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Melissa lay on top of me, one hand gently groping my breast while her tongue explored my mouth. I ran a finger down the crack of her ass, stopping to gently massage her ass-hole through her thong. A small whimper escaped her lips as she ground herself against me, her hard cock rubbing against mine. She pulled away from our kiss and straddled my hips, her weight resting on my cock. She looked amazing. Long, wavy brunette hair framed a delicately feminine face. She reached behind and unclasped her bra, revealing a pair of small but shapely tits with perfectly erect nipples. Her legs were long and toned, which firmly squeezed around my hips. Melissa’s white lace thong contained her most arousing feature. A six inch circumcised cock that was currently hard as iron and peeking above the waist-line of her panties, a droplet of pre-cum glistening on the tip. I reached out and touched the head of her cock, my fingertips lightly caressing around her hole and fraenulum, lubricating her swollen bell-end with her wetness. She raised her hips and arched her back, exposing more of her cock. I moved my hand up her body and rubbed her lips. She took my fingers in her mouth, sucking her own juices. “I want you.” I whispered. She smiled her beautiful smile and lent forward, kissing me deeply. “I know.” She replied as she unhooked my bra, exposing my large breasts. She took my left nipple in my mouth and sucked at it longingly, lightly nibbling and slurping. Her hand had slipped into my thong. She didn’t rub my cock but instead massaged the spot between my balls and anus, sending me into a heightened state kocaeli escort of arousal. I rubbed my hands up her thighs and over her smooth bubble ass and slid her panties down. She obligingly stepped out of them. “Straddle my face, honey,” I said. “Let me suck you.” Melissa let out a sexy little giggle and did as I asked. She was now on her hands and knees above me in a sixty-nine position with her beautifully erect cock inches above my face. I reached up and gripped her ass, pulling her cock towards me. I slowly licked the tip at first, the slightly salty taste of Melissa’s pre-cum on my tongue as I circled the head of her cock. Melissa gently but firmly thrust herself down and forward, forcing her cock down deeper into my throat. I took one of my fingers and gently started to circle her tight hole Melissa had removed my underwear and was expertly sucking my cock. Taking it all down and slowly rising up, then looping the head with her tongue and going back down. I felt her hole loosen slightly under my finger. I excreted gentle pressure and my finger easily slipped inside her warm ass, her muscles gripping my finger and it entered. Melissa’s fingers had returned to that spot between my balls and ass, which was now swollen in anticipation. She prodded and probed while she sucked me. The feeling was exquisite and all too soon I could feel that familiar feeling of an approaching orgasm. I took Melissa’s cock out of my mouth. “Baby, I’m about to cum,” I moaned as I felt my balls tighten. “Keep going!” To my complete frustration, Melissa stopped sucking. She took my cock out kocaeli escort bayan of her mouth and crawled from over my face, her ass leaving my finger behind as she went. What was she doing? She had me right on the edge and had stopped, leaving my cock ready to burst. “What’re you doing?” I asked. She laughed a seductive laugh, a look of mischief on her face. She kissed me deeply. Her breasts pressed up against mine. Melissa grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her. We lightly ground against each other. Our naked, hard cocks rubbing together for the first time as my tongue licked hers “Teasing you.” She said simply. She took my cock in her hand and started to gently rub it and gave me a friendly peck on the lips. “Do you like it?” “I like it a lot.” I said, my hand tracing along the side of her body, stopping for a little squeeze where the squeezing was good. “Do you want me to stop?” “No,” I said. “Make me cum. I’m about ready to explode here.” “Don’t worry about that honey,” she said, giving my cock an almost unpleasantly hard squeeze. “I’ll make you cum, but not until I say. Lie on your back.” I did as she said and rolled over onto my back. My feet were flat on the bed, with my knees bent and legs quite wide apart. My cock was painfully hard, gently throbbing in time with my pulse. Melissa knelt on the end of the bed between my legs, took my cock in her hand and pulled it practically 180 degrees towards her. When she let it go it thwacked against my stomach. She kissed my knee, then gently kissed slowly down my inner thigh and kissed her way back up the other. This izmit escort was making me so horny. Part of me wanted her to grab my cock and jerk it furiously until I came, but a much bigger part of me was loving this gentle teasing. She started to rub my cock before placing it in her mouth. She worked slowly…Very slowly. Her tongue moved so slowly around my cock it was agonising, but amazing at the same time. This slow, tortured blowjob went on for about 15 minutes, and was causing me to wriggle and squirm on the bed. Every time I raised my hips to force my cock deeper, Melissa would push me back down. She clearly wanted to be in control, so I had be content with tweaking my nipples and rubbing my breasts while Melissa worked wonders on my cock as she brought me slowly towards what would likely be an earth shattering orgasm. Melissa stopped sucking my cock and brought a tube of lube from the bedside table. Now we’re talking, I thought. “Put your legs back over your head as far as you can.” She said I brought my legs up until they were resting on my tits. I held them in place with my hands. My ass was fully exposed to Melissa, and by fuck did I want her inside me. She squirted a dollop of lube onto her index and middle fingers and poured a significant amount over my ass-hole. Melissa then placed her two fingers against my hole, gently probing against the resistance “Relax sweetie,” she cooed. “Let me slide into you.” I took a deep breath and as I let it out, Melissa’s fingers glided inside. My body spasmed and my cock jumped. I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of pleasure. Melissa laughed and brought her face up to mine and softly kissed me. While we kissed, she altered the position of her fingers and pushed up inside my ass, directly onto my prostate. “Jesus,” I whispered. Melissa stared longingly at me as she began to massage my spot.

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