Life Story 01Life Story 01


Hello amigos (friends),

here I am with an incidence of my life I want to share with u all. Remember that, this real story contains no minors and the contents are of adult materials.


Well let me introduce myself first, my name starts with S, and I am a male, mid 30’s and stand 6 Ft. tall, whitish brown color. I am well endowed with eight inch penis which is thick and I am muscular.

I am here with the first story of my life incidence as I had the privilege to have sex with so many woman and I will be sharing all of that with u guys sometimes it may get a little boring but stick with me because I am brutally honest and I am in a crusade to share my experiences, so come with me in my life’s sexual roller-coaster.

This First story of my life series is dedicated to the love of my life my SIL (bhabhi).

Well it started when I was in my college and my cousin brother got married, he married a beautiful Bengali girl. (Let’s name her M for reference).

Well first I did not notice her as I was busy with my GF’s and I used to look her as my bhabhi (SIL) as I should! Things turned to change due to a long string of incidences, like when she used to bend in front of me I could see her breasts or when she used to wear sari (which she does often) I could see her cleavage and could see her waist and navel and that changed my perspective towards her and I could no longer keep the pious relation and started to fantasies about her when I used to masturbate, always thinking about her breasts and her waist and navel (I think I have still to see such beautiful navel in my life).

I started visit her house more often on some pretext or another and used to feed my eyes with those beautiful sights.

It’s been 4 years of marriage and they had tried everything to get a child but after some time they gave up and on the fifth year they adopted a child, they were very happy. I continued to go to her house uninterrupted feasting my eyes with her beautiful body.

One day I discovered my chance to touch her! What happened was the oldest trick to touch a woman, as the child was now 4 months old so when visiting her house one day M asked me to hold her child so that she can get something from the other room and as I was taking the child from her cradle my hand brushed against her breasts and I was ecstatic at the touch of her breasts and she didn’t mind that and went ahead to get her thing from the other room.

M returned after some time and as the child was crying I decided to give the child back to her so I handed back her child but this time I decided to take my chances and during handing over I took hold of her one breast and pressed it slightly, M didn’t have any expression and kept on looking at her child. I still remember she was wearing a brown chiffon saree and a matching blouse with lots of cleavage to see.

Well I kept my hand under her saree and started to feel and asses the size and weight of her breast, all the time my heart in my mouth fearing her adverse reaction but M was in a different mood that day and let me keep my hand on her breast. She kept on looking at the baby but then my auntie came from the other room and reluctantly I had to move my hand away from her breast. I asked her if I can use her washroom, M showed me her washroom and I latched the door closed. While relieving I saw there was a pair of translucent bra in her wash bucket so I took it and at first I noticed her size and they were 34 b, I imagined the location where her nipples will rest and kissed it.

I had a massive hadron now and could not resist the temptation to wank so I took out my penis and found her panties lying in the wash basket and I put the panty over my penis and masturbated thinking of her vagina instead of the panty encircling my penis, after 5-10 mins. I ejaculated on the inside of her panty and put the panty where I had taken it from but decided to take her bra with me so I kept the bra inside my pocket and went home after saying bye to them.

I used to look at the bra and masturbate in home thinking about M and her body. Now I was more anxious to feel her body and fuck her and used to think about her all the time.

One afternoon I received call from auntie that she is going to her daughters place for a month and asked me to take care of my SIL’s need when she needs it, which I assured her to take care. Auntie had her reservation the following morning and I had to drop her at the train station. When I went to her home M looked at me and told me to come home as soon as I drop auntie to station.

After dropping auntie at the station I went to M and she opened the door as soon as I knocked her door. M instructed me to take care of the baby till she takes the bath after which she has some work for me.

The baby was sleeping so I was sitting in her bedroom and M went to the washroom after some time she asked me to hand her the towel she had forgot to take and was laying on the Escort bayan bed next to me. I took the towel and knocked the door and she opened the door partially to accept that but her angel behind the door was such that the mirror inside was showing her reflection and I could clearly see her naked!

M have one of the most beautiful breasts slightly slopy and big nipples, as big as a thumb. she have tight stomach with beautiful waistline, a little fat on the outer and her hips were pear shaped with beautiful round thighs and beautiful legs to complement them. That was a mesmerizing view and she closed the door after she took the towel from my hand but her beautiful body was replaying in my mind again and again. I heard her come out so I settled in her bed again.

M came out and asked me to come to the other bedroom, I followed her. As soon as I entered the bedroom she gave me a tight slap!

M told me she knows that I had taken her bra and soiled her panty with my semen! I was horrified and asked for her forgiveness and told her that I will never repeat the mistake again and asked her not to tell anyone. M asked me to bring her bra back. I rushed to my house and came back again with her bra.

I rang the doorbell and she opened the door and called me inside. I went inside and I saw that she has changed into a saree that was white with white blouse. She asked me to sit and I apologized and handed her back her bra. She gave a mischievous smile and took the bra and sat beside me. She asked me why I took the bra and I told her that she looks very beautiful and I had sexual inclination towards her and used the bra to think about her and masturbate.

M asked me what I finds good about her. I told her about her naval, her waist and breasts that attracted me towards her. She told me it’s natural for a guy in my age to get attracted towards a woman like that but she did not think herself as sexy! So I told her that she is the sexiest woman I have seen in my entire life.

M was now blushing, and tried to change the topic and asked me suggestions about different things like her further studies and some family matters; I tried to answer as best I could.

While in the middle of conversation she asked me that her child did not let her sleep in the night and constantly cry and don’t take any milk, so I asked her whether she has tried to feed her own breast milk. M told me that she never tried that as she thinks without motherhood the milk is not produced. I told her that sometimes after watching a child also produces milk in some women’s breasts and asked her to try it once, she told me that she do not have any idea how to do that and asked me weather I would like to help her in this process to which I readily agreed.

M called me to her bedroom where her baby was sleeping. By now I was feeling normal and thought I will be helping a woman in a noble cause. M asked me for the direction so I asked her to put her child in her lap and she did that. I asked M to open the hooks of her blouse and she asked me to turn away and I did that right away. I asked M to free one of her breast from her bra and cup it in her palm and put the nipple in the mouth of her child. M did that and suddenly she shrieked, I asked her what happened and she told me that the child is biting the nipple very hard but the milk is still not coming out so I proposed that I can put some drops of cow milk on her breast and it will roll over her nipple and go to her child’s mouth and the baby will think it’s your natural milk she agreed for the experiment so I quickly went to the kitchen to fetch the milk and hurriedly went back to the bedroom.

I asked M weather she would be comfortable if I come in front of her to which she agreed, so I moved in front of her now and what a sight I was bestowed upon! Her large milky white 34 b size breast was right in front of me and I can ogle upon that with her consent, my penis instantly rose to the sight.

I came closer to her and knelt just 1 Ft. in front of her, I can now see every veins and shape of her breast and look at her light brown nipples with big aerolas. Ah! What a sight, I was completely mesmerized and kept on looking at the beauty, M broke the spell and asked me to take care of the task at hand and stop ogling at her breast all the time feeling shy.

I took a little milk on my palm and I asked M for her permission to drop it over her breast and she nodded in approval so I started to pour milk over her breast, drop after drop and the baby suckled on her nipples thinking its breast milk. I could feel M grinning ear to ear as she could at least superficially feel the motherhood.

I continued dripping milk over her breast, while doing so sometimes touched her breast from the tip of my fingers, M didn’t mind that so I tried my luck and cupped her breast and she looked at me quizzing. I told M at least as a reciprocation she let me hold her breast for some time she nodded in approval Bayan escort so I kept on dripping the milk over her breast and cupping them sometimes.

I felt as the baby is now contented with the breast milk and slowly dozed off to sleep so I asked M to put the baby over the bed and she did that. Now that the baby was asleep so M lied beside him and I sat behind her and I put my hand over her breast and cupped her breast this time the nipple in between my fingers and started squeezing it, M showed no anger and let me play with her breast for some time.

I tried my luck and started to open her blouse she didn’t stop me and I opened her blouse and then I slowly opened the hook of her bra and I released both her breasts. M turned and looked at me feeling shy as her cheeks turned red.I knew it’s time to take this to the conclusion so I asked M to follow me to the other bedroom and M followed me.

Once inside I looked at M and cupped her nude breasts and kissed her on her lips. M knew where it’s going so she encouraged me by opening her mouth so that I can French kiss her and I did as she suggested. M was breathing heavily inside my mouth, our tongue touching M pulled me closer and put my mouth over her breast, I was ecstatic and took one nipple in my mouth and sucked it while pinching the other nipple, I now knew that her nipples are very sensitive so I sucked on them for 7-8 mins. She pressed my head over her breasts and started to moan.

I took one of my hands away from her breast and started to open her saree, she helped me in the process and soon her saree with her petticoat and panty was lying on the floor and her blouse and her bra followed them also. M was now naked in front of me and she opened my clothes also.

M and me were lying in the bed nude and touching every part of our body. M took hold of my penis and I put my palm over her vagina and while M started to move her hand up and down over my penis I opened her vagina with my middle finger, she was very tight so I asked her about the tightness and she told me that her husband(my brother) rarely had sex so I decided to open it a little bit more so I got down in front of her vagina and started licking it and she was delirious with the pleasure and told me it’s her first time someone is licking her there so I kept on licking her vagina and started to insert my second finger inside her vagina and rubbing her clit at the same time with the thumb, all the time playing with one of her breasts and nipples. M was in another heaven and put her beautiful legs on my back and gripped my hairs by both her hands and pulled me towards her pussy, I started rubbing her clit furiously and slurped on the outer walls of her vagina, chewing the outer walls of the pussy and then started to tongue fuck her by pushing my entire tongue in her vagina.

M was now thrashing around the bed. She has such a sweet tasting pussy that I relished it like a child with an ice cream cone in front of him. Suddenly M started to convulse and pulled my head so tight towards her pussy that I almost chocked and then I could feel the convulsion raising from her anus and towards her vagina. The outer vagina walls were now shivering and then it came!

A long shriek! And she started to squirt and I started to gulp that beautiful honey. Squirt after squirt after squirt and I managed to drink all of it.

Finally after 2-3 mins. Her convulsions subsided and she lied still and I kept on cleaning all of her pussy with my tongue. M raised her head and looked at me lovingly and thanked me for that wonderful orgasm. I got on top of her and kissed her and we lied still for some time.

M started to kiss me again and this time I asked her for her reciprocal gesture and pointed her towards my penis which was now dripping. Without hesitation M took my penis and kissed it and started to lick it from base to bottom and sometimes sucked my balls and sometimes rimmed my anus also. M took my penis in her mouth and started to bob her head up and down on my penis.

Looking at M I thanked god for the most beautiful opportunity. I looked at those beautiful rosy lips covering my entire penis now sometimes showing her pearly white teeth’s. I was astonished how I managed to put this beautiful woman in bed.

M kept on bobbing her head fast and I told her that I am on the verge of Cumming in her mouth, hearing this M gripped my penis tightly with her lips and I lost my composure and started to come inside her mouth (I was in love with her). 1, 2,3,4,5…… I lost count how many times I came inside her mouth and she managed to drink it all!

I pulled M on top of me and started to kiss her and we started to feel each other. I kissed M all over her body and she did the same to me as well.

M told me I need to complete the whole process and she needs me to fuck her so I agreed and got on top of her while A was resting on her back. I pulled a pillow under her butts so as to raise her pelvis Escort and gain easy and complete entry inside her pussy. I pulled the foreskin of my penis and put the base on her vaginal fold and holding my penis started to rub all over her vagina from top to bottom.

M asked me to insert my penis inside her pussy and slowly I started to put it inside inch by inch, a very slow and intense process. As soon as my penis goes an inch inside I used to pull it back and again insert another inch inside her pussy. After I inserted my whole penis inside her pussy I raised her legs and put them on my shoulders and started to slowly fuck her.

M started to moan as I fucked her hard. I was altering the movement of my penis from to and fro to sideways; her vagina was feeling like a slippery velvet glove putting a vice like grip around my penis. I loved every stroke as it was my ultimate wish to fuck this lady and it was coming true.

I asked M to come on top of me and she pounced on me but before fucking she put her pussy on my mouth and humped my mouth and after licking her vagina for some time A came on my mouth and again I got to drink that tasty nectar.

I motioned her to come on top of my penis and A took hold of my penis and slowly sat on it and started to fuck. I pulled her breasts close and she cupped one of her breast and put it in my mouth so now I was fucking her and sucking her breasts also in the same time (I was in heaven). After some time I asked her to come down and asked to sleep beside me with her back facing me.

I pulled one of her leg in the air and inserted my penis, this time fucking her in a spooning position.

M was constantly moaning and with hand I was pressing her breasts and with the other I was fingering her clit.

I asked M to bend down and she did that after which I inserted my penis from behind and started to fuck her hard and every time I bottomed inside her pussy she would shriek and I kept pounding her pussy.

In the heat of the moment I inserted my finger inside her anus and she pushed her butts towards me more so I took my chance and took out my penis from her pussy I spat on the anus entrance and put that one the opening of her anus.

I started to put pressure and slowly I could feel her anus hole relaxing, M was now crying in pain so I put a hand under her stomach and pulled her tight so that she does not escape and very slowly I inserted my whole penis inside her and slowly started to fuck her. After some time when the pain subsided M started to enjoy. I took hold of one of her breast and started to fuck her mercilessly and I could her moans, grunts and shrieks as I pounded her ass.

M started to claw wherever she can find my skin and she was coming close to orgasm so she dig her finger in my ass and pulled me closer and I responded but picking the speed.

The whole bed was bouncing under us and my penis was going inside her like a piston, in the middle of that I again changed the hole and pulled my penis from her anus and again stuffed her vagina and fucked her hard. I could now feel that her pussy was pulsating around my penis and she asked me to come on top of her so I took the missionary position.

M raised her legs and locked it behind my waist and I took one of her nipple in my mouth and started to nibble it all the time fucking her. M started to dig her nails on my back, her breath shallow and her eyes closed as she was going into a coma. I kept on fucking her like a machine, both our body now covered in sweat and her shoulder length hair plastered, the only thing reminding me that she is alive is her moans which are now getting louder and then a high shriek and a long grunt she was coming and she dug her nails in my back taking out blood in the process, her whole body shook vigorously and she started to come.

M pulled my head from her breast and started to kiss me on my mouth.

M was now crying while smiling and was rising her hips to meet my strokes and she started to release her nectar, it felt as though my penis is inside a running tap and then I felt the pressure building inside my penis and I told M that I need to pull out my penis as I feel I

was also coming to which M responded by locking tight her legs around my waist and holding my ass and M asked to come inside her as she wants to feel my semen inside her I gritted my teeth’s and opened my can of sperms inside her pussy.

I could feel both our liquid mixing and I lovingly took her face in my hands and kissed her for some time. I rolled over her to her side and M put one leg over my legs, her hand on my waist and her face on my chest and we slept like that.

After an hour later M woke me up with a kiss and we took a bath together and put our clothes on and came out to the living room. M told me that since auntie have gone for a vacation and my brother is going for a 15 days official tour after 3 days so I should move to her house for these 15 days so that we can have sex whenever we feel like and I agreed for that idea. Before going M handed me her pantie and bra she was wearing that day!

Amigos how do u like my real story? If u have any suggestions or comments or questions please feel free to contact me.

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