Subject: Leo Gives 17 Thank you for reading my stories. Questions and comments are always welcome at ail. This is a fictional story, any similarities are purely coincidence. The story does involve intimate relations between men over the age of 18. Nifty has been able to provide this service for us to read and share our stories. Please consider donating fty/donate.html Thanks! Levi Leo Gives Chapter 17 Leo woke to feel a hot body grinding against his, a firm cock rubbing against his. Red tousled hair lifted up to reveal glowing green eyes that were smiling. Russ pushed his body tight up against Leo’s on the couch, their mouths met, tongues passing between each other’s lips. The college skier’s body was still rubbing and pressing against Leo as Leo tightened this embrace around the younger man. Leo began to thrust his cock between them, feeling sticky drops from both cocks. Russ started to moan in Leo’s mouth as they continued to frot. Leo lowered his hands down Russ’ back towards the skier’s tight ass. Russ groaned when Leo gripped each cheek and spread them apart as he pulled Russ’ hips closer to his. Leo released a hand from one cheek, pulling back and returning to slap the ass cheek hard. Russ yelped, but his cock surged against Leo’s. Leo raised the hand again and paused. Russ started to quiver as he waited for the next spank, his cock dripping more pre-cum between them. Leo slapped the ass cheek hard leaving a handprint on the fair skinned ass. Leo used his other hand to dig into Russ’ crack, fingers brushing Russ’ pucker as Leo’s hand pulled back again. Leo’s fingers started to trace around Russ’ tight hole. Russ’ moan from the finger play changed into a yelp as Leo’s other hand slapped back down in a hard swat. When Russ’ ass quivered from the spank, Leo slipped a finger tip in Russ’ pucker. Russ was trying to back up on the fingertip, but Leo kept pulling back to keep just the tip in. Russ was moaning loudly as he threw his head back. Leo lifted his hand back and brought it back swiftly to Russ’ backside in a hard swat. Russ yelped again. Leo then pushed his fingertip in hard and swift into Russ’ hole, going up to his knuckle. Russ yelled as his body arched. Leo began sliding the finger in and out of Russ’ hole. Russ whimpered as Leo pushed two more fingers in the hot hole. Leo started to thrust the trio of fingers in and out, more and more swiftly. Leo raised his other hand and swatted Russ again. Russ’ ass lips quivered around Leo’s fingers as they slid in and out. “Fuck Me Leo!” Russ yelled, “I need you in me.” Leo ripped his fingers out of Russ, again who yelped. Using his hands he began to push Russ’ body down his, guiding his cock to Russ’ mouth. Russ opened and swallowed Leo’s cock head, swishing his tongue over it before pushing his lips lower down Leo’s shaft. Leo rested a hand on the back of Russ’ head as he began to piston his cock in and out of Russ’ mouth and lips. Leo thrust his cock in hard while he pulled Russ’ head in closer, causing his cock to slip into Russ’ throat with a bit of gagging. Leo set a steady pace of pulling his cock to Russ’ lips before plunging deep into Russ’ throat. Russ was opening the back of this throat as he could and his gagging reduced as he slurped away. Leo pulled Russ’ head away from his cock, the slippery member dripping as it came free from Russ’ lips. Leo pushed up to standing, reaching down he lifted Russ up and threw Russ’ head and chest over the back of the couch. Stepping up behind Russ’ spread legs, Leo came in, pushing Russ’ upper body more over the back of the couch. Russ’ ass was now opened wide, he quivered when Leo took his spit soaked cock and slapped it against Russ’ exposed crack. Lining up his cock head, Leo pushed in Russ’ pucker hard and fast. Russ grunted as suddenly being filled up. Russ was groaning and grunting as Leo started a powerful and quick thrust in, jarring them on the couch back, then pulling all the way out and repeating. Leo gripped the back of the couch around Russ’ chest for a tighter plunge into Russ’ ass. Russ let his head flop freely as he was being bounced around with repeated pounding he was receiving. Russ was issuing a low moan and was drooling at the forceful fucking that Leo was giving him. He could not be happier, Russ’ cock had been a little less hard when Leo began his rapid fucking, but now Russ was beging to feel his cock harden. Again like the earlier in the evening, Russ was leaking pre-cum on the leather couch under him. Leo was feeling Russ’ body start to respond back. Russ’ ass muscles were starting to pulse as he thrust in. Russ’ upper body was less manic as it was jolted from Leo’s pounding. Leo started to feel Russ start to thrust back against his cock each time. Leo was turned on beyond belief. Leo wanted to have Russ experience a harder pounding still. He pulled his cock out and with his hands grabbing Russ’ shoulders, pulled Russ from over the back of the couch. Leo continued to pull Russ back, shoving Russ’ upper body down towards the floor, but his lower body still up on the seat of the couch. Russ’ head came to rest on a blanket throw that had fallen off of the pair earlier. Leo then grabbed Russ’ ankles and pushed them over Russ’ upper body. Now Russ’ head was on the floor, his legs were being pushed down by his face, his ass exposed to above and his cock, hard and dripping, was just above his mouth. Leo straddled the younger man’s body, lining up his cock head again and began to thrust down into the open hole. Using the side of the couch for support, Leo resumed his hard thrusting in Russ’ ass. This was a new position for Russ and he was moaning as deeper parts of his ass chute were receiving attention from Leo’s rigid cock. Russ opened his mouth to moan and was surprised by drops of his own pre-cum leaking down on his face. Russ left his mouth open and was flicking his tongue around his lips trying to gather his sticky sweet liquid. Leo had shifted slightly and was not punching Russ’ prostate gland with each downward thrust. Russ was groaning with passion as his gland was being manhandled by Leo’s thick cock. Leo could hear Russ’ breath change to short blasts of intaking and exhaling air. Russ started to feel a strong tingling in his core that began to radiate out in waves that matched Leo’s downward thrusting. With a sharp intake of breath, Russ felt his cock explode, shooting blast after blast of cum down to his face below. Surprised as the first glob of cum hit his nose and lips, Russ was then trying to keep his mouth open and ready for the additional blasts of cum shooting out of his cock. Leo saw the younger man’s face start to be covered with his own cum shots and then felt Russ’ ass clamp hard on his cock as Russ continued to shoot his load. Leo yelled out as his cock responded to the tightened corridor. Leo’s liquid heat was again filling up Russ’ hole. Russ had finished shooting his own load by that time and was focused on the burning cum splashing deeply in him. Leo was pressing down hard on Russ’ legs as he made his final thrust and slumped over the folded skier. Russ was not accustomed to the additional body weight in this position and under Leo’s resting weight, felt himself blackout. Leo felt the body go slack under him. Hurriedly Leo pulled his cock out of Russ’ ass and bent down to lift the red head up. Leo decided that he had just blacked out from their heavy play. Loading the passed out man in his arms, Leo climbed the steps up to the master bedroom. Leo laid Russ down on the bed and noticed that Russ’ coloring was starting to look less flushed and his breathing was even indicating Russ had slipped into a sleep. Leo covered Russ with a blanket while he went down to clean up the couch from their play. Turning off the downstairs lights and the fireplace, Leo returned upstairs to look at Russ’ tousled red hair splayed out on the pillow, rolled on his side. Leo crawled into the bed and came up behind Russ’ body, pulling the younger man close in to his body as Leo situated for sleep. Russ did not fully wake up, but feeling Leo’s arms around him, he snuggled back up against the former model’s nude body. The pair drifted off to a deep sleep. Leo woke with sunlight coming in the windows. His arms were still around a lightly snoring Russ, their naked bodies pressed against each other under the blanket. Shifting slightly Leo bent his face forward and kissed the pale cheeks and chin line of the young man in his arms. Russ woke to the kisses, turning his head to allow their mouths to meet in a long, wet kiss. Life was flowing in their veins and their morning woods were getting bigger as the passionate kiss continued. Leo glanced at the clock, it was still early enough. He rolled the both of them over onto Russ’ back, lifting the skier’s arms up above their heads. Leo started to grind his hips against Russ’, both their hardnesses mashed together. Leo broke their kiss and started to kiss down Russ’ body, pausing at each pit and in turn each nipple. Russ was moaning as Leo started to lick his abs and belly, moving down to the v-cut muscles. Leo licked down to Russ’ balls, sucking each one in and popping them out. With a wide stripe of his tongue, Leo licked from the base of Russ’ cock slowly up to the uncut cock head. Leo teased the cock head a moment or so before he wrapped his lips around Russ’ cock and sunk his head down. Russ sighed as Leo’s lips touched down to his trimmed pubes. Leo began bobbing his head up and down on Russ’ hard cock. Russ lowered his hands to his own chest and started to play with his nipples while Leo was servicing his morning wood. Russ was making himself moan loudly as his fingers pinched and ground his nipples to hard points. Leo was moving his head in an even, swift pace taking care to tease Russ’ tender cock head each time. Russ’ nip play and Leo’s bobbing were making Russ cock leak pre-cum that dripped on Leo’s tongue as it swiped up. Leo grinned at the salty sweet flavor, looking up he locked eyes with Russ. Leo continued to bob his head, but moved his hands to spread Russ’ legs wider apart. Leo’s fingers were tracing down the red head’s inner thighs and then back up to the fiery pubes under Russ’ balls. Russ fluttered as Leo’s fingers found their way to brush Russ’ crack. Leo began to circle his fingers around Russ’ pucker, Russ moaned more loudly. � Leo’s mouth was still working the athlete’s rod in his mouth, it seemed to get bigger when he slid his fingers into Russ’ hole. Leo pushed his fingers in slow and steady until he could feel Russ’ gland. Russ cried out as Leo began to massage his prostate while continuing the blow job. Leo’s fingers were rubbing and stroking now to the same pace as his head was bobbing. Glancing up again, Leo saw that Russ had flung his head back, his mouth was open wide – moaning, and his fingers were working his nipples even harder. Leo felt Russ’ body begin to contract, muscles pulling closer in, making legs, ankles, toes and abs tighten. Russ’ breath started to get shallow and his body started to constrict. Leo felt Russ’ cock become more rigid, izmit sınırsız escort bayan the cock head engorged. Leo’s fingers which were massaging Russ’ prostate felt the gland turn hard as stone. Russ’ body began to tremble. With a shout, Russ began to shoot his cum into Leo’s mouth. Leo pulled his mouth back some as he was swallowing the torrent of fresh cum shooting in. Leo was enjoying the salty treat on his tongue as Russ’ body was quaking and pulsing with each jet of cum shooting out. Leo kept punching his fingers into the hard gland, forcing out all of the younger man’s load. Russ’ body was still somewhat twitching as his body was relaxing from his huge climax. Leo sealed his lips around Russ’ shaft and lifted off the hard cock, trapping some of the skier’s load in his mouth. Moving his body up Russ’, Leo pushed his lips against Russ’. When the lips opened, Leo transferred some of the hot load right onto Russ’ tongue. They began to kiss deeply again, sharing Russ’ seed. Looking at the time again, Leo sighed. Lifting off Russ’ tight body with a final kiss, Leo rolled off the bed. He reached down and offered a hand up to Russ, who was still sprawled across the bed. Russ took the offered hand and stood up, reaching down to tug on Leo’s firm cock. “You do not have time for that type of fun. We have to get you ready for practice this morning.” Leo chided but did not move away. “It feels good, but you need a shower.” “I know, but I enjoy feeling the tool that worked me hard last night.” Russ replied, “I needed to experience that power and domination. I can still feel your cock impression in me.” “I know that you enjoy it and that makes it special.” Leo said, “I talked with Ian about having special friendships and he mentioned that your relationship with him was one of those.” “You are right, Ian and I have something that is close and special. We both agree that we would not feel that way if we were just kept that specialness between us though.” Russ explained. “My love for Ian is strong, but we both have needs that the other can not fully satisfy. Coach understands that and I think that you do too.” “Correct. I do agree with you, love does not diminish if you love more than one person. I can share my love with Ian and with you and with others. That does not make it less special at all.” Leo said. “I know and that makes me happy.” Russ said, “Ian is forming a very strong bond with you. Stronger than with me or than with others he has bonds with. I do not worry because I feel you two are good for each other and I am excited to share a part with each of you.” “You and Ian do share everything.” Leo laughed, “Even partners. You are right with that philosophy of love and are correct that I share that view as well. I can not wait to see where our newly formed bonds take us. For now you need to get to that shower, mister.” Leo swatted the skier as he headed into the shower. Leo pulled his clothes that he needed for his work out with Thomas. Then he stepped into the end of the Russ’ shower to rinse off. Russ gave him another kiss as Leo handed out towels to dry off. The pair dressed quickly and headed downstairs. Leo pulled some juice and quick breakfast items for them. � Leo ushered Russ to the door, sharing another deep kiss Russ headed out for practice. The ski team captain was smiling as he headed towards the ski team’s townhouse. There was a spring in his step as he went. Leo chuckled as he watched Russ go. With a sigh Leo closed the door and finished pulling what he needed to be ready for Thomas. Leo had just finished wiping down the kitchen after having put away the breakfast items when there was a knock on his door. Leo answered the door to find Thomas dressed to workout and a bag, presumably with after workout clothes. The two traded a quick hug as Leo invited Thomas in. “Morning, Thomas!” Leo greeted, “Come on in.” “Thanks Leo! I brought some after workout clothes.” Thomas answered as he lifted his bag slightly. “Wonderful.” Leo said as they walked into the kitchen. “Have you had something to eat?” “Yes, I grabbed a snack when I packed this morning.” Thomas answered, “Are you ready to head over to workout?” “Sure thing!” Leo said, “You want to leave your bag here. We can come back after the massage.” “Excellent, let’s head over. I have my massage stuff already in the studio in the Executive Fitness area. It will all be ready for us.” Thomas answered. Leo grabbed his phone and his water, handing a bottle of water to Thomas as they walked down the hall, then headed out for the Executive Fitness facility. They chatted as they walked the short distance. Upon arrival Thomas used his employee key to gain access. Leo was keying up a playlist from his phone for the workout and getting connected to the Bluetooth sound system. Thomas showed Leo the massage studio in the locker room area, stashing his keys and turning on the oil warmer. They then headed for the workout. Leo had in mind a circuit training program, preceded by cardio and then some flowing yoga for cool down. He walked to the elliptical machines and climbed on one as Thomas climbed on the other. Getting started Leo explained the circuit that they were going to follow. Thomas started shaking his head at the different stations that Leo was describing and then gasped for air when Leo indicated they would do the yoga cool down, similar to what Leo had done the previous day. “Leo, you know that there is no way I can keep up with all of that and then do the yoga. I do not move that way, man.” Thomas said between breaths as they were full into their cardio. “You will do just fine. Follow after what I do on the circuit. I will guide you on the yoga part.” Leo said warmly. Leo glanced over at the concierge and massage therapist, with his sandy blond hair and thinner frame. Leo could tell that Thomas did work out, but probably followed a more traditional weight lifting format and only did limited cardio. The younger man’s body was starting to sweat at the warm up, the material of his tank top was begging to show some signs of dampness. The glisten on the toned arms and legs was making Leo’s cock a bit tight in his jockstrap. Leo lifted off his shirt and tossed it to the side. Looking in the mirror he saw Thomas notice and admire Leo’s toned torso. It only took a moment and Thomas lifted his shirt over his head, tossing it aside. Now the two were working away at the cardio, sweat dripping from their topless bodies. When Leo looked lower in the mirror it appeared that Thomas had a similar bulge problem. Leo chuckled to himself. Leo’s music set a good and steady pace and soon they were done with the elliptical machines. Leo had an even sheen of sweat across his body. Thomas got off the machine, showing that cardio was an afterthought to his workouts, he was a bit winded, body soaked with sweat. They both drank some of the water as they walked around over to the weight area. Leo moved around and set the weights on multiple locations, when he finished he waived Thomas over to two stations side by side. “I know you know this one.” Leo said pointing to the weight machine, “We will do these in two minute increments before moving to the next station within 30 seconds. You can follow to the station I had before until we go through the circuit. The plan is to go through the full cycle three times. This will keep our heart rates up and in the fat burning zone. The speed of the reps at each station is not as important as doing them correctly. Any questions?” “Nope, I will follow you.” Thomas said, still a little breathless. “Great. We will start with the beginning of this next song.” Leo said and the current song was coming to an end. Moving into position at his station, Leo got ready and glanced to make sure that Thomas was too. Flashing a brilliant smile to Thomas, Leo started with the start of the new song. Very soon they were moving through the exercise stations, Leo had 10 stations in total. They continued strong through the first circuit and then to the next. Thomas started to flag some as they started the last circuit. “You can do it. I know you can.” Leo cheered Thomas on. “You have got this, last time through.” Thomas smiled as they moved on, picking up his energy, trying to give it his all. Leo kept peppering encouraging comments as they moved between stations. Leo could tell that Thomas was trying his best to keep up with Leo’s rigorous regiment. Leo counted down the last station as he finished one station ahead of Thomas. Finally finished Thomas took a large drink of water and then sat down by the cool down area wall. “Great job Thomas. You did very well. I have a very hard workout routine. If you can imagine this is the light version of what I did daily when I was actively modeling.” Leo told Thomas who was shaking his head upon hearing the last bit. “Ok, now for the cool down yoga part. I know you and Paul watched me yesterday and that was the advanced version.” Leo said with a smile. “I will go through an intermediate version today. You will be able to follow along as I will go through the routine once while you watch and then I will call you through the different poses as we do it together. Does that sound ok to you?” “That will be helpful, thanks.” Thomas said. “To get the best benefit from doing the movements, it is helpful for you to see the different muscle groups as I move into the different poses. Are you ok if I slip out of my shorts during this part?” Leo asked. Thomas nodded. Then Thomas watched as Leo hooked his thumbs on the waistband of his sweat soaked workout shorts and tugged them down. The material trailed down Leo’s tight ass and legs before dropping at his ankles. Leo stepped out of them and tossed them to where his shirt and shoes were. Leo smiled, now only clad in his jockstrap and his body glistening with his sweat from the circuit training. He walked to the open area that had the mirrors on the wall. “You know, it would be best if you were in just your jockstrap as well.” Leo said over his shoulder as he glanced in the mirror to see Thomas adjust his crotch. “It will be helpful to see the movement in your own muscles.” Thomas looked a little bashful as he smiled and then dropped his athletic shorts. Now he was standing in only his jockstrap, which was filled out with a very firm cock. “Good. Now watch me go through the poses, watch how my body moves from one to the next.” Leo said as he pushed play on his yoga playlist. Leo paused to center and balance himself as the music started. Taking a deep cleansing breath and exhaling, Leo started to flow through the routine, going at a slow pace, allowing his muscles to contract and expand as he moved. He glanced in the mirror to confirm his posture and saw that Thomas was focusing his attention on Leo’s body. Leo felt his crotch swell at the attention. Leo started commenting on each pose as he settled into it, telling Thomas the pose name and what muscle groups it was targeting. Thomas was intent on seeing the sensuous appearing connections evinde görüşen escort as Leo flowed from pose to pose. Leo ended the set and took a deep breath in and out, as he was standing he motioned for Thomas to come up next to him. “You can start here.” Leo said as he pointed to a position between Leo and the mirrors. “That way you will be able to follow my movements and I can watch your form.” “OK.” Thomas said as he moved into the indicated spot. Leo watched the shorter man get situated. Thomas had a dusting of darker blond body hair on his arms, chest and legs. As Leo could see, Thomas’ ass was almost hairless and looked hot being framed by the straps of the jock. Both of the men had fullness in the pouch of their jockstraps. “Deep breath in and as we exhale we will begin.” Leo started. Leo led them through the routine, making comments of the pose names, and offering some corrections in form as they went. Thomas was trying to focus on watching Leo both in the mirror and in front of him depending on the direction of the position they were in. Leo was happy with how the first set was complete. “Now we are going to speed up just a bit.” Leo advised, “Follow my lead.” Thomas nodded as Leo began the series again and moved at about 1/3 faster pace. Feeling more confident in the movements, Thomas let his eyes wander over Leo’s tight body more broadly. The combined sweat from the warmup and circuit workout, now coupled with the new sweat from the yoga caused Leo’s white jockstrap pouch to be almost see through. Thomas could not keep his eyes off Leo’s firm cock as they moved. “Now we go at full speed. Take a deep breath.” Leo said as they completed the second set. This time through Leo was just moving in silence. He focused on the beat of the music and the flow of his body. He noticed that Thomas was doing well keeping up. Looking lower he saw the Thomas’ jockstrap pouch was also see through from sweat and his cock was stretching the material. Leo smiled as he could see Thomas was trying hard to stay focused, but Leo could also see where Thomas’ eyes were focusing on – Leo’s package. They completed the third cycle of the poses together. Looking at each other in the mirror. Leo with longer brown hair pulled up, body dripping in sweat and Thomas dirty blond hair plastered to his head, sweat running off of his body and breathing a little more hard than normal. Leo was pleased and he smiled large as their eyes locked in the mirrored reflection. Leo tucked this in the back of his mind on something that he thought Thomas might enjoy. “I think that it is time for your massage. The room is already set up, but I need a moment of two to get ready.” Thomas said. “Fine by me. Let me do a set of my yoga poses that I did yesterday. They are more advanced and will stretch me out a bit more. Will that give you enough time?” Leo inquired. “Perfect!” Thomas said as he bent to collect his discarded workout clothes. “You know that I would enjoy our massage to be fully nude if you are ok with that.” Leo asked as he moved into position in front of the mirrors. “Sure, Leo. That is not a problem.” Thomas said as he grinned. Leo nodded. Just before he started he hooked his thumbs and pulled off his soaked jockstrap. His cock was still firm and jutted away from his trimmed pubic hair. He tossed his jock to the pile of clothes and took a deep breath. In the mirror he saw Thomas rub his own cock through his jockstrap as Leo began to move through the harder poses. Hearing some muttering behind him, Leo looked back up to see Thomas heading towards the massage studio, a hard cock pushed to the side of the jockstrap leading the way. Leo smirked and continued his poses. Leo finished his exercises, looking at his nude body in the mirrors with appreciation of his hard work. He may not be actively modeling, but in his retirement he had not let his body go. Reminder that his almost daily workouts and clean eating were for sure the reason. His exercise had reduced the tension in his dick, so it was hanging down as he walked collecting his clothes. He made his way to the massage studio and Thomas. Thomas was bent over picking up a towel that dropped when Leo walked in the studio. As they discussed, Thomas was now fully nude and his ass cheeks spread open slightly as he bent over. A jolt of desire passed through Leo’s body at the sight, his cock started to fill up. “Now that is quite a sight.” Leo chuckled as he stepped in the room. Thomas chucked as well as shook his ass in jest. They both laughed. Leo placed his clothes in a cubby. “On the table.” Thomas ordered. “Yes, sir.” Leo said as he climbed on the table, face down. Thomas helped position Leo’s legs as he positioned the bolster under Leo’s ankles. Thomas moved up to the head of the table, tracing up Leo’s body with a light touch. Picking up one of the oil containers from the warming unit, Thomas applied oil to his hand and arms. Moving to the head of the table, Thomas took in a centering breath and on his exhale began massaging Leo’s back and shoulders. Thomas had the lights down low and his massage music was playing as he continued to work on the former model’s excellent body. Thomas slowly worked a few deep knots from Leo’s shoulders that did not get worked out by the workout or the yoga cool down. Thomas added oil as needed as his hands were gliding over Leo’s firm muscles and tight skin. Thomas moved down to work on Leo’s lower back and glutes. Again there were a few areas that took extra work to get unknotted. Thomas was able to rub his hands over Leo’s firm ass muscles. Being that they were both nude and private, there had not been any draping needed, so when Thomas’ fingers brushed along Leo’s crack and dipped inward it caused Leo to moan. Thomas smiled as he continued to work. Moving down Thomas now started on Leo’s legs. Thomas liked to start from the feet and then work back up the legs towards the glutes area. Picking up one of Leo’s feet, Thomas began a deep massage with his thumbs and fingers. Leo let out an appreciative moan as he felt the pressure and then tension release. Leo’s other foot was just as tense and needed the same treatment. Having worked the feet well enough, Thomas started up to work on Leo’s calf muscles. Both of Leo’s legs were tight due to the exercise and workouts that he maintained. Thomas had to use his thumbs and then his elbow to release the knots. Thomas returned to the feet and did some flowy strokes after he was done doing the deeper work to relax the muscles again. Thomas moved to the side of the table as he moved up and began working on Leo’s thighs. As Thomas’ fingers worked and rubbed, he incorporated strokes that went from thigh up to glute and then back down. Leo enjoyed this as Thomas was stroking his crack on a regular basis with the strokes. Leo had to settle his hips as his cock was starting to get hard and was in an awkward position. � Thomas noticed the movement and guessed the reason, on the next stroke up he moved his hands to the inner thigh. When he came up to the junction, he reached under and grabbed Leo’s erection out and pulled it downward after giving it a few tugs. Leo moaned with more appreciation and his cock grew harder. Thomas continued with the inner thigh massage, taking time to rub Leo’s cock every so often. Thomas finished the one side and then moved to the other side, repeating the same strokes on the outer and then inner thigh. Seeing Leo’s cock engorge from his playing, Thomas was starting to get hard as well. When Thomas leaned closer to start a stroke, his cock jabbed into Leo’s hand on the table. Leo wrapped his hand around Thomas’ cock and started to rub and squeeze the swiftly hardening member. Thomas let out a moan as Leo’s hand was rubbing and teasing his cock. Thomas stayed in place to allow Leo to continue to play with his dick as he reached in and started stroking from the top of Leo’s crack going down to Leo’s jutting down cock. Thomas’ fingers were brushing deeper into Leo’s crack, when they passed over Leo’s pucker it caused Leo to moan loudly again. Thomas began to focus his fingers on just Leo’s crack, gently pushing Leo’s crack wider apart. Thomas could now see Leo’s almost hairless pucker as he pushed Leo’s ass cheeks further open. � Slipping the tip of his slicked finger, Thomas pushed the finger tip in Leo’s opening. Leo moaned loudly as Thomas began to move the finger in and out. Leo’s hand still was playing with Thomas’ cock so both men were moaning. Thomas added a second finger in Leo’s pucker and once in started making wide circles, stretching the tight ass lips apart. Thomas regretfully pulled away from Leo’s hand which had been steadily massaging Thomas’ cock. Thomas walked to the end of the table, spreading Leo’s legs further apart. Thomas then climbed up on the table in the wider opening. He grabbed a hold of Leo’s hips and lifted them up slightly before using his hands to spread open Leo’s ass cheeks. Moving his face in closer, Thomas brought his lips and tongue down to Leo’s crack. Thomas began kissing and licking down the open crack before centering on Leo’s pucker. � Thomas’ tongue started to spear into Leo’s hole which had been loosened up by the finger work. The tongue entered Leo’s pucker and began swirling around inside the velvet tunnel. Leo was moaning in earnest as Thomas worked his tongue and lips to tease and play. With his hands now free, Thomas moved them down and began to rub and stroke Leo’s balls and cock. Thomas continued to tease Leo’s tender areas sending shivers of pleasure throughout his body. � Leo started to feel his climax build like a fire up his nerves from the tips of his toes up to his cock. Thomas felt the change in Leo’s cock and balls, releasing his mouth from Leo’s ass. Thomas bent his head down and pushed Leo’s cock in his mouth. Just as Thomas’ lips had sealed around Leo’s shaft, Leo began shooting his cum. Thomas had reached up and punched in two of his fingers into Leo’s ass going in deep enough to rub against Leo’s prostate. As Thomas was sucking down the ropes and ropes of cum down his throat, he was using his fingers to rub the hard gland, milking Leo. Leo was loudly moaning as Thomas drained his cum, his body twitching as he came down from his climax high. Leo could feel Thomas’ lips and tongue clean up the last drops of cum as Thomas pulled his head from between Leo’s legs. Leo let his hips down towards the table, legs pushing towards the end of the table. Thomas climbed off the table, walking up to the head of the table. Bending down Thomas pressed his face to Leo’s who lifted his face up. Their lips met and Thomas shared part of Leo’s load with Leo as their tongues passed back and forth. Leo had put his hands round Thomas’ hips as they were kissing. Breaking their kiss, Leo pulled Thomas’ lower body closer to his face. Opening his mouth Leo guided Thomas’ hard cock in and began sucking and licking on it. Leo began to move his head back and forth sliding Thomas’ rod in and out, going deeper down the shaft each kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan time. When Leo’s lips touched Thomas’ pubes, he paused and sucked and pulsed on the cock in his mouth. � Thomas then lowered his hands to hold Leo’s head as he started to pump his hips back and forth. Leo relaxed his neck and tightened his lips around the cock sliding in and out. Thomas had picked up his pace, his balls were now slapping Leo’s face with each thrust in. Thomas threw back his head as he could feel his climax build. With a yell, Thomas began to shoot his cum down the back of Leo’s throat. Leo swallowed as much as he could as rope after rope of jizz was deposited in his throat. Thomas slowly pulled his cock from Leo’s puffy lips. Leo sucked tight down the shaft and cock head collecting the last drips of cum. Each man had a relaxed smile on their face. “How about you flip over.” Thomas said. Leo turned over and laid on his back. Leo’s cock was now revived and was pointing almost upward. Thomas moved closer and jacked his hand a few times on Leo’s member, eliciting a chuckle from each. Thomas grabbed his oils and resumed his massage of Leo’s upper body, every so often he would rub a slicked hand on Leo’s cock. Thomas had moved close to the table, so Leo was able to fondle Thomas’ cock as Thomas finished the massage. Thomas stepped away as he picked up the oil container. When he returned he climbed up on the table with Leo, sliding up Leo’s front with an oil slicked body. Thomas used the oil on his skin to rub against Leo’s body. Thomas moved so they were face to face on the table, leaning down he began to kiss Leo’s opened mouth. Leo brought his arms around Thomas’ smaller frame as they made out. Leo playfully nibbles on Thomas’ lip as they begin to grind their hips. Thomas moaned as their cocks, slicked by the oil, started sliding together. Thomas slid his body further forward on Leo’s until his hips were straddling over Leo’s belly. Leo’s cock had popped up as it cleared Thomas’ body. Reaching back, Thomas positioned Leo’s stiff cock at his entrance. Thomas began to slide back, pushing Leo’s cock head and then shaft into his chute. Leo and Thomas were moaning at the tight embrace of Thomas’ ass around Leo’s cock. Thomas kept pushing down until he felt Leo’s trimmed pubes at his ass lips, he pulsed his ass muscled around the large member. Shifting his legs to be on the outside of Leo’s, Thomas used his hands to push up on Leo’s chest, lifting his body up. The new position allowed Leo’s cock to push deeper in Thomas’ body. Thomas then started to swivel his hips in small circles while he was pulsing and releasing on the hot rod in his ass. Thomas’ hands had come to rest on Leo’s nipples, that he started to knead. Leo was a wash with pleasurable sensations, he could feel the heat around his cock, the weight against his pelvis and the pain/pleasure on his nipples. Opening his mouth Leo began a low, growly moan as the ripples of pleasure coursed through him. Thomas, using his supportive grip, lifted his hips up and then dropped them, moving his ass up and down on Leo’s shaft. Thomas repeated this motion, going higher each time before letting gravity drop him back. The oil on Thomas’ body was soon joined by sweat from his motions, he was grinding his hips down and around before he lifted up, enjoying feeling Leo’s hard cock stretch his insides. Thomas felt his own cock grow and was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum that was slapping around on Leo’s belly when they collided. Strands of the pre-cum were flinging all over each of them as Thomas continued his actions. Leo enjoyed feeling the hot, oily body of Thomas as the massage tech rode his cock, still teasing Leo’s nipples. The beginnings of his next climax were building. Leo started to growl more loudly and grunt as Thomas’ body impacted down on his. Leo reached down and gripped his hand around Thomas’ cock, stroking it while Thomas was still riding him. Thomas issued a low sexy moan as he continued bouncing up and down on Leo. Thomas could feel his climax build as well with Leo’s hands working magic on his cock. Thomas started pushing his pace faster, Leo matched the change with harder jacking of Thomas’ cock. They were grunting as each of them was pushing harder towards a mutual climax. Thomas felt the divine tension start to run up his legs and focus in his pelvis, building a burning bundle of passion. At the same time, Leo was feeling the fire build in his loins, he started thrusting up to meet Thomas’ dropping down. Their pace continued to climb as their passion was pushing forward. With a yell Thomas felt his muscle constrict and his cock started shooting jets of white cum all over Leo’s face, chest and abs. The jolt of the hot cum and the seizing grip of Thomas’ ass muscles set off Leo’s climax. Leo’s yells were matching Thomas’ as he was shooting rope after rope of cum deep in Thomas’ ass. They both were grunting and shooting, sweat and cum now dripping off of their bodies. Thomas slumped down on Leo’s chest resting his head, Leo’s cock still in his ass. Leo wrapped his arms around Thomas, holding Thomas close to his body. Leo lifted his head up to kiss the top of Thomas’ sandy blond head, Thomas snuggled closer in Leo’s embrace. Within a few moments Thomas’ breath had evened out and settled into a light sleep. Leo could only smile as he held the younger man to his chest. Leo laid on the table for a few more minutes before his cock had softened up enough to pop out of Thomas’ ass. The movement of Leo’s cock and the trickle of cum that drained out of Thomas’ hole was enough to rouse the lightly sleeping massage tech. Thomas tilted up his face and looked into Leo’s eyes as they kissed again, a nice slow kiss. “That was hot.” Thomas said in a husky voice as he broke the kiss. “You are hot, make no mistakes about that.” Leo replied as he hugged Thomas closer. “We need to shower. We are slicked, greasy and sticky.” Thomas chuckled. “That we are. How about we shower and then can dry in the sauna.” Leo suggested. “I like that idea.” Thomas said, “Let me get up.” Lifting his body off of Leo’s on the table, they made sticky noises as they separated. Leo sat up and swiveled his legs over the side of the table before sliding down. Standing up, Leo reached up and did a large stretch before bending and the waist and sweeping his hands down to touch the floor briefly before standing upright. Thomas watched the former model stretch and briefly shook his head. “Your body is so hot and I know that you work hard to keep it in that condition, but damn Leo, you are fine.” Thomas said. “Thank you, Thomas.” Leo answered, “You have a great body too. If you keep up with my routine, we can get some additional definition in your muscles.” “That is a great idea.” Thomas said as he stripped the linens from the table, “I like the post workout activities as well.” Leo smiled and playfully slapped Thomas’ nude ass as Thomas walked by. They both chuckled as they walked into the locker room showers. The warm water was steaming around their naked flesh, sweat, oil and cum washing away. Thomas looked over while Leo let out his hair to wash it, marveling at the almost shoulder length of it. Leo worked some of the shampoo through it before flipping it back, spraying water all over. With the toned body, all over tan and the long hair, Leo was causing Thomas to harden up again. Leo looked up as he finished washing to see Thomas’ condition. Leo enjoyed looking at Thomas’ smaller height and frame, giving off the boy next door sexiness. They turned off the showers, grabbing towels they headed into the sauna. Leo & Thomas throw down the towels on the wood benches and sit down next to each other and lean back. “I enjoy spending time with you Leo.” Thomas starts, “I have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that it is real.” “Thanks, Thomas. That is a great compliment.” Leo said, “I enjoy our time as well. I am coming to develop a strong bond with you. I love that you are caring, have drive and charm. All that in addition to your great body.” Leo put his arm around Thomas and pulled the younger man in closer. Thomas sighed and leaned into Leo’s frame. Leo could see a little bit of a blush on Thomas’ cheeks as their eyes met. They could feel the mutual attraction as they gazed at each other. “God, Leo. I hate to say it, but I think that I am starting to feel strong feelings for you. Even saying that I know may make you run and never look back, but it is the truth.” Thomas confessed in hushed tones. Looking at the doubt in Thomas’ eyes, Leo responded quickly, “I feel it too Thomas. I do not think it was a chance that brought us together. I am beginning to believe that those feelings that we share are special.” “I think so too, but I worry. You seem to have very strong connections with others, like Ian. I do not want to mess something like that up.” Thomas said. “Do you think that my feelings of love can diminish for you if I feel love for others, even like my relationship with Ian?” Leo inquired as he held Thomas tighter. “Yes, I said love. That is what I said and meant. I do not think that love is less if there are more people that share it. My love for Ian does not change my love for you. That being said my love for Russ does not change my love for you or Ian either.” “Wow, Leo. I am relieved to hear that. I was beginning to get nervous that I would jeopardize what any of us have, if I slipped up and said that I was falling in love with you too.” Thomas said back warmly. “I like your idea of love. Leo I love you.” Leo looked deeply into Thomas’ eyes as he answered right before they kissed, “I love you too, Thomas.” The two continued to kiss and hold one another as they dried off from their shower in the sauna. It was several minutes later that they broke the kiss. Thomas seemed to have an added glow with his already healthy glow. Leo mussed that if anything his love was increasing instead of decreasing with all of the men in his life as of recently. “I have got to get going. I need to make sure some of my work notes are what Nate is looking for.” Thomas said as he went to stand up and offered a hand to pull Leo up as well. “That is fine. I need to catch up on some work myself.” Leo said, “I have had a good time today.” “Me, too!” Thomas replied. They exited the sauna and went to the lockers. Leo & Thomas pulled on their workout clothes. Leo was in a great mood as they left the Executive Fitness facility. They made the short walk to his townhouse. Thomas grabbed his bag and headed into the guest bedroom to get ready. Thomas walked out dressed in a smart business casual outfit. With a brief kiss, they parted ways. Leo quickly he threw together a healthy lunch and pulled up his laptop. Eating while his computer signed in, he started to scan his emails. A quick look, turned into two solid hours of answering questions and sending emails. Leo looked down to see that he was still wearing his workout clothes. Thinking to himself, I need to get dressed, but he just kept on working. *knock, knock* Leo looked up and it was another few hours since he had moved from the kitchen bar to the couch, still doing work. Now the knocking at the door revived him. He stood up to go to the door, again noticing how he was dressed. Leo walked down the entry hall, opening the door it was a surprise, Nate Samuel, the property GM.

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