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Lockdown VMegan stuck her tongue out as she was guided to Savannahs breast. As she flicked the erect nipple Savannah pressed her head firmly against her left breast. Cupping her head Savannah asked her to bite it. Throwing her head back Savannah moaned softly. Megan felt the wetness on her leg as her juices tricked from her vagnal lips. As she sucked hungrily Megan twisted Savannahs right nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Megan felt she was in heaven suckling the breasts she fantasized about as a youth. Her heart nearly stopped when Savannah wrapped her long hair in her hand and pulled her head back. What did I do wrong is thought. She wanted to ask what she did wrong but the words wouldn’t come out. Pushing her onto the bed Savannah said, my turn. Placing her hands on either side of her, Savannah leaned over Megan. Lowering herself down she kissed Megan again. After a long passionate kiss, Savannah traced a line down Megan’s neck to her chest with her tongue. Shifting her body, Savannah laid across her young lover. Megan’s pale skin shined in the moonlight. Her eyes took in every movement as Megan’s chest heaved from her heavy breathing. Bringing her hand up, she stroked the side of Megan’s breast. Her touch was like electricity as she moved her hand, causing Megan to flinch as she moved over her breast to her fully raised nipple. Clamping her finger around it and locking it in place with her thumb, Savannah pulled as she pinched it. Megan syed with pleasure bahis siteleri as her large nipple was squeezed and stretched before her breasts lifted. Releasing it sent a spark straight to her clit. Savannah looked into Megan’s eyes as she moved closer to her large breast. The sharp pain caused her to jump as Savannah bit her breasts. Opening her jaw she ran her tongue over the intentions made by her teeth. A second bite caused her to moan. When she felt the wetness of Savannahs tongue on her nipple, Megan grabbed Savannahs head while her vagina felt like it was on fire. Megan’s head was spinning from the sensation of having her nipples sucked for the first time.Savannah rubbed her face gently over one breast then the other. Megan breathed heavily recovering from her orgasm. Throwing her leg over Megan Savannah drew herself on top of Megan. Pulling herself up she pressed her nipples against Megans while they shared another passionate kiss. Savannahs inner thighs and pelvic reign were tickled while she ground against her. Megan felt a second orgasm building from this unfamiliar activity. Seeing tears pool around her eyes Savannah stroked Megan’s face softly. Do you want me to stop, she whispered. Wrapping her arms around Savannah god no, Megan protested. Never. Brushing the hair from her face Savannah asked, have you ever had your pussy licked. N,n,no Megan stuttered. Planting a kiss on Megan’s lips, Savannah slowly slid down, placing kisses as she desended. canlı bahis siteleri Megan gripped the bedsheets tightly as she felt Savannahs lips inch closer to her burning nether region. Her stomach quivered each time she felt the wetness kisses land. It felt strangely exciting as Savannah jabbed her navel with her tongue. Covering her mouth Megan fought back a scream when Savannah kissed her inner thighs. She could feel her vagina fill with fluid when Savannah pulled her public hair exposing her now stiff clitortoise. A long stroke over her vagnal lips by Savannahs tongue started her third orgasm. With a fist pushed in her mouth Megan pulled at Savannahs hair. Her body began to shake uncontrollably each time she felt her outer lips being sucked on. Megan has trouble catching her breath due to Savannahs kisses along upper thighs while being pushed as far as possible. Savannah heard babbling sounds after she probed Megan. Her work was rewarded when Savannah opened Megan up for the first time.Between Savannahs tongue and fingers Megan thrashed about on the bed. With the combination of teeth and tongue on her cilt Megan thought she was going to pass out. With a forth and the most powerful orgasm to date she couldn’t help slamming her thighs against Savannahs head. Suddenly Megan arched her back. A squeal echoed off the walls as a body shaking orgasm ripped through her. Savannah climbed back up on top of Megan and buried her tongue deep in her mouth. canlı bahis The sent filled her nostrils and taste over whelmed her senses. They were both covered in sweat when Megan’s head stopped spinning. Looking into Savannahs eyes she began to laugh. Wrapping her arms and legs around Savannah she squeezed her tightly. When she recovered Savannah kissed her forehead. Pressing her hands against Savannahs face Megan said, that was amazing.They lay in each other’s arms for several minutes but Savannah moved to get up. Wrapping her legs around her waist Megan said, I’m never letting go. Pressing her pelvis against Megan’s Savannah said, you’re going to do a few things before we do this again. Anything, Megan said joyfully. Leaning down and kissing Megan’s left breast Savannah said, first thing you’re going to do is get rid of everything in the dresser. Letting her legs fall to Savannahs sides she said, I need them. Especially while I’m line with my school. Rolling off Megan Savannah said, bullshiit. No one can tell what you have under your uniform. I proved it when I had you stop wearing that useless thing you call a slip. Reaching out to pull Savannah back Megan asked, can we talk about it tomorrow. Reaching between Megan’s legs Savannah pushed her fingers into Megan. Megan’s eyes rolled into her head as she exhaled. Rubbing her thumb on her clit Savannah said with will it be. Grabbing Savannahs hand and pressing it tightly against her Megan said okay. Giving her a kiss Savannah said, good girl. Taking a hand full of public hair Savannah said, first thing after aunt Ann and uncle Bill go to the store, this is coming off. Megan squealed with excellent and pulled Savannah down on top of her.

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