Master of Her DreamsMaster of Her Dreams


She had dreamed of him, from the time she started masturbating in her sixteenth year. This nameless, faceless man who aided her pleasure and led her on a journey of discovery.  First with her fingers, then with her soft toys as they came to her aid with their hard noses.He always told her what was coming next, he had a very gentle way of leading her, of satisfying her.  As she grew in the ways of the world and met with men, she gave herself to them willingly in the hope she could replicate the depth of passion she felt with the man who filled her dreams.One man became kaçak iddaa a second.  A third and a fourth followed suit; over time, more followed.  Disappointment after disappointment.As she approached her thirtieth birthday the quest for her faceless nameless presence within led her to marry who she thought he was.Yet still this visitor of dreams kept calling, three or four times a week.  When she woke in the morning after his visits the sheets beneath her were wet with her desire.Husband failing to satisfy, she turned to what she hoped was a safe place.  Was it the nameless kaçak bahis man again leading her by the hand, or was it a collar and leash, you must make up your own mind. Whichever it was, she went willingly.One day as she discretely searched for what she didn’t truly know how to find, she was seen, a brief gentle conversation was had, and something strange came over her.  If you asked her what is was, she couldn’t say, and yet she knew …. Something.Over the coming days she found herself opening, being nourished by this virtual person, who saw her and touched just illegal bahis as clearly and as if he were physically present.  Her pussy, which was dry for her husband, wet for her nameless faceless dream man, became a raging torrent for the man she would call Master.For he accepted her, cherished her and taught her to value herself once again.  He released her from her cage and taught her to fly in freedom and liberty.It was then she realised her Master had always been with her, but now she knew his name and his face brought a smile to her lips and radiance to her heart.Her dream man, her lover and Master.  He who satisfied her soul, he who pressed his teeth against her swollen wet lips, causing eruptions of lust to flow.It all goes to prove tooth is stranger than friction.

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