Lovebites Ep. 05Lovebites Ep. 05


Sophie was distraught at the thought of losing Emmaline to the women Christine said would be their lifelong enemies. To think that only days before they had shared their first kiss, and now it was likely she may never see her again, or even worse that an encounter would result in having to actually fight her former best friend.

Despite all those misgivings it was surprisingly easy for Sophie to put it all aside and trust in her mistress. She still hadn’t quite worked out why this was so, but it seemed that whenever Christine issued a command, the rest of the universe didn’t matter and she just went to work doing what was asked.

Of course when this pertained to sex the pull was obvious and need not be explained. The Lady Christine’s body was to her the most inviting and alluring thing she’d ever known. Yet even when her duties had nothing to do with that, like when she was told to return home one night, to the place she had lived before being turned — and her Lady bade her to get her clothes and then leave promptly once more, she did not argue a moment.

Even when she was forbidden from speaking to, or even glancing at her parents, Sophie had no difficulty obeying orders. By all logic that should not have been an easy thing.

Christine’s instruction in the matter was all she needed and it was done. This ease she felt with her mistress by her side gave her comfort she had never felt. Sophie honestly believed that with Christine to protect and guide her nothing could go wrong.

This fact made what happened a few days later all the more disconcerting. Christine was visibly upset. She had woken from her usual slumber with wide eyes and if Sophie hadn’t known any better she’d have thought she saw fear in those sparkling blue eyes.

” Sophie, my darling something is wrong.”

“What?”was all the young vampire could muster in response.

“I’ve had a premonition dear. And It isn’t good. What’s more is that I think it concerns your Emma, at least somehow, maybe indirectly. The thing is, in my premonition, or dream, I saw her. And something, or someone else. I guess we can be absolutely sure of the fact that miss Black is no longer among the mortal beings of the worlds. Exactly what this means I can’t be sure but I have a sneaking suspicion that we could be in for some serious trouble.”

“What kind of trouble?” asked Sophie concerned.

“The softbites have always been a nuisance but nothing I can’t handle. This has to be something more, I feel it in my soul darling. Perhaps those witches have done something, made a pact with demons of demigods. Similar deals have been struck before and it wasn’t good for our kind. See, our immortality is, shall I say still as yet imperfect. True nothing mortal, nor equal, can kill us. Sunlight of course can hurt, but really only leads to sun-sickness which can be healed with enough rest. But there are ways we may die. Rare as the threats may be they do exist. For now I will spare you the gory details but I think that I may need to call in some help.”

All these revelations were hitting Sophie like a ton of bricks. She could die after all. So many questions were now swirling through her head but the one she seized on and repeated out loud was a simple one.

“W-who would help us?”

Christine said simply “we need a fixer.”


The sound of insects could be heard as they scurried across a damp wet floor bursa escort in a deep dark tunnel A loud audible crunch was made as a beetle was crushed to wet bits on the cavern floor.

The fixer loved the noise and feeling of it as the lower lifeforms being squished and exterminated under her sharp, black, high heeled shoes. Truth be told she would have enjoyed it just as much barefoot.

It was a powerful sensation that bordered on an erotic experience for her. To take life in an instant, so utterly and completely was a real satisfaction for her. That was what made being a fixer so damn fun.

A fixer, in this sense was a very high order of vampire ; Loners in most cases fixers were vamps who delighted in killing. They were not mad, that would have made them rouges and utterly cut off from the larger vampire community.

On the contrary fixers were valued by any vamp with good sense. They were the assassins of all things otherworldly. From werewolves to devils and demons of all kinds. It was strictly forbidden of course to contact a fixer to kill another vampire, but it did happen from time to time if the price was right.

This particular fixer was named Rebecca. She was beautiful, almost beyond words. She stood to a height of 5ft 5 inches but walked with an air of supreme confidence that came with knowing power even most vampires could only dream of.

Rebecca was no ordinary vampire. She inherited her uncommon abilities in her equally uncommon birthing. Rebecca was the lovechild of a vampire and a succubus — a demon of hell’s seventh circle and devourer of souls. What all this meant in practical terms was that Rebecca could not be a maker in the conventional sense ; but this downside was made up for by her increased strength, speed, and a special skill that no one else even knew she possessed.

Rebecca was a leecher of supernaturals. Meaning she could steal their powers and lifeforce thereby growing stronger with each kill she made. This is what drew her to fixing in the first place, but she found that as time went on it really was an enjoyable job.

Despite the joy she found in her work Rebecca did have an intense desire to create. If she couldn’t do it with bites she thought she must find other means.

Her original instinct was to do it the way her parents had, the way human did it. But upon reflection she thought better of that. Male supernaturals were a real pain in the ass, and always thought that they were superior beings.

Rebecca knew the falsity in that belief having dispatched any number of them in her past. She was clearly capable of raising the thing on her own. The real trick was to figure out how to achieve her goal alone.

After several weeks of planning Rebecca had finally settled on an idea that just might work. This was how she found herself wheeling a coma patient through the subterranean passageways beneath London.

She stole away this particular comatose cutie-pie in the late hours of the night. The extraction had been easy with her speed. When she arrived back home, in a disused mansion she had procured just days before Rebecca pushed her prize inside the room basement bedroom she had chosen for the coming experiment.

Rebecca brushed her long black hair out of her hazel green eyes and pulled the sheets down to get a full look at her specimen. The girl before her had auburn hair to her slender girlish shoulders. Her eyes bursa escort bayan were dark and almost gray in color. She had a lower lip piercing that Rebecca liked a lot.

Rebecca had several piercings of her own ; including both nipples, her ears, and several dermal implants — some of which were in the back of her delicate neck. The most erotic work of all though was the dermal implants on her tender pussy. The implants protruded from the softest of all feminine flesh and were placed in a line leading downward so that they eye of any luck enough to look upon them followed ever closer to the pretty little slit.

For Rebecca the procedure had been nothing, of course she charmed the body artist into doing the job free of charge as well. She could have done this with a glamor, which is what most vampires did to bend the will of others, but Rebecca never even needed to use her skills, the guy would have done it anyway just for the sheer eroticism of it all.

As Rebecca remembered the pain of that piercing a burning desire began to grow in her chest. She decided at this point to strip down and get comfy. If she were right about this hunch she’d need to get her pheromones going.

The victim / patient was now moved from the hospital stretcher and laid out on Rebecca’s large bed. She had slightly bigger breasts than Rebecca’s own yet the vampire never for a moment felt envious. Her boobs may not have been big, but they were perfectly proportioned considering her smallish frame.

What Rebecca liked most of all on this girl was her feet, they were delicate and soft to the touch if a little big. The size was understandable because the coma patient was probably a full six feet tall. Just about perfect for what Rebecca had planned.

She needed a helper with enough size and strength to do some heavy lifting, if by chance she could not be there to do it herself. Rebecca was going to wake this girl up from her unending slumber and put her to work.

She had theorized that it might be possible with the fully dead, however this seemed a safer bet. By animating someone in this state she did not need to provide quite the same spark of life. This would be much easier she thought. In stories it seemed that electric energy was always the impetus for this kind of thing. However Rebecca had something far better. She had her own blood.

She wasn’t interested in making this doll ( this is how she had come to think of it in her head) an ultra powerful being so she would have to be careful about the dosage. She first considered cutting her arm and dripping some blood down the girl’s throat but she realized that that might kill her.

She could not be entirely sure that the specimen wouldn’t go into convolutions upon being dosed and choke to death. This had been known to happen in some cases of normal vampire turnings. Oral entry was a risk, but vaginal entry might just do it.

So with a little extra thought Rebecca removed her socks and sat down with a sewing needle. She proceeded to poke a tiny hole in her big toe on her left foot. It was a tiny poke but the blood that came from it was considerable.

Next she got up on the bed and positioned the doll’s body so that she could gently push her toe inside the feminine sex. It was dry in there at first, and that was only to be expected of a coma patient. But as the blood got flowing and made it’s way in the vaginal crease Rebecca escort bursa picked up a sudden increase in her subject’s heartbeat.

It was doing something at least! She jammed her foot in there farther, now several toes and penetrated and there was fair amount of wetness making the movement easier. The fixer was enjoying herself, even if this didn’t pan out how she had hoped, she could still have fun tonight.

Rebecca wiggled her toes loving the feeling she was starting to drool a little and soon she was rubbing at her own stimulated womanhood. Her fingers were well practiced as she worked them inside herself. She had three full fingers in and was leaning back staring up at the ceiling when suddenly she heard a muffled noise.

She sat up, at the same time driving her toes deep inside her half-living doll and saw that the girl’s eyes were moving, darting frantically from side to side.

Her mouth was trying to say something but it wasn’t coming out right. It was only simplistic grunts and guttural noise.

” Dolly, Dolly are you trying to say something dear? ” The name had been entirely spur of the moment but to Rebecca it seemed to fit just fine.

The expression from Dolly was panicked but she couldn’t muster a real verbal response. Rebecca needed to test her ability to command her creation so she took her foot from where it had been and placed it in front of her toy.

“Lick.” was all she a said.

Dolly looked momentarily confused but after a few seconds of what might be considered thought she stuck her tongue out. She still hadn’t mastered movement so all she did to start was leave it hanging out like a dog might.

“Lick.” commanded Rebecca once more.

Dolly was honestly trying it seemed as she began to straighten her tongue. Rebecca was tired of waiting for her to get it right on her own so she put her foot right up in Dolly’s face, seconds later she got the response she was hoping for.

Dolly’s tongue was hot and wet on Rebecca’s toes and once she got a taste she couldn’t get enough of it. She slobbered on her maker’s foot and sucked on the toes as if they were candy, and she hadn’t eaten for years.

Essentially this was true — being a coma patient meant that she’d been fed intravenously and tasting Rebecca’s skin had been the first such experience for her in a long time. It may have been the blood, or ravenous hunger but after a few minutes Dolly did something bad.

She bit Rebecca’s toe as it was in her mouth. Rebecca immediately responded by removing her foot — which resulted in a puppy like whimper from her creation.

Rebecca wasn’t deterred in her need for punishment though. She knew that setting boundaries was absolutely paramount to this little scheme succeeding.

So she commanded Dolly to lay on her lap, a command that was met with confusion so that Rebecca eventually had to pick her up herself and bend her lithe from over her knee herself.

Rebecca began to spank her naughty slave telling her ” Bad. Bad Dolly. Never bite. Never bite your master.”

If Dolly could try tears she would have, as it was she only whimpered some more. Yet when her ass cheeks were sufficiently sore and pink from barehanded spanking they had what could only be taken as a monumental breakthrough — when Dolly spoke her first words.

“Yes, Yes, Master. No, No Bite Master. Lick, Lick Master. No Bite.” Rebecca couldn’t have been more pleased with herself.

She said in response only, “Good. Good Dolly.”

Rebecca would now be the most sought after fixer in all the worlds — because she unlike any other vampire, had a day-walker slave at her disposal.

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