Lucky CollisionLucky Collision


Lucky Collision

‘Where the hell did he come from?’ She cried.

Jean was reversing her car out of her driveway and somehow managed to hit a cyclist. Although Jean was reversing slowly she hadn’t noticed Scott the cyclist powering along the road with no intention of slowing down.

Jean clipped Scott’s back wheel and sent him flying into the road. She got out of the car as quickly as she could and hurried over to him. Scott looked a bit shaken up and his legs were badly grazed. His pained face turned to anger as he saw Jean approach and try to help him.

‘You stupid old bitch, couldn’t you see me?’ He growled.

‘I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you, please let me help you.’ Jean replied guilt-ridden.

‘I don’t need your help thanks, although I will need some money from you to repair my bike.’

He got up and wheeled his damaged bike to the pavement and rested it against Jean’s fence.

‘Of course, I’ll give you want ever it costs!’

‘Maybe it’s time you think about giving up driving.’ He said self-righteously.

‘I’ve never had an accident in all my life!’

Jean invited Scott into the house so that she could clean his wounds and also give him some money for his damaged bike. Scott agreed and followed Jean into her house.

‘We need to clean this with running water.’ Jean said pointing to Scott’s bloodied knees.

Jean led Scott to her bathroom.

‘Stand in the bath while I rinse your wounds with the shower.’ Jean said.

‘You don’t have to do this.’ Scott replied.

‘Don’t be silly it’s the least I can do.’

Scott stood in the bath and Jean began to rinse the wounded knees. Jean felt strange being this close to a man at least 40 years her junior in her bathroom. A very fit young man by the looks of things. She began to admire his hairy muscular legs, broad shoulders and big strong arms. Jean couldn’t help but look at the bulge in his lycra cycling shorts too.

‘Very impressive!’ She thought.

Jean had been a widower for the past 10 years. She had been on a few dates in the intervening years but men her age just didn’t do anything for her. They seemed so old and decrepit. Jean still felt youthful and didn’t see the point in wasting her time with boring old men. She was mostly happy by herself, she had hobbies and friends. There were times when Jean did miss the company of men though. Jean and her husband had an active sex life right up until their 60’s. It was only in his last couple of years that Jean’s husband could no longer perform properly due to ill health.

Once Jean had finished rinsing Scott’s legs she delicately dried them and then expertly dressed the wounds.

‘Seems like you know what you doing.’ Scott said gratefully.

‘Yes dear, I used to be a nurse in my younger days.’

Jean thought it was her imagination but the bulge in Scott’s cycling shorts was getting bigger.

‘Surely this lovely young man isn’t being turned on by an ancient old crone like me?’

Once the dressings were completed they both went into the kitchen.

‘I have some cash I can give you for your bike. I think it’s in this drawer here.’ casino siteleri Jean said.

‘Don’t worry about giving me any money.’ Scott replied.

‘Are you sure? I feel like I should give you something.’

‘Well, there is something you could give me.’ Scott said smirking.

Jean looked down at Scott’s bulge. She was right it was getting bigger, it was now nearly a full erection.

‘And what might that be young man?’

‘I think you know what.’

‘You do realise that I’m at least 40 years older than you?’

‘I don’t care, I’ve always liked older women.’

Scott stepped towards Jean and started to kiss her passionately on the mouth. Jean hadn’t been kissed like this since her early 20’s. Scott grabbed her waist and pushed her towards the kitchen work surface. Jean could feel his rock hard erection against her flabby belly. Scott pulled his top over his head and revealed his muscular torso. Jean ran her hands over Scott’s hairy chest. Scott quickly undid the buttons of Jean’s blouse and helped her out of it. The Bra Jean was wearing wasn’t particularly sexy or flattering but Scott could see that they were holding back some very impressive breasts. He then started to undo Jean’s skirt and let it fall to the floor revealing some rather large ‘granny’ knickers. This seemed to drive Scott wild and began kissing her with even more vigour and running his hands all over her body. Scott didn’t care that Jean had scars and stretch marks or flabby thighs and thread veins. He couldn’t get enough of her elderly body.

‘I think maybe I should help you out of your shorts?’ Jean said.

She pulled Scott’s lycra shorts down to his ankles. His huge weapon sprang out and stood proudly erect almost touching his belly. Jean got down on her knees and held the throbbing young cock in her hands. It felt so good. The head of Scott’s cock was glistening with pre-cum and Jean felt like he could explode all over her face at any moment. She would have enjoyed it if he had, but she wanted some fun first. She gently wanked his cock, Scott groaned and then forced his cock into Jean’s mouth. Jean had never taken such a big dick and began to gag. She soon got into the swing of things and began to enjoy the gagging sensation and started to suck and slurp on his rod like there was no tomorrow.

Scott wasn’t sure how much longer he could last so he told Jean to stop and get up off the floor. He reached around Jean’s back ad undid her Bra. Jean’s large breasts fell down and nearly rested on her plump belly.

‘Wow, you have amazing tits.’ Scott said breathlessly.

Scott began to suck on Jean’s huge saggy tits and then gently bite her erect nipples.

Jean couldn’t take anymore.

‘You really need to fuck me now!’ She demanded.

Scott didn’t need any encouragement and quickly pushed Jean on to the kitchen floor and spread her legs apart.

‘Oh God!’ Jean yelled as Scott thrust his cock into her wet cunt.

‘Fuck me!’

Fuck me, harder, harder!

Scott obliged and fucked Jean’s old pussy like there was no tomorrow. He managed to get Jean’s elderly legs over his shoulders so he could fuck güvenilir casino her deeper. This drove Jean wild and it wasn’t long before she had her first orgasm. It was probably the most intense and powerful orgasm she had ever had. Better than the orgasms she had with her husband when they were in their prime.

As the orgasm subsided she could sense that Scott was about to cum.

‘Oh fuck!’ He yelled.

Scott pumped his youthful seed deep into Jean’s ancient pussy.

‘Wow, that was a lot!’ Jean said as they both lay together on the kitchen floor.

‘I’m still hard, I wanna give you another load.’ Scott replied.

Jean couldn’t believe her luck.

Jean hadn’t felt a man cum inside her for a long time. She loved the feeling of a man ejaculating deep inside her. The fact that this man was over 40 years younger just made it feel even more incredible. Having a young man pump his virile seed deep inside her had awakened something in Jean. She thought sex was a distant memory. Maybe it wasn’t over for her after all she thought. She still couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous young man would want to have sex with a 75 year old woman. Did he have some sort of granny fetish? So what if he did. Jean was determined to make the most of Scott’s preference for older women.

Jean glanced over at Scott laying on his back with his still hard cock resting on his belly.

‘I can’t believe you’re still hard!’ Jean said excitedly.

‘I want you to ride me.’ Scott replied.

‘Oh my I would love to ride your beautiful cock!’

Jean could feel Scott’s sperm ooze out her vagina and down the inside of her legs as she managed to straddle his body. She put one hand on his chest and used the other hand to direct his fat dick into her wet cunt.

Jean slowly rode Scott’s rigid pole, savoring every moment. She wanted this feeling to last. Scott lent forward and began to suck on Jeans erect nipples. He then grabbed Jean by the hips and started to thrust. Jean lent forward and began kissing Scott on the lips. Scott slid his tongue into Jean’s mouth to meet hers. He continued to pound Jean’s extremely wet pussy with his young hard cock.

After five minutes of hard fucking from Scott, Jean had to tell him to stop.

‘Can we go up to my bedroom please? We’ll be more comfortable there’

Jean held Scott by his impressive rod as she gently led him to her bedroom.

‘How do you want me?’ Jean purred.

‘I wanna take you from behind.’ Scott replied.

Jean got down on all fours and waited for Scott to slide his tool into her. Scott seemed to enjoy the view of Jean’s enticing pussy and saggy belly. He quickly slammed his still rigid cock into Jean’s sopping wet vagina. Scott’s girthy member was a perfect fit for Jean’s old pussy.

‘Oh yes! Give it to me harder!’ She cried.

Scott held on to Jean’s wide hips and pounded her as hard and fast as he could. Jean had never been fucked this hard before in her life and it wasn’t long before she was having her next intense orgasm.

Jean’s flabby body shook.

‘Oh God! Don’t stop!

Jean wanted more. Scott pounded her pussy even more canlı casino rigorously.

‘You like that baby?’ Scott replied breathlessly.

A few moments later Scott pulled out and told Jean that he wanted her to ride him again. This time it was the reverse cow girl position.

It was a position Jean had never tried before. It took a short while for Jean to find her balance but it wasn’t long before the couple had found their rhythm. Scott fucked her slowly and deeply for around 5 minutes, gently caressing Jean’s saggy old breasts. He then began to pick up the pace and started to really pound her her pussy as hard and as fast as he could. Scott began to cry out as he pounded her and she knew it wouldn’t be long before he blew his load.

He pulled out and got Jean to lay on her back. At first she thought he was going to continue fucking her, then he started to masturbate as he knelt beside her. Jean was slightly disappointed at first but having a fit young man wank over you was very erotic she thought.

Scott stroked his cock a bit faster as he looked down at her body. He began to moan and Jean could see his balls begin to tighten. Scott moved his weapon right into Jean’s face as he shot his load. His cum splattered all over Jean’s Glasses and over her face. She loved the taste of his cum as it ran into her mouth.

Scott collapsed on the bed next to her and looked exhausted. Jean felt like she could carry on fucking all day. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean herself up. Jean had always been self conscious but now was quite happy to walk around naked in front of another man. When she returned to the bedroom she noticed that his cock was beginning to go soft. She lay down beside him again.

‘That was the best fuck I’ve had in ages.’ Scott said.

‘Glad you enjoyed it young man. I must say i haven’t had sex for quite some time. I didn’t think I would have it again after my husband passed.’ She replied.

‘You’re a very sexy woman.’

‘Thank you, so why do you like older women then?’

‘It’s probably because i lost my virginity to an older woman. One of my Mum’s friends. I was 18 and she was 50.’

‘I see. So are you married or have a girlfriend?’

‘Yeah I have a girlfriend. I love her but I’m just not attracted to her anymore.’

‘Is she the same age as you?’

‘Yeah, we’ve been together for about four years now, she wants to get married and have children.’

‘And you don’t?’

‘I have my doubts.’

‘Well if you have doubts you should tell her now.’

‘I know, I will.’

Jean couldn’t help feeling slightly guilty.

‘Poor girl.’ she thought.

Not that guilty though. She was a young girl, she’d find another man soon enough.

‘I’d like to see you again.’ Scott said.

‘I’d like to see you again too.’ She replied.

Scott lent across and kissed Jean on the mouth. Their tongues flicked over each overs and Jean begun to get a strong desire for Scott’s cock again. She reached out and grabbed it and could feel it was already semi rigid. She loved the feeling of his cock getting bigger and harder as she stroked it. They stopped kissing for a moment.

‘I hope that your girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex with you tonight. You won’t have anything left after I’m finished with you.’ Jean said impishly.

‘I don’t care about her, I just want you.’ He replied.

‘Good, that’s what i wanted to hear.’

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