Subject: “Male Sorting,” part 7 _________________________________ This story, modified to protect the anonymity of those involved, blends fact and fantasy. Reader feedback is welcomed, and the author will do his best to answer questions and respond to comments. Contact him at hoo. Thanks for visiting Nifty, a great site that for years has rendered a great service. Please consider making a fty/donate.html ______________________________ I bowed down between Rich’s legs and began to worship his cock. With just the tip of my tongue I gently traced its length. He sighed as it twitched in response. I flicked the tip of my tongue against his frenulum — that ultra-sensitive spot just beneath his piss slit, which started to glisten with his transparent pre-cum. I dipped my tongue into the nectar, tasting his sweetness. I licked my lips and slowly enveloped his dickhead, sucking while swirling my tongue around his helmet. “Damn!” Rich exclaimed, clasping my head. I released his cock from my mouth. “Did I do something wrong?” “Hell no,” he panted, a big smile on his face. “It feels so, so right.” This spurred me on. Using broad tongue strokes, I painted his shaft with my saliva until his rod glistened. Covering my teeth with my lips, I then went down on him. My descent was gradual, enjoyable, and unstoppable. I took it slow — and damn he felt and tasted good — but yes, my throat was hungry. My gag reflex was gone. All I wanted was to consume him. As my throat embraced his meat, my nostrils relished the heady scent of his pubes. As my lips slowly ascended his pole, my hands rapidly undid my belt and unzipped my fly. All at once I pressed down my khakis and my boxers, freeing my turgid cock. Bracing my hands on the mattress alongside Rich’s hips, I shimmied my pants off my legs. Now both of us were totally naked. Having regained full freedom of movement, I hunkered down over Rich’s crotch. As my mouth bobbed up and down my tongue swirled in little circles. I intentionally varied my rhythm, going slow at first but then faster. Rich, meanwhile, went from sighing and clasping the bedsheets to moaning and clawing my head. Sensing he was nearing the brink, I decided to dial the pleasure back a notch. I loved the taste of his cum, but tonight I had no intention of having Rich deposit it in my mouth. I went all the way down, pressed my nose into the forest of his crotch, inhaled deeply, and held steady for a good 30 seconds. Finally, when my throat started to protest, I quickly released his cock. As it swayed before me covered in a sheen of saliva, I turned my attention to Rich’s pendulous balls. First, I licked them, wetting down the fine, soft hairs. Then I took his left nut between my lips, swallowed it into my mouth, and gently pulled. “Fuck!” Rich exclaimed. My eyes darted past his cock and up his muscular torso to see the look on his face. First I saw his mouth, wide open but silent as if the sensations he was feeling overwhelmed his ability to speak. Then we locked eyes. His were squinted but not shut. His expression seemed almost plaintive. My lips released his nut. “Am I hurting you?” I asked with genuine concern. “Hell no,” he gasped. “The opposite. It feels really good.” My confidence regained, I took his right ball into my mouth and bestowed on it the same treatment I’d given its counterpart. Rich softly moaned and panted as his fingers massaged my scalp. His nuts tasted slightly salty; his sac had contracted to give the skin a more crinkly texture. The testicle that rolled inside seemed like a large scallop in terms of its size and somehow simultaneous firmness and softness. In a word, Rich’s balls were succulent. They were at once intensely masculine — the symbol and source of his virility — yet also a true delicacy. It wasn’t easy to get both his balls in my mouth, but when I did his grip tightened. I could feel his fingernails pressing through my hair. As if he were fearful of hurting me, his hands grabbed beneath his knees, pulling them back as he steadied himself. This elevated his hips and caused to blossom before me a whole new world. Rich’s ass looked amazing. Majestic, actually. Up until that point I had never really had much interest in asses, but up until that point I had never been treated to an up close and very personal view of Rich’s posterior. The light of his desk lamp caused the dark blonde fuzz on his ass cheeks to shimmer. It also cast a shadow over the denser and darker hair that lined Rich’s trench. I didn’t think. I couldn’t think. Passion had reduced me to instinct and impulse. Releasing his balls from my mouth, I extended and flattened my tongue. My hands joined Rich’s behind his knees to press them further back. I buried my face in his ass. “Yessssss!” he hissed, as I licked up and over his asshole. I repeated the action, over and over, wetting down the hair of his crack with a generous supply of saliva. Only a few days earlier I had neither the interest nor the inclination to press my tongue into another man’s ass crack. Even now, years later, the appeal of such an action isn’t easy for me to intellectualize or even describe. But at that moment I discovered a ravenous hunger I never suspected I possessed. Everything about his ass was such a goddamn turn-on: the indescribable taste, the heady aroma, the gentle scrape of his hair against my tongue, the yielding softness of his ass lips, Rich’s whimpers of gratitude, and — maybe most important of all — the absolute and utter intimacy of it all. Dicks are on display in locker rooms and dorm showers from sea to shining sea. A man’s asshole, however, is his truly private part. And Rich was offering his to me. As I continued to press back behind his knees, his hands slid out from under mine. He reached down to grab his ass cheeks, pulling them farther open, spreading himself before me. I softly kissed his left cheek and then his right one. Then I extended my tongue and aimed straight for his hole. At first I just traced circles around his lips while Rich panted in pleasure. When I rolled my tongue into a tube and started to press into his opening, his panting evolved into grateful moaning. “Amazing,” he whispered — which of course caused me to smile. I lifted up from the bed so that I could use my left forearm to push back on both his legs. This freed my right hand. I moistened my middle finger in my mouth. Rich gasped as I started to slowly sink my finger into his incredibly tight ass. “Is this okay?” I whispered. His wordless response was to hand me the tube of KY Jelly. I slowly withdrew my finger, coated it with the lube, and then gently pressed back into Rich’s hole. His ass offered a bit less resistance this time, in part because of the lube, no doubt, but also in part because my finger had already stretched bursa escort him just a bit. At first I just sort of let my digit fill him. Then I slowly turned my hand left then right, coating his insides. When he seemed ready for some slow finger-fucking, I took note of his dick, still hard and leaking, and lowered my head to allow my tongue to trace the length of its underside. I tasted the sweetness of his pre-cum as I took him back into my mouth. As I slowly withdrew my finger from his hole I felt his cock twitch at the same time my fingertip grazed a little lump inside him. That, I told myself, has got to be his prostate, the male pleasure spot. I pushed back in, trying to synchronize the rhythms of my finger and my mouth. When my finger was all the way in I was deep-throating him. When my finger was retreating my lips were ascending his shaft. When my finger was circling his prostate my tongue was circling his helmet and savoring all the nectar leaking from his piss slit. All of this was just so incredibly erotic for me and, given Rich’s moans and sighs and how tightly his hands were now gripping my shoulders, incredibly pleasurable for him. But rather than satisfying our passion, my sucking and finger-fucking only seemed to inflame it. “I need you inside me,” Rich panted. “I want you to make love to me.” I honestly didn’t expect I’d be fucking Rich tonight. He’s bigger and stronger and more masculine — I just assumed I’d be on the receiving end of things. But now, somehow, the tables had turned. I couldn’t wait to get my cock inside him. I couldn’t wait to satisfy his need. Releasing his meat from my mouth and easing my finger from his ass, I lifted up on my knees and applied lube to my dick. “How do you want it?” I asked. His eyes betrayed his confusion, so I clarified: “What position do you want to be in?” “Like this,” he said, “on my back. I want to see your face.” I smiled. That’s what I wanted, too. And I also wanted to be able to kiss him. It had been too long since our lips had connected. But then I remembered where my mouth had been. “Can I kiss you?” I asked. He answered by raising his torso off the bed, wrapping his muscular arms around me, and pulling me in for an wanton, panting, open-mouthed kiss allowing each of us to express the depth of our desire. After our lips disconnected, Rich leaned his head on my shoulder for a long second, resting it there while he dragged his fingertips over the muscles of my back. Then he released me, fell back on the bed, and hooked his ankles over my shoulders. “I’m all yours,” he smiled. “You’re mine,” I replied. “I love you.” His face was just beaming with joy. So was mine. I leaned down to kiss him again. Our tongues danced like it was their wedding night. Then, he said it: “I love you, too.” My cock was already aligned with the entrance to his hole. I raised up on my arms for better leverage and pressed forward. He pressed back. As just the head of my dick entered him his mouth fell open and his eyes rolled back. I leaned down to plant a kiss on his hairy chest. Regaining eye contact, I asked, “Are you okay?” “Yeah,” he panted. “But you feel really big. Go slow, okay?” I nodded my head and then looked down toward his ass. I saw my raging erection, glistening with lube, piercing Rich’s hair-fringed hole. As I pressed forward and saw another inch disappear inside him, I heard him inhale sharply and glanced back up to see his hands, which had been hooked under his thighs, land on his chest to pinch his nipples. I nodded at him again. He nodded back. I redirected my gaze at my cock. I pulled out just a bit and saw the hair around his hole cling to my shaft. Then I sank back in, just a little bit deeper than before. I closed my eyes for a second to revel in his heat and tightness. Rich’s ass felt incredible. When I opened them I saw Rich’s cock, hard and leaking pre-cum that was pooling in his belly button. I looked back at Rich’s face. Beads of sweat dotted his forehead. “Ready?” I asked. He nodded. I looked down and watched myself sink all the way in. I bent forward to kiss him. His hands landed on my back as our lips made contact. “I love you, Rich,” I said. “I love you, too,” he whispered, thrusting his tongue into my mouth. I pressed my body against his torso. I could feel the heat of his muscular flesh, the dampness of his sweat, the hairs of his chest and treasure trail brushing against my own smooth skin. I lowered my abs to press down upon the throbbing intensity of his erection, the head of his cock wet with pre-cum. That’s when I felt his ass relax just a bit. He’d been positively clenching me, as if to keep me out. Now, ever so tentatively, he was beginning to welcome me in. Wanting to give Rich’s ass time to adjust, I held still inside him. Meanwhile, my lips moved to the side of his neck. I planted wet kisses and then started sucking and tonguing his salty skin. “Ummm,” Rich said, “that’s such a turn-on.” What turned me on was Rich’s body hair. He was just so goddamn masculine. I started kissing and then tonguing the hair that feathered across his muscular shoulder. As if he could read my mind, he then tucked his arm behind his head, exposing his armpit. I loved how this caused his bicep to bulge; I loved how so many of Rich’s muscles intersected in his damp, hairy hollow. I pressed my nose against his pit and inhaled as Rich’s free hand palmed the back of my head in encouragement. His pit wasn’t funky; instead his sweat was fresh, clean, and apparently bursting with pheromones that sent my libido into overdrive. I extended my tongue to taste him and received the triple reward of a deep baritone moan, the clench of Rich’s ass, and the tightening of his hairy calves around my back. I swiveled my hips in order to move my cock in little circles inside him, stretching the walls of his rectum. I looked into Rich’s eyes. They seemed almost glazed over from what I hope was pleasure. “Ready?” I asked. His eyes regained focus and he nodded. Lifting myself up off his torso, I slowly withdrew my cock until his sphincter grasped my helmet. Then, just as slowly, I sank back in. Rich gasped as I bottomed out but then smiled and nodded his head to give me permission to continue. I withdrew and sank back in. Another gasp. I noticed that Rich was playing with his nipples. I deep-dicked him again, a little bit faster this time. Then again. And again. And again. The look on his face was pure ecstasy. Wanting more leverage, I turned Rich’s body 90 degrees so that his ass was facing the side of the bed. This allowed me to stand over him, my feet firmly planted on the floor. I took advantage of the break in the action to trace my tongue up the shaft of his cock, drink from the pool of pre-cum that matted down the hair around his navel, and bursa escort bayan then slowly swallow his pole. I only allowed myself a few seconds to inhale the fragrance of his pubes. I didn’t want to make him cum — not yet, and not like this. I withdrew from his dick and then licked a path up his treasure trail toward his chest. As I sucked on his left nipple something caused me to reach toward Rich’s mouth with my right hand and place my fingertips on his lips. He immediately grabbed my wrist and sucked my fingers into his mouth. There was something really hot and really wanton about that moment. Nipples, fingers, whatever the body part — Rich and I couldn’t fight the urge to basically consume each other. As his tongue danced around my digits I licked a path through his chest hair to his right nipple, the nub of which was already erect. But so was my cock — almost painfully so. It was time to fuck. After withdrawing my fingers from Rich’s mouth and briefly replacing them with my tongue, I raised up off of him and stood at the side of the bed. I threw his legs back, looked him in the eye, and sank back into his ass. Rich’s mouth hung open as I started to piston in and out of him. I grabbed his shoulders for greater leverage. My dick felt like it was on fire inside of him. He ass was tight, wet, and hot, and it felt like he was gripping my shaft, milking it, working it with his rectal muscles. When Rich’s hand reached down to grip his own shaft I pulled his hand away, pinning it down on the mattress. His eyes flashed a look of disappointment — or maybe it was just desperation. We were both so close. My body was dripping with sweat. I looked down and saw a droplet of perspiration clinging to my nipple splash down onto his torso. I felt my balls tighten and my nipples contract. Rich’s heels dug into my ass cheeks, keeping rhythm with my thrusts to turbocharge my fucking. Then, suddenly, it happened. My body tingled with goosebumps, broke out in a cold sweat, and convulsed as I shot one, two, three, four, five volleys of cum into Rich’s ass. I had never felt pleasure so intense. I collapsed onto Rich. As we made out I felt his muscular arms envelop my torso. I felt the scratch of his jaw against my neck. I felt my cock, softening only slightly, marinating in the molten load I’d just injected into his ass. And then, still throbbing between our bodies, I felt the heat and hardness of Rich’s cock. I grabbed for the tube of K-Y. I winced just slightly as I inserted a lube-slicked finger into my ass. I broke our kiss to apply the lubricant to Rich’s erection. Then, on pure instinct, I felt myself start to slowly fuck the hot, hairy, muscular, ROTC cadet whose ass still engulfed my greedy cock. For a moment I considered a change of plans, but then I willed myself to withdraw. Standing on the side of the bed, dragging my forearm across my forehead to wipe away the sweat, I looked down at the stud who was not only my lover but also, I felt certain, my love. “You’ve given yourself to me,” I whispered. “Now I want to give myself to you.” Rich raised up on his elbows as a smile washed across his handsome face. “You’re sure?” he asked. For only a half second I hesitated. “Absolutely,” I then said, although in truth I wondered if I’d be man enough to take him. His dick, remember, was not only longer than mine but thicker. Of course I was a little bit nervous. Suddenly Rich rose up off of the bed. He wrapped his arms around me, then cupped his hand beneath my chin to tilt my head upwards. He looked me in the eye. It was as if he had read my mind. “You’re sure you’re sure?” he whispered. “It’s okay to feel nervous,” he reassured me. I practically floated upward into his lips. This time I kissed him not as a result of passion so much as a show of gratitude for his empathy. I did want him. I wanted to make love to him. I wanted him inside of me. And while I still felt anxious about my ability to please him, at that moment any doubt about my desire to please him was wiped away. When I felt the tickle of his pubes against the head of my upturned cock, my desire intensified. “I’m gonna coach you through it,” Rich purred as his lips grazed my ear. “I learned some things just now that should help you. It will probably hurt a little at first, but if I’m half the swordsman you are, a little bit of pain will earn you a whole lot of pleasure. Lay back,” he said, so I did. I couldn’t help but notice that the sheets were damp with Rich’s sweat. This turned me on. So did the sight of him above me: his earnest, almost goofy smile; his bulging muscles; his hirsute frame glistening with perspiration; his erection, jutting out proudly from the thatch of his pubes, bobbing in excitement and glistening with lube. Speaking of which, he reached for the K-Y, coated his middle finger, and slowly pressed into my ass. It was probably smart to augment the lube I’d already applied, plus this gave Rich an opportunity to share something he’d figured out. “One of the reasons it hurt at first was that my body’s natural reaction was to clamp down when you entered me,” he explained. “But then, almost by accident, I used my ass muscles to push out, and it opened me up to you.” He moved his finger in and out of me. “Feel how tight you are?” I nodded. “Now, push out like you’re taking a dump.” I did. This time his finger met with less resistance. As he withdrew his digit, his fingertip dragged over my prostate. I gasped in pleasure. Rich smiled. “I think you’re going to learn to really like this,” he said. “Me too,” I panted. He leaned down, quickly flicked his tongue against the underside of the tip of my dick, and then traced a trail from my belly button over my abs and up to my sternum. A second later his mouth engulfed my left nipple, then my right one. Finally his lips met mine. As our tongues danced together I pulled back my thighs. I could feel the head of Rich’s cock just tickling the entrance of my ass. I looked up into his eyes, which were locked on my own. His pupils were dilated in the dimness of the light, compressing his irises so that they resembled halos of hazel. I reached under his arms to grip from behind his muscular shoulders. His erection was now pressing against me. “Take a few deep breaths,” he instructed, “and push out.” I opened my mouth as his lips returned to mine. I felt his tongue enter my mouth as I bore down to open my sphincter. I threw my head back as his helmet parted my asslips. Everything got a little blurry for a second. “Keep pushing, keep breathing,” Rich whispered, the heat and moisture of his breath washing over my ear. I gasped in pain as the big head of his cock stretched my ring. But then, as he pushed ever so slightly deeper, the pain diminished since his shaft, while plenty thick, is escort bursa still not quite as broad as his helmet. “Keep pushing out,” Rich said. I obeyed. Meanwhile, he nudged forward. At first, there’s no denying that my ass was on fire. The pain scorched me. Rich could see it in my eyes. “You can do this,” he reassured me. As I surveyed his body — chorded muscles gleaming with perspiration and matted with hair — I resolved that yes, I could. The next thing I knew, the scratch of Rich’s dense pubes discovered the itch of the smooth skin that surrounded my hole. He was in me — all the way. He leaned down to kiss me. I clutched the back of his head, running my fingers through the silky bristle of his crew cut. My other hand clutched his broad, muscular back, steadying myself as I learned to accommodate the enormity of his manhood. The pain eased a bit when I remembered to push down against his rod, dilating my ass muscles. He rotated his hips, gently stirring inside me. I felt the line of hair dividing his six-pack abs tease the underside of my own erection. The pain was being drowned out by a more neutral sensation of fullness. Then the feeling of fullness was augmented by the triumphal realization that I’d done it. I had taken him to the hilt. Rich was in me! We were joined as one. I looked up to see his eyes smiling down on me. He kissed me again — just a peck on the lips — and nuzzled my neck. The stubble of his jaw sent little jolts of electricity through my body. His tongue extended to lick my earlobe, introducing me to a previously unknown erogenous zone. I pressed up against his abdomen to maximize the pressure on the underside of my cock. I could feel myself leaking pre-cum. My cock felt almost impossibly hard. So did Rich’s, sheathed inside me. He slowly withdrew, almost all the way, and then sank back into me. Suddenly, I was on the brink of ecstasy. The thing that made the moment so delicious was the mind-blowing sensation of connection. It wasn’t that he was in me; it felt like he had become a part of me — and me a part of him. His cock felt like it was the internal root of my own erection. My dick felt like the external manifestation of his rod at its root. I hope this makes sense. It was an experience that was difficult to comprehend, let alone explain. But that wasn’t the best of it. As Rich began to slowly inch back and forth within me the ecstasy intensified. He was stirring within me a hunger, a wanton desire, an aggressive need I only then realized I possessed. I started to buck back against his cock. I gritted my teeth and lowered my hands to pull against the cheeks of Rich’s ass. “Harder!” I commanded. “Fuck me!” A model ROTC cadet, Rich had no problem following orders. He started thrusting in and out. He dicked me long, deep, fast, slow, shallow, then deep again. He raised up on his arms for leverage, panting and grunting. Meanwhile, I was moaning in pleasure. Thank God the cinderblock walls of our dorm building provided good sound insulation; otherwise, the entire floor would have heard us. I tilted my head forward and let my tongue trace a path through the hair that feathered over Rich’s collarbones. He scooted upwards. I lapped up the rivulets of perspiration that flowed down his chest. He hunched higher above me, pounding into my ass as my lips encircled and sucked his nipple. “I’m so fucking close,” he panted. So was I. I needed him so bad. I’d never felt such intense desire. “On your back!” I ordered as I shifted his weight and rolled on top of him. Rather than breaking our connection this move cemented it. I was above him now. He was thrusting up and I was using my thighs to piston my ass up and down. My dick was waving over him, achingly hard and sprinkling droplets of pre-cum across his midsection. That’s when time stood still. There was so much tension, so much pleasure. I hung by my fingernails on the edge of the abyss. I’m not sure if it lasted seconds or several minutes, but, unfortunately, it couldn’t last forever. When I saw Rich’s meaty paw encircle my rod and felt him squeeze, I knew this ride had reached its climax. I opened my mouth, breathless and silent as I felt my balls convulse. Long ropes of cum erupted from my cock, painting lines across Rich’s chest. Each burst caused my ass to clamp down on his hot iron rod — now not only thrusting but also throbbing as he delivered deep within me his molten load. I could feel him surging inside of me, filling me with his warmth and wetness. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. Exhausted, I collapsed down on top of him. His dick still firmly lodged in my rectum, as we embraced and made out I could feel his cum start to ooze over my asslips. This caused my own half-hard dick to twitch in the hairy, semen-soaked swamp of Rich’s abs. As I nuzzled his neck I closed my eyes to say a silent prayer of thanks. I had never before felt so connected to someone. I had never felt such passion. I had never felt such love. I also, apparently, had never felt so tired. The next thing I knew it was morning. I heard the shower running, then stop. I could hear Rich pull open the shower curtain and reach for a towel. I turned to face the half-open door to his bathroom. A long second later, Rich emerged with a funny grin on his face. His was wearing the jockstrap that had been hanging on the inside door knob. He stood before me, planted his feet a good twelve inches apart, and lifted his arms to flex. There he was, in all his hairy, muscular, goofy, and utterly majestic glory — imitating the pose of the stud featured on the inside back cover of the Undergear catalog. Rich and I made lots of memories during the rest of that school year, but now, more than 25 years later, when I think of him I picture him at that very moment, big and beautiful and bulging before me. He was my first love but not my last. It was painful to see him graduate and head off to his Officer Basic Course, leaving me behind to finish college. We continued as a couple for a while, but distance takes its toll. We parted ways, still on good terms, while he was in flight school. We’ve kept in touch over the years. He’s remained a good friend. He coached me through several subsequent relationships, including an unsuccessful one with my now ex-husband. Rich is still single after an Army career that took him from commanding an Apache helicopter to serving as an Army chaplain and ordained Episcopal minister. With the Army behind him and my ex-husband out of the picture, we’re both starting over. That’s why I’m excited that he’s agreed to come for a long visit. If the timing and circumstances of life worked against us back then, then maybe things can be different now. That, at least, is my hope. I never wanted to admit it to myself during my marriage, but now I’m ready to face facts. I’ve sorted through lots of relationships with lots of different men, but not a single one has even come close to Rich. He’s my one true love. The end. PEASE SEND YOUR FEEDBACK to me at hoo. I’d love to hear from you!

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