Louise Bellman’s Clinic Ch. 01Louise Bellman’s Clinic Ch. 01


Part 1 – Setting up

Louise had stayed at the Institute for 5 years. The first three years had comprised the basic studying of the human animal, as well as the rigorous regime for conditioning the mind and body. She had learnt to control all the outward signs of her response to unexpected and embarrassing personal situations. At first this had been difficult, as she was initially self-conscious about her body and her bodily functions and responses. But under the sympathetic encouragement of Jenny, her supervisor and mentor during those early months she became more at ease with herself, more spontaneous, and more expressive. She came to realise that this was her natural state reasserting itself, but which had been suppressed under the guardianship of her aunt.

In fact Louise was a highly sensual person. She was 24 years old, svelte, athletic and willowy frame at just over 9st, with long, wavy reddish aubern hair and green-hazel eyes. She measured 5’9″, well developed 37-24-36.

The latter two years had seen her develop her qualities and specialise in a number of modern therapeutic practices for treating personal problems. In addition she assisted in the training program for the new students and was greatly valued in that capacity. In fact, as a co-partner of the trust she was entitled to sit on committees which dealt which all manner of day to day running and of policy. But instead she preferred to deal personally with the trainees, particularly finding ways of easing the transition to the ordu escort ways and disciplines of the institute. A role she sometimes volunteered for was to receive a highly intimate medical examination, which included the answering of detailed and very personal questions and demonstrating the bodily functions of urination, defecation and masturbation, in front of a class. She would give a commentary of how she was feeling as she performed and would encourage the class to observe closely and to examine her excretions and secretion. This was most startling for new recruits who had always kept such activities hidden, and to see someone unashamedly performing helped to prepare them for the what lay ahead. Usually it was her co-worker and friend Jenny who conducted the examination, but sometimes their roles were reversed.

But her time at the Institute is another story. Before she left she was offered a special position – as a therapist at a private clinic that she would run. Doctors frequently came across medical cases that they could not treat themselves and who did not need continuous hospital stay. So they would refer them to private clinic or visiting therapist. The Institute operated a number of its graduates and Louise was asked if she would like to set up and run such a clinic. It was explained that the clients would generally be suffering from embarrassing physical disorders, or would have some emotional problems, or possibly both. The work would be difficult and, for many people, unpleasant, osmaniye escort but Louise’s skills and leanings equipped her well for such work.

It was a dream come true for her, and she immediately agreed and raised several points of discussion as to how it would be set up. In the end it was agreed that she would be given funds to rent suitable premises and equip them for the purpose. She quickly found a good sized, very discreet flat which had once been an office. The main office and washrooms were ideal for converting, particularly as there were excellent space, tiling of the walls, and plumbing. She redecorated the front room to make it warm and friendly for interviews, and she accentuated the clinical character of the other rooms. She installed an examination table in the largest of the rooms and was able to obtain cheaply a great many items of hospital equipment. In one of the washrooms she installed separate bath and a shower units, and in the other a sunken tub. In the smaller office she removed all the shelving and installed a bed with a rubber sheet and rings and cords to restrain those clients who needed such treatment.

The kitchen she decided to keep almost unchanged, but obtained a small camp bed. That would be her own space.

The most interesting part of the acquisition was Louise’s wardrobe, and she gave a lot of thought to this. She decided first to buy a number of off-the-peg uniform dresses, caps, gowns, overalls and aprons, etc. These she re-sewed to fit ostim escort her figure more snugly, since she was well-developed in the shoulders and chest, but was slim at the waist. She adjusted the hems and sleeves to various lengths, anticipating a variety of expectations and standards. The briefest garments exposed so much of her long legs that anybody receiving treatment on the table would be able to see easily what type of knickers she was wearing, and whether she had any on at all. Also, she cut the sleeves on some of the dresses back completely, to reveal all of her upper arms and allowed her to display her underarms, whether shaven or hirsuite. On each item she had embroidered own logo design, that of a stylised picture of a herself as a nurse and the torso of a patient being examined.

As well as the bulk standard items of attire, she ordered several exotic outfits. Some were nurses, or maids’ uniforms in rubber, PVC, or some light synthetic wet-look material. Other outfits included siren suits, leotards, shorts, tights, etc. As well she bought many forms of underwear, including plastic and rubber pants, the former were common standard incontinence pants, while the latter were special quality for prolonged retention of waste. Some of the gowns and underwear would be suitable for clients undergoing treatment.

She decided to make it a rule never to leave a client alone in order to go to the bathroom. Since some of the visits would last several hours she realised that this could mean pissing or defecating in their presence. She decided that she would make this activity part of the session, though she might use the lavatory (observed, of course, by the client) or she might simply do it in her knickers.

All she had to do now was wait …..

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