Luck ran outLuck ran out


Everybody runs out of luck!! There i was again wearing my G/F’s bridesmaid dress with the 4 inch wedges, bra, thongs and stockings this time. While wearing this wonderful outfit i yet again decided to tie myself up while everyone was out of the house. but this time i put myself into a tight hogtie using cable ties, with a realise mechanism of sizzors. So there i was enjoying the feel of the satin against my body knowing every one should be out of the house for a good 3 hours, just fighting against my bounds when i heard a car come down the drive. At this time i didnt know what to do and panic’d as i could move fast and the sizzors where a good 3 meters away from me, As i heard the door open i was trying to get hold of the sizzors but this is where my luck ran out, aswell as my G/Fs Escort Çukurambar mum being home my G/F was home as she finished work early i was now in real trouble as i heard my G/f shout my name out and came running upstairs looking for me. As she check her bedroom she then came into the spare bedroom where i was trying to escape, as the door opened i just frooze, she came running in to find her B/f in her bridesmaid dress tied up she just stood there gob smacked and i wondered wat she was going to say/do. I just lay there silent as there was nothing i could do, she never sed a word she saw i was trying to get the sizzors and she went and picked them up then sed, “you wont be getting out of this quickly” as she sed that i felt the cable ties demetevler escort tighten up making the gap between my hands and legs join. Then she went off downstairs and i heard her say “Hes not here he must be out on a walk somewhere” when she sed this i thought to myself thank god i could be more imbarresed. After about 20mins or so i heard someone go outside and then someone run upstairs, my G/f came into the room and sed to me “right my mum has gone out now we are going to have some fun” with that she got hold of me and put me on my side and she started to strip off. I thought what is she going to do as she is completey cool about it. after she stripped she got hold of my skirt and lifted it up to reveal my under garments i dunno what dikmen escort bayan she must of been thinking cos i was dressed in her most sexy thongs, once she saw this she started to suck on my cock and that felt so good my dream complete here i am dressed so sexy with a girl sucking my cock, as she went faster she knew i was going to cum and got ready for it she took hold of my nipples and squeezed them so hard which made me cum faster just before i was about to cum she stopped and asked me why i was dressed in her clothes and all i could say it “i was curious and wanted to see how it felt” she then sed “well i think u need to no how it feels to me a women then” and with that she sat on my face with her bare pussy and rubbed it in then started to suck my cock again it took little time for me to climax and start cumming as i did she held it in her mouth and came to kiss me i turned my head away as i didnt want a mouthful of my own cum but she got her way she squeezed my nuts tight and i let out big owwwww and as i did she kissed me and put all of the cum into my mouth and made me swallow it.

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