Lost in Texas Ch. 03Lost in Texas Ch. 03


The following story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between actual persons, living or dead (or just confused) is entirely coincidental. Please do not copy/redistribute the story, in part or in total, without the author’s permission.

It is also a long story. If you don’t like longer stories or are looking for immediate gratification, you might want to skip this one.

————— —————-

Walking into the dorm room that Alice and Heather shared, you might be inclined to think that a war had occurred. There were piles of paper scattered everywhere. Dirty laundry was scattered across the floor. Alice was lying face first on her bed with one arm and one leg hanging off the side. Heather was sitting at the computer desk with her head resting on a textbook. One hand clung tenaciously to her favorite coffee mug. They had been awake almost constantly for seventy-two hours. They had just endured one of the most physically and mentally taxing rights of passage a young person could participate in: final-exam week. Alice normally didn’t let the room get nearly as cluttered as it was. The general state of upheaval was a testament to how tired the neat freak really was. Heather heard mumbling coming from the direction of Alice’s bed.


Alice turned her head. “I said, ‘My brain hurts!’ I never want to think again.” Then she turned her face back into her pillow.

“You’re lucky,” muttered Heather. “Your pain is over.”

Her friend looked up from the bed again, grinning. “I really think you’re over-reacting. It’s not going to be nearly as painful as you think.”

“Easy for you to say.”

Just then, Laurie came striding in the door, full of blonde, vivacious energy. ‘It’s not fair. I’m completely wiped, and she looks like she could run a marathon,’ thought Heather.

Laurie went over and pulled Heather’s head off the desk, giving her girlfriend a hug from behind and a kiss on the cheek. “C’mon birthday girl. Time to go shopping!”

————— ——————-

Later that afternoon . . .

————— ——————-

Heather’s legs were screaming in agony. She had been physically exhausted before they had ever gotten to the mall, and then she had been kept on her feet for several more hours. She had finally gotten it into Laurie’s pretty blonde head that she needed to rest. Heather was amazed at the amount of energy her girlfriend seemed to possess. It was almost unnerving. Luckily, the ordeal was mostly over.

As Heather’s twentieth birthday had approached, which happened to coincide with the last day of finals, the dark-haired siren had been forced to reign in her lover’s spending habits. Laurie had no qualms whatsoever on spending a tremendous amount of her father’s money on gifts for Heather, but Heather didn’t feel right about that. So they had compromised. Laurie had insisted on taking Heather shopping for some new clothes, since most of her old ones were falling apart. It seemed to mean so much to the blonde girl that Heather had just given up trying to talk her out of it. She found herself wishing she had tried harder. Her feet were aching and her legs were tired. They were sitting on one of the benches outside the seasonal leather-goods store where Laurie was doing a mental inventory of what they still had to do and Heather was just wishing she could take a nap.

Despite her protestations, Heather was having a good time. Laurie’s general enthusiasm was just a little hard to resist. And almost getting into a fight with that salesman who had been hitting on Laurie had been fun. She hadn’t been in a good scuffle in a while, but Laurie had ushered her girlfriend out of the store before things got out of hand. So far, they had picked up a couple new pairs of jeans that fit Heather a little more snugly and hung a little lower on the hips than Heather was used to. But the almost hungry look on Laurie’s face when the dark-haired girl had been trying them on encouraged her to go ahead and get them. She had also picked up a few pairs of some very soft, roomy pants that also hung a bit low on the hips. Heather was convinced that Laurie’s obsession for hip-hugging pants was directly correlated with the blonde girl’s desire for Heather to wear thongs. Every pair of pants they had picked up would allow for the sides of Heather’s underwear to show above the belt-line. They had picked up Heather a new pair of tennis shoes and a couple of shirts. Heather had been ecstatic that there was a place that sold vintage rock t-shirts, so she had picked up a ‘Ramones’ and a ‘Black Sabbath’ shirt. Laurie had insisted she get at least one nice dress-shirt, so they had grabbed her a black silk, off-the-shoulder blouse that Heather vowed she wouldn’t wear unless absolutely necessary. Laurie had kissed her on the cheek, said “Yes dear” and bought two more of those shirts anyway.

So they sat there, with Heather resting and Laurie contemplating her next move. The blonde girl noticed her lover casually eyeing a leather jacket with bursa escort a soft, velvet lining. Laurie grabbed some bags in one hand and her girlfriend’s arm in the other and dragged Laurie into the store. Heather tried to resist. She tried to put a stop to everything. Then Laurie used the pout attack, and Heather agreed to at least try on the jacket. Laurie knew from Heather’s expression that the jacket was going home with them. The leather was incredibly soft, and the jacket went down just past Heather’s ass while tying off in the middle. It looked perfect on her, clinging to her body like a glove. Laurie just told the saleslady to ring the jacket up, because Heather would be wearing it out.

———— —————

That evening . . .

———— —————

Alice and Heather were sitting in their dorm room Laurie had gone back to her sorority house to “get dressed for an intimate dinner.” Heather smiled as her girlfriend shuffled out the door. She had turned and looked at Alice.

“Let me guess. Surprise party?”

Alice tried to keep a straight face, but the corners of her mouth started to turn up. “C’mon,” she said at last with a little laugh, “at least pretend to be surprised. She’s been working so hard on this.”

Heather could only smile. Ever since Heather had finally opened her eyes and seen how Laurie felt about the dark-haired girl, she had become increasingly good at reading her lover’s mind. But a complete stranger could have seen through Laurie’s façade. The blonde girl had asked repeatedly for Heather not to make any plans for dinner before haphazardly suggesting a dinner for two at some incredibly ritzy sounding place that she had to know Heather wouldn’t like. Then there were all the phone-calls Heather walked in on that were cut short or awkwardly steered in new directions. Laurie had done everything short of vehemently DENYING that there was going to be surprise party to tip her hand.

Alice stood up and gave her friend a hug. Then she reached under her pillow and grabbed a small, nicely wrapped packaged.

“You didn’t need to . . .” Heather started.

“Don’t worry. It didn’t cost much, and I thought it might help you maintain your sanity a bit while Laurie’s in her makeover mode.”

Heather opened it. Alice had picked up a new barbell for her tongue piercing and a light, silvery chain to go from her nose piercing to her ear piercing. “Sweet,” Heather said, hugged Alice back.

“You’d better get ready. Admittedly it takes her twice as long to get ready as it does you, but she’d probably appreciate it if you weren’t throwing stuff on at the last minute.

Heather got dressed. Black thong, skintight hip-hugging blue-jeans and one of those black blouses tied off at the midsection. She put her hair back in a ponytail and put on black lipstick and eyeliner. Add a buffed-up pair of black tanker boots and the gifts she had gotten from Alice and she was set to go.

Alice actually found herself holding her breath. She had always thought Heather’s defiant look was a little sexy. Now, caught somewhere between her own rebellious nature and Laurie’s attempts at makeover, Heather had turned into a major babe that could still kick some ass. So sexy . . . ‘Oh shit,’ Alice thought to herself. ‘What the hell am I thinking? This is Heather we’re talking about!’ She felt her skin flush.

“You feelin’ okay?” asked Heather.

“Yeah. I better get changed. I have to be SOMEWHERE shortly after Laurie comes to pick you up,” Alice responded, regaining some of her composure. She grabbed a set of clean clothes and popped into the bathroom. Normally the two girls just changed in the main room, but Alice suddenly needed some space. Once the door was closed, she put her hands on either side of the sink before looking in the mirror. “What the hell was that about?” she asked of herself.

By the time she had changed and went back into the main area, she had herself under control again. She still acknowledged that Heather was sexy, but that momentary blast of lust had passed.

“Lookin’ good,” said Heather with a smile, making Alice blush. She was wearing another one of her cotton sundresses, though this one was a little shorter than the rest, and had a cute little purple flower pattern. Along with white sneakers and a flower in her hair, the girl who was normally a wallflower was actually looking kind of peppy.

“Thanks. Anyway, I’m gonna go ahead and take off. I’ll see you in a bit.” Alice walked out the door and headed down to O’Malley’s where the party was waiting. Jenny and Mike, their two friends who worked at the restaurant, had set aside part of the restaurant for their gathering. Some of the friends the girls had made in the music department, their neighbors from the dorms, some of Laurie’s sorority sisters and some people they had met through Heather’s karaoke sessions were all going to be there. It was strange. Just months earlier, most of these people wouldn’t have been caught dead together, much less for Heather’s benefit. bursa escort bayan But after that life altering summer down on the ranch, the three girls had relaxed and became happier, and that new attitude had gone over well with their peers. She thought back to those days on the ranch. She wished that Jane, Freddie and Michelle could be there. Especially Michelle. Alice found herself missing the muscular woman more and more. But those women weren’t going anywhere without Jane, and Jane wasn’t up to that kind of travel yet. She was at home on the ranch, but still had to take periodic trips to the nearest medical center to make sure that her head was healing up well from surgery and that the benign tumor she had removed hadn’t returned. Alice knew they would be calling Laurie’s new cell phone to talk to Heather later on. Maybe she could talk to Michelle then.

————– ————–

Back at the dorm . . .

————– ————–

Heather was sitting on the bed waiting for her girlfriend to come back. She actually found herself trying to find ways of sitting ‘more sexily’ for Laurie’s return. When she realized that she was actually posing herself, she fell flat back on the bed and covered her eyes.

“God, what am I doing? I don’t ‘pose’ for people.” She stood up and started pacing. She had almost worn a trench in the floor when Laurie entered the room. She was wearing a white tube dress that was too tight and too short to be considered decent, and her blonde hair had been curled and highlighted. She had some sparkly earrings, pink lipstick and white stiletto pumps. She looked for all the world like a life-sized, enthusiastic and drop-dead-gorgeous Barbie doll, and she was all Heather’s.

Laurie had stopped dead in her tracks when she saw Heather. She had come to the same realization about Heather’s new look that Alice had earlier. Laurie’s girlfriend was a naughty, pseudo-goth babe, and she was all Laurie’s. Laurie actually found herself running a hand over Heather’s washboard abs, causing goosebumps wherever she touched. Then she traced the chain that went from Heather’s nose piercing to her ear. It felt so cool against her finger. Then Heather’s lips started nibbling gently on her ear, and that nose/ear chain was pressed against her cheek.

“Listen, we could just blow off dinner if you want and start our celebration a little early,” whispered Heather, secretly egging the lovely young woman on. For a moment, it looked like Laurie might agree. Then her eyes shot open.

“No! I mean . . . well . . . it would be a shame for those reservations to go to waste. Speaking of which, we should . . .” She stopped to stare at Heather’s denim-clad hips. ” . . . we should go . . . to the restaurant . . . now.” Laurie turned to walk out the door, then turned back and gave a waiting Heather a very long kiss. “Yes, we should go.” Laurie’s face flushed a little. “Listen, Jenny was working tonight, but she wanted to give you something. Mind if we swing by O’Malley’s first?”

Heather struggled but managed to keep a straight face. “Sure. I guess we could do that.” But her inner demon wouldn’t let it go. “Are you sure she wouldn’t mind waiting until tomorrow? I figure we’ve got band practice and . . .”

“I really think she wanted to give it to you on your birthday,” Laurie quickly interjected. Laurie held the door open, and Heather had a little grin on her face all the way out to the car.

———— ———-

At O’Malley’s . . .

———— ———-

Heather did a reasonably good job of pretending to be surprised when she walked into the restaurant. There were about twenty people all told, and the dark-haired girl was a bit surprised that she actually liked all of them. She hadn’t ‘liked’ twenty people total in the last four years or so. Oh how things had changed.

All in all, everyone had a great time. There was a lot of food devoured, a lot of drinks dispersed (to those old enough, of course), and a lot of music. The karaoke stage had been cleared and Heather’s band’s instruments were ‘miraculously’ sitting there. There was no pressure for Heather anymore. Her confidence in her own voice and her friend’s musical ability had grown. She, Laurie, Alice, Jenny and their bass player (a friend of Jenny’s whose name was Mary) played a number of sing-along favorites as well as their still limited selection of original material. The entire restaurant, whether part of the party or not, seemed to appreciate the all-female-group’s performance.

Heather was sitting at the bar, enjoying a slightly illegal mixed drink. Heather was sitting next to her and talking to Jenny, but the blonde girl’s hand never left Heather’s. The dark-haired girl glanced over and saw Alice sitting at a booth, chatting amiably with Mary and a one of their neighbors. She sighed. Heather wished they could find someone for their young friend. After the incident with Jamie, a name which still made Heather’s skin crawl, Alice had played her cards almost as close to her chest escort bursa as she did before admitting she was gay. Both Heather and Laurie had tried finding someone that might pique Alice’s interest, but the quiet girl hadn’t even nibbled at the bait. It wasn’t like she just wasn’t interested in sex like she had been after Jamie, but she was certainly more discerning. ‘Oh well,’ thought Heather. ‘At least there’s not much chance of another ‘Jamie’ incident. Alice is certainly playing the Once-Bitten-Twice-Shy routine.’ Then she smelled some sweet perfume and heard a voice like honey whispering in her ear.

“Still worried about Alice?” Laurie asked.

Heather sighed, turned her head and gave the blonde girl a quick kiss. “Yeah. I’m glad she’s going to get to go to the ranch next week. Maybe Michelle will get her to open up, or at least help her let off some steam.”

“I don’t know,” said Laurie. “I was talking with Jane this morning, and it sounds like the three of them are getting a little be more serious about their relationship. I think that the thought of maybe losing one of their own did something to them.”

“You’re right. You’re right a lot these days,” she said with another kiss. Laurie bit her bottom lip after the kiss and practically glowed with contentment. Then her phone rang, and it turned out to be the ladies at the ranch. Laurie quickly handed off the phone to Heather who retreated to a relatively quiet corner of the restaurant to chat with their friends.

Freddie and Michelle both politely inquired as to the after-party plans she and Laurie might have, and Heather politely informed them to mind their own business. Jane made sure that she understood the girls’ arrangement for their trip down to the ranch, and answered a myriad of questions about her health. Then Michelle came back on line and asked to talk to Alice. Heather handed over the phone to a very pleased looking young woman before seeking out Laurie once again. She wandered up behind her girlfriend, wrapping her arms around the girl’s waist and resting her head on Laurie’s shoulder. She took a deep whiff of the girl’s perfume again.

“You even SMELL sexy,” she said before giving Laurie a kiss on the neck. “Wanna blow this taco stand and head back to the room? I figure we could have some fun before Alice gets back and . . .”

“Alice is crashing over at Jenny’s place tonight. She and her roommate have a really comfortable sofa. So you and I have your place all to ourselves all night.” Laurie felt Heather’s hand slide down and cope a quick feel of her ass. “Let’s just say our goodbyes.” She groaned as Heather’s lips found their way to the nape of Laurie’s neck. “And we should hurry.”

The two girls gave thanks and best wishes for the smattering of people still in attendance. Everyone grinned as the two girls hurried out to the parking lot. The inability of the two to keep their hands off one another for any length of time had become legendary even among a population of horny college students. Heather and Laurie climbed into Laurie’s BMW and hauled ass to the nearest on-campus-housing parking lot. Laurie grabbed a bag out of the trunk before they headed towards the room.

“What’s that for?” Heather asked eagerly.

“What? Did you think you’d gotten ALL your presents?” Laurie asked with a smile. As they approached the door, Heather decided she couldn’t wait. She spun the blonde girl around, pushed her up against the door and started kissing her hard. Laurie started to moan and with her back against the door, she slid one leg up Heather’s side and hook the foot around Heather’s butt. She knew her skin-tight dress had crept up so that a casual observer would be able to see she wasn’t wearing any underwear, but she really didn’t care. All she cared about at that moment was Heather’s lips. Heather’s tongue had gone deep into Laurie’s mouth, and the blonde girl started sucking on it. Then she danced her own tongue around Heather’s tongue jewelry before reluctantly withdrawing.

“Just . . . wait her for a minute,” she said when she had regained her breath. She grabbed Heather’s keys, opened the door and slid inside. Heather paced outside for a minute, growing increasingly amorous by the second. Finally, she heard Laurie’s voice telling her to come inside.

Laurie had lit a number of candles and placed them around the room, and there appeared to be some pleasant incense coming from the alcove where their kitchen sink was. On the bed were a variety of sex toys, ranging from a strap-on harness with multiple attachments to a two-ended dildo that was similar to the one the two girls had used the first time they had sex. The blonde girl herself was wearing nothing but high heels, a blush and a smile. She twirled one finger in her golden hair and asked, “So, what’s your pleasure?”

Heather strode right up to her girlfriend and planted another long, warm, wet kiss on her waiting lips. Then she sat on the bed and twirled her finger, indicating that she wanted Laurie to turn around. She place a hand on the small of Laurie’s back and pushed, until at last the blond girl was standing directly in front of her, legs spread and bent almost in half. That left the girl’s perfect little pussy just inches from Heather’s face.

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