Lockdown Decision Ch. 03Lockdown Decision Ch. 03


Sheona decided that some time on the bed was precisely what she needed. Maddeningly wet and conscious of dripping into her skirt, she slipped the catch and let it fall to the floor. Tom made as if to push her onto the bed, but Sheona neatly sidestepped him. “Not so quick Mr K” she teased, and pushed him backwards onto the bed as he turned around to face her. Standing over him now, Sheona admired his body from a new perspective. Well muscled and even skin tones leading down to a lightly haired pubic area and her focal point – his erect penis had her name on it and was crying out to be sat on. Tom’s eyes took in the full view of Sheona. He thought she was in great shape. She seemed confident and was proud of her body, with its shapely legs and arms, but most of all she had lovely tits that she was proud to show off. Her breasts were full and rounded – at certain times of the month they would enlarge and she was a little self-conscious of the attention from her colleagues. She knew her nipples would be erect soon – it didn’t take much fucking to bring them up, two firm points slowly darkening in colour. She began to long for penetration just so her breasts could be offered into Tom’s mouth. But that would be for later she hoped. For now, Sheona was enjoying Tom’s gaze further south on her pussy – short dark hairs leading down to a set of full, wet lips, catching some tiny highlights from the amber light of the room. She sensed her juices were more or less running down her legs, such was her arousal. “Do you want a closer look” she suggested “or shall I just tease you a little more?”. Climbing astride him Sheona began to lower her hips down towards Tom’s ready cock. “Is this how you imagined me?” she continued, leaning forward over him so her scent and her breasts were ready to trap his answer, if any came. None came. Tom’s eyes were closed and he was ready for her. No more dialogue.

With some gentle tugging on his arms, Sheona motioned Tom where she wanted him on the bed. Their bodies were close together now, his hands able to direct her escort izmir to the right spot, when she took his cock and began to position him for entering her. Sensing it wouldn’t take much to slide into her, Tom edged his hips forward and up, pushing at her pussy with care and experience, but also with some pressure and urgency to his movements. As her lips accepted the head of his penis, Sheona leaned forward to prevent him getting any deeper inside her. She wanted to savour the moment of initial insertion to the maximum. Kissing him gently on the lips she murmured into his face. “Well now Professor Tom, you are indeed fucking me before dinner.” With that message delivered she relaxed down onto his rigid cock and felt him enter deeper inside her.

As she leant back to support herself on his thighs, Sheona became aware of the radio alarm in the next room beginning to sound. Annoyed and amused in equal measure as the alarm grew more insistent, she began to think it was perhaps in her room. “Sheona, it’s your turn to get up and fix that bloody alarm” she was rudely interrupted by a familiar male voice, not Tom’s. With the realization that she was in bed at home with her husband Ben, Sheona slowly unpicked her dream, and it was just a dream. She had been interrupted close to the point of her maximum passion – a bad case of coitus interruptus. Turning the alarm clock off and running a hand across her pussy to check how real the dream had been, she found Ben had also apparently been dreaming. His cock needed hardly any persuasion to assume its full size and he was a willing participant in her moves to include him. “Maybe we have time for the day to begin with more than the alarm clock?” she suggestively purred into Ben’s ear. Climbing on top of him and positioning him the same as she had with Tom in her dream, Sheona resumed the same pleasure pathways and closed her eyes.

With Tom still running loose in her brain, Sheona began riding Ben with more than the usual enthusiasm. Naughtily she was recollecting Tom into the action and Bens firm escort izmir erection was the ideal sex accessory. Allowing her breasts to caress over Ben’s chest made her body tighten with pleasure. With her hands running up Ben’s arms Sheona pinned him by the wrists down onto the bed. He couldn’t help but find his tongue running around her breasts searching for her nipples. Finding one, he filled his mouth and began teasing and sucking on her, feeling it harden in his mouth She loved the sensation – both the physical sensory arousal and the control over him – pushing her breast further and harder into his face, wanting him to fill his mouth and suck on her – an extreme primal pleasure. Sheona opened her eyes long enough to get a good view of Ben sucking her breasts – a view she would never get tired off. Between the stimulation of Bens cock on her pussy becoming ever more urgent and her own heightened state caused by the erotic dream, Sheona felt the first waves of orgasmic pleasure begin to course through her body. Starting deep in her pelvic region and washing over her, the sensations intensified as she moaned out a little and then louder.

Ben opened his eyes and looked at her with a knowing smile. This was familiar territory for him. Morning sex and Sheona coming like a train. They usually laughed together after sex as Sheona’s dreams were a thing. “You wake up with a bigger hard-on than me” he would tease her. And it was true – the sheets would often be more than damp with Sheona’s potential for erotic dreaming. He didn’t want to ask what and who was in the dreams, and she tactfully didn’t go into detail, but in any case, with sex like this, did it really matter?

Sheona let Bens wrists go and placed his hands on her butt. Sensing he was close to coming as well, Sheona gave in to her orgasm and let it take her. Multiple waves of pleasure building and running and crashing through her as Ben pulled her hips onto his, forcing every last drop of his length inside her, pulling her onto him with his hands and thrusting at the same time.”Fuck me harder, harder. Fuck me with your big cock” Sheona managed, out of breath and a little light headed from the pleasure chemicals running riot in her brain. Sheona knew about oxytocin. The powerful muscle contractions in her vagina were directly controlled by neural processes and the strong sensations of pleasure were all over her body – her hands clenching onto Ben’s shoulders as she felt his warm cum eject into her, matching her contractions with his own. Her vagina released a few aftershocks of pleasure – involuntary spasms that made her skin tingle, and Sheona became aware of the familiar sensation of deep connection with Ben. She loved him, despite her frequent dreams of sex rarely including him.

Sheona stayed sitting astride her husband for a few minutes longer – she enjoyed the intimacy of him being inside her after sex. No need to quickly separate after such an intense experience together. She looked down at Ben, a great husband and father, a generous lover and the easygoing character who had made it effortless for her to fall in love. And yet the missing element she struggled with was his lack of craziness, as she mentally described it to herself. He didn’t have the craziness to want to change the world or do great things or be someone in the public eye. Maybe they were her dream lovers – the crazy iconoclasts, the unreasonable men, the driven ones. So Sheona felt a little guilty – the last flashbacks of Tom on the hotel room bed still appearing and disappearing like a flickering TV channel. “I fixed the alarm clock – it’s your turn to make the coffee” she heard herself say. Ben winked at her and gently pushed her off. “Coming right up” he laughed with a cheeky grin, disappearing into the bathroom.

Sheona took a few minutes in post-orgasm comedown to try and make sense of her latest dream. Yes Tom was a colleague and on the way to becoming a friend. And yes, she would finally meet him in person later that afternoon at the conference. But how to make sense of the lustful dream? With the smell of coffee rising through the house, she fell out of bed and pulled her overnight bag out the wardrobe. “Mustn’t forget my iPhone charger” she laughed ironically to herself.

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