Lust at First SightLust at First Sight


It was lust at first sight.

She looked over at the guy just on the other side of the washing machines as she halfheartedly loaded her panties into the tray. Tall, lightly tanned and muscular, with a buzzcut and wearing a tight v-neck, he looked like something that had just popped out of one of those army veteran commercials on TV. The sweat dangling from his brows and the heat in the room told her that he had just been working out. It was just a matter of what kind of working out he had been doing.

Just as he started to get up from his machine, she flinched a little, but tried her best to maintain her calm. There was no way she would let him know what was going on inside her head. When their eyes met, he grinned.

“Just moved in? Haven’t seen you around before.” He asked her, brushing the sweat off his face. “Oh I’m sorry, I just meant I know most of the people in this apartment. You don’t seem all that familiar, that’s why I was asking.”

The way he started to blubber like an idiot was endearing, and a huge turn-on. She hadn’t gotten lucky ever since she’d moved to New York, or before she’d gotten there. Her boyfriend of five years had for some unspoken reason abstained from sex for the past month leaving her on dry land for as long as she could remember, so in her perspective, some side dishes on the side were all fair game.

Sadly, the queen-sized bed that had gotten her hopes and prospects up was so far an empty husk which she used to roll around in and watch Netflix on while eating jalapeño chips. And they said New York was the best city in the world. Her friend and roommate, Qi, had told her it was a place full of singles and mindblowing hookups! Bullshit.

“Oh no, that’s fine. It’s been almost a month since I moved in but usually I’m doing laundry a lot later because of work and everything, you know how it is,” she said, slamming her machine shut.

“Sure do,” he said, casually strolling over to her. “I’m Brad. Nice to meet you…”

“Nice to meet you,” She said, shaking his hand, flinching a little as she felt his firm grip, his sweaty palms, and his strong, musky scent which hit her like a wall. All she could do was thank god that he didn’t seem to notice at all. She was pretty sure she had wet her panties a little.

“So uh then… I guess I’ll see you around?” He said, pulling away a little too hastily.

Was he as nervous as she was? She liked to think so, but there was never a way to tell. She had never been very good with innuendo, and awkward flirting had always been her only forte.

“Yeah! Yeah definitely!” Her answer to his question came out in high pitched little squeaks. It was confirmed. She would be the only one pleasuring herself in bed tonight.

“That’s awesome haha, I’ll be sure to come in extra late for my laundry runs from now on,” winking at her, he grabbed his basket and was out of the room before she could think of a smart comeback.

“Oh my god…” she said as soon as he was gone, slumping a little against the machine behind her, which had started to vibrate intensely.

The truth of the matter had been that he had walked in at an untimely moment, just when she had started to try something she had read on the internet just days ago. Now it was time to finish what she had started. Pulling herself up, she straightened up her clothes and looked outside the giant window walls just behind her.

Her apartment was in a rather vacated area and there were rarely any passersby. Even if there were, she had a serious case of the blue beans and her clitoris felt so hard that it felt like it would burst out her panties. Her lady parts needed some relieving. Hopefully from the back, it would just look like a girl with tired legs and nowhere else to sit. She got oddly turned on at the prospect.

She hopped onto her machine and sat there, trying to feel the vibrations which instantly began to take over her whole body. The way they started at her nether regions, her thighs, her calves, her ass and her moist pussy, and travelled upwards to shake her stomach, breasts, and shoulders. Her whole body was tensed up from all the sexual tension she had felt for the last fifteen minutes, and it seemed to work a lot better than it had just moments ago.

The terrible itch in her pussy now felt good. Beyond anything she had felt while doing herself alone in bed for the last month. Little did she know, she had started to drool a little bit of spittle which was flying off her slightly parted lips. Even less did she know that she was only moments away from being interrupted again.

In eryaman escort the next chapter: Panting, sweating, and scrunching herself against her painfully aching pussy as if she had to pee, she made her best attempt at a smile. However, the moment his hand touched her head, she let out a small yelp as her body shot forth like it had been electrocuted.


She was desperately out of breath. She kept twitching her body on the machine, and without her knowing, her hands were already down her pants, furiously rubbing against her clit, to the point where pain and pleasure seemed synonymous. Her back would shoot back, then come back, arc itself, then recover in closer intervals the closer and closer she got to climax, her asshole clenching, and declenching rhythmically as thick spools of her cum started to drizzle down between her butt-cheeks, thoroughly soaking her panties.

Brad had fed fuel to the fire of her lust. In the little snippets of thought she could manage in between her almost-orgasms, she thought back to his voice, his sweaty palms, how she could make out his tight abs underneath his shirt, how things might look down there once she had gotten him to take off those pants he had been wearing…

“Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod, ohmy…” she kept gasping, covering her mouth with one hand as she neared orgasm. It was then that the door to the laundry room shot open.

As hammered with endorphins as she was, she managed to jump off the machine just in time to greet Brad, who walked in with another basket full of clothes.

“I was kinda hoping you’d still be here. It just so turns out I had a second batch,” he said, smiling. Then, his smile turned into a worried look as he approached her. “Are you all right? You don’t look so good, may I?” he said, putting his hand against her forehead as she nodded.

Panting, sweating, and scrunching herself against her painfully aching pussy as if she had to pee, she made her best attempt at a smile. However, the moment his hand touched her head, she let out a small yelp as her body shot forth like it had been electrocuted.

“Oh man, you’re sweating bullets, I’ll go get someone, you hold on right…”

As he propped her back up against the still spinning machine and stood up to leave her, she made a desperate grab for him, grabbing a firm leg, and his hand, which was now drenched in her own sweat.

“Don’t… don’t leave… I need your help.”

“Hey don’t worry, I’m going to get help. I’ll be right back.”

“No, not that kind of help…” She said, tightly squeezing her thighs against each other and fully expecting him to get the message. A little moan escaped her mouth as she did so, but she no longer cared. No one was this oblivious. Instead, what she got in return was a puzzled glance from him, despite his knowledge of the urgency of the situation.

She sighed. Her mind was playing mental gymnastics over what the sane thing to do would be, against her womanly instincts which were, at this point, just screams in her head. She imagined him eating her out until she came in his mouth, then tearing away his pants, ravishing his rock-hard cock and letting him fuck her brains out until she squeezed everything in his balls into her aching stomach. This continued on for another good minute , by the end of which, he tried to pull away again.

“Look, I’ll be back for…”

She pulled on him again. Much firmer this time.

Her mind had finally been made up.

In the next chapter:

“Do you know what I want now?”

“Yes, yes I do.”


“My place or your place?” He said, unable to take his eyes off her crotch. His piercing eyes made the itch in her pussy come back fiercer than ever.

“Right here, and now.”



She pulled him down, hard. He came down against her, just barely managing to avoid falling onto her by pushing against the laundry machine. His face was right in front of hers, close enough for her to see his reddened cheeks, and feel his agitated breath against her face. Without hesitating, she shoved her hand into his pants, sliding them down until they ran into an obstacle.

“Holy shit,” he gasped, as her hands slid further down, into his boxers and grasped his throbbing cock. “Hnngh!” He moaned, as her hands started to grind against his shaft. She hadn’t been entirely off about him being turned on by her. The tip of his penis was leaking a lot of precum. She licked her lips and took her hands off, to which he responded in bewilderment, and much disappointment.

She eryaman escort bayan giggled and spread her legs open, slowly for him to see. Right underneath her short summer pants, a dark, steadily spreading spot on her cute pink panties, and the unmistakable heat and stench of a woman in heat made his body tense up.

“Do you know what I want now?”

“Yes, yes I do.”


“My place or your place?” He said, unable to take his eyes off her crotch. His piercing eyes made the itch in her pussy come back fiercer than ever.

“Right here, and now.”


She nodded. With that, he dove in against her, forcing his lips on her, at the same time, making a grab for her breasts. She hastily corrected him while deep frenching him, guiding his hands away from her breasts and directly onto her aching clitoris.

“Don’t go soft. Don’t stop,” she whispered into his years, which made him lose all pretense of civility. Pushing her down and forcing himself on top of her, he started to ravish her mouth with what were more the licks of a dog on heat than the sensual kisses she remembered from her times in bed with her boyfriend. At the same time, his callused fingers were down underneath her clothes, pushing against, rubbing, flicking, and circling her pussy with brute force, which made her quiver with every move. She could take no more.

Pushing him away, she undressed herself, throwing away her pants. Before she could do her panties, he was on them, sliding them off against her smooth legs as a long spittle of cum formed between her pussy, and then broke. As she spread her legs wide open for her, he dove in, first indulging himself in all the cum she had gathered for the past thirty minutes, which was a lot. She could literally hear him slurp away, as if tasting the finest dish at a Michelin star restaurant.

“Oh my god, oh my god, don’t stop!”

When he was done with his meal, he proceeded to start expertly playing with her clitoris, which had been blown up to painful proportions. She could feel her head white-out with purely sensations of pleasure which kept shooting through her body like electric impulses.

“Fuck, fuck”

He got up, proceeding to undo his buckles, taking off his pants and underwear to reveal a magnificent cock. Her first in many months. As she lay still, he turned around, and sat on her face, letting his tightened balls droop down on her head as she engulfed his slimy rod into her eager mouth. She could feel his whole body tremble as she went down on it full force, licking, sucking, humping his member with no shame at all. Encouraged by this, her partner came down on her pussy harder than ever, all the while fondling various parts of her body with his hands while doing so.

“Mmff!” In her mouth, she could feel his salty cock start to pulsate, as if it was about to explode. She knew what was coming. If anything, it made her suck on it even more eagerly. She hadn’t tasted fresh cum in what seemed like a millenia.

When he came, he came like a flood inside her mouth, to the point she thought for an instance that he was pissing inside her. It took her a moment to realize that his thick, hot, gelatinous load was too much for her mouth as it erupted, and started overflowing from the sides of her mouth. However, she kept sucking, and he did the same, not letting up at all, but going even harder after he had cum inside her mouth.

Her legs shot up on both ends like a wooden plank. It was almost time. The underside of her stomach inflated and deflated constantly like a confused air balloon. She could feel the muscles in her stomach, her pussy, no, her womb tighten intensely inside her as if getting ready for the ultimate release.

“Ohmygodohmygod ohmygod hnnnnngggghhh!!”

She screamed at the top of her lungs as her body started to spasm all over with him on top. The release, which had been withheld from her for so long, was ultimately so satisfying that she orgasmed more times than she could keep track of. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over her body to the point it got exhausting, and finally, she fell flat on the floor, barely managing to hold on to her breath.

As he finally slid his limp cock out of her mouth, she coughed once, but then swallowed all of it in an eyeblink. A little bitter, quite salty. The taste of carnal pleasure in her body.

In the next chapter: Before she could finish her sentence, he had jumped up on his feet, and pulled her up against him. She could feel his cock, seemingly even harder than before as it poked hard escort eryaman against her stomach.


As some semblance of reason started coming back to her head, she scrambled up to her feet and started looking for her clothes. He was still seated on the floor, looking confused, and looking up at her.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry, it’s just that,”

Before she could finish her sentence, he had jumped up on his feet, and pulled her up against him. She could feel his cock, seemingly even harder than before as it poked hard against her stomach.

“It’s not over yet, is it?”

She realized that she was a little scared of him now. There was a forceful aura in his calm, shy demeanor that she hadn’t caught onto.

“Yes it is, I’m really sorry about what I did, I wasn’t in my right mind and I…”

“I’m not in MY right mind right now.”

“What are you saying?” She said, trying to inch away from him, but he pulled her back against him, his throbbing cock yet again pressed hard against her stomach as if to poke a hole in it.

Without answering her, he pushed her up against the laundry machine, tearing her shirt and bra off with terrifying ease.

“No, no, I just came, it’s too sensitive! People are going to see!”

When she turned her head around, she did, in fact see a bunch of people that had gathered around the window. As is compulsory for modern times, most of them had their phones out. Terrified, she turned back and tried to break free.

He had both her wrists in one of his hand, and his other hand against her waist so as to prevent escape. Little did he know that the orgasms just now had sapped her whole body of any strength whatsoever to resist him with. Panting like a wild animal, he slowly, but ominously started rubbing his dripping cock against her still quivering pussy.

She stared down at his cock. It was oozy, a dizzying mix of his cum and her saliva which drizzled down onto the smooth marble floor of the laundry room.

“No, no please, please, don’t do this, please,” she kept pleading, much of which seemed to fall on deaf ears, as he bore down on her breasts with his mouth, nibbling on her sensitive, hard nipples and salivating over them so much that it trickled down against her cold, bare stomach, onto her bare pussy. She was quite sure she was about to be raped in broad daylight in the laundry room for all to see.

When he forced himself into her, she stifled what would have been a hard shriek. The pleasure was still there. The pleasure was so intense, in fact, that they were painful to bear. Her eyes started to tear up at the shame of it all, what she had gotten herself into, as his cock started pounding her against the laundry machine with increasing tension. With each thrust, his body made full contact with hers, the root of his cock slamming into her clitoris, which had already started to harden again.

Through her sobs, he kept thrusting, wordlessly, panting harder and harder with every lick on her breasts and every push and pull into her vagina. Once again for her, physical, and emotional pain had surrendered itself over to the realm of pleasure, letting her body go, and enjoy the moment as it lasted. Every time he slammed his cock into her and her clitoris, her body powerlessly quivered like a ragdoll, unable to control anything, a victim to powerful forces of circumstance.

As it went on, she began to feel him growing inside her. What was more, a sense of deja-vu, which reminded her of the way his cock had started to pulsate like a live volcano, just moments before he had spewed his seed into her mouth. What little was left of her reason allowed another transition from pleasure back to pain.

“No, no, you’re not wearing a condom!” She squealed, desperately trying to kick at him and break free from his grasp on her wrists to little effect. He didn’t seem to be listening at all, so caught up in the moment, in cumming inside her. To her horror, even now, even at a moment like this, she neared climax.

“No, no stop, stop it! Nooo!!” Her knees buckled as she came again, no less intensely than the first, with one glaring difference. She released her bowels on him, her piss gently drizzling down his shining cock as it relentlessly pumped away inside her without skipping a beat. Then it came. A warm, tingling explosion of fluid inside her, that seemed to fill up every corner of her stomach up, spreading its reach everywhere.

He bit down, hard on her nipple as his cum erupted inside her pussy, dripping out from inside her, leaving a messy puddle composed of tears, piss and cum by their legs. As he pulled out, she dropped down onto the puddle with a splash, powerless, and utterly exhausted. Before her conscious passed out, all she saw was her rapist as he gathered his clothes and bolted outside of the room.

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