Double Penetration

Subject: Maria I met this girl where I worked, and usually, work and fun don’t mix..she was a temp, married, small, I like that, about 5′ or so, 34C breasts… mmm mmm good!she has an accent that makes my knees week……she always wore these black patent leather heels with a dress or jeans, skin of dark, dark cinnamon tone, dark brown eyes, she was Spanish dynamite and her name was Maria. She had completely captivated me…I was her boss. I tried my damndest to not show my feelings, be professional but I guess not well enough.. After about 4 weeks of close quarters teaching, she asked me if I wanted to go clubbing with her…I should have said no. I met Maria at some Latin bar…I don’t speak a word of the language, but the music was great, before long, we were havin’ a blast-I bought drinks, she bought drinks, we danced, it wasn’t a gay spot, but nobody looked at the girl couples…she said she wanted to get out of there so we went to her place. I found out she was divorcing and was on her own..her husband cheated on her. She dropped her keys and purse on the table, kicked off those hot heels and asked if I’d like anything.. At that point, I was pretty well drunk and said, “whatever ya got”. Maria pulls out a joint from a cute little wooden box & asks if this was good…I said, “hell yeah!” so she lights up and we settle on the couch. I’m wondering what I’ve gotten myself into kocaeli escort and Maria starts with something like, “I know you want me, and I want you, but I’ve never done this, I’m scared as hell and I don’t know what to do.” I tell her she doesn’t have to do a damn thing, just relax.. Even now, I hear her accent, those words.. I put the joint out in an ashtray, turn to her and wonder where to start. I’m drunk, stoned and alone with the woman I was in complete lust with. I look in her eyes and don’t say anything. My hand touches her cheek & it makes it’s way to the back of her neck, pulling her closer. Our faces are about 3 inches apart, we search each other’s eyes for a couple seconds, then they lower and I pull her to me. I kiss her, gently, tentatively and stop, pull back and look in her eyes again for any pain or doubt. There was none. Only lust. My hands start a journey of their own, unbuttoning her top, letting it fall open. This time Maria breaks the kiss, pulling my shirt over my head. I take off hers. Both in bras, appraising the other. I reach around to do her bra, mine is a sport type which she pulls off of me. ” You’re beautiful, Maria.” I’m rewarded with a smile and a, ” You’re not so bad yourself.” I lay her back on the couch, I’m on top, resuming our kissing. My hands are playing with her breasts, cupping them, gently squeezing her nipples. She arches her back and a izmit escort moan escapes. I feel a lightning bolt pass through my cunt and squeeze harder. She gasps and I ease off. I start a kiss trail down her neck, her collar bone, shoulders, paying homage to her breasts, licking those luscious nipples, tasting.. I’m lying between her legs and I want inside. I sit up, pull off the rest of her clothes and take mine off. I sit back for a moment and gaze at her dark skin. My olive is a contrast. My hands massage her legs, thighs, belly… Maria’s hands are on top of mine, moving on her body, eyes closed. I position myself lower down her body with her knees up, I smell her scent and it drives me crazy. Most of my upper body is on top of her, but she isn’t complaining. She’s moving underneath me, grinding her cunt into me, writhing… I’m kissing down her body, I want her pussy. I need it. I start kissing the inside of her thighs, hands playing with rock hard, standing at attention dark brown nipples. My fingertips grazing, squeezing and rolling, her head thrown back, back arched and pushing her cunt in my face. Her hands in my hair, rubbing my shoulders and upper arms. More Spanish is being quietly spoken, I had no clue what was said… I tease for awhile, tonguing, her legs clamped against my head, I manage to get loose & tell her, ” Maria, I need to move around, darıca escort babe.” So she reluctantly loosens the grip. “Cassie? ” ” Yes?” ” I’m scared.” “I won’t hurt you, I promise.” No more words came forth. I resumed my attentions… She’s allowed herself moans and grunts, which I love to hear! I get my tongue to her pussy lips, running up and down, taking a quick lick inside, Maria jumps, I hang on. I still have my hands near her breasts, playing, but sometimes I hold her waist, thighs, arms..I look up occasionally to see her face, she doesn’t look like there’s any indecision… I tease her pussy, my own dripping wet, I’m horny as hell, but I want to make her cum, that’s my ambition, my goal. We lay like that for awhile, I stop and slowly remove my face and ask her to get up. She’s incredulous! “WHAT?” ” Please? ” So she gets off the couch, I lay on my back and ask her to get on my face. “Excuse me? ” “Sit on my face, Maria.” She climbs on top, and seriously doesn’t know what to do! I guide her up, position her knees & she tells me, 20 years of marriage, he never did this! I start again with her pussy, lapping up her juice, and she’s moaning in Spanish, no clue what’s being said, but I think it wasn’t bitching! She starts rocking, my hands hold her hips, breasts and wrists. She must have dropped all her weight, because I couldn’t manoeuver much, my tongue was having a hard time licking..finally I think she realized it and sat up abit. The grinding on my face was heaven, she was sweet as honey and smooth like silk. We were at it for awhile, she came and came, I lost track..I was happy..

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