Lonnie’s ConfusionLonnie’s Confusion


Jim is hot. Why does she keep thinking about Debbie?

Mother Nature was winning the battle.

It was after her math class, and Lonnie was back in her room trying to work on the homework assignment. Trouble was, she kept thinking about Jim, a boy in her math class. He wasn’t the tallest or most muscular boy in her class, and she hadn’t really noticed him — until today. He’d asked a question, and she turned around to look at him. She decided he was definitely cute.

Back in her room, she kept thinking about him. She wondered if he had noticed her. She thought it would be great to kiss him. She had very sensitive nipples, and she imagined kissing and hugging him when she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had perky tits, but not so big that she couldn’t get away with not wearing a bra. She thought of her nipples rubbing up against her shirt if they had their arms around each other and were necking. She noticed that she was getting a little moist between her legs.

It might not have been so bad if she hadn’t put her finger on her pussy to find out (she told herself) just how wet she was. But that little pressure had felt so good, she just had to linger there a bit, and press against herself a little longer.

She resisted for a while, and made a little progress on her assignment. She had two hours between classes, and she thought at least she should do one of the problems before her next class. But then she thought that a little more touching, just a little more, would feel really good. She put her finger between her legs again. She told herself it would be ok if she just wiggled back and forth a little, and she opened her legs a little to get better access. Oooh! It felt sooo good! But she resisted temptation, took her hand away, and went back to her math problem.

She figured out how to do the problem, and then told herself she deserved a little reward before she wrote out all the details. This time, she couldn’t stop before she’d worked herself up so much she was breathing heavily. She realized she was getting so wet she’d have to change her panties before she went out again. That did it. The thought of her getting her lower half naked was just too much, and she decided she had to get herself off right now.

She took off her shoes and socks, then slid down her jeans and took off her panties. She took a close look at them, and sure enough, they were sopping wet. She couldn’t help noticing that they were a little smelly too, and that aroused here even more. She got onto her bed, propped herself up with her pillows, and stretched out with her legs tightly together. She always began this way, just to tease herself. She would caress her thighs and her pubic area, but with her legs closed, she couldn’t yet get directly to her clitoris.

As she did this, she thought about Jim. Maybe she could get him to notice her. Maybe he’d ask her out. After a movie or whatever, they’d probably find a place to make out. If they kissed for a while, maybe Jim would put his hand on her boobs. Would she let him do that on their first date? She knew she’d want him to and she could almost feel him doing it now. She thought it would be alright to let him do that even on a first date. She hoped he would run his fingers right over her nipples.

By this time, Lonnie had opened her legs, but was still teasing herself by caressing her inner thighs, right up to, but not actually touching her pussy. But when she thought of what she’d like to do, but probably wouldn’t do on their first date, she could hold back no longer. What she was thinking of was putting her hand on Jim’s crotch and pressing on his cock. She’d love to feel it. She’d love to hear him moan with pleasure. She realized she was moaning a little herself as she spread her juices all over her cuntal opening and especially her clitoris.

Ooooh, what she’d really like to do is to take Jim’s cock out of his pants and feel it swell under her touch. She’d be gentle, but firm. She’d slide her hand along his erection. Maybe he’d be wet too, and she’d make his cock glisten with his precum. Ooohh, she thought, what kind of dirty girl am I! But she didn’t stop rubbing herself, she was so close, yes, stroke him, smell his manhood let him rub my nipples, ooohhooh — and Lonnie pumped her hips, thrashed from side to side, and convulsed in a feeling as if every muscle in her body was having an orgasm.

Lonnie lay exhausted on her bed. She thought “It’s not even lunch time yet, and look at me. I’m half naked, my pussy hair is all matted down, I’m such a wanton.” But at that moment, she realized that she was also smelling herself. Maybe other people would be put off, but if there was one thing Lonnie loved, it was the smell of her own sex. She felt Bayan Eskort a small surge of pleasure, just a little twinge really, but she could already tell that she wanted more. Did she have time before her next class? Yes she did. Well, maybe it was just a momentary thing — maybe if she actually touched herself down there it would just feel irritated. Only one way to know, though, and that was to try it. She reached down an gently probed her labia, put her finger up inside, and then drew it up over her clitoris. Her lovely parts weren’t irritated — no, it all felt so good she could not imagine how anyone could stop.

The image of Jim’s erection came to Lonnie’s mind again, and that made her feel even better. Then she started to think about what might happen next. She didn’t want to say it to herself, but she couldn’t help it: He would want her to kiss it. Would he have the nerve to ask her to do it? If he did, would she do it? Lonnie could decide only by imagining herself going down on Jim. She imagined leaning over him and running her fingers lightly over his scrotum. She’d hold his penis in her hand at the base, and mover her head closer. Maybe she would run her tongue down and up its sensitive underside. How would he smell? She supposed he’d take a shower before they went out, so it shouldn’t smell too rank. On the other hand, she knew how much she liked the odor of her own sex, and she thought it might be arousing if she could tell by sniffing that she was close to his member.

By this time, even though she’d already had an orgasm, Lonnie was in full rut. She had turned a little on her side, and had her right knee drawn up. Her left arm was reaching her breast and she was molesting her nipple. Her hand was moving, her hips were moving, and her pussy lips were sliding under the pressure of her fingers. By now she was thinking of the moment when she would take Jim’s cock into her mouth. She hoped he wouldn’t taste too salty. She wondered whether he would have masturbated in anticipation of their date after the last time he showered, and whether that would make any difference to how he would taste. She put her left finger into her pussy, and then brought it up to her mouth. Maybe Jim would taste like this.

As Lonnie did this, her imagining became so real to her that she rapidly approached, and then went over the edge. She felt as depraved as if she had really been sucking Jim’s cock, but that only made her feel hotter and more tense. When she finally reached her orgasm, waves of pleasure flowed over her body, until finally she lay back, truly spent this time.

Lonnie had a habit of getting herself off when she got into bed at night. In the middle of the afternoon, she wondered whether she’d be in a mood to do herself again that night, and thought she would probably not have the energy. When she started to get ready for bed, though, she could feel herself looking forward to masturbating again. When she took off her socks, she noticed that her toenails were getting a bit long, and she decided to give herself a little pedicure. She liked to do that just before she went to bed. She wouldn’t have told anyone why she liked to do it then, but the truth was that after a long day, her feet had a little odor to them, and she found that arousing. She couldn’t have said why, but she realized that the loamy organic scent helped put her in a horny mood. Sometimes she even lifted her toes up to her face and took a good sniff. She felt very naughty when she did this, and she wondered if that made her a bad person. But when she was already partly aroused, she couldn’t resist.

Lonnie thought she would think of Jim again, and come like she did that morning. Instead, her mind drifted thoughts of her friend Debbie. Debbie had been a class ahead of her in high school, and Lonnie had what she called a crush on her. Debbie had an upturned nose, sensual, full lips, and dimples when she smiled. She had an athletic body, and her tits were a little bigger than Lonnie’s. They were both swimmers, and she had seen Debbie naked in the showers after practice many times. Lonnie had noticed other girls too, and would sometimes think that boys would be turned on if they could see their tight butts. She would tell herself that boys wouldn’t be so aroused by the girls with skinny legs, but the ones with rounded thighs and neat triangles of pussy hair would drive them wild. It was riskier to scope out her classmates’ tits, but Lonnie had definite opinions about how much this or that girl would excite a boy if he could see her topless.

Debbie was special. She seemed to present a delight wherever Lonnie looked. Even her calves seemed to have the right balance of strength and gracefulness, and Lonnie loved the way her upper thighs framed her pussy. With Debbie, Lonnie didn’t think about how boys would like her. She just like the way Debbie looked, and hoped that Debbie liked her.

Even so, for a long time, Lonnie had not thought of actually doing anything physical with Debbie. But the day had come when she was thinking of Debbie and wondered if her nipples were as sensitive as her own. At first, she tried not to think of that any more, but once she had started she could not help thinking of how good Debbie looked when she was naked. These thoughts had continued when she was fingering herself before bedtime, and she finally had to admit that she was turned on by thinking about a girl.

Lonnie resisted. It was not cool to be a lesbian in her school, and she felt she was going down a guilty road. But it was futile. The more she thought about how she shouldn’t think about Debbie in this way, the more she got fixated on the idea of touching Debbie. What would it be like to put her hand on Debbie’s tits? What if she tweaked Debbie’s nipples, and Debbie reacted by getting aroused too? Lonnie imagined soaping Debbie up in the shower and lathering her whole body, sliding her hands down Debbie’s back, over her butt cheeks, making sure her butt crack and rosebud were clean, sliding up and down her legs, and yes, between her legs, washing her pussy and making little circles on her clitoris.

Now, on her bed that night in her dorm room, Lonnie had reached the point where she had her legs spread wide and was caressing her thighs, but not yet allowing herself to touch her little button, or even her labia. As she got more and more aroused she recalled one afternoon last summer. Her Mom had picked her up from the pool one afternoon, a little earlier than usual. Her Mom had had shopping to do before that, and then had to go to a class. Lonnie’s Dad was out of town on business, and her little brother was away at camp. She realized she would have the whole house to herself for a couple of hours.

She went into the bathroom, took off her bikini, and hung it up to dry. As she went back to her room to put some clothes on, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror — then stepped back and took a good look at her naked body. She tried to look at it as she had looked at other girls in the showers after swimming. Maybe her tits should be a little bigger, she thought, but at least they were firm and stuck out quite nicely. Her tummy wasn’t absolutely flat, but really, there was not much extra there. Thighs — yes, they had that full look that said there was softness and warmth between them.

By the time she finished appraising herself, she had become horny, and thought about maybe not waiting until bedtime to rub herself off. Well, maybe she should wait. She went to a drawer and picked out a fresh pair of panties. “Maybe I should give the old ones a sniff to see if I really need to change”, she thought. She got them out of the hamper where she’d thrown them, and found that they were too smelly to wear, although not really too bad. Actually, she thought, the way they smelled was nothing to complain about — still, probably she should change. By this time, however, her own scent had made her totally horny, and soon she was on her bed, running her hands along her legs.

Lonnie went back to thinking of looking at the other girls in the shower. Especially Debbie. By this time, she had thought of Debbie several times while masturbating, and had imagined them taking each others’ nipples between their fingers and pulling at them — gently, but not too gently. She had imagined them hugging, and then kissing. She had fantasized that Debbie had invited her for a sleepover with just the two of them, and that they had each put their fingers in the other one’s pussy, and probed around until they could tell just by feel that they were rubbing the other’s clitoris.

Lonnie had never imagined herself going farther and kissing Debbie’s pussy. But that summer afternoon, that was exactly what she did think of. When she pictured doing that in her mind, she just had to get her fingers on her pussy and start to rub her slippery folds. She looked down at herself and tried to imagine that her own pussy was Debbie’s, and she was just about to put her head down there and move in to kiss it and lick it up and down. Then she had the naughtiest thought.

Lonnie did not have a hand mirror, but she knew her mother did, and she knew right where it was. She stole into her parents’ bedroom, picked up the mirror, and took it back to her room. She settled herself on the bed with her legs wide open, and put the mirror between them. Now she could see a pair of open thighs, from an unusual angle, which made it easier to pretend she was looking at Debbie’s pussy. She could really get into imagining that she was about to kiss it. After all, she could already smell it.

Of course, it was inconvenient that she had to put her fingers on her private parts to stimulate herself, because they showed in the mirror too. She told herself that those were Debbie’s fingers, and that she was caressing herself because she was so excited she couldn’t wait for Lonnie to get her head firmly between her thighs. Then Lonnie would take her hands away, just to prolong her agony.

When she could stand it no more, Lonnie put her left hand in her pussy, brought her wet fingers up to her face, and smeared her juices all over her mouth, her nose and especially her upper lip. She put her hand back down and put two fingers into herself. She drew them out and put them so they ran from her chin to her nose. She ran her tongue up and down the slippery crease between her fingers, imagining that her face was buried in Debbie’s pussy. Meanwhile, her right hand was down between her legs, pushing her clitoris back and forth, up and down, harder and faster, with more and more urgency, until suddenly she reached a peak of ecstasy and she groaned with pleasure, as her body convulsed in delicious delight.

These reminiscences got Lonnie unbelievably aroused. She had no mirror in her dorm room, but she had her own pussy juices, and her own fingers. She smeared her face, and licked her fingers, avidly rubbed her glistening lips and her hard little clitoris, and once again brought herself to a shuddering and quivering orgasm that rippled throughout her body.

Lonnie thought she would drift off to sleep. Instead, she kept thinking about what the day’s activities meant for her. She really did want Jim to invite her out. She wanted to kiss him, she wanted him to put his hand on her tits, she wanted to feel his naked body lying against her own, she wanted to stroke his member, and to feel it deep inside her. At the same time, she had thoroughly enjoyed thinking about kissing and licking Debbie’s pussy. What did that mean? Maybe she should just face up to the fact that she was bisexual.

When she said that to herself, she immediately realized that all those other girls she saw naked in the locker room had turned her on. At the time, she had told herself she was just imagining how they might be attractive to boys, she was only speculating on whether a boy who saw this or that girl naked would be turned on by looking at her. But now she knew that she had actually been getting aroused herself. The ones she told herself would be really pleasing to a boy were really ones that turned her on the most. Why had she not admitted that to herself back then? Come to think of it, she had been judging the attractiveness of some of the girls on campus. That girl Nancy, for example — she had thought many guys would want to get close with her, but now she knew that it was she herself who would like to kiss her, hug her, and put her hands up under her shirt.

Lonnie began to feel pleasure between her legs again. And then the most arousing thought occurred to her. If she were really bi, she thought, she would end up in bed with some girl. Whoever that was might be as excited to lick her pussy as she was for licking Debbie’s. Or Nancy’s. How would she feel about that? She had resisted thinking about Debbie kissing her down there, because she imagined that it would somehow be insulting to Debbie to think of her licking a pussy. But now she had to recognize that the way she was heading, she would be in bed with a girl, and they would be feeling each other up, and fingering each others’ pussies, and yes, licking each other to orgasm.

Lonnie pictured Nancy’s pretty face between her legs, kissing first one thigh, then the other. Would she be put off by the odor of Lonnie’s sex? Lonnie thought that she smelled pretty good to herself, and maybe Nancy would be turned on too. Lonnie’s fingers went to her clitoris, and a wave of pleasure spread over her. She put her fingers inside and slid them in and out, then moved to manipulating her clitoris. In her imagination, Nancy was now licking her, gently and tentatively at first, and then with her face eagerly buried in Lonnie’s sex. Lonnie was loving it, her fingers were stroking faster now. She put her other hand between her thighs and drew them up to her face, imaging Nancy smelling her and being turned on. She could wait no longer, and with one final insertion of her fingers, came and came again, clenching her vulva, drenching her privates and her bed, and shaking in purest ecstasy.

As Lonnie drifted off to sleep, she told herself that now she knew she really was bi. She wondered at how long it had taken her to realize that, but she was glad that at last she was no longer confused about who she was.

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