Lovers Ch. 04Lovers Ch. 04


On the plane to California it was peaceful. Taylor, mom and I talked about life in California and the baby and what we’d do when we landed.

“James can I ask you something?” Taylor said.

“Yea what?”

“Do you want to have children, like I mean um… with me?”

“Of course I do. I love you Taylor with all my heart.”

“Okay. I love you James.”

When we landed we gathered our bags and went to the hotel. When we got into our room we all put our bags in the corner and got naked.

“Are you ready to fuck your mother.” mom asked.

“Oh yea.” i said.

When I got onto the bed my mom started to suck my cock and it was the best blowjob I’ve ever had. My ex-girlfriend was abstinent so she said only oral sex so that’s what we did.

“Oh baby I want this big cock in my pussy. And I want it doggy style so I can lick your sisters pussy.”

“Okay.” I got up and got into position and my mom and sister did too.

“Okay Hun put that big cock in me I want you to make mommy pregnant with our baby.”

When I put it in it was great and tight but not as tight as Taylor but still tight. It felt like a warm, wet, velvety glove on my dick.

“Oh fuck.. Oh yea baby fuck your mommas dirty cunt fuck it like you hate it. And yes I watched you 2 have sex last night it was so hot I had a vibrator in my ass and my pussy it felt amazing.”

After about 7 minutes “Oh mom I’m going to cum.. Oh god here it comes.”

“I’m Cumming too baby. Oh.. Fuck yea give mommy all your baby juice that’s it yea.”

When I came it could of filled up a shot glass or 2.

“Thank you baby I think you made mommy very much pregnant. Did you like how I licked your pussy Taylor?”

“Oh yea mom it was great but James has got you beat.” Taylor replied.

“Let’s Etlik Escort sleep then when we wake up we’ll take our showers and go to Berkeley.” mom said.

When we woke up an hour later we rented a car from enterprise and went to Berkeley. The reason we want Berkeley is I want to be a writer and my sister wants to be a photographer.

Since we had the credentials I could transfer and Taylor could join.

“Well it looks like we should celebrate with some more fun tonight.” mom said. “But now we should look at houses.”

When we found the house we wanted I pulled all the money I had in my bank account from working at Barnes and noble and with tailors and moms money too we made the pride and won.

“We’ll be back in a month to move in from Illinois.” mom said.

“Okay I’ll notify the owners have a nice day.” said the realtor.

When we returned to the hotel we got naked before the door even closed.

“This time I get to ride your cock my love.” Taylor stated.

“Okay then mom sit on my face so I can lick your pussy.”

“You 2 turn me on so much I’m wet just hearing this.”

When we started fucking my dick was inside my sister’s vagina and my tongue in my mother’s sweet cunt. It was amazing all I could hear was moans from mom and Taylor who I could also hear were making out.

When I came in my sister my mom came in my mouth and my sister came on my dick we did a trio-cum.

The next day we all woke up had more sex then went down to the complimentary breakfast. We returned to the room took our showers (Taylor and mine together) and then went to Venice beach in the car. When we went into dog town it was my dream to skateboard here and since I had some money left I bought a new skateboard and skated around the birthplace of todays skating.

After Etlik Escort Bayan my adventure we all went surfing and swimming in the beach it was 10 am and no one was there. After about half an hour of water time mom, Taylor, and I just cuddled each other on the empty beach.

“I love you James and I always will.” Taylor said.

“I love you too and I will love you until the end of Time.” I said. “So do you think your pregnant mom I mean Catherine?”

“Oh yes I think I’m pregnant but that doesn’t stop our fun little sex parties.” Mom replied.

“Good.” I said kissing her on the forehead.

“James you’re so lucky you get 2 sexy women who are in love with you and you get all the sex you want. All the guys in the world would chop a finger off to be where you are.” Taylor said with her head next to moms on my chest.

“That is true sweetheart we both are madly in love with you.” mom added.

“I know I’m the luckiest guy that’s why I love you too so much and that’s why I will love our children too and they’ll just have to understand they have 2 mommies and 1 daddy.”

“Well we’d better go back to the car because we should get going to that place you wanted to go.” mom said to Taylor.

“Oh yea um James can stay at the hotel for that one unless he wants to come with us to the lingerie store?” Taylor said.

“James would love too.” i said and we all laughed.

When we got to the lingerie store we were greeted by drop dead gorgeous women in lingerie at the door.

“Well hello sexy.” the brunette said to me.

“Back off he’s ours.” Taylor stated and the brunette backed away but whispered when taylor wasn’t looking

“If you ever want to drop those girls I’m worth it here’s my number.”

“I’m sorry but no Escort Etlik one’s worth it.” I said handing the number back and walking over to mom who wanted to ask me something.

“Would you get a boner if I wore this?” she said holding up a sexy see through gown that would end at the end of her ass checks.

“Oh yea Cathy I totally would.”

“Thank you baby.” she replied and kissed me passionately.

“You’re very welcome.” I said turning around to look for Taylor.

When I saw Taylor she was arguing with the brunette I rejected.

“What do you mean by it’s not for sale it has a price tag?” my sister said holding a dominatrix outfit.

“It’s not for sale because were closed now please leave.” the brunette said.

“Is this because you want my man because if that’s so you’re a total slut!”

“Your mans the one who gave me his number!” at that Taylor looked at me and I shook my head and when I did Taylor turned around and punched the hot bitch in the nose and stormed out which mom and I followed.

“I can’t believe that lying bitch.” Taylor said

“I can’t believe she tried to steal our man.” mom added.

“Did you really give her your number?” Taylor asked when she turned around to look at me.

“No she whispered to me when you too were looking for stuff that if I ever wanted to ditch you too and that she was worth it and then gave me her number on a piece of paper. and I told her no one is worth more than them and gave the paper back.” I said looking her straight in the eye and Taylor stated to cry.

“You are the perfect man.” she said coming into my arms

and kissing me.

“You 2 are my whole world now and the baby growing in Cathy’s womb.”

“Oh Taylor is right you are the perfect man.” mom said also kissing me. “I chose the perfect father too.”

When we left the mall we went back to the hotel and just laid there holding each other and all I could think about was my future with mom and Taylor and our children but I knew it would all turn out fine because we had each other.

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