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Subject: Little Brother Owns Me Part 6 If everyone could please show your support with contributions to keep the archive online. You can find out how at fty/donate.html This is a story about how a little brother takes control of his big brother and makes him his slave. The story is purely fiction and is just for entertainment. I hope you enjoy my story. The story will be continued and there will be a lot more characters coming into play in future story part. Please send me feedback about my story at ail Little Brother Owns Me Part – 6 After the lawyer had left Dillon looked down at me and said “Ok slut you are going to be in hard training for the next month. After your training is done I expect you to be able to tell when and when I do or don’t want to use you. You will be able to tell when you need to suck my dick and when I want to fuck that pussy of yours. I shouldn’t have to tell you what I want you are to know just by looking at me.” At that moment Jeff and Chris looked at me and said “Hey Dillon do you mind since we was witness to the contract do we get special use of this slut?” Hell yeah you guys do whenever you want to use it or need it to serve at a party you have feel free to. We will just have to get a schedule book to keep things in order so you both get the most use out of it and there is no conflicting bookings for its use. Jeff my now former best friend said. “Hell yeah I am have a few friends over tonight can I use slut here for my get together. Slut will know all of them but I can introduce them all to the new and improved Tyler now known as slut.” Of course Jeff have fun with it, when you leave today you can take slut here with you. Since it is an object now I think we should transport it around with it in the truck of cars like luggage. Both Jeff and Chris was fast to agree with that. Then Dillon started to talk to me again “Ok slut it time for you to get in the trunk of Jeff’s car so he can take you to his place. I want you to clean his place top to bottom so when he has his friends over the place is spotless and ready for his company.” All I could do is tear up and say “yes Master” And with that I was lead to Jeff’s car nude for all the neighbors to see me and I climbed into the trunk of Jeff’s car and it was shut. I could hear all 3 of them walk away from the car and leave me in this car trunk for like an hour. I’m sure they all went inside the house and hung out will I was in this very hat trunk sweating up a storm wishing I was out of there to get some cool fresh air. Then I heard Jeff unlock his door get in and start the car. gaziantep escort Jeff lived maybe a 30 minute drive from my now former home and Dillon’s new home. We finally got there and I hear the car turn off and Jeff get out. He came to the back of the car and opened the trunk. All I could think was finally cool fresh air. Jeff then took a handful of my hair pulled me out and walked to the front door not saying one word to me like he was just grabbing the handle of a suitcase and carrying it inside. Once inside the only words I heard from Jeff was clean this place slut. I then started to clean. It took me about 2 hours to clean the entire house. After I was done Jeff told me to go take a shower so I didn’t stink but I was not to use any hot water and I couldn’t take longer than 5 minutes and I had to smell good. So when I got in there I turned on the cold water got in and started to clean myself as fast as I could. The cold water felt like needles stabbing me but I had to block it out and clean as fast as I could. Once I got out there was no towels for me to dry off. I called for Jeff to ask for a towel and when I see Jeff come around the corner I could see he was very pissed off. Listen up bitch, first off never call me by my name, I am master to you and you are slut. Secondly you don’t need to dirty one of my towels, a whore like you don’t use towels they air dry. All I could do is look to the floor and say “yes Master” Also slut you have to call all of my friends Sir and do whatever they want, do you understand slut? Yes Master I do. He then made me get in the corner of the room and wait for his friends to show up. I sat in the corner trying to think of who Jeff was having over that I would know. It didn’t take long to find out the doorbell rang and I could hear Jeff welcome one of his friends. Then they came in the room and I heard another one of my friends that I was on the baseball team with in high school. Then the doorbell rang again and another baseball teammate came in. I started to figure out how I knew all of the guys coming over. They all was on the same baseball team as me and Jeff. These was the guys I hung out with in high school. I haven’t seen any of them since high school but I had a feeling that it was all about to change and I would be seeing them all on a regular base. Once all of Jeff’s friends had showed up he introduced me to them as if they have never knew me before. Hey everyone I want to introduce you to slut. One of the guys said “isn’t that Tyler from the baseball team?” It used to be Tyler yes, but now it’s a suriyeli escort slave, an object for use and its name is now slut. It is here to serve us drinks and food and even suck everyone’s dicks and take everyone’s dicks up in its pussy. It is to do whatever you want guys, it will even drink your piss for you so that you don’t have to get up and go to the restroom. All of sudden I could hear all the men cheer and get excited. There was around 4 of them there 5 counting Jeff. Here was all these guys I played baseball with on the high school team and who I thought was friends of mine to just find out I meant nothing to them. Not one single guy felt bad for me and they all only thought how they was going to use me. One of the guys started to talk and said “hey guys I have a great idea, why don’t we blind fold slut and have it suck each of our dicks and see if it can guess who’s dick it is sucking” They all loved that idea and blind folded me. I was on my knees in front of these guys about to suck each of their dicks and try to figure out whose I was sucking. They told me every time I was wrong I would be punished. I thought how the hell was I going to know whose dick I was sucking when I haven’t seen these guys since I played baseball with them and I have never even seen their dicks before. Yeah I might have seen them in the locker room but it’s not like I looked at them and knew what everyone’s size and length they was. In fact none of them was hard in the locker room so I had no clue. I didn’t know how I was going to do this but guess. The first dick entered my mouth, I sucked it the best I could do and after he came down my throat, and pulled out I heard Jeff say “ok slut whose dick dose that belong to?” I had no idea whose dick that was so I took a guess. “That was Jeremy’s dick Master” All of sudden I heard Jeremy say “holly shit man it knew it was my dick, damn slut you must have looked at my dick a lot and memorized it from when we played baseball. I can’t believe I didn’t see you checking out my cock back in high school.” All I could think was no way did I get that right, and no I didn’t look at him at all. I didn’t know what was worse, getting it wrong or having Jeremy think back on the baseball team I was always checking him out. That kind of conformed to all the guys that I was a faggot back in school when in reality I wasn’t. That went on for all 5 guys. The only 2 that I ended up getting right was Jeremy witch was pure luck and I got Jeff’s right and that was because I actually knew now how his dick felt in rus escort my mouth from sucking it all the past 2 days. After that was done they all sat around watching old tapes of our baseball games. I looked up and seen myself on the tape playing baseball and just wished I could go back to that time and not be here with my former teammates being there bitch. They all made comments saying look at slut there it’s looking at this person’s dick or that person’s dick. When in reality I wasn’t, it didn’t even look like I was, and they was just saying that to try to convince themselves that I had been a fag my whole life. I then was ordered to drink piss from the guys dick so they didn’t have to get up from watching tv to go to the restroom. After that I took orders for drinks and got them food and cleaned up their mess. One of the guys from our baseball team chewed. And had the great idea that my mouth needed to be his spit can. Hey slut get over here and open your cock sucker I need a spit can to spit my chew in. OMG was he serous that was over the top Grose. But I didn’t say a word and went beside him, opened my mouth and prayed he was not being serous about that and would just tell me he was joking. But nope he was serous and the next thing I knew I had a mouth full of his mint flavored tobacco spit in my mouth and I was warned not to swallow I had to keep it in my mouth until I could spit it out myself because I could get very sick on it. So I did as I was told I really didn’t want to get sick. I wanted to vomit a few times but I held it down and finally got to crawl to the toilet to spit that nasty stuff out of my mouth. After that was all done they all took turns fucking my ass but newly named my pussy. They all fucked my pussy hard and long and brutal, while calling me names like whore and bitch and slut and cum dump. They kept this going for hours until everyone was done using me. Jeff told everyone bye and said they will have another night like this very soon. Jeff then came in the living room ordered me to clean his place back up after everyone left and then grabbed my hair again like luggage took me outside, and put me back in the trunk of his car. He then pulled back up to Dillon’s house and Dillion came out to the car grabbed me by the hair just like Jeff did and pulled me out of the trunk of the car. Jeff thanked Dillon for lending me to him and left. Once back in Dillon’s house Dillon said he was proud of me for doing a great job but Jeff had called and said that I didn’t correctly guess everyone’s dicks while I was blowing them and I would get punished the very next day and that I would not enjoy my punishment at all. He then lead me to his bedroom placed me in my cage and told me I need to get sleep because I was going to need it. To be continued???.. Thank you for reading and please send me feedback to ail

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