Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 04Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 04


Chapter Four (Truth and Trust)

*If love was easy we wouldn’t value it.*

The change was immediate. April did notice the change in Mom and in ways I had not anticipated. After Mom got her morning coffee, she sat down at the table and read the paper. When our housekeeper brought Dad his breakfast, she asked (not told) her to get her a half-grapefruit and an English muffin. April caught my gaze and gave me a ‘wtf’ look. I acted like I didn’t know what was going on either. Dad didn’t notice anything. After he went to work and April went to school, I ambushed her in Mom bedroom and took her to bed. I ate her out then pushed her legs up and banged her to two orgasms. I told her I was taping our latest session and told her she was such a whore. She didn’t say anything to me the entire time.

The Friday morning Mom told April that her hair looked nice. April nearly fell out of her seat. April asked Mom how her day had been and what she was up to. Mom returned the favor. It was the longest conversation I had ever seen them have. I was so horny I took her in Dad’s study up the ass, again in the play room – missionary position, then in the pussy and ass again in the shower, and all before eleven o’clock. The final time she called out my name when she came. She cursed me as she did so. When I handed her the money she’d ‘earned’, she gave me a crooked grin and said, “If it makes you feel better.” She stuffed the hundred dollar bills in her bra. As she turned to walk away, I playfully spanked her panty-covered ass. She giggled and sauntered away. I was beginning to wonder who was screwing who.

Saturday morning, I was called into work because someone else screwed up. I called Mom and ordered her to meet me for lunch when I was done. While at the restaurant, I took her to the Men’s Room and bent her over a urinal and pounded her until she came screaming. I then told her to meet me in the car while I finished eating. She was crazy with lust when I got to the car and went down on me so fast she nearly broke my dick off. After I came the first time, she got me hard again and bounced on me, tits in my face, until she came in a shaking frenzy. I told her to give Peggy a raise.

“You don’t need to be so gentle,” Danielle teased me that evening. I looked down at her, hands bound behind her back and a pony tail out her butt. I raised an eyebrow.

“Master,” she hastily added. I took the riding crop and put the tip under her chin. I flicked it down and stung one of her nipples. She bit her lip and yelped.

“Should I gag you, my insolent slut?” I growled.

“But Master, how would I say the word?”

“That would be your problem, not mine,” I sneered. “But for now, you amuse me. I will allow one kiss.” She looked up at me expectantly. She struggled to stand up. “Not on the lips,” I smiled. I opened my zipper şişli escort bayan and pulled out my cock. She stared at it, eyes wide. Hesitantly, she leaned forward until her lips barely touched it. She licked it lightly, kissed it again, and then attempted to engulf the head slowly in her mouth.

“Mmmm” she moaned. I stroked the top of her hair with the riding crop. She licked the tip again, but when she went for the shaft, I took a handful of hair and yanked back. She yelped, looking up with tears in her eyes.

“Kiss – not suck. You really are a stupid slut, aren’t you? Say it.”

“I’m a stupid slut,” she then added, “and my Master is a Saint for putting up with me.”

I knelt down beside her, took both breasts in my hands. I kissed her deeply, tongues intertwined, while I twisted and pulled on her nipples. “You really are making me very, very angry,” I panted between kisses.

“I can tell,” she panted back. “Stop.” I stopped the twisting and pulling, but not the kissing. “I want you in my bed,” Danielle said softly. “Please. Please come home with me.”

“Do you still trust me?” I asked.

“Yes,” she breathed heavily.

“We are not ready yet, but keep begging. I find it highly erotic.” I kissed her again then went back to torturing her nipples.

“Unh, unh, unh,” Mom huffed as I pushed my throbbing member into her from behind. I had hold of her hips with one hand and was teasing her clit with the other. I had her on all fours and was kissing and nibbling on her back. That gave her goose bumps.

“You are such a bitch,” I snarled as she clamped her cunt muscles down on my cock. It felt like a wet, smothering hand job.

“I’m — your — bitch,” she panted out. “Make — me — your — slut — Damien,” she continued as I kept pounding into her. I pinched her nipple “Oh Fuck!” she screamed. She started to tremble and shake as the orgasm took over. Her vagina felt like it was trying to milk my cock.

“Damien? Mother!” gasped April from the doorway. We both turned to look at her, but Mom’s face was wreathed in orgasmic bliss. April was rendered speechless. I the shock of seeing my Sister plus the strength of Ilene’s orgasm made me blow my load into her cunt which only made Mom moan louder and longer.

“April …” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. She dropped her book bag and raced down the hall out of sight. I hadn’t thought to lock the door to Mom’s room. In retrospect, I had let success go to my head and was as guilty of arrogance as Mom had been. Mom collapsed forward and my semi-rigid cock came out of her with an audible ‘pop’. I slid off the bed and grabbed my jeans. I jumped into them and raced after April.

I came to her room. The door was slightly ajar and I heard her sobbing. I took a deep breath and knocked.

“April, I can explain.” She escort mecidiyeköy responded by sobbing louder. I opened the door enough to see her lying face down on her queen-sized bed. Her shoulders shook with each sob. “April, I’m coming in.” I came in and sat down beside her. “I can explain.”

“Why Mom?” she asked me as she looked up. Her eyes were puffy and red from her tears, and her cheeks were streaked. Without thinking I reached out and brushed a tear away. It hurt me seeing her this way.

“I wanted to get revenge on her for treating us so badly. I’m blackmailing her into having sex with me because if she doesn’t Dad will divorce her and she’ll get nothing. She’ll even lose her business. I think I may have gotten carried away,” I admitted.

“Not why did you make Mom do it, you idiot,” April hiccupped. “I meant why not me?” I was dumbstruck.

“But you are my Sister. I love you,” I tried to explain.

“She’s your Mother, and I love you too,” she said as she propped herself up and rolled onto her side.

“But I hate her and love you. I’ve been taking care of you since you could walk,” I responded.

“Damien, I’ve loved you for years. I keep telling you, but you have never understood. Damien, I love you. You have always been the only man in my life.” My eyes grew wide. Here was my little Sister unloading her heart to me and not in a way I expected.

“April, we can’t. I’ve always treasured you and wanted to protect you. I’d never hurt you. You mean too much to me.”

“But you can make Mom scream your name as you fuck her and make her cum like a madwoman?” she smiled weakly. “Damien, you are so weird.” I looked over at the wall. I didn’t know what the hell to do. Something occurred to me.

“Last weekend — why were you so pissed with me?”

“My friends were talking about ways they would seduce you. They were really creative and I was so jealous. It made me angry to have you so close, but believing you would hate me if I ever told you how much I wanted you.”

“Your brother seems to be having that effect on the women of this household,” Mom said from the doorway. She’d put on a robe, but it was sheer. I could make out her areolas and her engorged nipples through the fabric.

“Mom, what are you doing here?” April asked angrily.

“You are my children,” came her reply. Her statement surprised Mom as much as it did us. April looked confused. I couldn’t blame her — Mom was acting like a mom.

“What blackmail do you have on her?” questioned April. Mom hesitated and bit her lower lip.

“We work at the same sex club,” I replied. Now April looked at me confused.

“Sex club? When did this happen?”

“Two weeks for your brother. I’ve been doing it for a few months,” Mom informed her. “He has a client too.”

“Client? What is a client?” merter escort wondered April.

“She a woman who exclusively uses my services,” I explained.

“Do you have sex with her too?”

“No. I am helping her work through some relationship issues,” I responded. Mom laughed. When April looked at Mom, she nodded to me.

“I’ve had sex with other women on her behalf,” I confessed. April took a deep breath and let it slowly out.

“Are you any good at it?”

“Sex; I guess so,” I told her.

“He’s really good, and with as much fucking as I’ve done in the past few months, I can attest to just how good that is.”

“That doesn’t help, Mom,” April said.

“You asked,” she shrugged. “Don’t let him be your first though.”

“Why is that?” April and I asked simultaneously.

“He’ll ruin you for anyone else,” she laughed. I stood up and faced Mom.

“Get over here,” I commanded. Mom gave a slight toss of the head and came over to the bed. “Bend over,” and she did. I hauled off and smacked her delicious ass. It gave tiny ripples from the impact. She gave out a sharp intake of breath. April gasped too. Mom pushed her ass out and I obliged by smacking the other cheek. Mom rocked again.

“Do you want to give it a try?” I asked April. She looked hesitant, so I grabbed her hand and pulled her up and around. “Haul off and give it a good wack,” I instructed. April shook her head.

“I can’t.”

“Think about all the Parent-Teacher conferences she missed, the practices where I had to pick you up in the rain because she forgot, or was too busy. Think about every time she trashed your clothes, your hair, or your make-up.” I was making her angry, but not angry enough. “Think about what she was doing with me five minutes ago. Think about how that should have been you.”

*Smack* I felt that one and I wasn’t even the one hit. Mom gasped. Her ass was slower in coming back.

“Move it, you Cow,” growled April. When the ass was in the right position, she slapped the other one. She was aiming for a third shot when I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her back. Mom rose up and rubbed her abused backside.

“Easy there, Tiger,” I cautioned April.

“Ow …” Mom teased. “That will definitely leave a print.”

“Mom, I think I am going to make you help April through some Mommy-anger issues. That will go a long way to making me believe you’ve changed. April, all I ask is that you not leave any permanent marks.” April looked up at me and the over to Mom. “Would you like that, April?”

“I don’t want to hurt her,” April told him. “I’m angry, but that doesn’t give me the right to take it out on her.” An idea came to me and I smiled.

“April, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Mom has become very experienced, and I have to admit, very satisfying. She could teach you some things.” April and I exchanged looks.

“If she makes you happy, then I’m okay with it,” April said, a pleasant smile easing the pain in her expression. “One thing, though; what are we going to do about Dad?”

“Good point,” I admitted. “I’ll think of something.”

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