Me and my family_(0)Me and my family_(0)


This happened two years ago when I was 16. It was normal for my family. We lived in Texas, and our family had very little rules or anything. I usually walked around in a thong and big T-shirt that belonged to me brother. I had three brothers, the oldest was 17 and then two 15. I was tanned, and very well developed. My breasts were big enough for my age, my legs were in between fat and skinny. They were basically perfect for my age. My ass was very firm.

Over the years, since I was 13, I had been giving people blowjobs and handjobs. Including all three of my brothers. Our parents found out, when they walked in on me and my oldest brother. We had planned on going all the way, but my father walked in. We didn’t know how long he was there, but when we were both undressed, he interrupted. I never done anything with my father, even though I hinted at it. So did he, but it just never happened. Me and my mother had done some stuff, but it never went past fingering each other.

I turned sixteen, and I started a new school. I was there for about 4 months when I finally settled in.I had my first test, which I failed but I didn’t tell anyone.
I came home one day, and noticed my two younger brothers looking at me. I was wearing my school uniform so it was a white top (Which was almost see-through because Gaziosmanpaşa Escort I was sweating all day) and a very short skirt which did not cover up much, just barely covering my ass. Long white sock and black shoes.

As the day went on, my two brothers kept looking at me. I thought they were just looking for another blowjob or something, so I kept teasing them, by bending over, showing them my thong under school skirt, and licking my lips slowly.

It was night time now, and I went to bed early, leaving my three brother downstairs watching a film. I kept my uniform on all day, as it was very hot outside, and it was cool. As I walked from one end of the room to the other to the door, I swayed my hips slowly, giving my brothers something to jack off to. When I got to my room, I undressed just into a lacy bra and thong. I fell asleep very soon after that. I was awaken by a rustling noise and whispers. I opened my eyes and couldn’t move. I looked up and one of brothers was sitting ontop of me, naked. His dick fully erect as he was positioning it to go into my pussy. My moaned slightly, letting them know I was awake. I thought they would stop, but they didn’t even acknowledge I was awake.

My brother that was sitting on me, grabbed my my two Gölbaşı Escort hands and held them behind my back. I didn’t really mind that but when he pulled me up to my knees, facing over the edge of the bed, and pulling my shoulders back. Then my other brother was also naked, put his dick in my mouth. I began moving my tongue around it in my mouth. But he grabbed the back of hair and started pulling my head back and forth. I had a problem with this, but I really couldn’t tell him to stop. Then my brother that was behind me started fucking me. He was just fucking my pussy, which I was used to. But he then he took it out, and slowly placed it on my ass hole. He leaned in slowly and began fucking my. I let out a small scream, but noone could hear because of the blowjob. This went on for until they were finished and at that time, they threw me onto the bed, and shot their load all over my face.

The next morning I was woke, had a shower, and went down and had breakfast. It was about half three when my parents called me iinto their room. My brothers were there and my parents had a piece of paper with a red ‘F’ on it. They asked me what it was and I told them I failed.

They said I would have to be punished and told me to sit on the bed. My father walked out and Keçiören Escort it was just my three brothers and my mother there. My mother told me three brothers to undress and they did. She told me to but I rrefused, and she grabbed my hair (which was in a pony tail) and told me scuk all three of them off. I said no again but she forced me to. My first brother, who was the oldest, was playing with himself, trying to get hard, so he told me to ‘help’. My mother pushed me down and forced my head onto his cock. I sucked him off, untill he was about to cum, but he told me to stop. I did the same for all three of my brothers, and they all blew their cum over my face. When my oldest brother was hard again, he layed back on the bed and my mother told me to ly ontop and fuck him. I did that, and then when my next brother was hard, he fucked my ass , and then the last i sucked off again. They switched every few minutes and blew there cum again into whatever hole. I turned around to face my mother, who was now naked, with a strap on attatched to her waist. It was much bigger then my brother cocks, so it hurt more. She fucked my ass first, and she didn’t stop for a long time. my brothers were all hard by the time she did. This time they fucked my mother, only the two 15 year olds did, the oldest fucked me again, and forced me to watch them fuck my mother. when all three of them were done, two of them stuck there dicks in my outh and filled my mouth. They told me not to swallow until my other brother shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed it all and we all went on as normal after that. I always wondered why my father did join in.

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