Lori teaches husband.Lori teaches husband.


Lori teaches husband.I am a happily married 40 something guy.My wife Lori is a brunette bombshell, beautiful face, curvy body, gorgeous thick thighs, and loves sex.I was very much a prude when it came to experimentation in the bedroom.Before I met Lori I had many sexual experiences but they were very vanilla, quick ‘suck and fucks’ if you will.Lori opened my eyes to many new and wonderful experiences.She loved to roleplay, and was always testing my limits as to what she could get me to do in the privacy of our bedroom.She also loved watching porn, she would email me videos all the time asking if we could try this and that.Everything from anal to orgies.My favorite were when she was home alone and I was at work, she would send me naughty homemade videos of her masturbating with everything imaginable.Vegetables, sex toys, showerheads, tools, everything and anything, she once she sent me a video of her riding the stick shift in my truck!As the years passed we experimented with almost everything ‘except’ other people.Roleplay and toys were her absolute favorite kinks.She would make up scenarios and we would play them out….-Delivery guy-Doctor-Bad Boss-Hitchhiker-Landlord-Taboo stuff was a favorite All of it was fun, she even had me dress up in her lingerie and pretend we were lesbian lovers a few times.Needless to say after a few years of being married to Lori I knew she would always keep the spark going in our sex life.Fast forward a few years and our sex life was still fucking amazing!We had tried alot of stuff I thought I never would.Foot jobs, pegging/prostate play, public sex, mutual masturbation, edging, rimming each other, she had kaçak iddaa no limits and I was slowly figuring out that I had none either.One evening we were naked on the sofa watching porn and we were masturbating for each other, she paused the porno and went to the bedroom returning with a double ended dildo and a bottle of lube.She proceeded lie on her back and slid one end in her asshole and told me to move closer.She had fucked me with a strap on a few times so I knew what was coming.Lori lubed up a finger, then two and began to finger fuck my ass.I laid on my back and once I was close enough to her she lubed up my asshole and the head of the toy and slowly pushed it up into my ass, the sensation was intense, I felt my sphincter open and take the toy deep, there we were, her fingering her pussy and me stroking my cock while she gyrated against me.It felt amazing, she would push against me burying the plastic cock deep into my ass and then I would return the favor, pushing back until the dildo was deep inside both of us.The porno ended before we climaxed so Lori began to browse for a new one, I was rubbing her clit with my thumb and jerking with my free hand.My ass (and hers) had relaxed enough so that we now had the 18 inch dildo buried deep enough that my balls were almost up against her pussy!I was oblivious to what porno she had selected next…..Lori generously applied more lube to our asses, and pressed play.She had selected a porn titled MMF Fuckfest.We laid there with our legs spread, masturbating and still grinding against the dildo deep inside us.The movie began innocently enough, both men took turns getting their huge cocks kaçak bahis sucked by a pretty redhead, my dick was engorged and to distract myself I grabbed one of Lori’s ankles and nibbled and sucked on her sexy toes.The men in the porno took turns stuffing this gorgeous redhead in every hole, her mouth, pussy, and asshole were getting a good workout, even stuffing both their huge cocks into her pussy at the same time.My balls were aching and the dildo was pushing against my prostate with every thrust, I tried to concentrate on the movie so I wouldn’t explode.The redhead woman was now on top in a 69 with one guy, she was deepthroating his big cock with ease, and the other man came up behind her and slid his cock deep into her waiting pussy.The camera zoomed into POV view and you could see the other man hungrily licking her clit almost oblivious to the cock inches from his face, the man withdrew his swollen cock from her pussy and proceeded to slide it into the other mans open mouth!!!Let’s get something straight before I continue, I had never considered myself bi, or curious for that matter until now……My cock stiffened at the sight of this man slurping on another mans hard cock, the guy on top continued to switch between the redheads pussy and the other mans mouth.The woman then stood up and rolled over, she began to rub her clit while watching the guys take turns sucking each others cocks!Lori asked if I liked this scene, I responded that it was strangely fucking hot.Lori orgasmed hard from the combo of the toy and me rubbing her clit, squirting her juices all over both of us as her legs trembled in ecstasy.On the screen the guys took illegal bahis turns sucking, and then to my surprise and curiosity they were fucking each others holes.Lori must have noticed how hard my cock was and she withdrew the dildo from her asshole, she slid down between my legs and took my very hard cock into her mouth while she fucked my ass with the dildo.My cock was dripping precum, on the screen one man was riding the other mans big cock while the redhead sucked him off.Lori began to keep pace with the fuck scene, every time the man sat down on the others hard dick she shoved the dildo deeper, when he withdrew so did she all the while my cock was throbbing in her mouth.The man getting fucked began to cum, the redhead furiously tugged on his cock milking every drop into her mouth.Lori was pushing the dildo deep against my prostate and with a loud HOLY FUCK I began to cum, my ass gripped the dildo deep and volley after volley of hot cum shot deep into Lori’s mouth, without a word she slid the toy out of my asshole and sat up.She leaned in for a kiss and that’s when I noticed she had not spit or swallowed my load.Lori told me to open up and I did, she kissed my deeply, I could taste my cum and did not find it that bad, I think it actually turned me on.We stayed like that for about 15 minutes just kissing.After a shower Lori asked me if I liked our little make out session, I told her that it was a huge turn on toying each others asses and also told her I also liked the cum filled kiss at the conclusion.We didn’t speak of it again, in the coming weeks Lori seemed to really get off whenever she fucked my asshole with her strap on, she would instruct me to suck HER COCK before plowing my ass, and the cum kiss at the finale became a regular thing, sometimes she would have me cum on the strap on and she would watch me suck and lick it clean.

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