Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 02Making The Grade in Biology Ch. 02

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Biology Studies — Two Makes Three

This story is a work of fiction. While I myself fantasized about something like this happening when I was in High School, it is only a fantasy.

It was my senior year in high school and my grade point average was barely getting by to be able to graduate. I was 18 and in my second semester. My grades were good enough to graduate in all but one class, Biology. There were a couple of other classmates that were in the same predicament as I was and had resorted to studying together in order to bring our grades up. I had teamed up with Carol, one of my classmates, in order to do some togetherness studying at my house.

On the weekend before a large test, Carol had come over to my house so the two of us could study together. The chapters we were having trouble with the most was genetics and reproduction. While going over some of the stuff in the book, we began relating different family traits we though might be genetically related. Since we were studying reproduction, it somehow lead to comparing our own bodies with the descriptions and drawings in our books.

That weekend before the big test, Carol’s fascination with the size and shape of my cock, lead to giving me a really nice blowjob. My exploration of Carol’s slit lead to stimulating her clit and causing her to have an orgasm. After her orgasm was subsiding, I hugged her tightly. In this position, the alignment of our bodies had my cock lined up with her slick pussy. It didn’t take much shifting of our bodies for my cock to soon be imbedded into her. From there, instinct took over and it wasn’t long before her womb was filled with my sperm, to overflowing.

Our weekend studies together enabled both of us to maintain a passing grade, but neither of us were out of the woods as far as our biology grades. With that in mind, both of us resolved Ataşehir Escort that we’d be spending a lot of weekends together.

The weekend after the big test, Carol and I were cracking the books again in my bedroom. My parents had gone to the club again; a predictable Saturday night staple for them. It wasn’t long before Carol was teasing me about whether my cock was up to full size, like last weekend. Her hand on my crotch, squeezing and rubbing guaranteed that my cock was large and hard.

I did nothing to dissuade her when her hand undid my belt and unzipped my fly. Her hand now had easier access and did not have to fight my pants to get to my cock. Her hand slipped effortlessly into the opening of my boxers, pulling my swelling cock into view. After a week of not feeling her touch, tt felt wonderful to have her soft fingers wrapped around my cock again, stroking me into hardness. When my cock was nice and firm, Carol gave me a lustful grin, bent down and slipped her lips over the head of my shaft. Slowly bobbing up and down, she swirled her tongue on my shaft on the up-stroke. Apparently, she had been doing some research on the subject since last weekend and she was putting that new-found knowledge to good use. When my cock erupted and filled her mouth with cum, she greedily swallowed every drop.

Carol had me so worked up, I just grabbed her and practically threw her onto the bed and yanked her panties off in one fluid motion. Not really giving her time to think, I pulled her labia lips apart and put my lips on her clit and sucked like a man possessed. It only took a few moments for her engorged clit to swell to 3 times its normal size. Carol was soon writhing back and forth on the bed, making unintelligible guttural sounds. Every once in a while, I’d stop to admire the look of exquisite on her face, then go back to licking her Anadolu Yakası Escort slit and sucking her clit. I was about to look up again when I heard her saying “Almost, almost, almost, oh God, I’m cummmmmming.” I felt Carol’s hands grab my head and jamb my mouth hard into her cunt. A half second later, she was filling my mouth with her girl juices and I was lapping it up as fast as I could.

When Carol relaxed her hands on my head enough for me to move, I took the opportunity to move up further on her body. My cock was hard again and I was running on a hormone high. Anticipating where I was going, Carol grabbed my cock and guided it into her dripping cunt. In one continuous motion, I had had impaled her fully.

I began to frantically pump my cock into Carol. Her breathing and heart rate accelerated, as did mine. Beads of sweat rolled off our bodies, as if the friction of our bodies rubbing together had created a fire. Remembering the first time with Carol, I was able to gage both the timing of her orgasm and mine. I knew she was close to cumming when I unloaded my cum into her young womb. I kept on pumping until she wrapped her legs around my body, sucking me into her deeper and making it impossible to move. The muscles in her cunt clamped down on my cock like a vise, trying to squeeze every last drop of my cum out of my cock. Her, screaming in my ear about how hard she was cumming almost deafened me but I was elated to make her so happy.

As usual, the bed sheets were soaked and we had to run down to the washer, still naked, to wash and dry the sheets before my parents got back from their Saturday night dancing. We’d then go back up to my room to do some studying, snuggled up to each other, still naked.

Saturday’s study sessions usually unleashed such an adrenalin rush that both of us were still on cloud 9 on Tuesday. Kartal Escort And so it went for the next few months until graduation; Carol and I would be spending every weekend cracking the books and fucking each other into exhaustion. It became obvious to everyone around us that there was something going on but nobody was sure haw far it had gone.

A week before graduation, Carol confided in me that she hadn’t been feeling well for a week or two and had gone to the doctor to have a check-up. The doctor told her she was just fine . . . except for one thing . . . she was pregnant. When I heard the words “pregnant”, I was in shock. She had anticipated my next question and before I had a chance to open my mouth, her next words were “and it’s yours”. When the initial shock wore off, I took her in my arms, kissed her, and assured her that I loved her and that everything would be alright.

The graduation ceremonies went off without incident, except for a slight wobble in Carol’s walk across the platform for her diploma. Most people thought there was something on the stage that caught the heel of her shoe. Later, she confided in me she was a little dizzy; the flood of hormones in her body because of the baby growing inside her womb, made her a little faint.

A month later, we were married at a small. family-only ceremony. That Fall, my parents helped pay for additional education at the local community college while Carol made preparations for the baby. Days before I was to start my second semester, I was holding Carol’s hand in the delivery room. After hours of panting and screaming, a beautiful little boy with redish brown hair made an appearance, to the relief of everyone in the delivery room. The product of our long study sessions the previous Spring had taken after his dad; while he suckled on one of Carol’s nipples sucking nourishment from it, I took a taste from the other. While it probably would have been better to wait a few years before the babies started coming, Carol and I were in heaven just watching our progeny blissfully suckling.

To be continued? Possibly. I’m working on some ideas for the next chapter

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