and was excited to show me kaçak iddaa his room. It was small, just a bed, a flat-screen tv, and some musical instruments. I knew he was a good musician, I hoped he would be good with his tongue in other ways too.“So…what do you wanna do?” Sam asked nonchalantly, after giving me a thirty-second tour of his tiny place.“Hmm, whatever you want,” I tried to play it cool.“We could watch a movie?” he offered.“Sounds good to me!”We moved to the bed and didn’t waste any time. He basically had my shirt off before the opening credits. Looking back, I wonder if I should’ve waited, it was only a first date, but you only live once, right?Besides, Sam was pretty cute. Cleanly shaven with perfectly gelled hair and dressed in a button-down shirt and neatly pressed khakis. He looked like a proper gentleman. Although I would find out he was everything but. He had a decent body, but it was his hands that really turned me on. Large hands reached out to grab my ass and pull me into him. His green eyes seemed to soak in my body, staring so intently as if to burn my nakedness into his memory. Sounds intense; I found it erotic. At least at first.Then Sam took my bra off, freeing my tits, and began massaging my nipples. I unbuttoned his pants, where his nine-inch hard dick slithered out. I was relieved the rumors did not disappoint.I wasn’t all that sexually experienced yet, but I mustered some faux confidence and took his cock in my hand to stroke him. We were facing each other and he leaned down to take my breast in his mouth. He sucked on my nipple, rolling it around with his tongue. When he let go, I rolled over and wiggled out of my jeans and slipped off my panties.“Your tits are out of this world,” he begged. And yes kaçak bahis he really said that. I kind of laughed.I loved watching his eyes explore my exposed body. I got on top of him, rubbing my virgin pussy lips on his shaft. My throbbing clit slowly ground up and down his hard cock, leaving a trail of wetness behind. I wondered if he was going to penetrate me. It would have been my first time and I didn’t know if I wanted him to be my first.His precum and my juices mixed, allowing my pussy to slip and slide easily. He reached up and grabbed a handful of my tits and bit my now hard nipple, tracing my areola with his tongue. His other hand reached around my waist and pulled me closer.My head went back and my eyes closed as I moaned. He wasn’t inside me, but inched closer to my little hole with each push between my lips. It felt so good to have his hands on me.“Kiss me,” Sam ordered, sitting up with his back against the headboard.As I leaned forward, he also moved closer and we inadvertently bopped heads. It didn’t hurt but it was slightly embarrassing. We laughed awkwardly and I rolled off his lap and plopped next to him. We kissed for some time and although it was pleasant, I found myself becoming bored. I think he sensed this and he tried to change it up by dragging his fingers down my body towards my wet hungry pussy. I felt his fingers right outside my pussy. We locked eyes as he entered me, first one finger, then another. It felt a little awkward and my mind started to drift.“You’re so tight,” he whispered, I felt his warm breath touch my face.He started trying to talk dirty, but it sounded more filthy than sexy. His words sounded scripted and so were his moves. I felt like I was in a cliché porno with sub-par fingering. I didn’t illegal bahis want to hurt his feelings but I began to feel less aroused, so I focused my attention on getting him off instead.I sat up, planning to jerk his big cock and let him cum on my big bouncing tits, since he couldn’t take his eyes off of them. I wrapped my hand around his member and began to twist and then fondled his balls. I love watching a guy cum so I thought maybe that would get me closer to my desired orgasm.“Hold on, hold on,” Sam opened his eyes and interrupted my vigorous hand job.He reached over in his desk drawer and grabbed a condom.“I want to finish in this,” he handed me the wrapper.“You don’t want to finish on me?” I began putting the condom on him.“I always finish in a condom, easier to clean up,” he leaned back, waiting for me to start again.I shrugged at this convenient request and unrolled the rubber onto his dick and continued touching his body. I felt his muscles clench and his hips move as he was close to climax.“Keep going, just like that, don’t stop, fuck,” Sam tightened up, mouth open.“Mmm, you like that? Come for me…” I purred, trying my best to sound seductive and stay present in the moment. My pussy hungry for my turn.He reached up to play with my tits as they jiggled. Then all of a sudden, his legs jerked, he let out a moan, and the condom filled with his warm wet cum.“Oh yeah, that felt awesome,” Sam removed my hands and peeled off the condom himself.Smells of rubber and sweat filled the air and I was suddenly aware that he had no intention of getting me off too.“Alright, that was fun,” he seemed to nod towards the door.“Oh, um, okay,” I tried not to look disappointed, wondering if he simply forgot I hadn’t finished. Or worse, he thought I had somehow.“You really exhausted me. That was great. It’s not too dark outside right? You’re all good?” He looked out the window.My brows furrowed. I knew that was code for: You can see yourself out.

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