Loving and Lusting Ch. 01Loving and Lusting Ch. 01

Black White

“Good work out?” a voice asked behind me.

I took one last swig of my sport drink before turning around to respond. These conversations never go well. It was very rare that a guy who approached you in the gym would be interested in your brain. Even more so when you work out a university gym. This happened more than I would like. Although I was well into my thirties, I looked much younger. A blessing and a course. The course being that I was often hit on by boys who still slept on mattresses on the floor.

I turned around. This time was no different. A young man stood in front of me. He had dark brown hair that hung in unruly curls on his head and piercing green eyes. He was fit and tall. But he was just a boy. A boy with a bold smile on his face. He thought this was working. I calmly passed the towel over my neck and chest wiping away the thin layer of sweat that caused my skin to glisten.

“It was exceptional.” I said. I slung my bag on my shoulder and spun on my heels. To my surprise he chose to follow me towards the door.

“What’s your number? Maybe I can give you a more carnal work out experience.” He called after me.

I stopped dead in my tracks and waited for him to catch up. His eyes wandered to my cleavage, which glistened with sweat. I was not shy about my 34d chest and did not mind when they were appreciated, but this was obscene.

“That line works?” I asked.

“I’ve only been slapped twice, so it’s not my worst. Is it working on you?” He laughed. It was a carefree infectious laugh.

“No.” I smiled and walked away, shaking my head. This time he did not follow. At least I got a decent laugh out of this.

I thought that would be the last I saw of the tall young man with the great eyes and infectious laugh. It was a large campus in an even larger city. But then as I sat at a booth in my favorite bar two weeks later a gin and tonic slid in front of me. I looked up from my book and saw him again. The bright white of his tee shirt made this tan skin look as if it glowed. There was a hint of athletic musculature under the thin cotton.

“I hear that’s your drink.” He sat down across from me without being asked.

“Are you even old enough to buy that?” I put my book down and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m old enough for a lot of things.” He smiled. There was something self assured in the way he looked at me.

“Not for me.” I said. I raised the glass to him and took a sip. “But thanks for the drink anyway.”

“Not a problem.” He leaned in, beckoning for me to do the same. It was pointless to whisper. The bar was virtually empty. Even though it was Saturday, it was early. I don’t know why, but I did as he said. His cheek pressed against mine and his warm breath graced over my ear. “I’ll tell you what, after we fuck, I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

It was uncontrollable, my sex twitched with excitement. But I hadn’t gotten where I was, the youngest tenured professor in my department by following every little urge that popped up. The feelings, if you could call them that, that I had for him would have to be ignored.

“How about… we don’t fuck, I don’t tell and you find someone your own age to play with?” I whispered back into his ear. He leaned back in the booth. Something about the way he did it told me he wasn’t moving for a while.

“Girls my age only read Derrida so they don’t have to sit on a wrinkly cock to get a good grade.” He said. I glanced at my book, only the title was written on the hard cover, not the author. I was impressed. “There is nothing sexy about that.”

“So you want to fuck on a treadmill while reading french philosophy?” I said with a laugh. He laughed too and shook his head sending his curls in a whirl on his head. Large hand combed the unruly locks into some semblance of order. The he looked at me with an earnest look on his face. Then the corners of his lips turned up into a sly smile.

“I want to fuck you however you want to be fucked. If Derrida gets you wet I am happy to oblige.” He reached under the table and touched my bare knee.

The warm touch of his fingers ran up my leg. On reflex I shifted but instead of jerking shut my knees spasmed apart ever so slightly. I should have slapped his hand way. I had no way of knowing that was the beginning of the end of my resistance of him. He did not try to crawl his fingers up my thigh. He simply made small circles with his fingers for a short while and then stopped.

“I don’t have sex with students.” I told him. He seemed to ignore my declaration. I could almost feel his eyes ravaging me. As if he could see through the silk sundress I wore. He got up and started to leave.

“Well Professor..” he began.

“Conrad” I told him not knowing why I would offer him my name, yet something told me that he knew it already. Anyone of my regular bartenders could have told him. How else would he know my favorite drink, down to the extra lime.

“Professor Conrad, I am not your student so you wont have to worry about that when we have Bostancı Escort Bayan sex, will you?” He smiled at me again before returning to his position behind the bar.

I remained at the bar for an hour or two. In that time a number of tipsy co-eds sashayed up to the bar, demanding his attention. I smiled to myself as they leaned onto the bar chest first, as if offering their tits up for worship on his alter. Some of them were quite attractive. I even thought they would distract him. Young men are like magpies in that way. Wave a good pair of tits in their face and they’ll forget the ones that stiffened their cocks a few minutes before. But I had no such luck, once in a while I would look up to see him smiling that cocky smile at me.

The light coming in from the small window at street level gave the slightly busier bar a soft glow. I check my watch and saw that it was almost seven. I had to prepare myself for a day of work with a long bath and some wine. I shoved my book in my bag and dropped a few dollars on the table before I left. I was out the door adjusting my bag when he burst out of the door and up the stairs onto the sidewalk.

“I’ll walk you home.” He smiled down at me.

“You have work.” I said and started down the wide sidewalk. The sun was starting to set and the air was getting cool in expectation of fall.

“Its dead in there. I’ll walk you home.”

I should have said no to him, but the end had already begun with a touch of the knee. So I accepted his company with a shrug of the shoulders. No was not a word that seemed to be in his vocabulary anyway. There was only yes and almost yes’s. All of my no’s had turned into almost yes’s in his mind anyway. I am a lean 5’8, approaching 6′ with a good pair of heels, but he was still taller than I was as I clicked my way down the block in my favorite peep-toe heels.

“Is there a sexier sound than the sound a woman’s shoes make on hard ground?” He asked. I wished I could have silenced my shoes at that moment. But when we turned down the empty street my brownstone sat on, they were even louder. His sent wafted over to me on the breeze. I hate that I felt myself get excited at the fresh yet musky smell.

After a short walk in silence, I stopped in front of my home and took one step up the stoop. I was now eye to eye with him. His bright green eyes searched mine.

“You have the most amazing big brown eyes.” He told me. I was taken aback for a moment by his sweet and genuine statement.

“Thank you.” I said. “And thank you for the walk home. All two and a half blocks.”

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?” He took a step up. He was impossibly close to me on the shallow step. I went to take another step but my heel caught on the edge. I stumbled into his awaiting arm. He pulled me into him by the behind. He leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Unless you want to fuck me right here, you freaky little thing.”

“One drink then you are out.” I said. I was flustered and it was obvious in my shaky voice.I felt my cheeks go warm as I tried to force myself back into control. My heart was beating faster now. I could feel the blood rushing to places that would lead me to trouble. Everything in me screamed that I should send him on his way. It was insane to invite this man I knew nothing about into my home. There was something about him though. I trusted him immediately.

He followed me into my townhouse. It was the reason I took my position. It had amazingly high ceilings with crown molding and large windows which flooded the rooms with light. I had spent months restoring it to its eighteenth century glory and filled it with my own elegantly eclectic mix of antique furniture and original art work. I set my keys and my bag on the table in the foyer before leading him into the front room. Two large windows overlooking the quiet tree lined street let in the golden light of sunset. I walked over to the bar but he stood staring at a large painting over the fireplace.

“Is that an original?” He asked, almost in awe.

“Yeah, a friend owns the gallery where she had a show last year. He gave it to me for my birthday.” I poured myself a drink and looked at him. There was more to him than meets the eye. But what met the eye was not at all bad. He was truly a sight. Broad muscular shoulders, narrow hips, lovely tanned skin that was set off by rich brown hair. His hair was messy and with random curls hanging over emerald green eyes. His strong jaw was covered by the slightest bit of fuzzy facial hair. He noticed I was looking at him and flashed me a knowing smile. “What are you having?”

“Whiskey on rocks if you can.” He ran his fingers through his thick hair. I wouldn’t be able to keep control much longer if he kept that up. I thought.

“I have your whiskey,” I handed him the glass of amber liquid. “I’ll be back with your ice.”

I returned from the kitchen with a tub of ice. He looked up from a large book shelf as I came in.

“Art history.” He blurted out. I nodded and Escort Bostancı dropped a few ice cubes in his glass. He grabbed my slender waist with his free hand. “You know I considered asking for some water just so I could see that sexy ass walk away from me again. Then I thought, why watch it when I should be touching it.”

His large had slid down my waist and onto my behind. I could feel his fingers spreading across my rear before they grasped a cheek as he yanked me into him. My body was pressed so tightly against his. My breast squeezed against his chest. I felt his member stiffen under his jeans. I closed my eyes. My heart was pounding in my ears. I felt myself begin to pulse with anticipation.

He bent his head down and pressed his lips against mine. His warm breath spread across my cheek. I sighed, opening my mouth slightly. He took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I could taste the sweet whiskey on his tongue as he kissed me deeper. His hand left my ass and slid upwards into my hair. He took a handful of my smooth auburn locks and gently pulled my head back. I was sorry to part with his tender lips. Lips that were now pulled in a sly smile.

We said nothing for a while. We just stood, trying to inhabit the same place staring into each others eyes. Finally I stepped back and downed the rest of my drink. If this was going to happen I may as well have a buzz to go along with it. He finished his own and took my empty glass from my hand. I tried not to freak out as he placed them on a side table without a coaster. Surely this young Adonis with a large bulge in his pants was more important than a ring on the side table. It wasn’t.

I stepped out of my heels as I walked back towards him. He quickly scooped me up burying his head in my neck. By now I was sure that my panties were damp with excitement. I wrapped my legs around him as he walked us over to the couch. I flung my foot out to knock the empty class onto the floor. With more grace than I expected he laid me down so my head rested on the arm of the couch. He hovered over me, his eyes scanning my face. I pulled his head down to kiss him again. I loved the taste of his mouth. But he soon pulled away from me.

“Zane.” He said breathlessly. His hand slipped under my flowing dress.

“What?” I asked. I drew in a short sharp breath as a finger grazed my satin covered lips.

“I just wanted you to know what name to scream during that orgasm you’ll be having in a few minutes.” His smile was just downright naughty at this point.

His lips went back to mine, silencing any retort I might have. I wouldn’t have been able to think of one. His fingers had pushed my panties aside and were sliding up and down between my slit. I arched my hip towards him as he circled my clit. I could feel how easily his fingers slid around, exploring all of my sex. His raged breath against my cheek only made me more excited. My body swelled closer to orgasm with each breath. It had been so long since I had a body over me. So long since my legs cradled a man eager to please me and to be pleased. Again he went to my clit, this time squeezing gently. It drove me wild. My lower lips ached with their arousal. I ran my fingers through his thick satiny hair as I kissed him feverishly.

He pulled away again. His eyes darted over my face. I am sure he wanted to look at me as he slowly inserted a finger into me. I sighed, biting my lip. quiet moans began to form in my throat. His eyes sparkled with self satisfaction. I looked into them, unashamed as I proceeded to grind myself against his hand.

A soft moan escaped my lips. He looked so proud of himself at my moans that I did not bother to lower his lips to mine. Instead I closed my eyes and let a smile come over my face. My freshly manicured fingers wrapped around his arm as it flexed to support his body over mine. The other went to his muscular shoulder. I could have easily reached for his hard cock where it pressed against my thigh, but I didn’t. I wanted to enjoy the moment and I could tell he wanted the same. A second finger gingerly inserted itself into my welcoming hole. My hip spasmed towards him.

“Oh god…” I breathed. The strokes of his fingers quickened and his thumb rubbed against my now engorged clit.

“Are you going to cum all over my hand?” He asked. I bit down on my lip and nodded. It was going to happen soon. I felt dizzy as my blood rushed down to my throbbing pussy. “Don’t do that, I want to hear how much you like it.”

“Fuck!” I blurted out. One of his finges had curved into a hook and hit just he right spot. My heart was going to leap out of my chest. I thrust my hip up to him, soon the thrusting became involuntary.

“Oh god Zane…. uhn.. right there.” I moaned. My fingers gripped his arm and shoulder. I looked into his eyes as he pushed his fingers deeper into me. It was more than I could bare. One last “Oh” oozed out of my mouth as my breath left my body. I closed my eyes, retreating into my imminent orgasm. He expertly worked Bostancı Escort my pussy with hooked finger and thumb, rubbing my clit as my body spasmed in heavenly release. His fingers were still buried inside of me when the last wave rolled over me. I let out a sigh and unclenched his arm.

I opened my eyes and saw him smiling over me. His finger lazily ran up and down between my now dripping lips. I ran my fingers through his hair before pulling him down for a kiss. He kissed me back long and hard before lifting away from me.

“Top notch O face by the way.” He laughed. His fingers ran softly through my hair. “Not many women can look so beautiful while cumming. Its a gift.”

He finally pulled his hand from between my legs. I shot up quickly and went to the small mahogany bar. I returned with a towel to wipe his hand and then between my leggs. My attempt to check the couch for juices did not go unnoticed. He let out that melodic carefree laugh.

“Do you know how hard it is to clean silk upholstery?” I asked him.

“Fine, lets take this upstairs then.” As if I had weighed nothing, he picked me up and put me over his shoulder. I let out a girly squeal that I hadn’t heard from myself in years. With my navigation he found my bedroom at the end of the upstairs hallway.

He let me down in the center of the large room. His eyes scanned my body greedily. I walked over to him and unbuckled his belt. He ignored the quick work I made of his jeans and briefs. His hands cupped my face, tucking stray strands of hair behind my ears.

“You are so amazingly gorgeous.” He whispered as he kissed my neck.

“That is very sweet of you to say.” I said as I wrap ed my fingers around his hard extension. “But, one, I’ve already decided to let you fuck me, and two my decision had nothing to do with how sweet you are.”

“In that case, why don’t we skip the heavy petting and get down to the fucking.” With that he picked me up again, tossing me on the large bed. He was not shy about yanking off my underwear.

“Easy tiger.” I said. He looked as if he wanted to pounce on me. I adjusted myself on the bed and looked down at his feet. It was all I could do not to stare at his erect penis pointing up at the ceiling. I stared blatantly for a while. When I looked back up at him he had that familiar cocky grin on his face.

“Like what you see?” he ran his hand over his engorged member. The pink tip bobbed alluringly. I took a deep breath. My pussy twitched in anticipation of him entering me.

I cocked my head to a side and smiled back at him. “No shoes in bed.”

He laughed and looked around, as if seeing my bedroom for the first time. It was large and immaculate. The shiny wood floors were barren of any stray item. My bed was covered with crisp grey and white bedding. The fresh cut flowers on the table next to the window filled the room with light fragrance. He slipped out of his shoes. A defiant look passed over his face as he tossed my underwear onto the floor in the center of the room.

“Ass” I said as I pulled him down onto me. My back arched as I reached for his erection. He buried his head in my neck. I could hear his hard breathing in my ear interspersed with his soft kisses. His cock was warm and rock hard. I was pleased with how little work I had to do to get him to that state. I squeezed the tip gently and I felt him twitch in my hand. I moaned as I rubbed the tender head against my still wet slit.

“God you smell good.” He said in my ear.

“Why don’t we see what this little prick of yours can do.” I ignored his compliment. Becoming enamored with this young man was not to be considered. For now, a random romp was as far over the line as I was willing to go. It was okay for me to have some carnal excitement once in a while. I directed his member to my opening and moved my hand to his chest.

He lifted himself up so he could look at me. His eyes narrowed, as if deciding what to do with me. He thrust himself into me, quickly and violently. I knew it was coming but it still made me gasp with pleasure and surprise. He smiled down at me after he saw my surprise. He held himself there for a while and the with drew almost completely. Then another thrust and another gasp escaped my lips. My large breast bounced under my dress as he pounded into me.

“Hows that little prick working out for you?” He asked. There was nothing little about him. I could feel myself stretch to welcome him into me. I moaned and lifted my hip towards him, trying to take and much of him inside of me as possible.

“Its getting the job done so far.” I smiled at him. This taunt just caused him to thrust harder. There was nothing gentle about how he pound his stiff cock into me. I moaned my appreciation. My moans grew louder as he rubbed his groin against my clit with every inward thrust. I was aching for him. I relished the feeling of his heavy body over mine, the roughness of his jeans against my thigh, his smell wafting into my nose. My entire body warmed in excitement. I turned my head to the side. His long muscular arm flexed with the strain of his weight and activity. I could see a vein bulge out and run from his bicep to his forearm. My blood began to boil at the sight of it. He gave me a particularly hard and deep thrust, demanding my attention. He got it. My body shivered with anticipation.

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