Make Them Happpy – Chapter 2 – What Are Friends ForMake Them Happpy – Chapter 2 – What Are Friends For


The curse of Monday and back to work arrived.  Fred and Samantha parted with a long hot kiss.  He started to grab her firm ass and push his returning hard-on against her when the phone rang.“Hello, this is Fred Gibbons.  How can I help you?”Fred listened to the caller and said he would return the call in an hour.  He looked at Samantha with a sad face.  He said he was sorry, but this was a business call.  Samantha did not seem phased.  She shut the front door, undid Fred’s jeans, and swallowed his half-erect cock. Samantha continued her oral seduction and Fred had his hands on the back of her head.  It wasn’t long before Fred was taking over and pumping his erection into her mouth.  She grabbed his ass with one hand and his balls with the other.  Pushing his ass into her and pulling on his balls, in no time Fred was giving Samantha whatever he had left from their weekend, and she swallowed with a sexy moaning“You know, when I call this guy, I’m supposed to sound alive.”“Oh Baby, you ARE alive,” Samantha cooedWhen Fred got home, he called his perspective client.  After a short time, he realized he had worked for him before.  This man played his cards straight up and was good for his word.  He was also generous.  They agreed to meet in the restaurant at the hotel.“Mr. Martin, it’s a pleasure to see you again.  How is your family?”“Doing well, Fred.  How has your business been fairing?”“A bit slow, but I am lucky with the clients I have.  Like you.  What are your plans, and how can I help?”The working lunch lasted over two hours.  They went over every aspect.  Everything was in order.  Fred knew this was going to be big in his prospects.  Martin was a big name and carried a lot of influence.Fred was still at the hotel finishing up his notes when his phone rang.  It was Annie.“Hey, Fred.  What’s up?”“I’ve just finished a meeting with Mr. Martin.  He is very influential and very rich.  I have worked with him before.  He is great to work with.  I’m still at the hotel putting my notes together.  I have to start Maltepe Escort this tomorrow.  Would you want to come here and have a beer?”“I just got back in town.  How about if I call Samantha and we meet at Ellie’s around five thirty or six?  We can celebrate your new project.”“Perfect.”When they got to Ellie’s, Fred told them about the project.  One thing Martin was very big on was his people having the weekend off, as long as the project came in on time or early.  Annie told them about her visit with her sister and family, and Samantha was quiet about her weekend.  It was time to head home, and Fred said he would spend as much time as possible with the ladies, they understood.Their last meeting at Ellie’s was Monday of last week.  Today was Wednesday.  Neither of the ladies had heard from Fred.  They decided to call him.  When he didn’t answer, Samantha left a message to call one of them.  Two hours later, Samantha’s phone rang.“Hey, Samantha.  Sorry I missed your call.  I left my phone in the car and was on the project site.  I am sorry.”“As long as you are all right.  We had not heard from you and were worried.  Annie will be relieved when I tell her we talked.  Will you be in town soon?”“It will be next week.  There’s a lot of preliminary crap to do.  I will keep in touch.  Promise.”Samantha called Annie and told her of the conversation.  Annie sounded as sad as Samantha felt.  They had begun to depend on Fred’s attention.  They weren’t sure what to do.  Time to meet at Ellie’s for a cold one.Chuck brought over two full beers and an empty one.  He said things just didn’t look right and left.  The ladies talked about different things until the main issue could no longer be avoided.“What are we going to do Annie?” Samantha asked with a sad look on her face.“I hadn’t realized how much Fred was part of our lives.  He has brought us back to life.  That’s my opinion.  With Jason, I was better off with my toys.  Then Fred comes along.  Samantha, I’m lost.”“So, am I.  We Maltepe Escort Bayan have had so many fun times together, you and I and Fred seemed to rekindle my sexuality.  What do you think, Annie?”“Absolutely.  I realize how much I was missing with Jason, that jerk.”Silence overcame “Their table”.  Chuck brought two more beers.  They sat there staring into space.  Samantha broke the ice.  She reached under the table and began to rub Annie’s thigh.  Annie looked at her.  After a minute, she began to rub Samantha’s thigh only closer to her “V”.  They looked at each other with a certain look. Samantha motioned to Chuck for another round.  When he came to the table, he had two beers for each of them.“Ladies, whatever is so deeply on your mind.  Make sure the answer is right for both of you.  I got your tab.”“Annie.  I want to take you home. I want to feel you close to me.  I want to feel your warmth.”“Samantha.  Why have we waited so long?  We knew what we wanted.  And we want to have Fred.  Not really share him but have him become part of us.  I think we needed Fred to bring all our feelings together.”“How do you think Fred will feel?  I’m guessing he will be agreeable.  We will just have to find out when the time comes.The ladies went home, to face what they had been wanting.  They were in the bedroom and began softly kissing.  Annie was looking into Samantha’s eyes.  Samantha slowly closed her eyes and started lightly gliding her tongue over Annie’s lips.  Annie whimpered and slid her tongue into Samantha’s mouth. As their tongues intertwined, they began to slowly remove their blouses and explore the warm flesh of their torso.  Annie pushed Samantha’s bra over her full breast and started to fondle them.  Samantha unhooked Annie’s bra and let it fall to the floor.  She bent over and sucked on her left breast and nibbled on Annie’s hard nipple.  Her other hand was holding Annie close to her. Annie reached for Samantha’s bra and unhooked it.  As it fell to the floor, Escort Maltepe Annie was unzipping Samantha’s jeans and slid her hand into her panties.  When she found Samantha’s “V”, she realized that Samantha was wet with anticipation and slid a finger into her.  Samantha inhaled sharply and pushed her pelvis against Annie’s intruding finger.Samantha pulled down Annie’s sweatpants to inspect her warm, wet panties.  She gently rubbed her finger against the material.  Annie was moaning and pushing on her finger.  Samantha pulled Annie’s panties down and fingered her wet opening.  They were standing there deeply kissing and exploring the other’s private parts with their fingers. Samantha was the first to do more.  She gently laid Annie on the bed and knelt between her spread legs.  She was kissing her vaginal lips and lightly licking between them.  Annie was moaning and cooing enjoying every touch of Samantha’s tongue.  Samantha was pleasuring Annie’s full breasts by milking them and pulling on her hard nipples. Then without warning, Samantha trapped Annie’s clit in her mouth and began to flog Annie’s hard clit with her tongue.  Annie grabbed Samantha’s head and refused to release her grip until Samantha brought her to a screaming climax.  Annie released Samantha’s head and laid back on the bed.  She was gasping for breath and moaning and mewing with satisfaction.  It would be several minutes before the tryst would continue.When Annie had recovered, Samantha crawled onto the bed like a cat.  She was meowing and mewing like a cat in heat.  Annie rolled over and nipped Samantha’s butt cheek.  Samantha responded by lowering herself onto her elbows and pushing her round, firm ass in the air like she was a cat on heat.  Annie got behind Samantha and nibbled her firm cheeks.  Then lowered herself to the position that she could lick Samantha from her clit to her tight opening.  Every time Annie would lick Samantha’s wanting opening, Samantha would purr and push back on Annie’s mouth.  Annie lay on her back and slid under Samantha.  She grabbed Samantha’s breasts and pushed her to a sitting position on Annie’s face.  Annie was licking her as soon as her wet lips were close enough to her tongue. Annie licked and sucked Samantha until Samantha started rocking back and forth on Annie’s tongue and mouth. 

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