Left to My Own DevicesLeft to My Own Devices

Dildo Fucking

I hate that you’re gone again. I was so happy that we got a chance for a little phone sex last night; it’s a always so much fun to text you about all the things I want to do to you, imagining you getting hard and stroking yourself, hearing you breathing harder and moaning when you get near the end, thinking about you coming all over, and wishing I was with you to lick you clean. Then, it was my turn to have some fun; you described all of your delicious, dirty ideas of what you were going to do to me with your fingers and your tongue. The thought of the way you lick me, knowing exactly what I like, when to go fast, when to go slow, until I climax against your tongue. Alone at home, in our big bed, I used my fingers and pretended they were yours.

After we hung up, I still wasn’t satisfied; it had been too long since I’d felt you. I was wearing one of your favorite nightgowns, the one made of smooth, thin, silky fabric; it molds to the shape of my body, my nipples poking isveçbahis up through it. I started to stroke my breasts, feeling the warmth of my hand through the material. It felt so good! I dipped a couple of fingers down inside the neckline and circled first one nipple, then the other. They hardened at my touch. I trailed my fingers lower, down to my belly button, making little circles. I take a sip of the whiskey sitting on the table by the bed; it burns going down, and starts a delicious, tingly, wanton feeling all the way down my body.

I remove my hand and pull up the bottom of my nightgown. With one finger, very lightly, I touch my clit and rub it, teasing it like you would if you were here. I’m so turned on I almost feel like I’m vibrating. I insert my middle finger, slowly, enjoying the feeling of suction and wetness. I reach back a little, pressing against the spot toward the back that makes my heart pound, it feels so good, but there’s something missing, I reach over isveçbahis giriş to my nightstand and open the drawer. I pull out the vibrator that I’ve never really tried on myself. I push the button until it starts to purr. I touch the end to my clit; the sensation is so good, but almost too much. I move it around a little, then slide it just to the entrance to my pussy. Oh god, it makes me dizzy with desire. I push it in a little further. Mmm, I finally have what I was missing; I’m finally filled up with big, warm, hard cock. I move it in and out, feeling it get slick with my wetness.

I leave it inside me, experimenting with the different vibration settings. I settle on a nice, slow, steady hum. While it stimulates me from the inside, I go back to rubbing my clit. I imagine that it’s your warm, real, cock inside me, hard and soft at the same time. I imagine your fingers playing with me, rubbing me with your thumb. The tension builds up in me and I want to release it. I isveçbahis yeni giriş start to feel really wicked; I dip my finger into the glass of whiskey and put a few drops on my nipples; I play with them while I imagine you sucking the liquid off of them, the way you love to do. I dip my finger in again; this time I put the drops lower, feeling the tingle deep inside me. It feels as good as it did when you did the same thing to me with your tongue.

I experiment a little; I pull the vibrator all the way out of me, then plunge it back in. The feeling of being filled by it makes me gasp. I move it in and out, fucking myself the way you would be fucking me if you were here. I push it in and let it rest inside me; I tease my nipples with my left hand and move down to my clit with my right. I rub lightly at first, then harder. I’m torn between wanting to come right away and wanting to prolong this feeling for a little while longer. I decide to go ahead and finish myself off; I can’t stand it any longer. I keep rubbing until I finally, finally let myself explode, breathing hard, pussy twitching and contracting around the vibrator. I lay there, enjoying the feeling, utterly relaxed and unable to move.

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