Subject: Life of a Bollywood Star – Chapter 8- Gay/Celebrity Life of a Bollywood Star Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and a standalone piece. All references to specific, living individuals are based on fiction and the author has no claim to knowledge of their sexual orientation. Any and all mentions to and references of fictional characters and their properties belong to their respective copyright and trademark owner(s), production company (ies), and/or their publisher (s) and this author does not claim to hold these rights. The author can be contacted at ail The story will be long and in parts. There will be sex in the stories but the initial chapters will have less of it. So, bear with me and enjoy the story. —— Chapter 8: Sex Sex and a lot of Sex “And that’s a wrap.” Shouted Karan on the microphone. Everyone was hugging each other. My Name is Khan had officially wrapped up shooting and there was a party afterwards. Arjun Mathur was one of the stars in the movie. He played the news reporter who had cracked the story of Khan. Arjun had been working in the industry for a long time and he felt like doing a Dharma movie would prove wonders for his careers. Everyone was at the party. Jimmy Shergill, Shahrukh Khan, Varun, Siddharth, Arjun and everyone who was there in the movie. Everyone was getting piss drunk and alcohol was flowing like water. Jimmy was flirting little bit with Varun and Varun was also responding to it. Sid was busy with Karan on the other side of the room. Jimmy, “So, Karan offered you a big movie for your launch?” Varun, “Yea, before the shoot began for this me and Sid we both got the scripts and we both are so very excited.” Jimmy, “So you and Sid are dating or what is the scene with you?” Varun got all nervous and his cheeks turned red. He had not come out about his relationship with Sid and neither did he want to right now. Jimmy studied Varun’s face. Jimmy, “Don’t worry. I am not judging you. It’s all cool. Also, I had a lot of romp in the sack in my hay day and as you know everyone has to go through casting couch. I also had to.” Varun was now confused. Jimmy was giving him mixed signal. He did not want to take the first step but he also like the matured look of Jimmy. Jimmy, “Meet me in the bathroom in 5minutes.” Varun had 2 beers in him and he was feeling kind of horny. He wanted to go away to his room with Sid but he was busy with Karan. And now with Jimmy offering him a proposal he could not contain his excitement. Meekly Varun made his way towards the bathroom. The bathroom was situated in a far corner and nobody was actually using it. Varun went inside and saw Jimmy was standing in a Urinal with his dick out and peeing. Seeing that strong stream of piss made Varun very horny and gave him a hardon. Jimmy saw the excitement in Varun’s eyes and made his way inside a loo. Varun was just standing outside for a few minutes. Then he thought it’s now or never and he went inside. Jimmy, “Man, I had my eyes on you since the first day. But after knowing about your dad, I had to back off. But man, that mouth and ass. They deserve to fucked continuously and roughly.” Varun was shocked. Listening to Jimmy speak like this made his nervous and horny at the same time. Jimmy pushed Varun on his shoulder, nudging him to go on his knees. Varun went down and Jimmy hurriedly opened his pants. Jimmy took out his dick. It was 7.5 inch in length, brown in color and the skin was going all the way back revealing a pink mushroom head. But the dick was super thick. Almost as thick as Varun’s own dick. Seeing the dick made Varun salivate and he could not control himself and he took the dick inside his mouth. Varun was moving nicely and slowly and making the dick wet properly. Jimmy was enjoying the movements. He was having action after a long time and he was definitely going to enjoy it to the bits. But all of a sudden something took over Jimmy and he just held Varun’s mouth and started to piston his dick inside and outside and thus fucking Varun’s mouth very roughly. Jimmy would go all the way in touching Varun’s throat and then taking it out and out with it came a line of spit stuck to the dick. And then again Jimmy shoved his dick inside Varun’s mouth. Jimmy was roughly fucking Varun’s mouth and he kızılay escort was getting very close. He increased his pace and without any warning he started to shoot inside Varun’s mouth. Varun did not have any choice but to drink the man juice. Jimmy was going on shooting and shooting. He shot atleast 7 full shots inside Varun’s mouth and thus filling his mouth well. After he came off his orgasm high he took his dick out and put inside his pants and zipped up and without even a thank you just went out. Varun propped himself up and sat on the toilet. He was thinking what the hell just happened. Why did he let Jimmy use him like that and then just leave without even a kiss? He thought of jerking off but he did not. He came out and was washing his face off. Just then Arjun Mathur entered the washroom and stood at the Urinal and started to pee. Now the toilets did not have any partition so anyone could see the other person’s dick. Arjun was well endowed and in non-erect state he was a solid 4incher. Varun saw the pee stream and was impressed and wanted a taste. But he did not act on it. After finishing pissing Arjun came and he was also washing his hands. Arjun, “So, Mr. AD did you enjoy the shoot?” Varun, “Yea, it was fun. Got to learn a lot of things.” Arjun, “That’s awesome. So, when are you starring in your own movie? With a handsome face like that you must be doing some movie.” Varun, “Thanks, and to answer your question. Yes I am doing my first movie and it is with Karan.” Arjun, “I know you are a star kid and all but did Karan approach you for anything?” Varun, “Approach me for what?” Arjun, “Like some favors. You know. The casting couch type stuff.” Varun, “No, he didn’t.” Arjun, “Then I am pretty sure the other guy with you is definitely giving some favors to Karan.” Varun, “How do you know?” Arjun, “well not to brag, but the other day I accidently entered the office early and saw the other guy Sid was adjusting his pants and Karan was just getting up and standing.” All this was coming off as too much information for Varun. He felt jealousy but then they both had agreed on an open relationship. But why did Sid not tell Varun about Karan. Maybe because he knew Karan so well and it would be awkward. But unknow to Varun on the other side of the room in Karan’s office, Karan was on his knees and servicing Sid’s dick. Sid was just sitting on the chair with his pants down and his monster of a dick out and Karan licking it like a lollipop. Karan, “I could never get enough of your dick. It is so freaking tasty. I love it. I have tasted a lot of dicks but yours is most definitely the best.” Sid, “Yea. Oooo.. Yea… Like that. Just suck on it nicely.” Sid honestly was not enjoying it as much because he was hiding it from Varun, but he had to because Karan had told him if any soul comes to know about this then his career is over. So, he just kept quiet and let Karan suck his dick and fuck Karan’s ass. Karan stopped sucking. “Take off your pant I want to taste your hole I want to taste a real man’s sweaty ass.” Sid had been dancing a lot and he had gotten sweaty and Definity his ass would taste quite musky and tangy by now. Sid got up and took off his pants and then sat on the sofa and spread his legs. Karan kneeled and just marveled at the beautiful hole. Karan went close and took a whiff. The musky manly odor was enough to make him cum, but he controlled. Karan went close and then took his first taste. The taste blew Karan’s mind. Sweat mixed with Sid’s manliness made the hole taste like the world’s best dish. Karan could not control anymore. He took out his dick. And while licking and lapping away Sid’s hole he was jerking off his dick. And in no time Karan was cumming on the floor but continued licking Sid’s hole. After Karan’s orgasm subsided he got up and told Sid to zip up. Sid, “At least make me cum. Do not leave me with blue balls.” Karan, “Go and get Varun to suck your dick.” Sid had a shocked face. Karan, “Do not act shocked. I know all about you two. Staying in the same room. The room being a mess and cannot stay away from each other. But yea I must warn do not get too attached. Nothing is real in this industry. The sooner you learn the better.” With that Karan left the room keçiören escort and Sid was zipping up his pants. He took out his phone and texted Varun to know about his whereabouts. Varun replied back that he had gone back to the room. Sid entered the room and saw Varun was sitting on the sofa and busy with this phone. Sid, “So, you did not enjoy the party?” Varun, “Yea, the party was good. Infect it took an interesting turn.” Sid, “What interesting turn?” Varun, “Well to cut the story short is blowed off Jimmy Shergill and he was good.” Sid, “Nice. But was he better than me?” Varun, “Never baby. Nobody can be better than you.” With that Sid approached Varun and they lip locked. Varun, “So what about you. I know we have not been having so much sex as we were before, so are you getting your action somewhere else?” Sid, “Na. No. Where would I?” Varun, “Are you sure? Please do not lie. We had said we would be truthful to each other and tell each other about our conquests.” Sid, “okay. I did not want to hide but I guess you know it. I had sex with Karan and not once but four times counting today.” Varun, “Then why did you not tell me. And to get to know all of that from Arjun. It came as a shock to me.” Sid, “What? Who? Arjun? How did he know.” Varun, “I guess he saw you zipping up your pants or something while you were in Karan’s office.” Sid, “Shit. I hope he does not blabber and tell anyone else.” Varun, “I hope he doesn’t.” Sid, “I need to speak with him and ensure he keeps his mouth shut.” Sid then picked up his phone dialed Arjun’s number and called him to their room. Arjun came in 5mins and then he entered the room. Sid, “Dude, please tell me you haven’t told anyone about me and Karan.” Arjun, “So it is true. And why is Varun blabbering to you about the conversation we had in private.” Varun, “Me and Sid are good friends. And I thought he should know.” Sid, “Please dude. Nobody can know about that. My career would be over even before it began.” Arjun, “Well, I do not know. It seems a pretty important gossip and Bombay Times would be more than happy to know about it.” Sid, “Please man. I will do anything, like anything you say. But please you forget that thing every happened.” Arjun, “Well there is one thing. But for that your very good friend also has to co-operate.” Varun, “What are you proposing?” Arjun, “Well you both are quite the handsome men and I had one too many too drink and super horny. I would love to suck Sid your dick and definitely want to taste Varun your ass. And do not act surprised I had seen you eyeing up my dick in the urinal.” Sid, “And after that you ensure that you will forget about my incident and never utter a word?” Arjun, “A Gentlemen’s promise.” Sid looked at Varun pleadingly and requested Varun to agree. Varun, “Okay. But this cannot happen again and you forget the thing.” With that Arjun approached Varun and planted a kiss on his lips. The kiss was very passionate and it almost took Varun off his feet. Sid was feeling left out a bit. Arjun broke his kiss with Varun and then he went to Sid and kissed him. This time Sid took the charge and kissed Arjun hard. And was biting his lips and putting his tongue in Arjun’s mouth. Varun thought since this is going to happen so might as well do it fully. Varun kneeled down and started to unbuckle Arjun first. He was excited to see how big Arjun was. Sid’s dick was like home. Even his throat knew and adjusted according to Sid’s dick. But Varun wanted to see how big Arjun was and by the looks of his bulge he was quite big. Varun lowered Arjun pants and his undies and out popped out an 8-inch monster. The dick was thick veiny the skin did not go all the way back but it looked tempting and it was leaking a lot of pre cum almost like he was pissing. Varun could not contain himself and put out his tongue and licked off the pre cum. This made Arjun moan inside Sid’s mouth. Varun then started to take the dick inside slowly slowly. And then started to give and expert blowjob to Arjun’ dick. After few minutes he stopped and then started to take off Sid’s pants. In the meantime, Arjun was getting full naked and Sid also had taken off his Shirt and with Varun taking off his pants Sid was also naked. Arjun, escort ankara “You know it’s rude that we both are naked and you are fully dressed.” Sid, “Well we have a solution for that.” And with that Sid started to strip Varun and Arjun was just enjoying the show. After Varun got naked Arjun could not control himself anymore and just went and grabbed Varun’s ass. Arjun, “Man, this ass is the best I have seen in my life. They are like perfect and just needs to be fucked like always.” Varun, “Thanks, Sid does quite good job at the fucking part.” Sid, “Man, you must taste that ass. It is heavenly.” Arjun, “Well then why wait.” With that Arjun made Varun lie on the bed and pushed his legs up exposing his hole and when he saw Varun’s hole he just went mad. He attacked it. Arjun was licking it, biting it, chewing it making love it. Varun was moaning now loudly and Sid after that unfinished blowjob could not control anymore, shoved his dick in Varun’s mouth. Arjun made sure that Varun was wet and opened up quite well. Arjun inserted one finger inside Varun’s ass. This made Varun squirm a little but then he adjusted. Arjun the put another finger in and was not fucking Varun with 2 fingers. After ensuring that Varun was opened well enough he took out his fingers and smelled them and then licked them. Arjun then lined up his dick on Varun’s hole and gave a push. Varun was busy with Sid’s dick so he hadn’t noticed. But when the dickhead of Arjun entered him he coughed out Sid’s dick. Now Varun was taking time to adjusting to a new dick. Arjun was going slowly and now he was fully inside Varun. Now Arjun picked up pace and now fucking Varun. Sid in the meantime had again pushed his dick inside Varun’s mouth. This was a situation that Varun had always wanted to be in and not it was getting fulfilled. After a while Sid took out his dick from Varun’s mouth and went behind Arjun. Arjun did not notice it, but when he felt Sid’s monster near his hole he got shocked. Sid did not go back. He started to push his dick inside Arjun’s hole now. Arjun was mesmerized with Varun’s ass and could not get enough of it. He was not sucking on Varun’s boobs while fucking Varun. Sid took this opportunity and pushed inside Arjun. With another push Sid was inside Arjun. Arjun shouted with pain. He had been fucked before. But it was quite some time and Sid was huge hence it was paining. After getting used to Sid’s size Arjun started to moan and with that he was pushing himself on Sid’s dick while going back and then fucking Varun while coming back. This was getting too much for Arjun and it taking him to the edge. He would not last much longer. With that he started to just shoot inside Varun and held on to Varun’s boobs for balance. Arjun pressed hard on Varun’s boobs while he was cumming inside him. This made Arjun contract his asshole and Sid also felt the pressure and now he had also started to cumm inside Arjun’s ass. All the cumming and boob pressing was also getting too much for Varun. He started to jerk off and now he was also shooting his cumm on his chest and few shots landed on Arjun’s chin. After all, 3 handsome men had finished draining out their balls they all went just lied on either side of Varun on the bed. After a while Arjun got up and was now searching for his undies. He found it and was not dressing up. Arjun, “Thank you both, I needed that. After the hectic schedule this was the escape I was looking for.” Sid, “The pleasure is all ours. Also, remember the promise. And if you want to do this again then do get in touch.” Varun, “Yea Man. You dick was awesome. We must get in touch again.” With that Arjun exited the room and Sid and Varun went and got freshened up. Sid, “So that was something new.” Varun, “Yea, I had never thought I would enjoy it so much.” Sid, “But we both broke the no cumming policy.” Varun, “well I guess we got to alter the adjustments and insert this clause there again.” Then Sid and Varun kissed each other and then slept naked cuddling each other under the blanket. –END OF CHAPTER– We jump to the launch of the boys in their debut movies. What will happen at the shoot? Who will be the next person to join our duo? Well, we will find all this in the next chapter. Till then you know the drill mail me the feedbacks, ideas, who the next person should be. Mail me at ail Also, if any ideas or suggestions you have are welcomed and appreciated. Please readers if you to read more chapter do consider donating. Nifty needs their donations to provide these wonderful stories — in your own fty/

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