Mary Takes GuruMary Takes Guru


It was 6pm. I was invited by Mary to her home at New Jersey. I am Guru. I liked her for her personality. I respected for her character. She was very nice and very beautiful for her age. She was 49. I was 30. I went to her home after 4 hours of travel. I am an Indian. She was a beautiful Caucasian woman. We talked over phone for a lot of days. We became friends. I came to visit her as a friend and to meet her family.

The day I visited her at 6 pm I started talking to her and her family. It was all good. I was nervous. I thought I should return the next day or the same day if possible. But she offered for me to sleep the night and rest and then drive back to my home. I played with her grand kids and then it was late, I could not go back this late. I opted to stay the night and then drive back home next day morning. After all I respected her as a good friend. She was like a mommy to me. I trusted her. It was night already and Mary prepared me a nice dinner. I felt guilty as an overstaying guest. I was hungry and ate the hamburgers she prepared for everyone. It was delightful. Mmmm I was full and was very tired. I waited for Mary to finish her kitchen and show me the bed. At about 9pm she asked me to get to the upstairs where I ca sleep and then get up and drive my way back our home. I felt foolish I didn’t even get her any gifts.

After 9 pm I went upstairs. There was a computer in a room. I was excited. I could play some video games before I could go to bed. Then Mary came inside the room and told me she had only one room and I had to share it with her. Or else I could sleep downstairs in the couch. I was little afraid of the downstairs. It was dark and was snowing outside. So, I opted to share the Çankaya Escort room with her. I was hoping there will be 2 separate beds, but there was only one. It was a queen size, easily sharable. So, I was not worried, and I was hoping she will not be either. I climbed the bed, I was very tired I could not see Mary. She was still busy closing the kitchen and the house for the night. Soon I saw her coming to the door as delightful woman she was. She came in got in the bed, apologized for sharing the bed since she could not afford me a separate room. I was not worried, I was grateful for her hospitality and letting me stay through the cold night.

I started sleeping soon. Then I felt a warm body on me I woke up confusingly. I saw Mary had put her hands over me and started talking to me. I was tired, but I tried to listen to her. Eventually I woke up and started talking to her. She started talking about the day and the conversations we had over the phone. I had always asked her a lot of stupid questions and it’s time for her to answer them all. So, she did. She asked me about my curiosity about women’s breasts and nipples. I was embarrassed. She then started talking to me softly and gently and started explaining about women’s breast and nipples. I was so aroused by her talk and I wanted to touch her breast and nipples. So, I was excited and was ready to touch her breast and nipples. But something different happened. Mary started touching my chest and started rubbing my chest and nipples.

She started teaching and explain me about nipples. She started by touching my nipples and explain about areola and nipple. I was shocked, surprised and excited at Cebeci Escort the same time. I was worried about a woman touching my nipples. I slowly opened my mouth and told Mary very politely Mary I don’t want to be touched by my nipples. Also, I consider you as my mommy. As my mommy I respect you but still consider you as a beautiful woman. Then Mary spoke clearly, son am your mommy no doubt about that. So, will you listen to your mommy. I said yes. I will listen to my mommy. Then she said started kissing y chest and slowly put her lips on my tiny right nipple and started kissing it for some time. I started hallucinating. Then she started explaining how a mommy can kiss her son’s nipples. I felt safe. I felt like a mommy can’t go wrong. I said ok mommy. Then she started licking my right nipple and then I started squirming like a little boy. But Mary got my hands steady and started licking my right nipple and then she slowly started sucking my right nipple. My body started shaking because I felt vulnerable I felt like I was being raped, being taken advantage of. Mommy smiled at me gently and started sucking my right nipple and started playing with my balls at the same time. I tried resisting but could not resist the temptation. Then I started getting out of it. Then I realized mommy had a grip on me and I could not get out of it. Then she started moving to my left nipple and as I slowly watched she stared kissing my left nipple and the more I tried to resist her the more she held me strongly to the bed. Then she started sucking my left nipple also. By this time, I had lost, and mommy had taken control of my body.

The more I struggled the more she enjoyed it. Çukurambar Escort I asked her Mary to stop it. She said, ‘mommy not Mary’. Then I started giving in to mommy’s desires. She started sucking my nipples as she watched me struggle helplessly. She enjoyed my struggle. She had what she wanted. I got tired, I slept sometime and woke up later in the morning. I was alone in bed. Mary had woken up and was in the kitchen already.

I felt like I had a big dream. I thought I struggled but I may have enjoyed it too. But I wanted to take revenge on mommy. Soon we had breakfast and we did not have anything else to do. We were chatting, and we thought we would fool around a little. We started kissing and she must have been tired being up all night and getting up early in the morning. Mommy went to a deep sleep soon. This was my window of opportunity. I slowly started kissing her and started sucking her nipples. She responded but could not wake up since she was very tired. I kept sucking her nipples slowly, gently she actually liked it. Then I stared slowly rubbing my leg between her legs and started feeling her warm pussy on my thigh.

I started rubbing her pussy more and she responded to it. I slowly took off my shorts and insert my hard cock inside her warm pussy nicely and firmly. She shook a bit but accepted my cock, then she started waking up and realized what I was doing. She kissed my Lips and tongue really good and opened her legs a bit more. Is pushed my hard cock inside her pussy and started pumping here slowly. She started moaning and screaming a little. She started to love it and I started to push my cock inside her more deep and strong. She started screaming and I stared fucking her real, real hard. She liked it. We started fucking and ended up making up real hard love. I came inside her, my warm cum inside her warm pussy. She liked it I thrust my cock inside her pussy until my cock was empty, all my cum inside her.

After that we made love 2 more times, I fucked her hard until she screamed. That was my revenge…

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