Me And My Bangalore Days Part – 3Me And My Bangalore Days Part – 3


Me And My Bangalore Days Part – 3deleteddeleteddeletedWell, for those who are reading about me now, you can know more by going through my previous posts like ‘me and my Bangalore days’ all the 3 parts or ‘my short exhibitionist escapade on a sultry afternoon’ can give you a sneak peek into my life and my ways. Yes, I have been enjoying my little bit of secret life here in Bangalore and still, I have been able to maintain my secrecy without people getting many winks of what I like and love doing to satiate my pervasive desires.Continuing still from the Bangalore days chapter, I would detail a very regular thing here which I believe most of you who travel in BMTC bus outskirts of Yelahanka might know.You get a lot of cheap and labor looking people sometimes in the evening in the buses.And if the bus is crowded, they get into all the stuff right inside the crowd. Many girls might have experienced the same.But am going to narrate here my bit of experiences which I took it in my own ways after a few regular days.I stay at Bagalur crossing inside Yelahanka old town and I haven’t changed my place coz of obvious reasons as this place gives me all the ways to explore my exhibitionist streaks.So sometimes if I get late from the main city, I take the bus to Yelahanka and sometimes it gets a bit late after 8 or 9 and on weekdays it also is a bit crowdy. So, sometimes I stand at the front where the ladies seats are there or in the middle and if no ways then I stand at the back side too of the bus majorly filled with men of whom primarily workers and laborers fill the maximum.So like this, it used to be and as you guys know, I hardly like wearing inners or even if I wear I don’t wear panties at all except when I have my periods. What I discovered standing in the midst of these crowded buses at those odd hours is that people try to take advantage of the crowd n touch u at all places.N they do it in a way very slowly and steadily and if you don’t react they kinda get more bold n do lots more.So yes.I have also been experiencing the same for few days and the kinda girl I am I liked being touched.Didn mind looking at the person who did it. I was touched and groped through my leggings feeling my ass, touched my boobs etc. I too intentionally used to take the bus from old town to Bagalur crossing in the evening and loved all that inside.And yes sometimes when I used to get down, I used to see a man getting down every day at the same place and he used to be the same person who used to touch n feel me.That day, I thought of taking it a bit further.But though not to make him aware of where so that kaçak iddaa I don’t get into trouble. After getting down at the stop, I stood there for some time and he also got down n was standing there and kept looking at me.He was a laborer or a daily wage person with the very shabby dress and looks in mid-age and little bit grey hair. I had all my juices running in and I wanted to get used up but was thinking the right way.So after some time, I was done fidgeting with my phone and he was done with smoking a bidi all the while continuously looking at me. I was wearing a kurta and a skin fit legging with no panty inside.After some time, I intentionally gave a smile at him.He was kinda confused and was still looking.I looked again and smiled at him and with my hands signaled him ‘what?’. He got a bit bold and came a bit closer to where I was standing and started speaking in Kannada. I told him I don’t know Kannada in Hindi and smiled again.He kinda in broken Hindi asked me something of which I thought he was asking me to cross the road and get inside Bagalur road.Check out indiansexstories dot net for more exciting and erotic stories.People who are familiar with Bagalur road after Yelahanka knows its very dark and filled with small eucalyptus plantations on both sides of the roads and people who have read my earlier posts know me well what I do there. So when he asked me to go inside Bagalur road I agreed but took care to make him not feel that my house is next to the same road. After crossing the road started walking and he was coming at the back.After some time, I was walking on the dark road and after a little bit the shops close to the main road went back and there was nothing but only plantations on both sides and it was all dark. I looked back and saw him just getting inside the plantation and signaling me to come along.I was all so damn wet and wanted to be all noted with this roadside monger. I quickly saw there was none in the vicinity and quickly I went inside the plantation.On entering, the man held my hand and slowly took me more inside to be completely out of sight of the road.And once inside, we found a little open space between a few big eucalyptus trees where only we can see both of us under the little bit of moonlight. He started groping me everywhere and tried kissing me on my lips while his hands were all over my kurta and leggings. Touching and pressing my ass cheeks. He was smelling of bidi and tobacco and his hands were all so rough.I stopped him and wanted it to be a bit more raw so asked him to open his clothes and while he was opening I quickly got rid kaçak bahis of my kurta and leggings.And since I didn’t wear any panty inside I was just left in my bra.Seeing me that way, he couldn’t control himself and by that time he was only in a dirty loose underwear and started to press and maul me everywhere. I told him to wait as I wanted to piss and relieve myself first. So first I opened my bra and kept the dress and the bra aside and went a few steps from there and sat down in front of him to relieve and piss.As I was pissing, I saw he was standing beside me and was rubbing his black cock filled with bushy hairs. In my sitting position, I took down his underwear with my hands and started to rub his cock with my hands and yes it was so black n smelled of dry urine and sweat. I was totally into it and brought my face close and started smelling the tip of it to get accustomed to the smell and in no time gobbled the entire cock into my mouth and started sucking it deep and hard. I could see his expression on the face and sucked him deeper.I took out the cock and looked at his face and started licking it.Licked the balls which were so smelly and licked the pre-cum oozing out from the cocktip. I felt so nasty doing it with this laborer in the jungle all nude and just beside where I pissed. While I was sucking him, I was also rubbing my finger in between his ass crack and feeling his hairy balls with my hands. After a nice suck, he just picked me up and started squeezing and sucking my boobs and pinching them.Aahhhhhhhhh.It was so damn nasty to get used up like that and the slutty me that I am I loved it more and more. Then after some time, he just lied down and asked me to ride him.He was speaking broken Hindi and Kannada mixd. I was kinda fearful a bit as unfortunately. I wasn’t carrying a condom and was thinking what to do.But lust overtook me and without much thinking I first got down and started giving him a nice suck and made it all wet and then sat on his hard cock and glided it deep inside my nasty wet hole like a cheap prostitute without any condom on. Oh god.I was so damn wet and started riding him like mad.He also started pounding me from down like he got me all for free and would not waste that opportunity. After a bit of that, I stood up and turned back and sat on his face and started smashing his face with my pussy juice while I bent and started sucking his cock deep. He used his hands to spread open my ass cheeks and started fingering my asshole too.Aahhhhhhhhhh. I was feeling so damn cheap and nasty.Mmmmmmmm. I took his hands and started sniffing the fingers which illegal bahis were inside my asshole to smell it and also licked it.Aahhhhhhhhh.After some time, he got up and asked me to get in doggy style and he started to put his cock deep in my pussy as I told him not to fuck my asshole as it pains a lot.He agreed and went on pounding my pussy from the back. After a while of all sweaty and nasty fucks, I was feeling like a cheap prostitute who is ready to take numerous cocks inside all free of cost. Ahhhh. I was all so sweaty and my whole body was filled with mud and dry grasses.It was close to an hour or maybe that we were there and I thought of now ending it so started sucking him hard wanting him to ooze out all the cum in my mouth. I have so far tasted and drank many stranger’s cum and so this wasn’t something very different but the feel of getting it from these kinda people is very very different. After a while of deep suck, he started groaning and caught hold of my hairs and started emptying his load deep inside my mouth.I could feel all the gooey thick and warm cum on my tongue and throat too. Looked at him and started playing with the cum load in my mouth and blew bubbles and took a bit in my hands and rubbed it on my boobs.Mmmmmmmmmm.He was seeing this and still stroking his cock.In the meantime, because of his deep fingering my asshole, I was feeling a bit like shitty and wanted to relieve myself.And in that mood without giving a thought I told him I wanted to shit.He understood nothing so I just sat there itself in front of him and started doing it.Ahhhhhhh. It was altogether a very nasty and dirty thing which is what I like best. After that, I got up and saw him looking at me and stroking his now limp cock.Mmmmmmmm.I looked at my own shit and liked doing it in his presence and while he looked.I went to the place where I left my clothes and started wearing it and in no time we both wore our clothes and were about to leave. Before that, he again tried smooching me and I like a nasty whore allowed him it all and then came out of the jungle and started walking towards the main road. I didn’t want to enter the lane to my place so as to not show him or I stayed and went to the main road and stood there. Within minutes saw a bus coming and I hopped in it so as to get down in d next stop and walk back to my place.Well, I had this like so many times now with the same person and with few more people like him and luckily no1 followed me and I have been able to keep my secrecy well maintained. I love this nasty side of mine and especially when I get to get dirty with strangers whom I would never meet again.Do let me know your thoughts about my sex story and I am waiting for your perverse mails again.And if you are lucky we may have the same somewhere too.The dirtier the better!!

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