Love IncestuousLove Incestuous


SEX, sometimes the beautiful physical expression of everlasting love and at other times the manifestation of raw animalistic passion. I like to get a little bit of both and it’s what I’ve been getting these few days.

Only thing that’s different this time, the woman lying naked in my bed right now, is my aunt. We’ve spent the last three days having mindless sex. Eat, drink, sleep and fuck is a routine that reeks of familiarity now. Strange how I’ve got no regrets about it. But then again, can’t remember the last time I gave a damn about what other people thought. My aunt’s a divorcee by the way. It’s been a year since she ditched her hubby.

She’s been coming to our house for over a year now since she showed her husband the door. Sometimes she needed emotional support, other times just plain company. My mom’s a workaholic who raises her head from work as often as the moon drops by for dinner, so she’s a no go and my dad’s never home. Not surprisingly I would find myself lending the shoulder when necessary. That’s how we became more than just related. She became a trusted friend. I also had a crush on her, though I never told her that. Despite our ages she became something of a half sister to me.

And we had a lot in common, both of us were crazy incurable foodie’s, we spent almost every free day she had (and there were very few of those) driving in her car to some exotic restaurant. We both ate like baby dinosaurs; I had an appetite that would put ten growing men to shame six times over. She could usually manage 1/10th of what I ate which might not seem impressive at all until you factor in the amount of food I usually manage in one sitting. I remember once we had food worth three grand’s in a Lebanese place we went to with my family. We just sat there for an hour after we had cleared our bills, couldn’t move an inch with all that food inside. We also had a common taste for 90’s music. She had a nice system over at her place. I spent hours listening to her CD’s.

We watched movies together. We talked about girls,we talked about boys, we talked about men, women, extraterrestrial beings etc etc…We tasted wines; I had my first drink with her. We talked about everything in the dictionary including the dictionary itself. We watched sunrise, sunsets, moon rises blah blah blah… Don’t get me wrong; I had a life outside, yeah, but it was shit.

I hated the environment in my high school. Social wolf-packs prowled the corridors all times. The girls only cared about me because I sported a great figure. I hated the drugs doing the rounds all over the place. The underage drinking, wild flings etc… sickened me to the stomach. Every conversation I had in school I could have had with a chicken sausage back home. In my school there weren’t any people; just pieces of meat. I got tired from listening to guys brag about how they’d fucked this chick and that babe and how long their cocks were and how hard they got, I would be like” yeah sure they’ve got cock, too bad they lack balls”.

To my parents credit I’ve been bought up to believe in the theory of moderation. Too much of anything and it eventually screws you. I met a few girls I liked though, 3 to be precise. Fell for one, got my heart broken Etimesgut Escort by the other and I ditched the third. Thus my love life wasn’t anything to write home about.

I’d never had any compelling reason to be interested in sex until then. I didn’t consider the girls in school worth a crap. I was pretty sure they thought of me as a fine piece of meat. The idea of being nothing but a piece of meat repulsed me. I satisfied myself when needed by watching porn or utilising my rather abundant imagination.

Then I happened to watch the film’40 days and 40 nights'(Josh Hartnett). Inspired, I decided to see for how long I could remain celibate (Even though Lent was about as far as far can be, and I’m not a Christian anyways). For the record, I lasted two weeks.

My aunt came to stay one night. Exhausted she asked me for a massage (I have great hands). So this isn’t unusual, I’d given her massages before. She lay on the sofa cum bed with her back upwards. I started at the legs, slowly pressing her calf muscles. She let out a sigh as the fatigue escaped and her muscles relaxed. I continued to rub her feet for another 15 minutes when it hit ; I hadn’t even realized it but suddenly I became aware that I’d been staring at the swell of her butt under the skirt for quite some time now. The dark spot between her legs where her inner thighs met intrigued me. I spent a lot of time staring at it.

I also spent an inordinate amount of time pressing her bums, though she didn’t say anything. Next I reached her back. Starting at her shoulder I was coming downwards along her spine when my hand slipped (or maybe I let it slip) and landed rather firmly under her right breast. At this time I couldn’t see her breasts as she was facing the other way. For a while I remained frozen, but the jolt that went through her body and the lack of any protest emboldened me. I didn’t move my hand away but slowly moved down it till her boob lay squarely in my hand. I grabbed and slowly squeezed it. The answering moan eliminated every doubt I’d ever had.

Then another thing made its presence known. My 6 inches of cock threatening to rip my pants apart. The suppressed fury of two weeks was making itself felt. My mom was inside but caution was thrown to god knows where as my other hand went for the butt I’d been staring at.

; I grabbed her shoulder and spun her round’. Her arms went around me as her mouth found mine my free hand pushing in two fingers into her cunt. Then, I heard my mom getting up inside and broke the contact, stepping away. Nothing more was done that night.

As luck would have had it my mom was to go out of city the next day for a three day trip. She had requested my aunt to watch over me while she was gone. Little had she bargained for what was going to happen in her absence.

We said nothing to each other at dinner that night but both of us knew there would be no points for guessing what was going to happen when my mom left. That night was the hardest I’ve ever had to live through. I just couldn’t sleep and by the time daylight came my dick was hurting from having been erect for so long.

Three agonizing hours before my mom left.

Followed by three days of ecstasy…I Etimesgut Escort Bayan promised myself.

When I got back after seeing my mom off she was waiting and by the look in her eyes I could tell she wanted this just as bad as I did.

By the time you’d finish saying “Jack Robinson” we’d finished ripping the clothes off each other. The smell of her hair filled my lungs again as we came together.My hands explored the contours of her body. God, the perfect swell of her breasts culminating in those beautiful dark nipples. The tender mouth had found mine again.

I lifted her up and carried her to the bed and placed her down. Holding her knees I parted her legs to reveal her beautiful pussy. She was already wet; I could see the juices glistening on her skin. My long eager penis was already dripping by then. Using her hand she guided my shaft to the entrance of her vagina. I pushed it inside slowly and she took in all of my 6 inches till I felt my balls touching the base of her ass. She exhaled softly. The pressure around my cock was feeling very nice. I began thrusting, developing a rhythm as I went by, slow at first and faster as time went by. She began moaning, begging me to go faster and harder. Faster and harder, harder and faster we went. Then when I felt I was going to cum I withdrew, asked her to slide off the bed onto the floor. She complied and I placed the tip of my penis on her lower lip and some of the precum dripped onto it. She allowed me to rub my cock against her lips for sometime before she opened her mouth and gripped my shaft, her lips forming a seal around my girth. I could see the bulge in her cheek that my cock was causing. Then her tongue began to make circular movements against the base of my penis. I felt like my cock was going to explode from pleasure. I tried to tell her that I was about to cum, I think she understood but she just kept going and finally I couldn’t hold it anymore, I came in her mouth. She drank every single drop of cum and then licked my penis clean. Then we both lay back utterly spent. She put her head on my chest, I wrapped her in my arms and we both spent the remainder of the day in bed.

It was late evening when we woke up. The sun was nearly down and the sky looked deliciously violet. I was starving so I went to fix myself a sandwich in the kitchen. She had just woken when I returned from polishing off the sandwich. Her hand reached for her bra that was hanging off a nearby chair. “Don’t” I said, adding “Please, It’s much better this way” . She understood and smiled. Then withdrawing her hand she went to make herself a coffee.

“You going to cook something or are we going out to eat?” She was standing naked in the kitchen pouring sugar into her coffee. “Out I guess, don’t feel like making anything now” she answered.

“Kay, I’ll book a table at the ‘Le Cafe’ ,you get dressed, and then we’ll go out”.

We were seated at the table enjoying some wine when I asked her” You wanna talk about what happened?”

She gulped in a little wine before answering-” No, not really much to talk is there? We are both old enough to know what we’re getting into”. “True that” I answered, ” I couldn’t help wondering Escort Etimesgut if you had regrets?”. “No, I really enjoyed making love to you” she replied.

On the way back we picked up a movie and some snacks. Back home I changed into shorts and popped the DVD into the player. The movie was nice but somewhere in between I found myself wondering, what was I doing? There was no way for us to legitimately keep at our relationship. We would have to hide it from everyone, especially my family and this didn’t make much sense to me( all their faults notwithstanding I don’t usually hide things from my family). I was also aware that even if she wasn’t just some woman I slept with, even if I really felt for her this was never gonna work in the long run. Eventually I would fall in love with a girl my own age. Then where would we be? Stuck in a very akward place I guess. That meant this would be first and last three days of our time.

That night in bed I talked with her frankly. I told her how I felt about her but why we couldn’t be what we both wished we could be. Life just didn’t work that way. She told me not to worry too much, a relationship of that sort was not what she was looking for, even though she loved me. She was just as much aware of the harsh realities and the fact that I would eventually fall for someone my age.

“I guess this is the last time then”.”Yes” she softly replied slipping her hand into my pants to grab my already hard dick. I turned a little to one side to orient myself better and then grabbed her hair with one hand. Using my tongue I explored her mouth as deeply as I could. She was jerking me off with one hand while her other hand was grabbing my face pulling closer.

“I want your ass” I told her. She turned and lay face down, I got up and got a lube out of somewhere and began lubing her butt. I could hardly contain myself, my hand was shaking from anticipation and excitement. When I thought she was ready I inserted a couple of fingers to check, they slid inside her effortlessly. I positioned myself behind her and using my hands to spread her ass cheeks apart. Her asshole looked so beautiful and tempting, I placed my dick at it’s entrance and pushed in slowly so she wouldn’t get hurt. Still she screamed a little but I had her hands held down firmly. Soon I could feel the bottom of her ass. The pressure around my cock was feeling really good. Slowy I began moving back and forth. She moaned, both in pleasure and pain. As she began to become more and more comfortable I switched my tempo to going faster. Not long before I was slamming into her hard. She was moaning loudly now, I took both her hands pinned them behind her back and started going even more faster than before. She cried in pain but I just kept going till finally my penis couldnt hold all the cum inside and I came inside her probably pumping a few gallons up her ass. I didn’t let her go for a few minutes even after I was done to watch the cum dripping out of her ass. She looked so beautiful, utterly spent and helpless.

I set the heater running and we both had a hot water bath. It was really relaxing. She could barely walk after the banging I’d given her but she was definitely happy about it.

Exhausted we both fell into bed.

Come tommorow and she was gone before I got up, but I guess I’ll always cherish the time I lost my virginity to my aunt. It was probably the best fuck I’ve had and ever will. Next time, if there’s ever a next time, I swear I’m gonna keep going for days without stopping.

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