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Big Tits

After a fantastic week living it up in Cancun, it’s time for me, Violet, and the boys to head home. Our final bags are loaded in the shuttle headed to the airport. We both wait for Jacob and the rest of the boys, Ethan, Greg, and Tim. We were all heading out together. After spending a week in Mexico we were all exhausted. We had a GREAT time though. The highlight was getting to fuck Violet of course. I lost track how many times I fucked her this week. We fucked in our hotel suite on the bed, couch, and in our jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. We had a quickie in the bathroom behind the bar in the lobby of the resort. Violet and I both even found a secluded area on the beach to have some incredible sex by the ocean just a short walking distance from the resort. The best sex I had this week was still when me and Jacob teamed up and did her together. Violet was super slutty and let us do whatever we wanted to her when we had our DP sessions, as we liked to call it. After the second night in the hotel room, me and Jacob got to fuck Violet together four more times! One of them being on the secluded area we found on the beach in the middle of the night, and the rest in his room.

Then of course getting to fuck other chicks too. I am a young horny guy partying it up on Spring Break, and it was another great memory this week. Violet had the first few days off from work but eventually had to return. Not that she complained, as she worked from home. She would spend the afternoons down by the beach with her computer and a frozen cocktail completing her work tasks. While she was busy, I did my own thing hanging out with Jacob and the guys and of course meeting other girls. I met a girl named Debby on the beach. She was pretty and had a great body with a big ass. She hung out with her sorority sisters. After briefly getting to know her, and buying her a drink, we both decided to have a quick, intense round of sex in her hotel room. I also got to fuck a tourist from Europe and an employee at the resort.

In the middle of the week, I was at the beach with Violet and Jacob chilling. I saw this European lady, looked to be in her mid-late thirties. She was talking in French with a friend of hers. After her friend left, I went over and said hello to her in French. (I took French all throughout high school and even went on a class trip to Paris summer of my senior year). Her name was Carla and she was impressed with my French. Since she knew English was my primary language (she spoke English too) she asked me what else I could say in French. Without even thinking I blurted out “Je dis que nous allons dans ma chambre et apprendre à connaître l’autre dans son lit.” The next thing I knew after that, we were having some hardcore sex in her bed in the hotel. She loved it all, especially anal! Afterwards, Carla gave me her international phone number and told me to hit her up next time I was in France. She left the next day.

The final babe besides Violet that I fucked in Cancun was a young Mexican in her mid twenties named Rosa who worked at the resort. She was part of the animation team, meaning she was a dancer for the night life shows in the theatre at the resort. She was super sexy! She had a perfect round ass and BIG titties! She was quite short, less than five feet tall. On our penultimate night at the resort, me, Violet, Jacob, the boys, and the volleyball girls went to see the nightlife show. The show was called “The Dances of Latino Cultures.” The animation team basically danced for the crowd with the traditional dances some major Latino countries. Salsa, merengue, Latino pop, etc. For the finale of the show, the dancers would grab people from the crowd and bring them up on stage to dance with them. The males went for the females and vice versa. Since we were sitting in the front row of the theatre, some of the dancers picked quite a few from there. The next thing I knew, I felt a hand grab me from the side. It was Rosa. I’m not much of a dancer and I’m not much of a big crowd kind of guy cause of stage fright. The second I saw Rosa it all went away because I knew what I wanted to do to her. And, of course I happened to be buzzed from drinking all evening so I was feeling overconfident. We danced just fine. Everyone was cheering and clapping with us. Violet and Greg were both on the stage with me dancing. As soon as the show was over, I bought Rosa a drink at the bar. We talked for a little bit. Her flirtatious personality and body language made it easy for me to suggest we find a quiet spot for the two of us to have some fun. We both knew what we wanted and so she took me to her dressing room backstage where we hooked up. Rosa kept me going for a couple hours! It was literally nonstop fucking, making her cum, and fucking some more! She too liked it hardcore in every hole. Once we were both exhausted, Rosa gave me a kiss goodnight and left. I got back to my room really late and took a quick shower as Violet was sound asleep. She knew I was enjoying myself out here. She didn’t get upset nor have any reason to. She was having just as much fun as I was, and we still made plenty of time for each other.

Other than my sexual encounters during my amazing spring break, it was also fun! I got to scuba dive, and swim with sharks! I hung out with my buddies, and even made some new friends along the way. We met some people that went to a college in Califorinia about two hours north of us. We exchanged numbers and are planning to hang out in June when summer starts.

Jacob, Ethan, Tim, and Greg finally show up. We all head to the airport. Once at the airport, we split ways. We say our goodbyes. Tim, Greg, and Ethan had a flight to San Francisco, their hometown. Me, Jacob, and Violet were going to be on the same flight to LA where me and Violet would catch a connecting flight to our home in San Diego. Jacob would take a different flight to Phoenix to stay with his dad for the weekend.

“It was great spending time with all of you,” I say.

Everyone says there farewells and part ways.


Me and Violet pull up to her house in the early afternoon. I grab our bags and take them inside. Violet finishes up a call. It was her husband.

“Alright bye sweetie….love you too.” She hangs up and looks at me.

“That was my husband. He wanted to see if I made it back from the trip safely.” I nodded. Her husband has no idea who I am and that’s how I plan to keep it. Violet told her husband that she went away for a few days with a colleague she knows Emek Escort from her company. If everything goes ok, he will be able to make a short visit in June. I hope not.

“Luke I don’t know how I could ever thank you enough for such an amazing trip.” She hugs me tight and we share a passionate kiss.

“You don’t have to do anything. Our relationship right now is more than enough.”

I squeeze her ass and whisper to her.

“We could have dinner tonight and skip to desert if you know what I mean.”

Violet giggles and kisses me again.

“As delightful as that sounds, that can’t happen tonight unfortunately.”

I ask her why.

“So I forgot to tell you…..My sister Linda is coming into town. Her flight arrives later this evening and she’ll be staying for a week.”

That was news to me. I’ve known Violet for about a week and our relationship has evolved in ways that couples that’ve been married for years could never even imagine! We’ve talked about alot of things. Her family was somehow not included, except for her husband and two kids in Florida.

“You never told me you had a sister.”

Violet grins.

“Yeah I do. I have two siblings. I have an older brother named Sean and my little sister Linda. Sean lives in New York and Linda is in Boston where I’m from. Sean is married. Linda is married too and has a family. Last time I saw her was when she had her baby last year. She’ll be flying out here to the West Coast for the first time. We are six years apart from each other but growing up we were best friends.”

I nodded while listening to her talk about Linda. She shows me pictures of her from her phone and my eyes widen. She looked almost identical to Violet but younger of course. Her breasts were a bit smaller. But her ass though! In the pictures Violet were showing me, Linda was at the beach in a bikini. Her ass was bigger than Violets! Her body build is pretty athletic with small abs and well toned arms. It was shocking to see her sister looking like a fucking supermodel, especially since she had a baby recently!

“Violet your sister is gorgeous! Incredibly sexy! She looks just like you.”

Violet grins.

“I’ve heard that for so long. I think so too except that Linda is cuter, looks much younger, and super athletic.”

“Aw don’t say that. You both are incredibly super beautiful women.” She thanks me.

“If you want to meet her, you’re welcomed to join us for dinner tonight at my house.”

I thought about it for a moment as I didn’t want to be a bother. But then again, I didn’t want to miss my chance either to meet her attractive sister.

“That sounds great. I’ll be there.”

With that, Violet kisses me and I head out with my bags back to my house.

One thing I was thinking was that I had to find a way to seduce her sister Linda this weekend before I head back to college.


I get a text around six o’clock in the evening from Violet.

“Hey Luke. Dinner will be ready in an hour. Just got home from the airport with my sister. Hope to see you soon.”

I text her back telling her I’ll be there shortly.

I grab my car keys and head out to the supermarket to pick up some desert.

Twenty minutes later, I ring Violet’s doorbell. I’m expecting her to answer the door. Nope. It’s her sister Linda! And she looks way sexier than in the photos!

“Hi how are you? You must be Luke.” She extends her hand. I grab and shake it nervously.

“Nice to meet you Ms. Linda. Violet has told me about you.” She laughs and welcomes me inside. I smell the familiar aroma of Violet’s delicious pasta.

“Please call me Linda. I feel old when I’m referred to as ‘Miss.’” I grin.

“No problem Linda.”

Linda is a little shorter than me. Her skin is lighter than Violet’s. She wears a lime green tank top with yoga pants on. Her ass looks incredibly seeing how big her cheeks are pressed tight against the fabric of her pants. I watch them sway side to side gently as she walks ahead of me to the kitchen.

“Hey Luke!” Violet calls out to me while she cooks. I greet her and sit down at the table adjacent to the cooking area. I play around on my phone while the two sisters chat and cook.

About half hour later, the meal is ready. Pasta, and chicken. I’m listening to Linda and Violet doing chatting as I eat. They were catching up and talking about how their lives have been. Violet talks about her job working from home and how her husband is doing overseas. Linda talks to her about her baby and shows her new photos of her newborn and the family together back in Boston. I felt a little awkward and out of place to be honest. I felt like I was just a noisy neighbor barging in on a meal and conversation.

“So Luke tell me about yourself,” Linda says. I was daydreaming again and I didn’t realize it. And I was so focused on my thoughts, I lost track of where my eyes were gazing. Straight at Linda’s breasts. FUCK!

“Uh…I uh…sorry can you repeat the question?” I ask Linda finally looking at her face and not her tits.

Violet just rolled her eyes and gave me a look of “Really?” Linda started to giggle.

“I see you must have been thinking about something else?”

I just cough and try to play it off and respond to her question, which she repeats and asks me.

“Well I’m a student at UCLA. I’m finishing up my Spring Break right now. I’m a friend of Violet’s. That’s…pretty much it.” I try not to make too much eye contact with Linda. Especially after our awkward moment.

“Wow that’s interesting. Are you enjoying your Spring Break?”

I reply with a nod and look at Violet. She’s giving me a nervous smile. She knows how uncomfortable I feel at the moment.

“So tell me about your trip. Heard you two had a blast in Mexico.”

Once again, awkward moment. My trip to Mexico pretty much consisted of sex and partying. Both were great but I didn’t want to just blurt that out to a woman I just met. Especially since me and her sister are in an intense sexual relationship, cheating on her husband.

“Mexico was great! I tagged Violet along as a friendly gesture. One of my friends had to cancel on the trip last minute so I decided to invite Violet. It was fun.”

Linda just nodded and listened. She didn’t seem suspicious about us. The rest of dinner went by peacefully after that.

After dinner, Linda excused herself Eryaman Escort and went upstairs to get changed.

I excused myself to the bathroom briefly. When I come out, I take a seat in the living room on the couch. Violet comes in a moment later.

“Well that wasn’t obvious at all what you did back there,” Violet tells me.

“Huh?” I tried to play it off and act like I did not know what she meant.

“You! Staring at my sister’s tits for like more than a full minute! I know you’re hitting on her!”

Violet was raising her voice at me but she did not look mad at all. She kinda had a smirk.

“I wasn’t trying to make it obvious. I just got all nervous around her that’s all.”

Violet smiles and heads to the kitchen. “You’re too funny sometimes Luke you know that?”

I just sigh and play around on my phone. I was debating whether to excuse myself and go home or not. Violet comes back a moment later.

“Luke I’m going to step out. I have to take a package for my husband to his base so they can deliver it to him. I should be back in under an hour. Feel free to stay and hang around.”

I agree to stay as she leaves.

I’m relaxing on the couch when I hear footsteps.

“Hey Luke.”

Linda comes into the living room with the same tank top on but with yoga shorts now. She sits down next to me. It’s tempting not to look down at her breasts with her exposed cleavage out. Wait a second…did she take off her bra?? I can see the outlines of her enlarged nipples.

“Hey Linda.”

“So tell me Luke…I want to hear more about your trip.”

I’m a bit nervous now as I feel she’s onto me. And I know she wore a bra earlier. Why did she get changed? She’s a little too comfortable around a guy she just met. I tell her about Cancun and what me and Violet did while we were there. My story is quite short because I left out the major detail of our trip which just consisted of us fucking.

“Sounds like you two had a blast then.”

“We did.”

Linda scoots closer to me. I feel her leg press up against mine. My cock twitches inside my pants. If I were to get up right now, she would instantly see the bulge I have growing as she speaks.

“I hope I’m not bothering you or making you uncomfortable when I ask you this…but what’s the real reason you invited Violet on the trip? You said it’s because a friend of yours bailed on you and so you invited her. But why not invite another friend? Violet could not have been your only option. Especially since you two met so recently.”

Linda was definitely onto me! She had me in a tight spot. I had no idea how to reply to her. I start to stutter.

“Well uh…just cause…ya know because she’s…uhhh….” I was fucked.

Linda gets even closer to me now and puts her hand on my leg, very close to my nether region.

“You’re quite nervous right now Luke. Could the reason be because of the same reason why you were staring at my boobs at dinner?”

I was dead silent. I didn’t look at Linda. Until she brought her hand to my face and turned my head towards her.

“You wanted to get into Violet’s pants didn’t you? Just like the way you want to get into mine?”

I’m so nervous at this point I’m shaking.

“I uhh…I’m sorry?” I didn’t know what else to say.

Linda just smiles and laughs.

“You should be Luke. Now kiss me.”

Linda leans into me and starts kissing me. I’m in shock at first until reality settles in. I start to kiss Linda back. What started as a cute and innocent kiss turned into mad lust. Linda hops onto my lap and starts to dry hump me while kissing me passionately.

“Mmmm…kiss me more. I want you so bad right now!” She says as I kiss her hard and play with her wet salivating tongue in my mouth. I reach my hands down her back and pull her shirt off.

“Yes darling! Take off my clothes! I want it good tonight!”

Her breasts fly out and are huge! Her melons are not as big as Violets’ but they are so beautiful! Her nipples are small but very erect! Her breasts don’t sag at all. Linda then gets off of me.

“Ok Luke, I’m going to be straight to the point. I don’t give a shit about teasing. When I tell you to fuck me, I literally want you inside of me at that very moment, understood?” I nod and turn her around. I’m going for her big, firm, sexy ass. I slowly pull her tight shorts down. She wears a tight pink thong underneath. When I yank her thong off, I spank Linda’s firm ass. Her asscheeks barely jiggle! Linda moans. “Spank that ass Luke!” I spank her ass while I kiss it. I start from the top of her ass near her lower back and kiss my way down to her sphincter.

“Ohh shit! Kiss it baby! Lick my ass!” I continue to kiss and lick Linda’s ass until she screams.

“Oh Luke!! I’m cumming!!!”

I hear Linda rubbing her pussy and listen to the sounds of her soppy wet pussy as her orgasm hits her.

“Oh Luke! I’m so wet right now!!”

I didn’t want to fuck Linda right at that very moment. I wanted to play around with her a little bit more. Tease her. I know what she said about teasing but I wanted to really enjoy this moment and make it last. I turn Linda around and sit her down on the couch. I pull her in for a kiss again and then make my way down. I kiss her neck and rub my face down her body. Linda moans softly. When I get to her breasts I grab each titty. Both of her nipples are so hard that they’re actually a bit swollen. I lick all around both of her areolas. Linda is shaking with pleasure.

“You’re going to make me cum again if you keep doing that to my boobs.”

I then bend down and rub her tits as I make my way to her glorious clitoris. Her pussy is beautiful. She shaved off her pubic hair and only has a small landing strip. I open up her pussy and kiss each fold. Linda shakes herself and pushes her vagina into my mouth.

“Eat me out Luke! Make me cum again please! I’m so sensitive to your every touch!!”

My tongue swirls as I take in the sweet and tangy flavor of Linda’s pussy into my mouth. Linda keeps moaning furiously rubbing my head and pushing my face farther into her.

“That’s it baby. Just like that….mmmmm!” When I feel Linda’s body start to shake I grab her ass and shove her as far into my face as I can. Linda screams. I am then hit with a sudden burst of sweet pussy nectar from Linda into my mouth. Her second orgasm within a 10 minute period! When she calms down, I make my way Esat Escort back up to her boobs.

“Think I can make you cum again just by playing with your boobs?” Linda smiles at me taking deep breaths.

“Bring it on.”

I start licking her boobs while I start to suck on each titty. I then start to bite her nipples softly. Especially around the tips. Linda is moaning and grunting as she plays with her clit.

“Errr! Yes Luke! Suck on those tits!”

I start to suck harder and nibble on her boobs. That’s when I start to taste something sweet in my mouth. I stop licking her boobs. Linda pauses.

“What’s the matter?” Then she looks down. She gasps. Her breasts were oozing out and dripping with milk. Linda was lactating! I forgot that she gave birth fairly recently.

“Luke I’m so sorry. I totally forgot about that.” I give her a naughty smile.

“Don’t apologize. I never said I didn’t like it.” Her breast milk tasted sweet and delicious. Linda was shocked.

“You like my breast milk?” I nod. Linda giggles and then grabs her boobs.

“Here baby.” Linda squeezes her boobs repeatedly and drains her breasts in my face. Squirt after squirt of her milk came out of her tits. I started to suck on them and drink away. Linda moans as she squeezes her tits into my mouth. I alternate between breasts and suck each of them one at a time.

“Drink that milk! Suck on my tits! Yes!!!”

Linda cums again from the thrill of me sucking on her tits and drinking her breast milk. After her orgasm, I was ready to fuck her.

“Are you ready?” She nods and gets up. She orders me to pull my pants down and whip my cock out. I do as instructed. Linda grabs my cock and kisses the tip. She licks the tip and kisses her way down my cock to my ball sack. She then grabs my sack softly with her teeth and licks her way back up my cock.

“Mmm baby. Keep doing that.” The sensation felt great and tickled a little. Linda continues to lick me up and down while biting my sack softly. She then spits on my cock repeatedly and jerks me off. She does this for about a few minutes before putting my cock into her mouth. She started slow at first, adjusting to the thickness of my shaft. Once her mouth is capable, she shoves my dick down her throat and leaves it back there for a couple seconds before choking. Linda chokes and gags while deepthroating me. I feel the need to cum.

“Linda I’m going to cum soon!” She spits out my cock and jerks me off.

“Cum in my mouth baby.” That’s all I need to hear. Linda licks the tip of my cock while jerking me off until my cum gushes on her face. When it hits her face, she quickly puts my cock in her mouth so I can finish my load. Shot after shot, I kept pumping into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm!” Linda smacks her lips as she takes a few remaining drops of my semen and saves it in her mouth. She takes her hand and wipes off the cum on her face and licks her fingers. She then spits out my semen into her hand and runs my dick up and down with it. She takes some of the jizz and rubs her asshole with it.

“I hope you like anal. I want you to fuck my ass, and only my ass! My pussy is for my husband only.” I feel myself get hard again when she says this. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to fuck her pussy but I was more than happy to fuck her in the ass.

“I’m ready Linda.” Linda grins and leans sideways on the couch. I get behind her. I pull her leg up and slide myself closer to her. It takes a few seconds for me to find her butt hole with my cock. I align my cock with the entrance to her anus.

“Whenever you’re ready Luke. We should be properly lubed and ready to go so just slide in once your cock is in my ass. I don’t care if it hurts me. I like some pain and rough play when I’m getting a good fucking.” Damn, I love hearing her talk like this. She really is Violet’s sister. Once my tip is in Linda’s ass, I push my way into her. She’s pretty tight but I’m able to shove my entire cock into her ass.

“OH FUCK YES! Fuck my asshole Luke!!” I begin to thrust in and out of Linda. I grab her tits as I begin to fuck her. Her breasts are moist continuing to lactate and her nipples are hard! She’s incredibly turned on! I’m willing to be she’s hornier than I am at this moment!

“Fuck my ass! Is that all you got?? HARDER DAMNIT!!” Her dirty talk was enough to make me cum inside her at any second.

It felt so GOOD fucking Linda!! I couldn’t believe I was actually here with her in this moment doing this. Just earlier today I got back from Mexico. I had no idea she even existed until Violet told me her sister was coming to visit. One second I’m meeting her, having dinner. Then the next I’m deep inside her ass fucking her! The sensation was a little different though from her sister. Linda wasn’t as tight as Violet, which made it so much easier to thrust in and out of her ass. Her asshole easily gaped as my cock slipped out of her bum a few times. The only girl I’ve fucked with a more loose ass than Linda was Rosa the dancer in Cancun. I guess she was used to fucking a bunch of tourists.

I pumped in and of Linda, picking up the speed.

“I’m going to cum AGAIN Luke!” Hearing her, I then pulled out and sat up.

“New position.”

Linda got up and bent over the couch. She spread her asscheeks wide and welcomed my cock into her warm asshole. I spanked her ass as we fucked.

“Spank me harder!” She grunted. I spank her ass as I thrust in and out of butt. Linda starts to scream.

“FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” I pump in and out of her ass as fast as I can go. I feel my orgasm approaching rapidly.

“Oh Linda!” Linda begs for me to cum in her ass.

“Cum in my ass baby!! I want ALL that cream inside my asshole!! Hurry!!!” I pull myself on top of Linda. I grab her breasts for support from beneath her and I push myself as far up into her bowels as possible.

“AHH FUCK!!” I start to grunt loudly.

My cock explodes inside her asshole. Linda screams from the intensity of my arrival. I slam into her ass each time I shoot a fresh load up her ass. As my orgasm comes to an end, I pull myself up as my cock pops out of her gaping hole. Linda collapses.

“Oh Luke baby. Thank you so much. I needed that!” I help her up and chuckle. “Anytime. Just glad that I had the chance.” She giggles.

As we start to put on our clothes we both hear the front door open.

Violet walks in.

“Hey, I’m home.” That’s all she’s able to say as she walks into the living room and looks at us. She gasps.

“What the fuck?!?”

I’m standing completely naked while Linda holds her panties in her hand.

Violet is completely shocked and horrified. Damn….we had some explaining to do.


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