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Big Tits

A new barbershop opened in town promising an upscale experience for men. Now, over the past year or so I had grown out my beard (keeping it long but neat) and my wife had suggested a prohibition style haircut to go with it and this seemed like just the place to go. I went online to schedule an appointment with Ron one of the two barbers at the shop for the next evening after work.

I showed up for my appointment and Ron greeted me. He was about my height, 6′ tall, and stocky. He had a full beard much like mine but he had two full sleeves of tattoos along with nose and ear piercings. He led me through a set of double doors that had a large sign over the top that read “Man Cave”. Once in the salon he showed me to a chair and we made some small talk and he grilled me on what I wanted done with my hair, etc. He agreed with my wife that I would look good in a prohibition cut and he went to work.

Part way through the haircut I felt him start to brush against me a little.

Now I had had a couple of bisexual experiences when I was younger, but mostly what you would expect. The usual circle jerk, group grope kind of stuff. But I must admit it seemed like he was doing it on purpose and I kind of liked it. As he shifted around I got my elbows out a little further to see what he would do and the next time he got close he definitely rubbed his bulge on my arm. Now this got me a little nervous and flushed but really turned on at the same time. As the cut continued he became a little more aggressive with his rubbing and I could feel he was getting hard. Neither one of us said anything but we knew what was happening. He took his sweet time with the haircut and kept finding ways to rub up against me.

Finally I couldn’t take it any more so I moved my hand into a position that allowed me to rub his kağıthane escort bulge with my fingers. Suddenly he stopped and walked away. “That’s it” I thought “I read this wrong and he’s going to flip out.” To my thrill he went out front and locked the door and came back after closing the internal double doors. He walked back up to the chair and took my hand placing it back on his bulge…

“you like this cock?” he moaned…

I started to stroke him through his jeans. Jesus, it was huge. He must have been 9″ and really thick. I stood up and started to unzip him and was able to pull it out. As soon as I saw it I got a good look at his dick and saw that he had a Prince Albert piercing with a thick gauged ring. He started to fuck my hand as he pulled my chin to his and started to kiss me. I couldn’t believe it, it was so hot and his hands were all over me. He started to tug my clothes off, groping at my ass, pushing his hand inside my underwear between my cheeks and to my front groping at my mush smaller cock.

“Mmmm, you’re nice and hard baby” he growled.

I nodded and undid his shirt exposing his hairy chest and pierced nipples. I started to kiss his chest but as I got started I felt him pressing me down… I went straight to my knees.

Once on my knees I was face to face with his massive cock. It was scary but beautiful at the same time. I couldn’t resist pulling the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his piercing as I gave him a wet inexperienced blowjob.

“Slow down baby” he groaned. “The shop is closed. We have nothing but time.”

I measured my pace and began slowly taking him deeper and deeper into my mouth. Suddenly he slipped his hand behind my head and gripped tightly…then thrust his cock into my mouth. I started to gag a bit and he growled

“relax slut.”

“Oh god” I thought “I am his slut” I started fondling his ass as he fucked my mouth for what seemed like hours. I was in cock sucking heaven.

Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up and knelt behind me.

“Let’s see what we have here.”

He roughly spread my ass with one hand and started to jerk me off…the next thing I felt was his tongue slipping up and down my ass crack on its way to my anus. As soon as it touched my asshole I could feel my cock twitch. Clearly he felt it too because he started to work his tongue into me deeper and with more lust and passion. Pulling my cock, leaking precum all over his fingers…god it was amazing.

Suddenly I felt his hand crack down hard on my bare ass.

“Stay there” he growled.

I looked back to see him fishing around one of the pockets in his jeans. Moments later he pulled out a condom…

“what are you doing? I have never done anal”…

“just relax baby” he said as he rolled the condom down his giant cock. He had a little packet of lube that he squirted all over his cock and hands. Soon he was working two fingers deep into me as I squirmed around on his chair.

“I can’t wait to get inside you” he said as he started to rub the pierced head against my anus.

Wow, I had never felt anything like it. Soon his lubed cock pushed into my anus and I whimpered as he started to slowly fuck my tightness.

“oh fuck it’s so big” I whined…I felt his strong hands all over my back, ass, and shoulders as he pushed a little deeper, taking it slowly but making it clear he was in control.

Eventually he was almost all the way in and he started to rock his cock back and forth, in and out. Slapping my ass as he started to fuck me… sliding his hands to my chest and pulling my nipples hard. Reaching down to stroke my cock. Biting my neck. Thrusting. Groaning. Pounding.

“Fuck you are such a tight bitch!” he said as he thrusted deeper into my ass.

I could feel it working faster, deeper, harder.

“I’m gunna cum baby!” he groaned.

“Make me eat it” I purred.

He pulled out and shoved me back to my knees. I pulled the condom off and took him back into my hungry mouth. Slurping and taking him nice and deep into my mouth. He started to fuck my face again. I could feel his balls getting nice and tight and suddenly he pushed forward as he threw his head back…his cum started to splash across my tongue, deep into my mouth. I had never tasted cum before. It was sour and salty at the same time, but there was no way he was going to let me lose a drop.

“Swallow faggot!” he yelled “eat my cum!

I loved being called that name by him. He was so strong and sexy.

I cleaned his cock with my tongue as I smiled up at him. He pulled me to my feet and started to kiss me again while he jerked me off.

“mmmm damn you are nice and hard baby” he said as he tugged me.

Whimpering I started to kiss his shoulder and neck as he jerked me off.

“Cum in my hand slut”…he kept pulling, working his hand all over my 5″ cock…”make that little cock squirt for me” he whispered into my ear. It was all I could take. I moaned loudly and started to release my load into his strong hand. “That’s a good bitch” he laughed. He walked to his sink to wash up. I followed him and rubbed his back and ass. “That was pretty good for a newbie” he joked. “Come back next week, same time”?…

“yeah, I think I might have to” I said… he pulled me in for one more deep kiss before he sent me on my way, my legs quivering from being freshly fucked.

Needless to say I think I have found my regular barber. If he will have me.

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