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Hailey’s eyes darted to the door from the sofa, where she was curled up with a book. Every so often, the tick of the clock would remind her that it was nearly time for her fiancé to come home from work. She had dinner cooking on the stove and she didn’t want him to be late. However, that wasn’t the only reason she waited eagerly. Her breasts were begging to be touched. They hung heavy; the pressure built up over the day. She was surprised they hadn’t began leaking. With great determination, she left them alone. That was one of the rules she had.

Thinking of her rules made it just that much harder to keep her hands to herself. She was only dressed in a silk dressing gown and she had only just started focussing on how the smooth material glided across her skin, across her sore nipples – craving for touch. No. She looked at the clock once more, five minutes over his usual arrival time, maybe there was a lot of traffic today. Sighing, she tried to focus on her book. After another ten minutes she realised she had read the same line over and over. Where was he? She desperately needed him. Throwing the book to the side, she stood up and made her way to the kitchen, where she had left her phone. Annoyed, she picked it up and saw she had no new notifications. Hailey dialled his number and waited patiently. After a few rings, he answered.

“Baby, I know I’m late. There’s been an accident or something traffic is crazy.”

She sighed, he could be stuck for hours, “will you be home for dinner?”

“I can’t promise that,” he said, “but I will try my best.” malatya escort He paused. “You okay? You sound upset.”

Her nipples throbbed at his voice, “oh daddy, I’m so sore.” She whined. “I feel so full and I don’t want to break the rules. Please, please can you hurry.”

“Awwh it’s okay my baby, I will be home as quick as I can.” He loved the sound of her needy voice. “As soon as I get home, I’ll milk my little cow. Okay? Just hold out for me just a little longer.”

She whimpered a little, her fingers hovering over her nipple. “Okay daddy, I can do that just for you.” She moved her hand away, “talk to you soon daddy.”

It was almost an hour later when he finally swung open the door. She had already eaten her dinner and his was waiting in the microwave. Her nipples had leaked and there were two small wet patches on her dressing gown.

“Daddy!” She cried, running over to him and squeezing him into a hug. He hugged her back and stroked her hair, smelling her desperation. He could see how badly she had fought to hold herself back. Her hands were snaking down to his waistband, tugging at it. He grabbed her hands and pulled them away, “not yet. Daddy needs feeding first.” Her face crumpled, looking as if she was about to cry. She really was on the edge. “Go upstairs and undress. Wait for me. I won’t be long.” He kissed her softly on the mouth and felt her melt underneath him.

“Okay daddy,” she said, after he had pulled away from her. He hit her softly on the bum before she scrambled up the stairs.

By the maltepe escort time she heard his footsteps coming up the stairs, her legs were trembling in place. Her pussy was dripping wet, as her wetness trickled down her legs onto the sheets. Her breasts sore and needy hung beneath her, leaking milk. Still, she was trained well and she kept on all fours, not moving. “Oh. You are a good girl.”

His words made her flush and even more ravenous. He loved her most like this, dripping, eager and willing to do anything. It also reminded him at just how well he had trained her. His hands caressed her perky arse and he felt her shudder. He knew a single touch could probably send her over the edge so he had to be careful – he didn’t want her to come yet. After all his hard work, he had to make sure she was still his obedient pet. Her came around to her front to stroke her cheek and she leaned into it, sighing. Moving away from her, he grabbed the milking machine and began to gently attach it to her nipples. Just at this, she moaned.

“You ready for me to turn it on, baby?” He asked, hand hovering over the switch. She nodded eagerly. With a flick of his hand, the machine began to whirr and squeeze her nipples, pumping her. She moaned long, the milk feeding through the tubes. He gave her right breast a squeeze and could feel how full they were. “I’m sorry I wasn’t home sooner.” He whispered into her ear. She moaned in response, the machine working its magic, pulling at her enlarged nipples. He moved around to the back of her and saw her mamak escort juices running down her legs. His cock was fully erect and had begun to throb at the sight of his little cow in so much pleasure.

Slowly, he stroked her entrance, so wet and ready for him. He gently spread her lips apart and she whimpered. Edging his fingers inside her was so easy, he only teased her slowly, avoiding her clit. It was too risky the state she was in and he wanted her to cum on his command. He owned her and her orgasms. His erection was painful now, pushing against his trousers. Tearing them off, he positioned himself and rubbed his cock against her tight pussy. Her whole body shuddered. “Do you want to be bred my little cow?” He whispered in her ear, leaning forward, still rubbing against her. His words almost made her cum, deep in pleasure already. The milking machine relentless on her nipples, her pussy throbbing for his cock deep inside her. She nodded and moaned.

Without any hesitation, he thrusted deep inside her. Her tight pussy squeezing his cock. His moans matched hers. His little cow was in ecstasy as he fucked her, hard and deep. Both panting and moaning their pleasure. She screamed and he knew she was close. So, he went harder, ravaging her little pussy. “Cum on daddy’s cock, baby.”

She screamed and screamed, her pussy tightening as she came which in turn made him cum, spilling his seed inside her. He stayed inside her for a few minutes, knowing she liked the feeling of him filling her.

After removing himself from inside her, he switched off the machine and brought her closer to him. Wrapping his arms around her as she laid on his chest, shaking from her orgasm. He stroked her head while she nuzzled him. “You are such a good girl.”


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