Maggie’s Re-AwakeningMaggie’s Re-Awakening


Maggie Donaldson sat back on her heels and surveyed her flowerbed. She had spent the entire morning replanting flowers and weeding the beds, and now she was finished. She rose to her feet, and glanced at the air conditioner unit that was on the fritz wondering how long it would take to get it repaired.

She was feeling hot, tired, and dirty and there was something else she could not put her finger on.

She strolled into her kitchen to wash her hands, but after catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she headed for the bathroom to take a long, hot shower instead.

When Maggie got to the bathroom, she turned the shower on and adjusted the temperature before stripping off her clothes, and stepping in.

As she started soaping her body, she finally realized what the feeling she had not be able to pinpoint all day long was, she missed James, her late husband. He had been killed in a car accident 2 years earlier, while on his way home to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. She washed her hair wondering if she would ever find another man like James, one who treated her and excited her the way he did.

Running her soapy hands over her tits she pulled on the hardened nipples thinking about how James loved to bite and put nipple clamps on them. She continued soaping her body, her hands working their way down till she came to her pussy. She caressed it, noticing how wet she was. Suddenly she felt guilty; here she was horny while James lay in a grave. She was supposed to be a grieving widow, feeling only the grief that his death brought her.

Her guilt increased as she thought about the lecture she would get from her minister if she confessed to having feelings of longing. So rinsing the soap off, she turned off the shower, stepped out and grabbed a towel that she wrapped around her wet hair. Maggie knew that there Avrupalı porno would come a day where she would be able to pleasure herself without feelings of guilt.

She looked for a robe before realizing that she had not brought one in, so she padded naked out of the bathroom, with her head down as she towel dried her hair. She had not gotten 5′ before she was greeted with the sight of pair feet. Maggie jerked her head up and saw Jerry, the air conditioner repairman.

Maggie was so shocked and surprised that she stumbled backwards, only to come up against something big and solid. Another man was there. His hand landed on her stomach to steady her. As she glanced downward towards the hand she noticed that Jerry’s cock was hard, so was the cock of the person she was up against. The hand was black, so she knew that it had to be Mac, Jerry’s helper.

As she stood between these two men, a feeling of longing washed over her. Her nipples tightened up and became hard little nubs, something Jerry quickly noticed. He smiled and reached out to touch one nipple. A sigh escaped Maggie’s lips as he drew circles around it making it clear to both men that she was excited.

Jerry leaned over and bit her nipple, making her moan in pleasure. She leaned back into Macs body, feeling his hard cock pressing into her ass. She wondered what it would be like to have a black man fuck her, and grew more excited since that was a forbidden thought.

As Jerry started sucking on each nipple, Macs hand moved downward to her pussy. Maggie spread her legs open to allow him access. She felt him slide his fingers into her while his thumb rubbed her clit, God it felt so good. Maggie forced herself away from Mac and Jerry, looked at them both, and smiled as she led them into her bedroom.

She sat her on the bed, Video porno and spread her legs wide open. Both men quickly stripped out of their clothing, and approached the bed. Maggie looked at Mac, she had never seen a black cock before and was fascinated. She ran her tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his pre come as he groaned in pleasure. She wanted that cock in her so she pulled Mac down to her as she lay on the bed.

He shoved his cock in Maggie’s wet pussy and started fucking her hard, slamming his cock in and out of her. She went wild as he brought one of her legs up, putting it over his shoulder. He took a nipple and squeezed till it hurt as she whimpered from sheer pleasure.

Her head was hanging off the other side of the bed her mouth open in pleasure. Jerry straddled Maggie’s face and shoved his cock in her mouth, down her throat. She loved to suck cock, but she loved to be fucked in the mouth even more. As Mac slammed his cock in and out of her cunt, her tongue danced over Jerry’s cock, licking and sucking it. She swirled her tongue over the head then sucked hard on it.

As she felt the climax building in her body Jerry’s cock suddenly swelled up, filling her mouth as he shot his load of cum. She had an orgasm, as she tasted his cum, her juices coating Macs cock as flowed out and down the crack of her ass. With her pussy quivering around him, Mac came, filling her pussy with jets of hot cum.

Maggie gave Jerry one last long suck then smiled as his cock slipped from her mouth. Then she crawled down the bed and started licking Mac’s cock clean, surprised to find it still hard. He pushed her head down to his balls. First she sucked one ball into her mouth as she fondled the other with her hand then she switched and gently sucked on the other ball.

Jerry was enjoying the view of Maggie naked pussy and ass up in the air as she sucked Mac. He slid a couple of fingers into her seeping pussy getting them wet, before slipping them into Maggie’s ass. She relaxed and let him finger fuck her.

By now, Jerry’s cock was hard. He kneeled behind Maggie and buried it in her pussy. He fucked her for a few minutes to get his cock wet, and then aimed the head at the little tiny pucker of Maggie’s asshole.

Maggie raised her head, and as she opened her mouth to say no, Mac shoved as cock in it till her nose was against his pubic bone. She moaned around his cock as Jerry rammed his cock in her ass. Her ass was on fire; it hurt; yet she did not want them to stop.

“God” she thought, “I am in heaven. Just fuck me harder please” As if reading her mind, Mac grabbed her head with both hands and held her in place as he fucked her mouth as fast as he could, her tongue furiously licking, sucking the shaft and head.

Mac felt his balls tighten up as cum rushed up his shaft. He pulled his cock out till just the head rested in her mouth, filling her mouth with cum. She kept sucking and licking until she had swallowed every drop.

Jerry was fucking Maggie hard in her ass, ramming his cock into her over and over again. He heard her cry out, “I’m cuming, oh God, I’m cuming” then felt her ass tighten around his cock, milking it. He exploded in her ass sending stream after stream of hot semen into her bowels.

Both men got off the bed and got dressed. Maggie stood there watching, cum oozing out of her pussy and ass while she did. She walked forward and kissed each man deeply on the mouth and ran her hand down to his cock one more time. As they turned to leave, she said, “hey, tell your boss I did not have time to let you guys work on the air conditioner, so you will have to come back later to fix it. But this time, bring a third man. I have always wanted someone fucking me in the mouth, pussy, and ass, all at the same time.”

As Mac and Jerry walked out the door, both men were grinning and both had a raging hard on.

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