Mark and the GirlsMark and the Girls

Solo Male

Mark and the GirlsMark went to meet Jenny at her home town, and as promised took her shopping. They walked hand in hand, enjoying the various delights of the town shops, made a few minor purchases and looked through a few Art Galleries. Soon they came to a Tack shop, ” Let’s go in here” said Mark, ” OK” replied Jenny. They looked around, found the riding crops and Mark said…” You choose, but it needs to be fairly thick so as not to cut you!” Jenny found a 24″ long 1/2″ thickwhip with a leather tab end coloured red and asked Mark..”Will this do?” “Admirable” said Mark, they went to the Counter, the assistant asked if they rode a lot. “No, said Jenny, istanbul escort the whip is for my bottom whenever he feels like dealing with me!” The young female assistant blushed and said ” Oh ! I’ve gone all funny hearing that, good job it’s my lunch hour now I can get over it!” Jenny said ” We are off to meet Cheryl and Wendy, round the corner you can come with us if you like” “OK” the girl said ” My name is Celia, I would love to come!” She said that with a knowing look into Mark’s eyes!Off they went Wendy and Cheryl had not met Mark or Celia, introductions were made, Mark got on very well with Wendy, they exchanged notes on applied loving beylikdüzü escort corporal punishment. Wendy said ” Do you think we should thrash those two?” ” That is a good idea !” said Mark. ” JENNY, CHERYL ” he said, ” COME HERE!!” Both girls came over, Mark told them they were to be punished, and led them to the bedroom, told them to remove their pants and kneel on the big bed on all fours facing each other, ” Now kiss each other” Wendy instructed. Mark raised their skirts and called Celia into the room, who had the new whip in her hand that she had been looking at. Jenny and Cheryl were snogging away, Matk asked Celia to hit both girls 2 esenyurt escort times with the whip, she did and brought grunts from both girls! Mark stood on one side of the bed with Wendy on the other, Wendy had a rubber whip and they both started giving 100 strokes to the two girls on the bed, at ” Half-Time ” Wendy and Mark swopped sides and Mark whipped Cheryl while Wendy whacked Jenny, the two Girls were in tears but kept kissing, after 100 whacks Weny told them to lie on their backs, their bottoms and thighs were lined with red weals! wendy knelt on the bed, and toungued Jenny and Cheryl alternately, Mark called Celia over and spanked her across his knee until she cried, off she went back to work then! Mark picked up the whip and gave Wendy 30 whacks while she was dealing with Jenny and Cheryl, who had both had massive orgasms, and they all lived happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!

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