Lisa’s LoveLisa’s Love

Big Tits

This is a story of a sixty year old man, a forty year old woman and an eighteen year old woman.


I met Lisa from an on-line dating site. My wife had left me, we divorced amicably. I actually liked the woman she ran off with, Maria, a tall sexy Latina. I wasn’t sure I could handle the dating scene, but I gave it a try. After a few false starts, I met Lisa for lunch and we hit it off. The attraction was more than physical, though I was immediately impressed by her large breasts. Lisa came across as a genuinely loving person. She was separated at the time we met and eventually divorced. She had two teenage children at home, a boy and girl she adopted.

Lisa was a bit of a sexual freak. She was obsessed with sucking cock. That was fine with me. She loved having her tits played with and sucked. Lisa was the first woman I knew would orgasm from breast, nipple play. After she sucked my cock for a good half hour, I would caress her large breasts, sucking and nibbling on her large erect nipples. That was our foreplay. When we were both overly aroused I would slip my cock into her wet pussy.

I was semi-retired working occasionally from home so Lisa would stop by whenever. It was a Friday afternoon when she came in, casually slipping her hand down my shorts.

“I just had a long conversation with Jennie next door before I came in,” Lisa told me as she fondled my growing cock. “She’s really depressed. I guess she has been bullied at school and her boyfriend just dumped her, right before her senior prom.”

Jennie was the daughter of my next-door neighbor Mark, a real jerk. His wife died of breast cancer several years ago, though it didn’t bother him, he was always running around with different women. When Lisa and I got together, Lisa befriended Jennie and I became a sometimes-surrogate father.

Jennie had a weight problem growing up and was always teased. Now that she was blossoming into a woman she had a full figure, somewhat chubby but still desirable in my eyes. I noticed over the years how her breasts developed into nice round orbs, her butt was also nice and enticingly round. Jennie did have a problem with acne, probably because her father neglected her and she lived on a diet of junk food.

Lisa tried to help her out and took her to a dermatologist about her acne. She began taking medication and seemed to be getting better. At least as far as I could see.

“I gave her money for her prom dress because her father wouldn’t,” Lisa told me as we both stripped and settled into bed for a round of satisfying sex. “I really feel bad for her.”

“I’ve always liked Jennie and actually, I think she’s developed into a very desirable woman,” I responded.

“You like her because she has big tits like mine,” Lisa said laughingly.

“Well, I’m a tit man. What’s wrong with that?” I shot back.

“Absolutely nothing,” Lisa said as she descended on my cock.

I opened my eyes and watched Lisa’s tits bounce back and forth as I pounded her pussy. I closed my eyes and then imagined those titties were Jennie’s. I came hard with Lisa.

“Wow, you came pretty hard and fast,” Lisa commented as we captured our breath.

“Yea. I don’t know why. Guess I was just pent up,” I answered not wanting to reveal I had envisioned fucking Jennie.

“We just fucked the day before yesterday. How could you be pent up?” Lisa challenged me.


I was cleaning the pool Saturday morning when Jennie found me. She appeared upset. I noticed her on the patio, standing there, not wanting to interrupt me.

“Hi Jennie,” I called out to her as I wrapped up my chore. “Are you alright?” I asked concerned.

“My asshole father got drunk and wrecked the car,” she informed me. “I was going to take back my prom dress. They said they would give me most of the money back since I didn’t wear it. I want to pay Lisa back but I need a ride.”

“Do you want to borrow my car?”

“I feel uncomfortable about that. Can you drive me?”

“Sure,” I said. “I better put some more clothes on.” I was wearing swim trunks cleaning the pool.

“Thanks, Brian,” Jennie said.

Jennie was always quiet and shy. I really wanted to do something to cheer her up after I learned about her break-up with her boyfriend right before the prom.

“Don’t you have a birthday coming up?” I asked cheerfully as we were driving to return the dress.

“Yes, next Saturday,” she responded. “I’ll be eighteen.”

“Do you have any plans to celebrate?” I asked hoping it wouldn’t bring up any sadness or melancholy.

“Billy and I talked about renting a cabin on Mt. Lemmon,” she replied. “We both like to go hiking. So, now I guess I’ll just hang out at home.”

That didn’t go well. When we arrived at the dress shop, I stayed in the car while Jennie went in to conduct her business. I texted Lisa. “Can you take next Saturday off and not plan anything with your family for the weekend?” Lisa was a nurse and normally worked a twelve-hour shift on Saturdays. Sundays was her family day. Not only did she have casino siteleri the two adopted teenagers, she had a son and daughter in their early twenties. They usually planned a dinner after church.

Lisa texted right back. “What’s going on next weekend?”

“Jennie’s eighteenth birthday. Am trying to get a cabin on Mt. Lemmon.”

I managed to book a cabin, it was a small one room, but it was the best I could do under pressure. I figured we could work out sleeping arrangements later. I would leave that up to Lisa.

On the drive back, I sprung our plans on Jennie. “Lisa and I love to go hiking up on the mountain,” I told her, though it wasn’t true, Lisa and I never went hiking. We did spend time up there mostly to star gaze. I’m not serious about astronomy, I just marvel looking through the telescope at the planets and stars.

“Will you spend the weekend with us, Lisa and me, up the mountain?” I proposed to Jennie.

She looked at me astonished.

“You have to promise me something, though,” I tried to sound sincere.


“You and Lisa will take it easy on me. You know I’m not the spring chicken anymore. So, let’s make the hiking more like a stroll,” I told her.

“Oh, you are really a manly man,” she responded. “I bet we’ll have a hard time keeping up with you.”

I blushed at Jennie’s opinion of my manhood. I was more than six decades old, Lisa two younger than me and Jennie about to celebrate a birthday two years less than two decades. I had lots of energy but nothing like a vibrant young woman.

“I’ll take that as yes then,” I said to her.

I glanced over to her as I drove, noticing a tear in her eye.

“Thank you,” she replied. “I thought my birthday was going to be spent sitting in my bedroom, crying.”

“No crying allowed, unless it’s happiness,” I told her.


Lisa, Jennie and I settled into the cabin and went on a hike along an established trail. I enjoyed it, not being much of a hiker, but the fresh air was invigorating. Lisa and Jennie trailed behind me.

“Hey Brian,” Jennie called out. “I thought you said this was going to be a stroll.”

I found myself way ahead of them despite it being a warm day, even up nine-thousand feet. Lisa and Jennie were laughing and talking the whole way as I found an appreciation for nature, observing the variety of plants and flowers along the trail.

As we arrived back at the cabin, we were all a little sweaty from the walk, hike, along the trail. Lisa brought us all a beer, including Jennie.

“Here,” Lisa said handing Jennie a beer.

“Thank you. My father drank like a fish but never allowed me to even try one.”

“Happy Birthday Jennie,” I toasted motioning us all to clink our cans of beer together as if they were glasses.

“Happy Birthday,” Lisa added as she hugged Jennie. I joined in and hugged the young woman myself.

“Well, I need to change out of these sweaty clothes. Especially this irritating bra,” Lisa declared. The cabin was small and the bathroom was tiny, barely enough room for one in the shower stall. Lisa unabashedly stripped naked in front of Jennie and me and went in the tiny bathroom and took a shower. I was used to being naked with Lisa but I wasn’t sure how Jennie would react. I looked at the young woman and she didn’t seem to mind.

“I spend a lot of my time alone naked, therapy,” she said.

“I had a lot of counseling growing up,” Jennie told me as Lisa showered, “I was ashamed of my body, not just the acne, but also fat. I guess now I’m just considered chubby.”

I looked at Jennie, letting her know I was listening and empathetic.

“I feel alright about my body now,” she told me confidently.

“You should,” I responded reassuringly. “You’re very curvy and sexy like Lisa.”

“Really, you think so?”

I smiled. I was attracted to her. “Yes, you are.” I was getting an erection, not only from the conversation with Jennie but from my past fantasies.

Lisa came out of the shower drying herself off. “I suppose they weren’t expecting three of us. There are only two bath towels. I guess we’ll have to share.”

“My turn to shower?” Jennie piped up. She didn’t wait for an answer, undressing in front of me and Lisa. I was particularly impressed by her breasts and ass, maybe not impressed, more like aroused.

Lisa smiled at me as Jennie went to take a shower. Wrapped in a bath towel, she let me in on her conversations with Jennie during our hike this afternoon.

“Jennie really likes you,” Lisa confided in me. “I mean more as a friend or neighbor.”

“What exactly is that?” I asked not imagining anything Jennie could want more from me than be the father she lacked from her natural father.

“She actually has sexual desires for you,” Lisa said to my disbelief.

“Is that what you two talked about?”

“Well yes,” Lisa paused. “I kind of told her I would help with that,” she told me. Lisa and I have been together for several years, our relationship based on sex together. We became güvenilir casino close friends as we grew, our relationship grew.

Then Jennie came out of the shower wrapped in the other bath towel.

“Your turn,” Lisa told me. “Do you need me to help you out of those sweaty clothes?”

Jennie was wrapped in a bath towel, so was Lisa, though she shed it as she helped pull my shorts down as I pulled my t-shirt over my head.

“It’s damp but it’s the best we have, considering there were only two bath towels,” Lisa said as she handed me the towel she wore after her shower.

“Here, have the one I used,” Jennie said handing me the towel that she had wrapped herself in after taking her shower.

There I was naked, holding two damp towels handed me by two naked beautiful women. I went and took a shower. The girls must have used up all the hot water so mine was colder. That had quelled my erection, for now, though my inner desire to fuck the both of them grew.

I thought about what Lisa had said, ‘I would help her with that.’ I didn’t know what to expect of the rest of the night.

I came out of the shower, towel wrapped around my waist, to see Lisa and Jennie sitting there in t-shirts and panties, laughing, hugging and kissing each other.

I grabbed a t-shirt and boxer shorts out of my suitcase and joined them after getting us all a beer.

“So, you guys are having fun?” I commented.

“Lisa was just telling me about the first time you two got it on,” Jennie confessed.

I recalled immediately how awkward that was. I figured I had really blown it with her. I was so enamored with Lisa and so inexperienced and frustrated with my sexual life with my ex-wife. It was very embarrassing and yet, Lisa was understanding, not dumping me right away, and we wound up having a great sexual life together.

Lisa looked at me lovingly. “You’re blushing,” she said. Jennie smiled.

“Well, I guess I better get a fire going to barbeque the steaks,” I declared as an out to that conversation. The cabin had a small grill on the deck. As I tended to the steaks, Lisa prepared a salad to along with it. Jennie came outside with me.

“How long were you married?” Jennie asked me innocently.

“A long time,” I answered. “Twenty-five years.”

“What do you think went wrong?” she asked sincerely.

“I don’t know, honestly. We lost whatever it was that brought us together initially,” I responded as best I could. “Then I guess we pretended for a long time so the kids wouldn’t be screwed up because of us. We waited until the boys were adults, had their own lives, and we divorced amicably.”

“I cared a lot about Jason and Joshua,” I went on. “I’m sorry. I know that must hurt you because your father doesn’t seem to care about you,” I realized as talked about my sons.

“That’s what Lisa said was attractive about you,” Jennie said as Lisa came out on the deck.

“What did I say was attractive about Brian?” Lisa asked jokingly. “Were you talking about his dick?”

Jennie blushed. “Well, I did get a good look at it when he undressed to take a shower,” she said smiling.

Lisa laughed and then I was blushing.

I finished cooking the steaks. We sat down to eat at the small table inside the cabin. It was intimate. We were having a great time. Lisa cleared off the dishes and told us to close our eyes.

“OK, you can open them now,” Lisa declared.

On the small table in front of us was a cake with a single candle. Written on the cake was, ‘Happy Birthday, Jennie, Beautiful Woman.’

Jennie broke out in tears.

“You need to blow out the candle and make a wish,” Lisa told her as she settled down from her emotional moment.

Jennie did, blow out the candle, and she glanced over at me longingly.

“You’re not supposed to tell anyone your wish,” Lisa admonished her.

“I didn’t,” Jennie pleaded.

I went and retrieved my telescope from the car and set it up on the deck. I managed to focus in on Saturn which was visible then. Seeing the rings on the planet was exciting to me and I hoped it would be for Jennie. Lisa and I had star, planet, gazed here on the mountain on several getaways.

The women came out to the deck each holding a glass of wine. “What have you got us to see?” Lisa asked knowing I was setting up the telescope for something interesting.

“I have a good view of Saturn,” I declared proudly. “Come see.”

“Wow. That’s amazing. I’ve never seen anything live like that. It’s better than the pictures we saw in school,” Jennie said excited. “What else can I see?”

I focused in on the Milky Way. I was always humbled by that conglomerate of stars that seemed to define our universe. I knew it wasn’t the boundary, but it was certainly the visible symbol of universal vastness.

“Oh my god, how many millions of stars are there?” Jennie wondered as she gazed through the telescope.

We spent several hours exploring the universe and drinking wine. It was late when we were all sleepy. The three of us just crashed canlı casino on the bed, Jennie was in the middle. My body embraced hers as she embraced Lisa.


Sunday morning, I woke up to the smell of coffee that permeated the small cabin room. I noticed my right hand was cupping Jennie’s breast as she slept. Her t-shirt must have worked itself up exposing her breasts, allowing me access. Maybe I instinctively worked my hand up there, my fascination with tits unconsciously controlling my movements as I slept.

“Copping a feel on an innocent young woman?” Lisa said softly, sarcastically, as I started to wake up, realizing that I had my hand on Jennie’s breast, lightly rubbing her erect nipple. I came to my senses and wondered was she awake? She didn’t seem so.

“You better get up and come with me before that poor girl wakes up to that monster between your legs and scares the shit out of her,” Lisa whispered as I did begin to get out of the small bed we shared last night.

Lisa led me outside to the bench on the porch. She pulled my boxer shorts down and began to suck my hard cock. Lisa licked, stroked, sucked me as I pinched her nipples, elevating her excitement. Lisa pulled her shirt up and off. She guided my cock into her pussy pressing my head into her breasts which she loved me to suck on.

Lisa ground her hips around, riding my cock. She was fucking me as I ravished her succulent tits. I felt her cum hard, soaking my balls and the bench beneath us.

I needed to cum. My mind was fixated on Jennie, I really wanted her bad, but I was an older man and lucky to have a woman like Lisa. Once again, my mind on Jennie, had me cumming hard and quickly.

“I’m sorry,” Jennie said apologetically as Lisa and I finished our amazing morning orgasms. “I didn’t know you guys were, well doing it, when I came out here.”

Lisa dismounted me. She looked at Jennie and said, “It’s OK. I was just taking care of his morning wood.” Lisa paused and realized Jennie didn’t know about that. Then she explained, “Guys tend to have an erection in the morning. It’s natural. It gets me aroused and I like to take advantage of the opportunity,” Lisa told the young woman matter-of-factly.

“Excuse me. I don’t feel so good,” Jennie blurted out suddenly. She ran back in the cabin and hunched over the kitchen sink.

“Hey, it’s alright. Sorry, we weren’t thinking giving you beer and wine last night,” Lisa apologized for both of us.

“An easy walk in the fresh air helps a hangover,” I offered. I began feeling bad that Lisa and I didn’t consider Jennie was an eighteen-year-old woman with no experience with alcohol.

After a while walking through the pine forests in the cool morning air, Jennie started to feel better. When we arrived back at the cabin, we had a breakfast of left-over birthday cake.

The remainder of the morning, before we needed to check out, Lisa and I shared some of our life experiences, hoping to help Jennie gain some confidence in her future, letting her know that life works out in the end.


Sunday night, after Lisa drove home to her family and I Jennie went back to her home next door, I sat down and poured myself a Brandy. It was so enjoyable, the weekend with Lisa and Jennie. I had the sense that Jennie was happy, not sad as she imagined she might be being alone on her birthday.

It was around nine o-clock when I heard a knocking on the door. It sounded desperate. I jumped out of my pleasant thoughts of the weekend to see what was going on.

I opened the door to see Jennie in front of me crying and her face bloodied.

“My god, Jennie,” I declared. “What the fuck happened?”

“My dad called me a whore because I went away for the weekend and beat me,” she cried,

I immediately called 911 and ushered her into my car to go to the emergency room. Thankfully her injuries were superficial, no broken bones, only bruises and several cuts. Crying, Jennie told the officer what transpired between her and her father. Jennie was now an adult and the officer told her she could press charges and he has no parental or guardianship rights, basically an assault with injury.

“Fuck him,” Jennie said giving consent to having her injuries, bruises, photographed as evidence. Jennie was discharged and I took her home to my house. As we arrived, we saw the police next door arresting Mark.

It was late, early Monday morning around three, when we sat down in my living room, on the sofa. I poured us each a Brandy. “This is a bit stronger than beer or wine, but I think it might help you calm down,” I said as I offered her the glass. “Sip it slow,” I warned her.

“I’m sorry,” she cried. “You and Lisa made my birthday weekend so beautiful. I’m sorry this happened.”

“It’s not your fault,” I consoled her.

We sat silently, my arm around her, hugging her in close, finishing our drinks in the wee hours of the morning.

“I’ll fix up the guest room for you,” I told her.

“Can’t I sleep with you?” she asked demurely. “I did last night.”

“Of course, you can,” I replied empathetically, knowing how hard it would be for me.


Lisa managed to get off work early, working a short eight hour shift. When she arrived in the late afternoon, Jennie was still sleeping soundly.

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