Life With Alice Takes A Wild TurnLife With Alice Takes A Wild Turn


Me and my girlfriend at the time Alice had been dating for around six months. We’d met at university, both studying medicine (I later dropped out) we’d got to know each other throughout the term and eventually we finally went on a date.Alice was a real head turner, twenty years old, 5’7″ blonde, with piercing blue eyes and a killer smile. She had curves in all the right places. Her best asset, however, was her bum. She squatted a lot at the gym and she wore the tightest trousers at every opportunity to show everyone that the hours in the gym weren’t going to waste!We had a great time on our date and started to enjoy each other’s company more frequently. We decided to become official a few weeks later.I’d heard rumours through the Uni and from some of my friends that Alice was pretty open when it came to sex. It came as no surprise to me: she was a hot twenty-year-old girl at university studying a stressful topic, so why not blow off steam by getting laid. So it came as no real surprise to me then that after our first date we had sex in the back of my car.As our relationship moved şişli escort on, the sex became more adventurous. Alice would grab my cock in uni lectures, and we’d sneak off to fuck in bar toilets on nights out with our friends.And then one night, as we lay in bed in her uni room after our latest lovemaking session, she turned to me and said, “What’s your opinion on threesomes involving two guys and a girl?”I was taken aback slightly but confessed to her that I thought they were hot and the idea didn’t turn me off.With that, she nodded and said little else and the rest of the night was fairly uneventful.A few days later, a few of our friends headed out to the local bar that we frequented (rather too much) and we tagged along. I wore a T-shirt, jeans and a jumper in my usual casual state, while Alice wore a black dress that fell just above the knee. It showed off her figure perfectly.After a few drinks and some usual university gossip, everyone started getting rather tipsy. One of our friends, Jennifer, suggested we played swap the ice cube, a simple game which involved mecidiyeköy escort passing an ice cube from one person’s mouth to another before it melted. Naturally, any game involving people in their early twenties, alcohol and mouths usually turned into something quite raunchy.On my right was Alice and on my left was Jennifer our mutual friend. She was a pretty girl, slightly overweight but she had the biggest boobs I’d ever seen, so I was happy with my options in the game!To Alice’s right was our friend, Ryan. He was around my height 5’10”. Whereas I was stocky, he was thinner but toned. I knew he had a crush on Alice (I mean who wouldn’t) but as I’d be kissing Jennifer, who was I to object.Jennifer popped an ice cube in her mouth and turned to me. We kissed for a few seconds before I took the ice and turned to Alice. We had a kiss, slightly longer than mine and Jennifer’s. She took the ice cube and turned to Ryan.His eyes lit up as she grabbed his face and the two locked lips. I saw his hand creep towards her well-toned arse and I couldn’t blame him.He took the ice and carried on.The game was played a few more times in between drinks and shots and the kisses became longer and longer. I noticed, however, that during one round when Alice took the ice from me, it was barely there and very small. When she kissed Ryan the ice had been long gone by the time they had finished. What surprised me most was how turned on I felt in between the pangs of jealousy.After an hour or so more, the crowd in the bar started thinning and everyone made plans to go back to halls.We hailed a taxi and me, Alice and Ryan hopped in. Now this wasn’t unusual because he lived in our halls and we regularly shared cabs, what was out of the ordinary, however, was that Alice sat in between us both, and had her hands quite high on our thighs. I felt her squeeze mine and imagined she must have done the same to Ryan’s.On the journey back we all chatted tipsily, her hands slowing moving upwards when Alice said, “I had a lot of fun playing that game tonight boys. I have some ice in my room if you want to play again?”Ryan looked shocked and darted his eyes to mine. Being tipsy and horny, I smiled at him and looked at Alice and agreed that it was fun and that Ryan would be welcome to play it with us. He breathed a sigh of relief and nodded in agreement.

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