My friend Lola and I were talking about first-time sex experiences when she decided it was time to plan something for me. She was already experienced, but for me it was all new, which was not considered “cool” for the average 18-year-old college girl. Talking about our other friend Charlotte and her “yummy” dad, as Lolita referred to him, she came up with an idea. She thought it was brilliant and the excitement made her eyes sparkle.

We would walk the few blocks to their house on Lake Park Drive in Farmington Hills on the coming Saturday when Charlotte had her weekly karate practice. Her mom always takes her and they never return before midday. And then, she said, we would arrive much earlier and ask Mr. Wheeler if we could wait there until her return. Hopefully, it will be warm and we could lounge by their pool. She then wanted to seduce Charlotte’s dad so that I could also get experience from an older man. I could not believe her plan, but agreed to it anyway as I did not want to look like a spoilsport and risk losing her friendship.

So, about 10 a.m. two days later we walked over to Charlotte’s house, an impressive-looking double story building in the leafy suburb. As we had hoped, it was a beautiful midsummer’s day, the air hot and motionless. Everything down the street looked surreal in the scorching heat wave, at 95 degrees Fahrenheit nearly a record for Detroit. We both already had our bikinis on, mine a new sexy Victoria’s Secret push-up top with small lacy bottom, which, according to the sales lady easily adds two cup sizes to my breasts. Colorful sarongs, loosely tied around our waists, provided some modesty on the street.

I had no idea what would happen, if anything. But, I was feeling more excited and nervous as we got closer. I was also already feeling the moistness on my bikini bottom. Mr. Wheeler was friendly and agreed that we could stay and wait for Charlotte. He was keeping himself busy around the pool, cleaning and doing small gardening and DIY jobs. He seemed to be oblivious to the fact that neither of us could keep our eyes off his trained body and black speedo. Lolita, or Lola as everyone calls her, lied down on one of the wooden deck chairs. With an adjustable backrest and steamer cushion, it was a luxurious feeling. I settled down on one next to hers and we both took off our sarongs. For the next 15 minutes or so she smiled a lot and made friendly banter with Mr. Wheeler, occasionally winking at me. She was obviously setting the stage for her larger plan.

When he asked us of we wanted something to drink, we both said yes to lemonade and as soon as he went indoors, she took a bottle of tan oil spray from her beach bag and asked me to lie down so she could apply it to my legs, tummy, and chest. The spray was cool, but her touch warm, lingering over the inside Ankara escort of my thighs and cleavage. I was starting to get the familiar tingling feeling that moves from below my belly button downward. Rubbing oil between my breasts she slid a middle finger in under the thin material, lightly flicking my right nipple until it was standing up hard, before switching to the other side. I remember her laughing when I gasped, pleased about the reaction that she was getting. Now both my nipples were visibly erect. Next, she moved to my upper legs, spraying and applying oil to my thighs, first the left, then the right, moving her palms in small circles on my skin. This time she slid her fingers casually into my panties, making me shudder and very wet. I was so ready for more.

It was then that we noticed Mr. Wheeler standing just inside the patio door, holding two glasses of lemonade, condensation droplets adding to the allure of the cold liquid. Motionless, he was watching us. Lola quickly took her hands off me and sat up. He looked a little hesitant but brought the lemonade over anyway. He told us a little coyly that he hoped it will cool us off. Although his eyes slid over both of us, he showed no signs of excitement. But when he handed the glass to Lola, she put her other hand on his arm to get his attention. She asked him if he could be so kind to help her put oil on her back and legs. I was a little surprised when he said yes, thinking that he had to have an idea that Lola was trouble. Or maybe he didn’t mind…

She turned around onto her stomach, unhooking her bikini top. He went down on his knees between our two beds, first spraying oil onto his palms before rubbing it onto Lola’s evenly tanned skin, beginning on her calves and thighs. Almost unnoticed she opened her legs ever so slightly, subtly pushing her buttocks upward. Watching this flirtatious display from up close, I got even more turned on. On some level, he must have been aware of her display because his hand paused, then moved up her inner thigh. As he had his back turned to me, I used the opportunity to pinch my own nipples, trying to relieve the sexual tension that had built up. Lola saw my eagerness as she had her head turned toward me. She smiled wider, unconsciously licking her lips.

He had now moved to her back, which she arched, pushing her upper body onto her elbows. In the process, she lifted her breasts off the cushion, separating from her top. She raised herself just high enough so that her nipples, now freed, just touched the material. Aware that he could see them, she turned her head to look at this reaction. “That’s nice,” she said, spurring him on to continue massaging her bare back. He seems to be rubbing a little harder and with more purpose now. Still raised, Lola patted next to her, waving me to come sit on her Ankara escort bayan chair too. I did, even if only to get a better look at the man next to her. He was still industriously applying oil, probably mesmerized, not knowing what to do next, probably aware that his thoughts and what he wanted to do would cause problems, but wanting to do it anyway.

Now with a better view, I could see that he had the beginning of an erection. He saw me looking, but for the next few seconds nobody did a thing. We were all suspended, hesitating about what to do next. It was the tipping point. Whatever happen next, there will be no turning back. Who would come to a decision first and make the next move? As it turns out, it was Lola after all.

She broke the spell by turning around, quickly and decisively, putting her hand on his stomach and asking him to stand up. Her naked boobs were inches from his face, nipples hard and pointy. Apparently deciding to give in to his desire, he stood up, his crotch now directly in front of us at face level. He was much larger know, his penis losing the fight to stay inside the small speedo. Distracted by the growing sensation of his swollen dick, he cupped its peeking head, rubbing with his palm. Lola reached forward, taking his hand away, pulling the waist of the small garment down, freeing his whole cock. As it jumped up and outwards, she bent over, taking hold at the base, first rubbing her tits against his head, then putting it into her mouth. Moving her head up and down, she sucked eagerly.

Clearly enjoying the sensation, he tilted his pelvis forward, trying to push himself deeper into her mouth. After a few strokes, Lola stopped and told me to continue. I was dripping with wetness, lightheaded with the desire to have him inside me, to feel for the very first time what all the fuss was about. I was literally dripping, the wetness shining through my light blue bikini panties. As I started sucking on him, he pushed his fingers between my swollen lips, making me gasp and moan while I had him in my mouth. Lola pulled my top off and the hot air caressed my sensitive nipples. She kissed him deeply, pushing her tongue into his mouth. If at all possible, he became even more engorged in my mouth, pushing hard and impatiently against the back of my mouth and throat. Lola had her hand inside her panties, fingering herself expertly while watching the action. As things became tenser, he pulled back, saying that we should go inside before someone saw us.

Grabbing our bikinis, we followed him inside, still with his briefs halfway down, boner jutting out, to an elegant bedroom that looked unused. Lola first plopped down on the queen-sized bed, flinging her panties aside as she lied down invitingly on her back, legs spread. She leaned forward, this time pulling his Speedo Escort Ankara down all the way, watching him kick it away before pulling him on top of her. I also took off my bottoms and laid down beside them, still smarting with desire. Waiting for release, my whole body had become sensitive and throbbing. I really needed to be taken.

But, for the time being Lola had her own ideas. She confessed later that she did not want to go first, but the moment was too intense. As he watched me masturbate, he pushed his rock hard penis inside her, making her squeal with pleasure. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to watch the sex from close-by and I was amazed at the frenetic pace. I didn’t think either one could stop even if his wife came in at that moment. Neither could I as I rubbed my own swollen clit, needing the pleasure of climaxing more and more. He was bumping hard against Lola, riding her with reckless abandon. I was close to coming, three fingers sliding inside me, thumb pressing on the outside, when he roughly turned Lola around, resuming his pounding from behind. Lola was breathing hard and fast and from our own previous mutual masturbation I knew she was close herself.

I went faster myself, realizing that it would not be the day that I had my first cock, but nevertheless learning and enjoying the experience. Lola let out a high-pitched expletive when she came, pushing him over the edge as well. He quickly pulled out, massaging himself while he spurted all over her backside. I too climaxed with a big shudder, pushing my hips into my hand to intensify the waves of pleasure. At that moment, the sound of a motor engine jerked us all violently back to reality. The next few moments were chaotic as we all scrambled to gather our clothes and get dressed in time before being discovered. Lola ran into the guest bathroom. I just hoped that she would remember to clean herself. Mr. Wheeler ran out first with me closely behind, just in time to see his wife pull into the garage. Lola was still inside the house.

While I quickly made myself comfortable on the sunbed again, he walked up to meet his wife, kissing her on the cheek. Charlotte came around the corner too and skipped excitedly when she saw me. I told her that Lola was also there and in the bathroom. Moments later, she soon joined us outside. I was happy to see that she has removed all signs of our escapade. Nobody seemed at all surprised or suspicious about our presence. Charlotte was eager to share her news with us. She had passed her red belt test that morning. She was one of the first to do her kata, which is why they were home earlier than usual. We passed the rest of the afternoon with friendly chit-chat, mostly talking about college, boys, and sport, while taking a dip in the pool every now and then. Not surprisingly, Mr. Wheeler stayed out of our way for the remainder of the visit. Although it did not entirely work out as we hoped it would, it was certainly memorable, a fine prelude to the real deal, whenever it happens, and the source of a great turn-on.

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