Living With Libby Ch. 02Living With Libby Ch. 02

Cowgirl Position

Part two: Queer compromise

After our first ever threesome, Libby and I talked a lot about sex. She didn’t want to actually develop some kind of “swinging culture.” In fact she didn’t have much interest in other woman being present at all. Libby was used to being the person in control and what turned her on was guys at her beck and call and her as the centre of attraction. That suited me as I got really turned on at the prospect of watching a guy sticking his dick in her. I had doubts that perhaps I was as turned on by the cock as I was seeing Libby receiving it. Anyway, we weren’t experts having only had the one threesome with two horny 18 year olds.

She talked a lot about sex but cooled slightly when I tried to do something about it. “I like young guys, Richard,” she said to me. I suppose I like the feeling of control I have over guys who are near virgins. When you first suggested it, I was concerned that two or three guys would be dominating me which is why it didn’t appeal. I now realise that it’s me who gets what I want.”

“Well, we should look for young guys then,” I said a little too overenthusiastically.

“You know who I really fancy,” she said?

“Who,” I replied?

“There’s this young guy at the college who is so soft and gentle. He’s almost girly but he has very fair hair, pale skin and is stunning looking. I don’t think he will be well endowed but he just so looks as though he needs to fuck a woman and I also think he might be a virgin.”

“So how do you do it,” I asked?

“That’s it, I don’t know.” We talk and he’s really sweet but if I asked him to come and shag me with my boyfriend, I think he would explode with fear.”

“Do you know him well enough to have us go out for a drink either alone or with some other friends,” I suggested.

“Maybe,” she said.

It was almost a month later that Libby said some of her friends were having a flat-warming party and we had both been invited.

“Mark will be there,” she said.

“Mark,” I quizzed?

“The little virgin I have the hots for. I would love his cock in me.” Her dirty talk got me going too and I started to look forward to the party. Libby looked great. Her little black party dress with the low cut top and an open weave which just showed her black panties through it. She was positively glowing and a couple of vodkas before leaving helped.

The flat was a big one and just as well as there were about 100 people there. Catering was minimal (tons of potato crisps and some cheese on sticks) and the booze amounted to wine and beer but it was noisy and buzzing.

“That’s Mark over there talking to these girls,” she said.

I looked over. He was a stunning guy. He radiated good looks and had shining white teeth, blonde hair and a beautiful body. When he saw us he came over and Libby introduced me.

“She undersells you,” he said. “You are much better looking that she told me!”

I blushed, not used to male/male compliments about my looks. Libby didn’t notice and was positively fluttering around him. Every time I looked, he flashed Ankara escort me another smile until Libby enticed him to dance. Of course not only was he good looking but he was a better dancer than me too.

As the night wore on, Mark drifted in and out of our company and Libby was becoming decidedly tipsy. I saw her in deep conversation again with Mark and when I saw him look over at me again with a puzzled look on his face and Libby continuing with her animated conversation, I wondered if she was broaching the subject.

“Oh God,” I thought, “She’s asking him.”

He didn’t look too sober either and Libby’s look suddenly changed and I clearly heard the words, “You’re joking” from her before she hushed and went back into conversation.

At that, I drifted off into other company and it was a full hour before she tracked me down and said she was ready to leave.

We are home and getting ready for bed before I asked her how she had managed with Mark. “I presume you asked the question?”

“Yeh, kind of!”


“I didn’t get the answer I quite expected,” she said.

It was another ten minutes before she began to narrate the story. She had told him she found him really attractive and he had said she was a beautiful girl. She then told him that she more than fancied him but she wanted to be loyal to me as she loved me and thought I was gorgeous too. Then he had said he agreed. When she asked what he meant, he told her he agreed that I was gorgeous too.

Libby told him guys didn’t say that about other guys, he had said, “Why not, you do if you fancy them?”

Libby said she had sat for a minute and then asked the next question of him. “You’re gay?”

“Pretty much,” he said. I few heterosexual genes running around which means I find women attractive but I find men more so, especially manly ones, like Richard.”

He then said, “You were going to ask me to go to bed with you behind his back weren’t you?”

Libby said she had spluttered a quick, “No, not like that…” but he had continued by saying he would have rather had me behind her back.

Libby made sure he knew I was straight but Mark continued. “I really find Richard attractive and if he wasn’t straight I would love sex with him. You’re attractive Libby and I could manage with you, but with him……..”

Libby then summarised on their final conversation. Mark would shag her in front of me, if I would shag him in front of her.

“What…..” I screamed?

“That’s how we left it,” she said.

“I presume you told him where to get off,” I said, “this was never part of the agreement.”

Libby went silent.


“I really fancy him and now I know he’s gay and has never had a woman in his life and is willing to shag me, I want it more.”

“Where does that leave me, shagging a poof, I said?

“Oh come on Richard, you told me all about the transvestite you shagged in front of your mates. Bet you didn’t droop once that night and all your straight mates saw you do it. At least this guy is stunning looking Ankara escort bayan and you get to see me being serviced too.”

It took two days and I suppose I should tell you, about six wanks, before I realised that this was so kinky, we had to do it.

I told her that night.

She arranged for Mark to come to our house for drinks and a light supper. He was a good looking guy. His jeans sat low on his hips and his Calvin Klein underwear band showed above them. He had a ribbed tight white t-shirt which showed his nipples sticking out. Libby and I had dressed simply. I had light cotton natural chinos and a t-shirt, and she a short loose white summer skirt and matching top. I thought she looked fabulous and already decided I was going to shag her regardless tonight.

We were into the second bottle of wine and I realised that Mark looked gay. I hadn’t really noticed his movements were every so slightly effeminate. Surprisingly the wine was having a greater effect on him. I suggested earlier that he take a half Viagra with me since both of us were doing things we weren’t used too. His flushed face showed me that the pill had taken an effect. He asked if I had ever had sex with a guy and I lied “NO.”

“Can I ask you to do something that would really turn me on,” he asked? “Could the pair of you start to have sex. I have always wanted to watch a couple have sex and, of course I will join in.”

I agreed and noticed the lump in his trousers so at least he was ready for something. My apprehension was overtaken by Libby’s enthusiasm as she almost swallowed me as we kissed. Soon I was peeling off the remainder of my clothes and kissing and caressing her, my lips were wrapped around her nipples. I opened her legs and started to do what I thought I did best, bringing her off by using my tongue on her clitoris. I was enveloped in the thought of doing do when something warm wrapped itself around my stiff cock. I looked down to find Mark sucking me like a hungry animal. I realised as I looked at him, that he DID fancy me in a big way. He looked like a famine victim who had just been offered a three course meal. I have to admit he did it well!!! My cock didn’t flag as I thought it might do.

My main reason for being there was Libby, and Mark was going to have to come up with his side of the bargain too, after getting his lips around my cock. I pulled myself free and pointed him in the direction of Libby. I was painfully aware that without the 50mg of Viagra, Mark would not be erect at this point. Thankfully he was and I wanted Libby to get what she so desperately wanted, Marks cock inside her (so did I for that matter).

This guy was an amateur when it came to women. I took a condom, I put it on his cock (noticing that it jumped when I did so) and I pointed him at Libby. He plunged into her like a 14 year old. There was no preparation, he just fucked her. Libby hit the roof as the man of her dreams fucked her. I could see he was pretty useless but he fucked anyway. He shagged in the missionary position. Libby had her legs in the air and he was between Escort Ankara her legs fucking. I tried to keep him going by holding his balls and fingering his hole ever so lightly and it seemed to work. He shagged her in a mechanical way but thankfully it was enough to bring Libby to a screaming climax. He was her dream partner after all.

She collapsed backwards afterwards and Mark looked at me and said “Richard, can you make me look like that?”

I realised I still had part of the bargain to fulfil. Mark reached for lubricant and rubbed it into his hole. I automatically stretched a condom on my cock as Libby watched, idly fingering her well fucked cunt. This was my moment.

Mark bent doggy fashion and I positioned myself behind him. I gently pushed my cock head against his butt. I was trying very hard to take it easy remembering how the transvestite all those years ago had struggled to take my cock. Mark just backed into me and my cock was swallowed in one slurp, straight into him. I was amazed how tight he was. His anal channel gripped me like a vice. It was nothing like fucking Libby. There was none on the velvet smoothness, only a vice like grip on my cock. I started to fuck. The grip seemed tighter and he started to moan. Libby grabbed his cock with her hands then stared to suck him. I fingered her for reassurance as I fucked.

He became like a wild animal. He bucked into me and screamed as I fucked him. Libby struggled to keep his cock in her mouth. She kept trying however and gripped his cock and balls as best she could. I couldn’t believe it but realised I was going to cum inside him. I said so and he told me to keep fucking. As my orgasm mounted, my cock felt twice its size and I started to cum. As I did, I saw a jet of cum shoot out of Marks’s cock and land firstly on Libby’s chin and then find its home in her mouth. She started to suck Mark and it was obvious he was cumming in copious quantity as she gagged and sucked some more. My cum was pumping inside his hole as this happened.

We all collapsed on the bed. I needed to fuck Libby really badly and though I was never one for repeat fucking, the Viagra kept my cock hard and I mounted her to fuck. I kissed her, realising that I had Mark’s cum all over her lips. It tasted slightly sweet and I began to withdraw, Libby held my head and made me kiss her to take all the cum residue into my mouth. I pushed my cock into Libby and fucked her ruthlessly for about ten minutes before I realised I was going to cum again. Mark had started to rim my arse as I fucked and the feeling was unbelievable. It was enough and I came full blast into Libby.

He fell back on the bed and Mark dropped immediately between her legs to slurp my still warm cum from her cunt lips. I felt sure my cum was a more valuable prize that Libby’s cunt but she still purred as he did so. He wanked himself to a second orgasm as he did so.

We were soon all spent. It had been a very unorthodox threesome but one which had brought me into a new realm of my sexuality and I had a feeling had also done the same to Mark.

It WAS repeated some months later, but Mark found a new boyfriend and that was that. As for me, I realised that straight as I was, I rather liked the taste of cock, as long as Libby was present. This opened up a whole lot of possibilities.

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