Lucky nightLucky night


This year’s winter formal was no different from the last one. Dancing, karaoke; it was nice and all, but it got to be boring after a while.

But this one would be different. Her name was Emily, and she was one of the hottest girls of my class. She had a great bod: perfect ass, perfect tits, and beautiful blond hair and green eyes. Ever since the eighth grade I had wanted to be her man, but I had never worked up the courage. But tonight would be different. As soon as the next slow dance came up, I would stride right over to where she was and ask her to dance!

Sure, it wasn’t a very big deal, but it was the first step and it had to be taken. And just my luck, a slow dance was coming up. Suddenly I found myself in second thought land. What if she said no? That would be embarrassing… What if I screwed up? Again, embarrassing… Worse yet, what if she noticed the raging hard-on I would most likely have if we danced. Well… I suppose it could turn her on… but probably not…

Ah fuck it! I shot up, quickly mad my way across the room and asked her to dance.

She looked at me for a second, and then she stood up, and simply said, “Sure.”
Whew… that made me feel better. I took her hand, led her to the dance floor, and we danced. We slowly circled around, and after a while, I noticed she was slowly moving us toward the door. I followed her lead, and in less than a minute, we were in the hallway.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“I was wondering when you finally ask me,” she said, “Follow me.”

Being a teenager, my mind was pretty perverse, so my imagination got to working. By the time I was back in reality, I noticed we were in the locker room.

“Why Ankara Escort did you take me to the-,” was all I could utter before her lips attached to mine and her tongue started burrowing into my mouth. She disengaged, and after that, I didn’t need to ask any questions. I put my lips on hers and we steamily made out for what seemed like forever.

And all of a sudden, she shot down onto her knees and started unzipping my pants.
Whoa! She was going a little farther than expected, but I was a perverted teen, so I didn’t object. And before a finished that thought, Emily’s eyes were wide open, and my pants were on the ground. I never thought my dick was that big, but I had never really looked at other guys to get a perspective.

And then she started jacking me off. It felt great! I had masturbated plenty of times, but it felt so much better when someone else does it for you. After a while, she started licking the tip, which evolved into sucking. I was in heaven. I decided to return the favor and I started taking off her dress.

Man! She had a great bod. I started to caress her tits and sucking on her nipples. Every now and then I’d hear an “mmm…” from her, and that make me go at it even harder. I slowly made my way down to her pussy and licked the lips. The “mmms” were coming more frequently, and I stuck my tongue inside. Then she said, “Fuck…oh….mmm….” and after that, I went all out. My ears were filled with screams of pleasure. And then she said, “I’m coming! FUCK!” Her body shook with spasms as she screamed out, “FUCK!” and “SHIT!” I let her calm down, and we laid side by side for awhile. And then she got up and headed to the Ankara Escort Bayan showers. I followed her, and when we got there, she turned it on.

I don’t know how she would’ve known this, but if there’s one thing that turns me on more than a naked girl is a wet naked girl. I walked up to her and we made out while we fondled each other.

Our lips broke apart as we stared into each other’s eyes. And then her eyes opened wide into a look of horror. I spun my head around and-

Fuck… someone had spotted us. I caught whoever it was just as they ducked behind the doorway.

“Shit…” I said, “Who is it?”

A figure slowly walked into the doorway, and it was Rachel, a girl who, like Emily, had a great body. She also had blond hair, but her eyes were blue.

“I was getting a drink when I heard the screaming, and I came to check it out…” she said.

Well this is great… now what… our parents would probably be told, and we’d be in a lot of trouble, and Rachel was taking off her dress, and…
Wait… Why is she taking off her dress? I looked at Emily, but her face was blank. So I guess I’ll go with the flow…

“I’m guessing you’re wanting in?” I asked.

“Oh yeah…” Rachel said as she got to her knees and began sucking. I did the only thing I could think of doing, and started fingering Emily’s pussy. She started moaning and then Rachel said, “Fuck me.”

She turned off the showers, laid me on the ground and hovered over my throbbing dick. She grabbed it and slowly lowered herself until my dick was touching her skin.

“Yeah…” she moaned, and then she slid the head i- FUCK!!!!!!!! I had never had sex before, Escort Ankara and I think I could learn to like it. My head was the only part in, and I was already in ecstasy. And then she slid the rest in. Holy shit! I was tight. And then she started bouncing on it and moaning. I was in heaven.

Emily, not wanting to be left out, went down on her knees, placing her pussy over my mouth, and began to fondle Rachel. I obliged Emily and began licking.

Both of them started moaning, and that only heightened my pleasure. Rachel Dismounted after a while, and Emily took a ride. Emily was even tighter than Rachel. After a few bounces, I sat up, laid her down and started fucking her with wild abandon. She started screaming with pleasure. Rachel got on her knees and hovered her pussy over Emily’s mouth, and Emily began licking, and Rachel began moaning.

I wished it would never end, and then I felt myself beginning to cum.
“I’m cumming” I groaned, and then I slid out of Emily. I stood up, and both girls got on their knees in front of me and began sucking. I started groaning, and just when Rachel took it out of her mouth to give it to Emily, I unloaded.

I totally drenched their already soaking bodies. I had never cummed so much before. After I finally stopped, they looked like ghosts. After unloading that much, I had to sit down. Emily and Rachel looked at each other and laughed.

Emily walked over and turned on the shower and we all washed each other off, spending extra time scrubbing each other’s genitals. We all grabbed towels, dried off and put our clothes on.

“We should do this again sometime,” Emily said. Rachel and I nodded. I was exhausted. I’d need to grab a Red Bull from a vending machine before we went back to the dance.

I checked my cell phone. Jeez! It had been an hour and a half since we had left. I hope no one noticed…

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