M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 06M.I.L.F. vs Stud Ch. 06


I have received some email asking for some background on Katye and Kyle. And based upon where this story is headed, I thought a little background on Kyle might be a good idea. I have asked Katye for some help in writing this since she was a vital part of his sexual awakening.

Readers, please remember, my kids did not exist before the age of eighteen, when they spontaneously existed of-age.



I guess the first thing I want to write is that I love and adore my little brother, Kyle. Even though he’s big and strong, I still think that I need to protect him. God, he’s just so beautiful that I don’t want anything bad to happen to him. I guess that’s just the big (dominant) sister coming out in me.

I guess I started working out to get in shape for competitions a few years ago. Mom let me take some ‘supplements’ to help me get bigger. She said that a girl has to if she wants to win, and it would help me be on a more even footing with my brother, if he were to get into competitions.

I think Mom wanted me to get bigger so Kyle would feel compelled to get into competition level shape. He worked out with me, but he didn’t have the drive to get big enough to win anything. Kyle was well defined, but not at all bulky. Mom didn’t want him to get bulky, but he needed to have that drive, that desire to win, in order to compete.

Mom’s best friend, Maize, came over one Saturday, as she normally did, but this time she had presents for us. I had a competition coming up in a week, so Maize got me a new competition bikini. It was awesome! It fit me perfectly. It pushed my breasts up, barely covering my tits. And the bottoms fit low on the waist and looked more like a thong than a Brazilian cut. The directors of the competition were relaxing the rule that juniors were not allowed to wear thongs, but I would be one of the first to take advantage of it.

Then Kyle opened his gift. It was a competition bikini as well. The look on his face was priceless. He was used to wearing tight revealing clothing by this age, but this took things to a whole new level. The piece of fabric didn’t seem any larger than mine. Kyle began to object, but both Maize and my mom made him go try it on.

He came out looking amazing. The black silky fabric was stretched to the max. Kyle was well developed between the legs, and I’m still not sure how that bikini held him in place. The front waist band of the thong was cut similar to mine. Instead of the band going straight across his lower abs, the band had a pronounced V-shape in the front. The cut dipped down from his hips towards his penis. He had to tuck himself down over his balls. Otherwise, his penis would have been completely out the top of this thing; that’s how low this thing was cut.

The style in the back was also a thong cut. The back strap was lost between his hairless muscular ass cheeks. I knew he would be the first boy to wear something like that in competition.

Kyle began to protest, but Maize cut him off. “Listen. You haven’t worked out nearly enough to win a competition solely based upon your build. So this bikini is going to put your best attributes on display. It’ll get you the votes, I promise you. Male or female judges, I don’t care. They’ll all admire what you’ve got.”

“Yeah, as long as he doesn’t pop out the top,” I added with a laugh.

“I’ve got that covered,” Maize countered. Maize worked quickly. She reached out and pulled the bikini down mid-thigh, leaving his cock to swing half hard.

“Hey, hands above your head, boy,” Maize ordered. Kyle quickly complied, clasping his hands behind his head while she did her work. “You know better than that.”

Maize worked a small ring around the base of his cockhead, which made it look more like he had a noose around the thing. Then a second ring, attached by a leather strap to the smaller ring already around his cock, was worked around his balls. This forced his cock to remain tucked down over his ball sac in a nice tight package. There was no way he was going to spring free, no matter how hard he got.

Maize pulled his bikini back up and tucked his manhood back in place. She gave his butt a smack, letting him know she was done.

My god, his bulge looked amazing! His cock and balls were larger than most guys to begin with. These rings made it all seem so much larger, if that’s possible. I was speechless. I thought I looked good in my bikini, but he was putting me to shame. Fuck!

Maize grabbed his cock and gave it a shake to make sure it was secure.

“Yeah, that’ll work. Kyle, sex sells. What can I say? You just have to get used to being controlled like that,” Maize noted.

“Yeah, hon, it’s time you started wearing something like this anyway,” my mom said. You’re at the age of eighteen and you need to be harnessed. Trust me, boys need restraint. You can’t be trusted to remain in control over your sex. Boys are too weak. I’ve kind of talked to you about this before, babe. It’s all part of growing up. Once you Kızılay Escort can control your erections and desires, then we’ll talk about taking that thing off, but for now, I’d like for you to wear this for all athletic competitions and whenever you’re out at the pool. In fact, you may as well wear it twenty-four/seven for a while to get used to it.”

“Even at night?” my brother asked.

“Especially at night,” my mom countered quickly.

What neither my mom nor Maize realized at the time was that Kyle and I had stumbled upon a box full of sex toys similar to this about six months ago (when Kyle, who is younger than me, was 18 years and 1 day old) when we were snooping around for Christmas gifts. We had experimented by putting the cock rings around his cock and balls.

There was one ring in particular that was nearly a huge problem. The ring was medium sized and made of metal. I made Kyle squeeze his balls through it. It took some work, but he finally succeeded. The problem was he couldn’t get it off! It hurt too much to squeeze his balls back through the ring.

Kyle ended up wearing it for about a month before he realized that some lubricant might help get it off. I thought of the lube shortly after he put it on, but I enjoyed watching him deal with it too much to offer the suggestion. Even with the lube, it hurt him like hell to pop the first nut back through the thing. I was hoping his balls would grow enough during that month that he would never be able to get it off. Came close.

Anyway, Kyle was somewhat used to wearing these rings, but he didn’t let on; nor did I.

A little later that evening, Kyle and I were in the kitchen by ourselves when he walked by me. I reached out and grabbed his package, bumped my body against his torso and leaned into his face.

I said, “You know, if you’d actually grow a pair and work out hard to get into great shape, you might actually win.” It was so totally spontaneous. I didn’t come close to holding his package in my one hand, but I did manage to get one of his nuts between my thumb and ring finger. I squeezed until I saw on his face that I had his attention. “Damn it, Kyle, you’ve got the looks and you’ve got the body, so just get in the god-damned competition or you may as well just give me these things so I can use them.”

He was fighting the urge to double over at this point from the pain I was causing him, but he had to pretend to be strong. I gave him my ‘mad-as-hell’ look then shoulder checked him before heading back out to the patio with Mom and Maize. From my peripheral vision, I saw Kyle holding his balls.

I was really hoping that would get his attention. It did. Kyle came out and declared that he had changed his mind and would enter the competition and would workout with me every chance he had to get into shape. He asked mom if he could take some ‘supplements,’ but my mom wouldn’t let him. She wanted him to be all natural. She also didn’t want him to be big and bulky, just defined. She didn’t really even care if he competed. She just wanted him to have a little more muscle and to work out with me so I could get used to giving a male direction. At the same time, Kyle would continue to get used to taking orders about his body from another girl.

“Repetition is imperative,” Maize said. We had to beat it into his head.


Well, that’s my daughter’s recollection of the event that she thought was the turning point in Kyle’s life. I’ll pick the story up from there.

About six weeks later, both Katye and Kyle were in a Juniors Body Building competition. Kyle had put on some muscle, but was still far from bulky enough to win solely because of his body. But he had his beautiful boyish face, and…well…the way he filled out his bikini.

To our surprise, Kyle made it to the top ten. We were all so proud. As Katye, Maize and I were talking with Kyle off to the side just after the competition ended, one of the judges, Sotoya Clifton, joined us unexpectedly. After introductions, Maize and Katye went on their way.

“Mrs. Millwood, you must be very proud of both your kids. I think Katye is a rising star if she sticks with it. And I understand this is Kyle’s first competition. Nice job, young man,” Sotoya said, reaching out to put her arm around his waist.

I vaguely recognized her, but I couldn’t quite place her. She was probably a woman I competed against in my younger days. She had the look of a woman who competed. She was in excellent shape still.

“Thank you. I am very proud. Please, call me Tina.”

“Well Tina, if your son is interested, I run a private club for training. I specialize in juniors. I’m not training anybody right now, so I could take him on. Katye too, if she’s interested.”

She tucked her card into the side of Kyle’s waistband.

“Can you tell me how you might help Kyle?”

“Well, first off, I want to say that the choice of bikini was excellent. He wouldn’t have finished top ten without it. It shows off his glutes Kızılay Escort Bayan very well.”

She ran her fingertips over the curve of Kyle’s ass to further her point.

“But let me be frank with you, Tina. Your boy is never going to medal without some coaching from one of the judges, if you know what I mean. He doesn’t have the bulk to get there on his own. His package will get him to the top ten, but he’s going nowhere from there.”

On one hand, I suppose I appreciated her candor, but on the other much larger hand, I was completely offended by her insinuation. Her entire demeanor rubbed me the wrong way. I think down deep, I knew I was being out dommed. I still considered Kyle and Katye to be under my control, and I had much to teach them. I was not going to let this woman lay claim to my boy like this.

“And just let me be clear with you, I am not going to let my boy be ‘coached’ by you, or whatever you want to call it. I know how to train the boy to win. It’s not all about size, I know that. But I am not going to allow him to become your little slut.”

I thought about it all afterwards. I should have been expecting the dommes to be coming out of the woodwork once they laid eyes on my boy. We can all sense a submissive. Kyle isn’t an Alpha, and we can all smell it. They will all want to get their claws into the boy.

I grabbed Kyle by the arm, told him to put his varsity jacket on and we marched out to the car. I could feel Sotoya’s glare burning a hole through the back of my head as we left the gym.

I had promised Kyle a double cheeseburger once the competition was over, so I pulled up to the drive-thru window to pick up our order. I couldn’t help but notice the stare of the girl working the window. She couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Kyle who was in the passenger seat beside me.

I was still fuming from the confrontation with Sotoya, and I was about to lay into this girl as well.

“Was this pimply faced geek going to try to make a move on Kyle as well? Damn,” I thought. But before I cussed her out, I thought I would look over to see what had her so mesmerized, just in case it wasn’t Kyle.

I think I audibly gasped.

It was Kyle all right. In my haste to leave the gym, I had given Kyle his jacket to wear, but that only covered him to his waist. What I failed to give him, and he must have been too afraid to ask for, was his sweatpants. So here I had this teenage boy sitting next to me, his jacket open and only wearing his bikini bottoms. He had walked through the crowded parking lot at the gym on display like that. Luckily, there was no one in the parking lot under the age of eighteen. And now, this girl who had surely never been so close to a male so well-endowed was getting an eyeful. I can only imagine what she must have been thinking.

I pulled the car over to a parking spot. He had to get dressed before we went any further.

“Hurry up and put on your sweatpants,” I ordered.

“But they’re in the trunk,” Kyle responded.

“Well get them!” I was in no mood for this.

“Fine!” he said.

It wasn’t until I happened to glance over at the restaurant that I saw why Kyle didn’t really want to get the sweatpants himself. A hoard of high school girls, who all looked well over the age of eighteen, from what looked like a cheerleading squad were staring, mouths agape, at Kyle as he fumbled through his gym bag in the trunk to locate his pants.

A few of the girls managed to snap a few shots with their cameras before my boy was able to better cloth himself.

“Sorry, hun,” I offered when he climbed back into the front seat.

I was unable to attend Kyle’s next three competitions, but it seemed that he was making progress each time. He finished tenth again, seventh and then fourth. I was so proud. But at the same time, I was puzzled. How was he able to improve without really having gained any muscle? I mean, he does sport a nice bulge, but that can get a boy only so far on the body building stage.

I was walking back to my bedroom when I noticed the laundry basket sitting just outside Katye’s door. It was Kyle’s responsibility to wash, fold, and put the clothes away, so I knew he had to be in talking to his sister. I pride myself on trusting my kids and never snooping, but for whatever reason, I stopped to listen at the door.

“So what do you think? She’s not so bad, is she?” Katye asked her brother.

“No, she’s cool. I mean, she’s stern, like Mom. I still don’t see why Mom blew up at her when we first met her,” Kyle responded.

“Oh, it’s a control thing. Sotoya should have talked to Mom privately first. And sometimes, when two people with the same personality traits meet, it doesn’t go well. They’re both used to getting their way, that’s all. But I do think she’s giving you good advice”

“When she’s giving me advice, I’m so glad that Maize makes me wear the rings. I couldn’t control it otherwise.”

“I know! I can tell you’re getting Escort Kızılay hard when she’s touching you.”

“Oh fuck! You can tell?”

“Oh totally. I mean, you’re already big, but the head really swells.”

“Oh shit. Well, Sotoya hasn’t let on that she’s noticed.”

“Yeah, well she’s a professional, so she understands. But I think you should try to spend some time with her. She’d do you a lot of good…in all sorts of ways.”

That’s when I broke in. I couldn’t listen anymore. I rapped my knuckles on the door and then opened it. Katye and Kyle were lying on her bed. Kyle’s jeans were unzipped and partially pulled down from his waist. His T-shirt was pulled up enough to expose his right nipple.

Katye was propped up on her side, fingering Kyle’s ‘happy trail’ down from his navel to where it disappeared behind his microfiber Unico underwear. I was glad to see that he was still restrained. He looked full, but his penis was still arched down over his bound testicles.

“Hey Mom,” Katye said.

“Oh hey. I saw the basket out here and wondered what was going on. Looks like I walked in on an Abercrombie photo-shoot.”

“Yeah, right. No, we’re just talking about competing,” Kyle offered.

“Yeah, I’m trying to get this boy to do more ab work,” Katye said, playfully rubbing his taunt six pack.

Kyle laughed and rolled off the bed to his feet, allowing his jeans to fall to the ground.

“And take that nasty shirt off. Throw it in the wash with those jeans.”

“All right, all right,” Kyle responded. He whipped off the T-shirt and stepped out of his jeans. I was pleased with how well he had developed, standing there before me.

“Kyle, I know I’m being tough on you, but if you’ll listen to me, I know you’ll medal every time. A boy your age needs to learn control of your entire body. I think it’s already paid off. I just want to make sure you know that I have your best interests in mind. I don’t want you listening to that judge. She has ulterior motives; I’m sure of it.”

“Yeah, I know, Mom. I’ll get through it.”

“Okay, break time’s over. Let’s get these clothes put away.”

Kyle grabbed a handful of panties and bras from the basket.

“And you need to fold my thongs right when you put them in the drawer. I don’t like the way you do it,” Katye said to her brother.

“Oh please,” I said, rolling my eyes before moving down the hall to my room.


“Hey, get your bulge back here. I wasn’t done talking to you,” I said to my brother.

Kyle plopped back down on the bed beside me again.

“There’s one thing that Sotoya disagrees with Mom about. She thinks you need to be allowed to have an orgasm a few days before each competition,” I offered.

“No fucking way! Really?” Kyle leaned up on his elbows. I returned to playing with his trail. I saw his cock twitch, trying to break the bond that has held it in place for weeks. I totally felt sorry for Kyle.

Mom had completely taken Maize’s advice about Kyle’s orgasm schedule. She believed that he should only be allowed release the night after a competition. But Sotoya believed that that makes a boy like Kyle too jittery up on stage. An orgasm two days before a competition would take the edge off but still give him time to recover, so to speak.

I let my hand drift down over his cock. I gently squeezed and caressed it. Kyle moaned and let his head fall back.

“Yeah, and she wanted me to take care of your needs. But I don’t know what to do about this ring. You’re too big to get it off your cockhead.”

But I soon found out that didn’t matter. As I continued to stroke his bent shaft through his silky smooth underwear, Kyle arched his back and moaned loudly. His torso twisted slightly then he bucked his hips. I felt the first surge of hot cum spurt out his cock and through the thin fabric. My fingers were covered with Kyle’s pent up juices.

I was amazed at how much he had. He kept coming and coming. I had to scoop his cum up from between his legs before it hit my bed sheets. I wiped my hand on his chest before doing it again.

“Fuck! I didn’t know you could cum without being totally hard.”

“Yeah, if I need it bad enough, I can.”

“Okay, well fuck! You came a lot. You better get a good night’s sleep to get your energy back. Maybe Maize was right.”

“No, I needed that. I’ll be all right.”

“Don’t let Mom see you like this. Take these off and get your lacey pair out of my dresser.”

Kyle removed his soaked underwear to expose his cum-covered balls.

“Damn! Wipe your balls off too before you drip all over the floor.”

What a nice sight that was. Our Abercrombie stud was still seeping thick globs of milky white cum as he walked to my dresser to look for my favorite pair of underwear of his.

I liked it when he had to wear this lacey pair that had fringe around the waistband. I liked the contrast of the feminine lacey panty on the defined, smooth, and masculine male body. He wore them well.

Kyle tucked his spent cock and balls inside. The lace did little to his organs from view, but did hold them out from between his freshly shaved legs.

“I’ll let Sotoya know that you took her advice. We’ll see if she notices it in your performance.”

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