Subject: Matt’s Project – Chapter 3 Matt’s Project Hey guys, sorry for the long wait for a new chapter. If I am being honest, I actually had a chapter completed a few weeks after my last upload, but it just felt wrong. Long story short I decided to split it into two chapters. As always feedback is appreciated at mega.arturis@. Another point for my American readers, a vest is basically an undershirt with no sleeves. I hope you enjoy and if you can spare a donation for go for it. Chapter 3 As Jake pushed Seth to his absolute limit in the gym it reminded him of his first `sub’. It had been many years since, but the memory still played fresh in his head. Several Years earlier… Jake had started out quite innocently, a normal kid, went to church on Sunday, played sports and always got yelled at to clean his room. Normal in almost every way. Things changed when he hit 17. Jake found that he suddenly started receiving a sexual `thrill’ from dominating other guys. With this new discovery Jake started focusing his energies into dominating one boy in particular… Luke. The athletic brown-haired boy was one of the better looking in Jakes year and he found himself feeling oddly attracted to him. Things began small… a slap to the balls here, a nipple cripple there. Eventually Luke started to find his friends ignoring him, scared they too might become the victims of Jakes bullying. It took some time but eventually when Luke was completely isolated, Jake made his move. He still dominated the other boy but began to do so in a more friendly and easy-going manner. This achieved the desired goal and Luke began tentatively approaching Jake at lunch. In time the two developed a somewhat twisted friendship, more akin to a hostage and his captor. Staying over for gaming nights gave Jake the perfect opportunity to push things further. Jake began making bets on games he knew he could easily win. It started off small, loser gets $5 etc but it didn’t take long before the bets became more serious. Eventually Luke was being made to shave off his body hair pretty much every week and one bet even seen him convince his mum he should move from boxers to tighty whities for the `support’. Jake even marked the occasion by pulling Luke’s jeans down at school achieving a roar of laughter from the crowds of students who seen Luke’s new tighty whities. Luke was quick to forgive Jake for embarrassing him, having no other close friends he felt he didn’t have much of a choice. Fast forward to graduation and Jake went for the ultimate prize. He bet Luke his ass he could get a higher score on call of duty (a game Jake had spent near countless hours playing). Not realising the full implications Luke agreed and was promptly defeated. Luke was shocked when Jake explained he was serious about the bet but with some pressure and a few empty promises to go slow, Luke found himself naked on all fours with Jakes massive dick lined for his ass. It was fast and brutal, Jake pounded Luke’s ass hard until the boy was a whimpering, sobbing mess. Jake even used a large Butt plug he had bought online specifically for the occasion to plug Luke’s ass afterwards. This stopped the straight boy from pushing out the massive load of cum that was crammed in his ass and filled him with shame. Luke begged for Jake to take it out but the older boy refused… mainly because he wanted to keep Luke sore and humiliated. Eventually the two boys settled down to sleep, a weak and sobbing Luke filled with Jakes cum was held tightly in the larger boys vice like grip. After graduation Jake went off to university to study chemistry, he was fascinated with the effect drugs could have on the human body. He joined a fraternity and the wrestling team, mostly cause both these groups gave him a chance to physically dominate other guys. He soon developed a friendly rivalry with another recruit to the wrestling team. Matt was sexy, charismatic and kind. Jake wanted nothing more than to tie him down and punish fuck the proud jock till he was in tears. However, as time went on Jake came to accept the simple enjoyment he felt in the other boy’s company. Growing up in a strictly conservative household he had realised his family would never accept his sexuality or worse yet his sadistic urges, so he kızılay escort felt it was best to keep those feelings to himself. Matt felt somewhat similar; he was bi but had always hidden his interest in men. He found Jake to be extremely attractive, but he didn’t want the other boy to be uncomfortable so kept his sexuality and attraction to himself. They continued as friends for the rest of the academic year however things were to change dramatically. As summer break approached, they decided to have a final night out with some friends from their dorm. Starting as a pub crawl, they were soon hitting the clubs and downing shots at a rapid rate. It was 6 am before the two boys managed to get back to their empty common room. The rest of the group had gone back earlier and were either in bed or had ended up in a stranger’s flat for a night of `enjoyment’. It was just Matt and Jake sat on the sofa, arguing over sports and who held their drink better. Soon the arguments spiralled into a friendly wrestling match which Matt would have easily won if not for the alcohol leaving him off balance. Soon Jake was on top of him, pinning the massive jock to the floor. In a moment, impaired by alcohol and without thought Jake lowered his mouth and kissed Matt. The other boy froze, he couldn’t believe that Jake had kissed him. It seemed unlikely the other boy could be gay but then again, he couldn’t remember him ever bringing a girl back to his room… it started to make sense… Jake was gay. Suddenly realising what he’d done Jake panicked jumping up and running off to his room. How could he have been such an idiot… now Matt knew he was gay… what if he told everyone… what if his parents found out. Panicked thoughts flew around Jakes head as he began to feel a foreboding sense of dread. For two days Matt didn’t see Jake once. He wondered if he was trying to avoid him or if he had even left his room. He began to worry for his friend and decided to check on him but before he could he received a text from Jake asking to talk. After a quick succession of texts, they had agreed to meet for a beer later that day. It began tense, Jake eyed Matt with hostility before lowering his eyes to his beer “Have you told anyone yet?” he asked, feeling his stomach almost empty at the thought. “No dude… iam not going to tell anyone” Matt replied with a kind smile. Jake looked at him surprised “But… I tried to… you know” Jake whispered, looking around to make sure no one was able to overhear their conversation. “Well yeah a warning would have been nice… then I could have gotten more involved” Matt said with a wink. Jake was shocked… he initially thought Matt was toying with him but as the conversation progressed it became clear he was serious. They quickly decided to finish off their drinks and head back to Jakes dorm room. As the door closed Jake pushed Matt against it burying his tongue deep into the other boy’s mouth. After a few moments Matt decided to take charge… he threw Jake onto the bed and continued their hot make out session, straddling the other jock as he began pulling off their clothes. He looked around before asking if Jake had a condom… and thats when they discovered the problem. The boys soon found themselves arguing over who would top with both them making it clear they were unwilling to take a dick in their ass. Jake refused to have a dick in any part of his body, unable to shake the feeling it made him less of a man somehow. Matt on the other hand was more than happy to give the odd bj here and there but hated the idea of stuff in his butt. The boys ended up settling on just continuing their make out session and ended on a mutual wank. Over the next year the boys had pretty regular sexual encounters, but it was always deeply hampered by the refusal of either to bottom for the other. Matt found relief in discreet hook-ups with guys online however he felt frustrated they were almost never willing to explore his kinks with him. Jake on the other hand was unwilling to risk people discovering his sexuality so often frequented the shadier clubs and bars that were available. He found it a struggle to meet attractive young guys in these places but atleast he could kolej escort chat with other men who shared his sadistic tendencies. However, things changed for Jake in his second year when he was given the opportunity to pledge a freshman in his fraternity. The boy in question was a cute 19-year-old soccer player from Colorado called Kyle, the boy had deep brown eyes and short black hair which complimented his athletic build. Jake initially started out pretty mild, making the guy complete chores for him naked, paddling his ass when he done something wrong. However, he was surprised to find the boy would get rock hard during his activities. One night he confronted Kyle about his sexuality, but the boy insisted he was straight. Growing frustrated Jake gave the pledge a hard punch to the balls causing him to fall to the floor, he then quickly got behind him grabbed the paddle off his desk and beat the boy’s ass till it was bright red and Kyle was in tears. This time when he asked, Kyle quickly admitted to being gay and begged Jake not to tell anyone. Kyles could not have had worse luck in having Jake as his frat `Big Bro’. Any other guy wouldn’t have forced a confession from Kyle and probably wouldn’t have put much thought into the boy’s hard-ons. Worse yet Jake immediately used the confession against the younger boy and made it clear his silence depended on the other boys obedience. For the rest of hell week, Kyle found himself being paddled every morning before a buttplug would be forced into his tight ass, initially these intrusions made him quietly sob but by Friday he managed to keep it to heavy whimpering. Next, he would be given his `daily protein’ as Jake called it when he jacked off shooting a load into his victims mouth. Kyle desperately tried to swallow quickly but he found it a struggle to get the salty cum down his throat. With the taste of cum in his mouth and its smell on his breathe, Kyle was ready for a day of suffering. After being ordered into a tight pair of speedos, kyle would pull on his socks and trainers and head off to his classes. Kyle got used to the constant laughter and even occasional joke from professors. Being used to the odd hazing rituals of hell week professors turned a blind eye to Kyle’s torment. Most days when he returned Kyle went straight to Jake’s room, where his tormentor would tie him to the bed. What followed usually was a brutal fuck as Jake forced his way into the younger boys hole, he normally shoved his dirty balled up boxers to keep the boys shouts quiet. As soon as Jake emptied his cum into Kyles ass he would replug the boy and leave him while he grabbed some food. Jake ate his meals in front of Kyle giving the younger boy the scraps he left. Kyle was left devastated by the constant pain, hunger and humiliation. His relief finally came at the end of hell week when Jake knew he wouldn’t have the hazing excuse for the torment he was making the boy endure. Deciding he wanted to leave a mark on his first victim, Jake made some arrangements with an acquaintance he had met at one of the sketchy gay bars he often visited. Unaware of what was about to happen Kyle trudged through his supposed last day of torment. Attending classes plugged and in nothing but his speedos was still humiliating and uncomfortable, but it became less of sharp feeling the more he was forced to endure it. Arriving back at the frat house Kyle made his was to Jakes room where his tormentor had laid out a set of clothes, ordering the boy to get dressed. Kyle immediately pulled on the clothes, the first he had worn in a week. The tight jock crushed his balls and pushed his ass up, the white vest clung tightly to his skin and the cargo shorts were a few sizes too big meaning Kyle had to hold them up to avoid his ass being exposed. Still the young boy felt relief he wasn’t naked for a change. Following Jake to his car, it was a quick ride to the sketchy shop. As Kyle was guided through the door, he seen several old men sat around a waiting area staring at him expectantly. Their sinister smiles the last thing Kyle saw before the strong smell of chloroform gave way to darkness… As he woke a deep dull pain filled Kyles body. He looked up to see he was maltepe escort in what looked like a cheap motel room, his tormentor looking at him with a grin. “Ready to see my goodbye gift?” “Whaaa…” stammering Kyle was too weak to respond. Jake pulled the younger boy to his feet with one arm around him and faced him towards a mirror in the corner of the room. With his vision beginning to focus Kyle seen a slight protrusion on his nipples under the vest. As Jake pulled the vest up, Kyle felt a sharp pain as the vest was pulled past his nipples, tugging on the small metal bars that now pierced them. “WHaat” panic flooded Kyle as he seen the piercings, he wanted to shout and cry but all his weak body could muster were a few tears. “That’s not even the best part” Jake pulled out his phone and flicked around before pushing the screen towards Kyle’s face. Kyle stared at the picture confused. It was an ass cheek with a tattoo stating “BITCH BOY 001” followed by a bar code. Kyle stared blankly for a few moments before hesitantly moving his hand, the moment his fingers touched his right ass cheek a throbbing pain confirmed his worst fears. Suddenly losing all strength Kyle fell back onto the bed and began sobbing loudly. Jake quickly picked up a pair of discarded boxers from the floor and shoved them forcefully into Kyles mouth, muffling his cries. “Hey its ok, don’t worry” Jake said as he put an arm round the younger boy. After a few minutes had passed and Kyles loud sobbing turned to soft whimpers Jake ordered the boy to get dressed. Kyle put the vest back on and retrieved the cargo shorts which sat folded over a chair. Jake then led the younger boy out of the motel and into his truck. A short drive later and the two boys stood outside the door of a neat suburban home. A few moments after ringing the doorbell a 6 ft tall and well-built man appeared and ushered the two boys into his living room. Jake and the man both sat down but as Kyle went to do the same the mans voice boomed, “I Didn’t say you could sit!”. “Oh emm I… Sorry” Kyle stammered shocked and intimidated by the much older man. Jake gave a soft whistle before pointing to a spot on the carpet between his legs. His face bright red with embarrassment, Kyle sat down between Jakes legs just wanting the awkwardness to be over. “Kyle meet your new owner, Master Steven” Jake announced with a grin. Kyle looked back with a mix of confusion and anger. “Now that barcode on your ass… bet your wondering what it does”. Jakes words reminded Kyle of his tattoo and the constant stinging it caused. Without warning Kyle was pulled up over Jakes lap by the older boy then felt a sudden hard tug as the cargo shorts were pulled down revealing his round bubble butt and Kyles sinister tattoo. “Damn that’s a nice ass” the 32 year old stated. After a few moments of Jake swiping around on his phone Kyle was unceremoniously dumped back on the floor. Jake leaned in close behind Kyle and showed him the screen. “When you scan the barcode it opens a hyperlink which takes you…”. It was the second time Kyles stomach wanted to empty, the moment the link opened Kyle was filled with a deep sense of dread. Before him was a ion’ which was filled with pictures and videos of Kyles many torments at the hands of Jake. Some vids were of Kyle swallowing Jakes loads, other were of Kyle tied down and getting the fucked. The worst were of Kyles `modifications’, the site had videos of his nipples getting pierced and his ass getting tattooed. Too exhausted to cry Kyle simply sat back against the couch and tried to stop himself throwing up. “Now Ive kindly given Steven here your parents numbers, If you don’t do what he says then… well you can guess”. Kyle looked up at steven, exhausted and drained all the boy could muster was a small nod. Rising to his feet Steven began to edge towards the door “Well thanks for everything Jake… If you don’t mind Ive got to get this little bitch house trained”. “No problem, if you have any troubles let me know” Jake replied as he made his way out the door, giving a final nod goodbye to his first victim. Well I hope you enjoyed chapter 3, ill hopefully upload more often but I can’t promise anything. Ive also included a timeline of events ill update each chapter. This seemed the easiest way to explain the timeline and means if there’s something you particularly like you can find its chapter more easily. Timeline Friday — Seth arrives, gets caged, put in tighty whities and sleeps in heavy bondage. (Chapter 1 & 2) Saturday — Seth gets the workout from hell, drinks water like a dog. (Chapter 2)

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