Subject: Man Cam (Max Q (2) This is a fictional story about hot guys from an online chat site It’s pure fiction as all the guy are far away Some gay. Some straight and some bisexual But all the guys are hot. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Max Q (2) … I have started to follow and watch this hot Columbian stud on the chat site. Maximiliano is and will always be the Latin stud of my wettest dreams. From the first moment I saw him I wanted that cock. I wanted his sexy face to looked down at me as his dick was plowing my guts up. Gutting me with that big fat dick this Latin stud possessed. And from our first chat on the site. His simple desire to fuck me. I knee that it was what I needed escort bayan to have. This hit stud and that cock. So as I had been following him on the site. I would always be messages from the site itself. It would say that one of ‘my favorites’ was currently online. So I would get on the site whenever I had the chance after the message hit my email. Any time I was informed that he was on. Because I knew what the stud was doing on line. He was pulling in that big fantastic cock that I soo desired for myself. Yanking on his sex club for whomever was watching to see. “Shit!” I said one day at work “He is on now” “Fuck!” So when I had a few minutes at work. I went to the bathroom. I stepped into the stall and closed the door. I dropped my pants ans then kocaeli escort sat on the toilet. There I opened up the chat page and his show he had on at the moment. There he was. Max in all his delicious dicked glory. Sitting there holding his big cock and stroking it. Pulling his hand over the meaty shaft he held on to. Showing of the head and the shaft dor all viewers. “Hi” I said in a message to him “I am at work. But needed to catch your show stud” He paused when he saw the message. Then he said I was being a ‘naughty fuck’ for doing this at work. Calling me a dirty guy. I loved that he called me that. And said back that he was worth getting dirty for. “You want this big mans dick?” He asked “It’s iver here man” “All wanting izmit escort bayan for that fucking mouth” He waved his big dick at the screen. Just telling me about his dick. Taunting me with it as i could not get to it. And I was totally mesmerized by the tube of flesh in Max’s hand..just waiting for me to climb through the screen to get it. And believe you me, if I could crawl through the monitor and grab that dick in hand, I would. I would jump into the screen and dive for the guys big fantastic cock. As it was all I wanted from the hit status. That bug ass wrecking stick he had. “I do want I Max” I said like the subservient whore “I want it soo bad” He paused and the pulled at the dick a drooling of precum pooled at the head. Glistening in the light on his dick. I licked at my lips as he pulled it out. “Then come here fucker” he growled. I knew then that I had to. It was imperative that I did… ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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