Late night visits. Young and old.Late night visits. Young and old.


Late night visits. Young and old.It was pitch black and late at night. His touch awoke me. I was young, he was older. His touch felt electric, sending tremors through my whole body. Before I even knew what was happening, I had an erection and his finger tips were lightly stroking my hard cock through my pajamas. In the darkness, I could hear his breathing, but not see him, still I knew who it was. I laid there silent and let his hands explore my body. I felt light headed, his touch felt so good. He ran his hands under my shirt, caressing my chest and belly, then tracing small circles around my nipples. It felt so good, I didn’t want it to stop, my cock was throbbing.He slid his hand inside my pajama bottoms and wrapped his fingers around my aching, throbbing dick. My breathing quickened, my head was spinning, still I layed there silent, not wanting to break the spell, just in case this was all a dream. There in the dark, the only sounds being our breathing, he stroked me, making my body tremble, then release. I came all over my stomach and pajamas. Nothing had ever felt more incredible. Then silently, he slipped away, leaving me completely spent.The next day, I could think of nothing else. The day seemed normal, but I was different, I felt different. That night, I layed awake wondering if he was going to come back in. Maybe bahis siteleri even wishing, he would come back in. I drifted off to sleep.His touch awoke me again, I was on my side and immediately rolled onto my back, giving him full access to my young body. Again, in the dark, in the silence, his touch made me hard. Pushing my shirt up, I felt his lips kiss my chest, then his tongue lick my nipple, without thinking I let out a trembling exhale of breath. I could not of imagined how good this could feel. His hand pulled my bottoms down, freeing my hard cock and I could feel it throbbing. He slowly, gently kissed his way down my belly until his lips brushed across my cock. I was shaking, breathing hard and gripping handfuls of bedding, I wanted this so much, I needed this so much. His lips teased my dick and it jumped, throbbed against them until he opened his mouth and slid his lips down my shaft. I felt intoxicated and moaned softly, uncontrollably. I filled his amazing mouth with spurt after spurt, wave after wave of hot cum. My body shaking, lost in the pleasure. Again, he slipped away. Leaving me breathless, trembling and spent.The third night, I didn’t sleep. I layed there in the dark, touching my cock, remembering the amazing feelings of the nights before, and only wanting more. I held my breath with each little noise canlı bahis siteleri I heard, wishing it was him coming back in. Coming back in to bring me to orgasm. I think I had just drifted off to sleep when I sensed him again. Still half asleep, I felt him climb onto the bed. I layed in silence, eagerly awaiting his touch. Put I could tell he was over me, almost straddling me.I felt something warm, something soft brush against my face. He was dragging his cock across me. I couldn’t believe the thrill. I would never have predicted the thrill of it. As his cock brushed across my lips, I felt pre cum begin to leak from my own cock, telling me I wanted this, even before my brain could process it. He wanted me to suck him.His cock was hard now, firm, but still so smooth and soft against my lips as he moved back and forth. I nervously stuck my tongue out, licking his shaft as he moved. It was all so erotic and thrilling. I turned my head towards him to accept his cock. I didn’t have any experience but I wanted it so bad and when he moved forward again, I parted my lips, wrapped them around his cock’s head and sucked him. He tasted strangely wonderful and I loved it. With his cock in my mouth, he moved it slowly back and forth, making my suck him and take him deeper. He started to slide his hand under my pajamas and canlı bahis I pushed them down for him. I could feel my belly already wet and slick from my own pre cum. My head was swimming. My mouth full of my first cock and his hand stroking my hard dick.It only took a few strokes with his hand to make me start shaking and cumming. I felt warm streams splash against my chest, one after the other. I moaned softly, muffled by his rock hard cock filling and moving in and out from between my lips. The feeling of his body begin to shake on the bed told me he was close to orgasm and in the heat and passion of the moment, I didn’t even think about stopping. I wanted his cum. I wanted to experience everything, all of it. He quickened his pace, moving his cock in and out from between my lips, then he stopped, I felt him shake the whole bed, then tasted his spurting cum. Quickly filling my mouth with the odd, but wonderful tasting, thick fluid, it spilled out of the corner of my mouth and unto the bed. I instinctually began to suck him now, milking his cock, wanting to drain every drop from him. Just like the nights before, he silently slipped out. I layed there, wet with cum, the taste of him still on my tongue. I was surprised to find my cock still rock hard and again throbbing. Alone, there in the dark, I ran my hand through the cum on my chest and and began to stroke myself. Thinking about what had just happened, thinking about cumming and thinking about cock, I stroked myself until I reached another orgasm. Shaking and spent, I hoped for another visit soon.

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